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About Me

Found 36 results

  1. Hi, I have a Adriana Mesh Head by GA.EG & Gaeline and am having issues with parts of my face constantly flickering. Others can't see it and am hoping someone can shed some light as to why this is happening? It doesn't happen to any other mesh items/body part.. just my face! https://gyazo.com/1fa92990c37fff3e884c60aa12d89a73
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie therefore this question could be silly but: when I wear a shirt or a pant bought in the market, they say compatible with my signature Gianni body, then the result is to have few holes in the clothes that show the skin below. I know I should work with the body hud and alpha , but it seems tricky to do this every time I switch clothes. Is there a way to sync alpha and clothes ? Thanks
  3. Help! I didn't have this problem before and I have no idea why it is happening now. Perhaps one of you can help?? I have an item I am making and I have a plane that will have an image of a leaf in the center and transparent around it. I want the leaf only to cast a shadow onto the object behind it. However, every time I try (and I believe I have everything set correctly regarding alpha and shadows), I end up with a shadow from the entire plane, not just the leaf. It seems to be a problem on the object behind, because the plane renders correctly. The only way I can make it go away is to make the plane cast nothing. I want the leaf shadow, so this doesn't work for me. Please help?? I'm at a loss. I have googled and googled and set everything the same as I read, to no avail.
  4. Hi Everyone. I have transparency problems in a subject that you will see in the pictures below. There is no problem in the first picture. But the object looks wrong when the camera angle changes. As in the second picture. Please Help.
  5. Please help. i have spent hours trying to fix this problem. So heres my story. I just created a new account and i did this all from my ipad device using an app called lumiya. I used this app to login sl for the first time because my laptop was broken. i arrived in my first location and instead of being shown as a starter avi , i was invisible. So then i bought a new shape, with skin. I bought an outfit as well. Then when it came to wearing the alpha layers suddenly it made my whole head have a big black patch instead of seeing transparency like it was supposed to do. I tried everything to figure it out..from rebuying the whole complete avatar items to detaching off bits and pieces one by one. All i found out it does is everytime i wear any kind of alpha layer the same black patch would appear on top of my head. I still have no solution to this, except maybe the only way is to login using the fs viewer but that is the one thing i cant do since i dont have a laptop.
  6. Hi everyone, So im having a kinda major issue when it comes to the layering / alpha issues on my mesh heads. At the moment my heads are cut up into pieces to allow mix & match features however i will be switching this to faces with the next update so it wont matter. Anyway, the issue im having has to deal with the Eyebrows, Eyeshadow & Eyelashes layers. All of which need to work with alpha textures for applier creators to make their own features. There are multiple mesh heads on the market that do this without any issues from what i have seen, however mine are stuck with the alpha glitching/fighting issue. Example of glitch ( eyelashes have alpha glow around them, eyebrow is cutting off eyeshadow texture at the top) : https://gyazo.com/aa8f617fddc2b7b07647a13733fc0889 The current way i have it : https://gyazo.com/1cbca72e7cb6570023ffcc7f2d17fb58 * Green = Eyebrow Layer (cutout seperate mesh) * Blue = Eyeshadow Layer (cutout seperate mesh) * LightBlue = Eyelashes (seperate mesh) Sometimes the eyeshadow simply wont show up at all due to the lashes being in front of them. So far i have tried combining the eyelash layers and eyeshadow layers with no fix. I have also tried seperate faces and having them all combined to no avail. I have also tried changing the eyelashes to Alpha Masking, however the clumpy look isnt really appealing to myself or my customers. I have tried putting the eyebrow layer on Alpha Masking and it doesnt help much when it comes to the eyeshadow glitching. So im wondering if anyone has any ideas/suggestions as to how i should be layering my alpha layers so this doesnt happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ive tried over and over for a fix on this. Thanks in advance for reading! <3 PS: I know this can be done Catwa lelutka and many other big mesh head creators have found the solution to this issue but unfortunately no one wants to help ;[
  7. Hello, I have a classic avatar , it looks fine in its default cloths but when i try to change the cloth and shoes etc they appear torn, there are white patches all over them , whats actually happening is that avatar is taking only one alpha at a time , so if i wear alpha provided with new shoes , shoes appear correctly but then t -shirt alpha detaches automatically , and t shirt appears torn , if i wear t shirt alpha the shoes alpha detaches and shoes appear torn , i have also tried wearing the alpha provided with default suit still it does not helps . Regards
  8. Hello, every time I upload a textured mesh and enable the shine feature in-world, it doesn't shine. In fact, sometimes I am able to see through them. How can I stop this from happening? Also, it happens even when I save the textures as a PNG file.
  9. Hello community. i have a problem that i am unable to solve on my own: i have a dress - it has alpha layer. When wearing dress+alpha - all perfect. Then i adding shoes - it has own alpha. And when i try to add this alpha layer (for shoes) - first alpha (dress alpha layer) is automatically detached. Any way to fix this issue?
  10. Tengo problemas con mi vestuario, he comprado una gran cantidad, la copio a mi inventario, y al "ponerme" o "añadir" primero los alfa y despues los objetos en las carpetas como "shirt" o "dress" , el alfa evita que mire mi ropa, intenté cambiar mi avatar con los predeterminados, y la situación es la misma. Ropa, zapatos, accesorios, cualquier cosa que añado que tenga alpha no lo puedo ver. también he cambiado el visor, y tampoco funciona. AYUDA!!!!!
  11. Tengo problemas con mi vestuario, he comprado una gran cantidad, la copio a mi inventario, y al "ponerme" o "añadir" primero los alfa y despues los objetos en las carpetas como "shirt" o "dress" , el alfa evita que mire mi ropa, intenté cambiar mi avatar con los predeterminados, y la situación es la misma. Ropa, zapatos, accesorios, cualquier cosa que añado que tenga alpha no lo puedo ver. también he cambiado el visor, y tampoco funciona. AYUDA!!!!!
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