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  1. Silver Dragon Resort Estate | Prices Starting at L$500/week ~~ Welcome! ~~ We'd like to formally announce the opening of a new furry and fur friendly sim the Silver Dragon Resort, A great highly detailed tropical sim with an Asian flair. Come join our community and have fun in the sun, surf and sand. Resort Offerings Sprawling Beaches Club house and events plaza Pools and hot tubs Enjoy the surf with fun inner tubes , (couples and party tubes available) Our short stay bungalows ( private rooms ) Wide selection of rental parcels offering stunning beach and sea views to ones nestled in and about the tropical scenery. Resort rental pricing 1024 m - L$500/week 2000 m - L$1000/week 4096 m - L$2000/week ~~ Opening Party! ~~ We will be hosting a opening party on the evening on Saturday the 15th. We would like to Invite all whom are interested. We will be offering a great special on all our long stay plots of an extra week when you purchase 4 weeks in advance! Where:Silver Dragon Resort Events Plaza Time: 2pm SLT - 7pm SLT Theme: Beachy/Relaxed Regards, Nickel. Silver Dragon Owner.
  2. Hiring Sexy Females at #Climaxxx! We are hiring: Dancers Text, Voice, Cam Escorts Hourly wage! Free Adboard if you are voice or cam escort! Keep 90% of tips! We are looking for great ladies with mostly mesh parts! All staff is voice verified. English only. Must be able to emote! stop by and take an app! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scarlet Isle/214/75/1002
  3. Would you like to live on an adult sim called Pleasureland? Here is your opportunity. We have-- 2 corner plots -L$1350 a week 6 plots facing the water - L$1300 a week 3 plots surround by land - L$1250 a week All lots are 4096m with 1875 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/245/138/24
  4. * 1024 sqm Flat Adult Grass Land for Sale (or Rent) in Sorinsen, Zindra * Full Land Rights Included. It's perfectly square 1024 sqm (351 prims) and available now. You can buy it straight away, or rent it, by paying the rent box in the corner. Come and have a look now: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sorinsen/234/44/78 Plenty more available, so go to the MarkLand office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Demorgan/240/147/51 for the latest list of available land. There's always a great selection of prices and sizes.
  5. Satyr is looking for hostesses to support our DJ's, contact Siân (sian.bury) or Sadal Suub (sadalsuub) inworld for any details of this position. The times available are 12pm - 2pm and 2pm - 4pm SLT daily please fill in the application form in the Satyr foyer. The Hostess gets 100% of the tips. No experience required. Minimum SL age 90 days+ and able to access adult rated sims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chirico/159/205/3901
  6. Land for sale of 23 008 sqm in Sorinsen (Adult land) Price : 90 000 L$ Free now Teleport there
  7. WHO: DJ CYN HOST(S) JILY, DIM & SHYLA WHAT: Date Auction Event WHEN: FRI 06/23 10a-12p WHERE: ***THE INFERNO*** http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nagano Valley/127/237/22 CONTEST BOARD: (TO BE DETERMINED AT START OF EVENT) How to enter: Club entrance at the auction block, there is a rule box and sign up/waiting list, make sure to get on that board so we can call your name. Date is for 2 hours (boundaries to be set between the 2 parties (auctionee & bidder). Auctionee keeps 70% of the high winning bid!! Great way to break the ice with someone you have a secret crush on, tp in your friends to bid on you. OTHER SIM SITES: Founded 2009 Hard & Classic Rock Pop & Dance Club 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s. Huge Bike Auto racetrack speedway skybox homes cuddles romance nude beach grotto surfing, jobs hiring bdsm adult hangout friends dating singles couples shoutcast streams everyone welcome
  8. New Found Land | Estates Your SL Real Estate Company serving you since 2006 And join our raffle to win FREE Monthly Tiers We offer Residential, Agricultural, Commercial and Independent Estates. Offered in Mature and Adult ratings. Any standard size parcels available from 512 sqm to a full region. Quarter to full region Homesteads available for those that want more privacy or space. Why go anywhere else when you have the best Second Life has to offer right here. Excellent customer relationship and support is our goal. Friendly and Knowledgeable staff available to assist you. If you wish to live peacefully and have a place you can call home, let us help you succeed. We look forward to building a better tomorrow and exceeding your needs in the future! Come see what we can offer you today Visit our land store and contact a Sales Agent http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Exploration Island/128/54/22 Or visit our web site for real time up to date listings https://sites.google.com/site/newfoundlandestates/available-land We look forward to seeing you soon at New Found Land | Estates!
