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About Me

Found 341 results

  1. I've been inworld for years, became paralyzed and now I'm back. The problem is when I buy new clothes some don't fit at all while others fit the first time I wear them and then wen I try again fragments are missing. Has anyone had this problem. p.s. there is no resizing option for the clothes. Milla Alexandre
  2. I wear a mesh head + mesh body 100% of the time now. This question is to all other full mesh avatar users: If you were forced to give up your body or your head, what would you keep? - Me: I would keep the head. I can't give up the small, subtle facial animations.
  3. We know that realizing creative projects requires a unique combination of drive, ambition, skill, and creativity. Bored of the avatar you have? Do you need a new chapter of your virtual world? Do you feel sad buying useless products and spending a lot of money? Are you new and you don't know where to start? I am Katherine and I can give you the help you always were looking for. Service I Offer: Customize your avatar all mesh and bento great shape and cured in every detail. Direct you to great stores and Events, pointing you right where you are expecting spending less time, effort and money. Brand new customized avatar on your own desires, sizes, styles. Are you interested? For more Information contact "Dirtylittleangel69"
  4. I was in sl few years ago, it was fun I had friends then... I stopt. Now I am back and my friend list is empty and people are not the same. As soon as they see me they leave. I understood that my avatar was not ok for them. But they did not say me what was wrong and how to change it. That is why I am coming here. Yes I am a newbie with an old avatar. When I ask that question people don't answer. They say fix your avatar. So Now I hope you understand me. I was never good at shoping. And when I go to shoping, it take so long to show something. English is not my language. and SL language either. Now I am lonely and I am not able to make friends because of that. What is the best fix my avatar or create a new one ?
  5. Greetings! To start, I have been in SL before but mostly with a premade avatar and personal small edits to it but now I wish to return and this time with my fursona. The issue I encounter is that I am not familiar with what SL can fully offer so I can't imagine the scope I can work with. I am in need of either buying a body similar to the reference picture as well as the rest going with it. Some friends suggested to get existing body and pay someone to make textures for it. Some suggested I just find someone to commission to design his head. I would love to hear your suggestion on what body I can buy that fits him the closest. As well as what could be my issues with it (lack of fitting clothes, etc.) I thank you a lot for your time to read and help me search <3
  6. How can you make your kemono avatars REALLY small? like a small kid size shown in the pics below ? (these pics aren't mine btw ^^)
  7. Hey. Who faced the utilizator's avatar rikugou type b? What can you say about it? Pluses, minuses ... what complexity level? What is with a head? Can be replaced with m3?
  8. Hi guys Sometimes I log in with two accounts simultaneously: my brother's and mine. He allowed me to do it (his avi is awesome :b) so I can rp with two different characters with other people. I'd like to know if sim owners or admins can find out that those two avis belong to the same person (for the ip, any SL software etc) Thanks.
  9. So, as I said I'm brand new and I haven't the slightest idea what shops are good for what - or even how to tell if something is of good quality beyond how it looks. With that said I have a lot of questions - sorry, please bear with me! I already know that I should demo everything I can, but what if something I'm interested in doesn't offer a demo? Is there some way I can tell if it's good or should I just avoid shops that don't offer demos? What are some good mesh bodies and heads for a more petite (adult) girl? So far it seems that the deadly combo of tall, curvy, and sexy reigns supreme on SL (not that I'm complaining) but I can't seem to find anything along the lines of what I'm looking for. I would like to be short and slim with a smaller chest and a more "cute" than sexy sort of look. Kemono and anime avatars come close, I just prefer the more realistic look. Where can I find a lot of fantasy stuff? I browsed through the vanity thread for awhile and my favorite avatars were all fantasy, historical, or sci-fi themed. I don't know if I'm allowed to post pictures of them, but I will say they must have been hard to put together because I can't figure out where they got it all! I've seen wings, pointy ears, animal ears, horns, tails, mermaids, satyrs, all kinds of avatars yet I don't really come across those things in the marketplace. Is most of it custom made? If anyone can point me in the direction of some great shops for lolita, fantasy, historical, or steampunk clothing that'd be great too! I'm sure there are some well-known brands that I just don't know about yet. Edit: One more! When people talk about animations on mesh bodies and heads, are these separate from/do they interfere with AOs? Any tips you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Moin zusammen, bin seit gestern hier in SL. Nun würde ich gerne meinen Avatar anpassen. Wenn ich aber auf den Avatar-Button klicke, kommt nur ein leeres Fenster. Jemand eine Idee? Danke schon mal
  11. Some questions: 1. What's your favorite starting avatar? 2. I've been in Second Life for six years but only started using it vigorously this year. Any cool starting avatars that I may have missed? (I'm familiar with the current Classic, Vampires, and Fantasy avatars.) My fave starting avatar is the brunette with the white t-shirt and short jeans (Classic). Not surprisingly, I see her a lot in world.
  12. Yuna Ovis

    Kid Avatar

    Alright so I want to make a kid around 4 years old Still need a little help with shops for the body and head since I know there's bento And a skin to fit my ma! Contact williamnotehem resident
  13. Hello I'm kinda curious, is there ragdoll physic for mesh avatar in secondlife? if yes, already release?
  14. Ive seen this animation before on a female, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Its a walking - skipping animation, the hips slightly sway and if I remember correctly, the hands do move up and go behind the head at some point. Does anyone know of this animation or something similar? I can't seem to find any walking animations that I like other than this even though its technically skipping lol
  15. LiveReport

    Where is my stuff?