  9. WHO: DJ SNAKE! HOSTS: JILY & SHYLA WHAT: EAT ME(EDIBLES) WHEN: WED 06/21 10am PDT WHERE: ***THE INFERNO*** http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nagano Valley/102/197/22 CONTEST BOARD: (TO BE DETERMINED AT START OF EVENT) Come on down at 10am pdt to hear some great Rock Pop & Dance music as DJ Snake spins your favs, taking requests!! everyone welcome
  10. Tʜᴇ Rᴀᴠɪɴᴇs | Pʀɪᴠᴀᴛᴇ Cᴀʙɪɴs Nᴇᴡ! Sᴘʀɪɴɢ 2017 Dᴇsɪɢɴᴇʀ Iɴᴛᴇʀɪᴏʀs ⚜ Pᴀɴᴏʀᴀᴍɪᴄ Vɪᴇᴡs ⚜ Tᴏᴛᴀʟ Pʀɪᴠᴀᴄʏ ✧ Personal Bridged Entrance ✧ Fully Furnished All of the cabins have been fully furnished with high quality mesh items selected from top designer brands of Second Life. Our luxurious decor scheme blends modern luxury with the rustic details of cabin living. Every area of your cabin also comes equipped with an abundant array of high quality Adult animations (ᴀᴀ = Aᴅᴜʟᴛ Aɴɪᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴs). ✧ 50 Prims for personal Touches/Decor Items ✧ Living Room ✧ Fireplaces ✧ Personal Beer & Wine Bar ✧ Private Deck ✧ Hot Tub (ᴀᴀ) ✧ Full Kitchen (ᴀᴀ) ✧ Bathroom (ᴀᴀ) ✧ Bedroom (ᴀᴀ) ✧ R&R room (ᴀᴀ) ✧ Access to Recreational Lake + Docks + Campfire + 7 Seas Fishing (Public only to residents of The Ravines.) ✧ Scenic Landscaping ✧ Low Lag Maintenance (Does not allow breedables, heavily scripted items/vehicles/prim babies/ pets) ✧ Private Parcels (voice/sound/camming limited to each parcel) ✧ Security Orbs ⚜ Aʙᴏᴜᴛ The Ravines offers a rare collection of private cabins secluded in nature, tucked away where the tall pines and mountain views make you feel far away from it all. Each private cabin, secluded by its own access bridge, is placed high above rushing waters at the very edge of the ravine. The interiors of every cabin have been carefully decorated to combine rustic style with resort-like living. Our units are intimate, with many spaces to relax including a fully equipped kitchen, living room with fireplace, your own wine and beer bar, a private deck with a hot tub, scenic bedroom, full bathroom and an entire extra room devoted to rest and relaxation. You can own a little piece of heaven here at The Ravines and claim a cabin as your new residence, or make it your perfect getaway as a home away from home. ⚜ Visit The Ravines to learn more about available properties, pricing, amenities, and more.
  11. Hey there, Just wanted to drop a quick note about a new Adult club/hang-out. Bounds Broken & Half Way Inn. Bounds Broken is a dance club, hang-out, social area and Half Way Inn is a members only play park for adult entertainment. Take the LM and check it out sometime! Friendly, relaxed, always open, events, Movie Matinees, BDSM, D/s, Vanilla friendly. Places to curl up and relax, spend time with your special someone, meet new friends, hang with old friends, play some friendly games..etc. There's a beach, games area, backyard movies, even Rentals and don't forget our Half Way Inn for more playful fun! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Octavia/103/191/22
  12. WHO: DJ SNAKE! HOSTS: JILY & PEBS WHAT: ELEMENTS(FIRE, WIND, ICE, WATER) WHEN: TUE 06/20 10am PDT WHERE: ***THE INFERNO*** http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nagano Valley/102/197/22 CONTEST BOARD: (TO BE DETERMINED AT START OF EVENT) Come on down at 10am pdt to hear some great Rock Pop & Dance music as DJ Snake spins your favs, taking requests!!
  13. Hi there! I am a model currently building up a portfolio and would love to model for you or your company. I have a full Maitreya mesh body and an extensive wardrobe. My girlfriend, joisnotrelatable, is also a model. She has a mesh lelutka head and a full Maitreya body and an equally extensive wardrobe. Like I said, WE ARE STILL BUILDING OUR PORTFOLIOS, which means we charge very little for sessions if we receive the photos. Contact me inworld: DulcetMoiety Or contact my girlfriend: Joisnotrelatable Note: We are available for nude, lingerie, underwear, and any other requested outfits. We have no limits in terms of clothing, or lack thereof. We, of course, do clothed photo shoots as well. We have some poses, but providing us with poses is preferred.
  14. Thank you for taking a moment to read this post! Do you like to role play? Want to get paid for doing it? Well message Ƭᴏოოiє Lєє-ĐuƁois™ (kristinacartier) in world or Ƙarlie Redd ĐuƁois™ (nichoie.zane) for more information or to apply. We are currently hiring for Adult Entertainers, House DJ's (Any Genre) and House Host/Hostesses.
  15. Would you like to live on an adult sim called Pleasureland? Here is your opportunity. 4096m with 1875 prims L$1300 a week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/99/35/22
  17. You know us for our inexpensive mainland, now learn about our gorgeous, low-cost islands! PartyTopia- Lush green! Partytopia IAW 34.159/ 4096m 1250 prims, L$1200/week Partytopia IAC #65.63-16384m 5000 prims L$ 4500/week PartyTopia IAW #163.223-4096m, 1250 prims, L$1200/week PartyTopia IAI #97.155-4096m, 1250 prims, L$1150/week Partytopia IAW #94.220-4096m 1250 prims - L$1200 Odins Rest-White Sand! Odins Rest IAW #159.38- 4096m 1250 prims - L$1200/week Odins Rest IAW- 225.154- 4096m 1250 prims, L$1200/week Odins Rest IAW #115.226 - 8192m - 2500 prims - L$2400 Odin's Rest IAI #142.103 - 2048 m - 625 prim - L$625 Excalibur Nights- Lush green! Excalibur Nights IAW #225.160-4096m, 1250 prims, L$1200/week Excalibur Kings- Golden Sand! Kings IWA # 179.29-2048m, 625 prims, L$650/week Kings IWA # 143.29/5-2048m, 625 prims, L$650/week Kings IAI- #158.97-4096m, 1250 prims, L$1150/week Kings IAW #96.228-4096m, 1250 prims, L$1200/week Kings IAI #156.167-4096m, 1250 prims, L$1150/week Kings IAW #163.228-4096m, 1250 prims, L$1200/week Kings IAI # 95.161- 4096m, 1250 prims, L$1150/week Excalibur Days- Beach grass and sand! Days IAI #97.162- 4096m, 1250 prims, L$1150/week Come and check us out: https://excaliburrentalsinsl.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Excalibur-Rentals
  18. Introducing Pixel D♥lls! Second Life's new Premier BDSM Adult Entertainment venue! Interested in working at Pixel D♥lls? We offer paid positions as well as free housing for full time staff. Pick your hours and earn lindens! Contact MisCandy86 Resident to for more information and to apply! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Synful Island/231/66/24
  19. I am an experienced DJ looking for a few perm sets. I will only do mature or adult clubs. I play a mix of top 40, I have my own stream and use voice when I DJ! If interested please contact me in world!