    What happened to all my old post when the new forum was created. Other avatars had all their stuff migrated to the new forum but my post are missing. Google search show they were once there... but all the link are broken is there any way to get my stuff back?
  16. Wow, I can't wait until I am home from work and can try them out. Today we’re excited to announce a set of 8 new starter avatars which are themed Renaissance, Mystic Heroes and Angels & Demons. In this release, for the first time ever, we’re offering Bento avatars! Yes you heard it right, all but the Mystic Heroes in this offering will be Bento-equipped. Some of the avatars are ride-alongs, which mean they include horses as a Bento attachment, while others boast animated wings!
  17. Where did the Elyn body mesh go ??? I can't find it anywhere
  18. I've sent a suggestion to LL about this issue, but I'm not sure how often they look at those. In case you don't know the new Rhiannon avatar comes with a bento horse. So I was a bit excited and wanted to try it out. Someone at Linden Labs decided she should ride side saddle and not astride. *sigh Now, maybe that would be a cute option to have, but she can only ride side saddle. I tried to add the male's horse AO, but it works only for male avatars. It was once considered "vulgar" for a "proper" lady (Hope you sense the sarcasm...) to ride astride. I like to think we're beyond that now, especially at LL. So please give us the option, at least, of riding astride. Thank you.
  19. Hello, I have a classic avatar , it looks fine in its default cloths but when i try to change the cloth and shoes etc they appear torn, there are white patches all over them , whats actually happening is that avatar is taking only one alpha at a time , so if i wear alpha provided with new shoes , shoes appear correctly but then t -shirt alpha detaches automatically , and t shirt appears torn , if i wear t shirt alpha the shoes alpha detaches and shoes appear torn , i have also tried wearing the alpha provided with default suit still it does not helps . Regards
  20. Hi everyone, thank you in advance for your input. I have a tip jar that I scripted, but when the DJ or Hostess leaves the club without logging out of it, they remain logged on until I reset the script. Is there a way to detect when the avatar that's logged into it has left the parcel without using something like the Agent function that keeps scanning for all the avatars on the parcel or region? It seems like such a waste of memory to keep doing that if I already know who the avatar is and just want to keep track of that one remaining on the parcel. It's probably something simple that I'm overlooking, but your input is appreciated.
  21. What are the step by step instructions for creating an Alternate Avatar. I can find now answers to how you actually do this. Provide screen names/screen shots --- I apologize for being very dumb.
  22. I am looking for assistance creating an avatar in the likeness of this image here I have a tentative budget of 50$ USD, but will pay more if you and I agree on a price. I am rather new to Second Life, so forgive me if I'm a little slow on understanding some things, but I want to learn how to create avatars for the future, and I feel like asking for some help putting this together would be a step in the right direction. Please let me know if you are interested.
  23. Hi there, here's one fur ya vector origin = <7.180, 31.280, 51.265>; // origin is lower left corner of the 3D Map's ground square ((0, 0) vector detPos; // detected position of avatar(s) vector newPos; float scale = 0.01; integer scanning = FALSE; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { scanning = !scanning; if (scanning) { llSensorRepeat("", NULL_KEY, AGENT, 96.0, PI, 5.0); // scan for all avatars (AGENT) with any name ("") and any id (NULL_KEY) within 96 mtr (the maximum scan range) in all directions (PI) // if any avatars are detected create an indexed list of them and raise a sensor() event llWhisper(0, "Scanning started..."); } else { llSensorRemove(); llWhisper(0, "Scanning stopped"); } } } sensor(integer total_number) // the sensor event is raised when avatars are detected, the number of detected avatars is passed to the script below in the parameter total_number { integer i; for (i = 0; i < total_number; i++) { //llWhisper(0, "Avatar name: " + llDetectedName(i)); detPos = llDetectedPos(i); if (detPos.x <= 63 && detPos.y <= 63) // limit to 64 x 64 mtr parcel { newPos = origin + <scale * (integer)detPos.x, scale * (integer)detPos.y, scale * ((integer)detPos.z - 52)>; llRezObject("AV detected*", newPos, ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION, 0); } } } } Now this all works fine. The REZZED object is a small red sphere that appears on the map, which dies after 5 seconds due to an llDie command in the script within it. A new ball is then rezzed immediatly, so we can see where each avatar is on a 64 x 64 mtr parcel.. Now what I want is floating names above each red ball .. Any smart ideas? thx in advance
  24. How to make make male avatar jiggle, belly, butt, chest..? Need some stuff from markter to attach or some scipts? I'm still new with this. Thanks.
  25. I made some screenshots from game and save in my PC as jpg files. I want post this pictures on my wall in second life? How to do that I can upload in folder in second life, but how to post on profile? Thanks
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