  20. Hello! Daddy's Dreamland is a new and fast growing BDSM Lifestyle sim catering to the kink-oriented and aiming to provide education, fun and events to the awesomely open-minded! We are actively seeking sim staff who will be compensated for their time as well as the chance to earn tips! We do not require any previous work experience but you must be able to complete our requirements! All staff must be able to work 3 hours a week on sim, this includes hosting at least 1 one-hour event on sim, weekly. You get to pick your own hours and event themes/types, so long as they fit in with our sim's goals! For more information, please message me in world: Koshkakitten Resident
  22. Do you love dancing on stage for tips? Escorting TEXT/VOICE/CAM? Are you looking for an hourly wage with perks, free ad boards and a drama free work zone for a change? We pay you 90% of your tips and escorting fees. Come see the Classy ClimaXXX Strip Club and fill out an application. You must be a mesh avatar, positive attitude, drama free, able to voice on stage to clients, hear them on mic at all times and carry on a conversation at all times while on stage. We have custom made stage & lap dance chairs with state of the art custom scripting making your dancing experience second to none in SL! Drop in and check us out. Candi (Owner) penelopewellington http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scarlet Isle/214/75/1002
  23. Fall of Man would like to present THREE ADULT LAND options for your needs: 1) Two Corner Parcels for rent ● 3808m², 1250 prims, L$1750/wk 2) Thirteen Parcels for rent ● 1232m2, 500 prims, L$700/wk 3) Rent a store and be allowed rezzbox/ skybox / personal space between 2000-3000m at the additional cost rate per prim for additional combined prims you will need. Mention this ADVERT and get 1 week FREE with your 3 Week rental! ================================================================================== Features: This is Adult land ● No premium account needed BUT MUST BE ADULT VERIFIED. ● No premium account needed to rent. ● 1 week free when paying 4 weeks in advance for first time renters ● Each parcel (as shown below) is Landscaped with a beach scene for your pleasure, and creating privacy. ● Each parcel includes a 1-3 Prim home if you wish to use, or provide your own. Kiosk and Map of Parcels for Rent Parcel 1 , Parcel 2 , Parcel 3 , Parcel 4 , Parcel 5 Parcel 6 , Parcel 7 , Parcel 8 , Parcel 9 , Parcel 10 Parcel 11 , Parcel 12 , Parcel 13 , Parcel 14 , Parcel 15 ================================================================================== Please take a moment to review the Covenant, as this will be the latest Terms of Service (TOS). 1> I want to rent a parcel, what do I do? First you would want to join the group Fall Of Man . Second find a parcel and simply pay the rental box nearest the water's edge for how long you wish to rent for. Third send a NoteCard (NC) to Syren or Nerogoth Nightfire. When we have a moment we will add the ParcelRenter tag to your account. Only then will you be able to rezz. If there is Alts or others that needs the tag as well, please tell us their SL name so we can add them as well. 3> Is there forced Teleporting? NO. We offer the capability to offer a direct TP to inside your parcel if you wish, but you can set Home to any spot including vertically. 4> May I change the Windlight / Music / etc.? You will have BASIC Land rights to allow you to change those features, BUT all items will need to be DEEDABLE to the FoM group (security orbs, music / video players, etc.). ● NO you can not change the parcel to another group. ● You cannot modify the parcel boundaries / reparcel the space. ● You cannot edit the terrain. ● You cannot Sublet the land (i.e. rent it to someone else). If you have multiple people on your parcel and want them to 'pay' for a portion of the rent, they can FREELY pay the rental box at anytime on your behalf. 5> A> Do I have to use the building on the parcel / be at ground level? B> Can I setup a rezzbox/ skybox / personal space / etc.in the sky ? We offer the 1 - 2 prim building as models you CAN use, or can be removed if you wish. You are NOT required to use / build at ground level. We offer the space between 1000-2000m ONLY for such uses, WITH the following limitations: ● You MUST keep your builds to your outlined parcel. It is recommended to rezz a prim at ground level in the size of your parcel, then change the Object's Z position to the height you wish. This will help guide you on your limitations. ● NO LARGE BUILDS. Respect other people's skybox / usage and don't 'overlap' on their used space. We can all be good neighbors with common sense. ● NO CLUBS, BROTHELS, etc. Parcels are for PERSONAL use, not BUSINESS. We have the Mall space for Businesses. 6> May I advertise in the FoM group? NO. All FoM stores may advertise in the group, but not Residents. You MAY chat via the FoM group though, keep it civil, drama free, and INCLUSIVE. 7> Can I rezz XYZ / do I have to rezz Adult / Sexual items only? We are ADULT land because we are ADULTS, and partake of all such ADULT activities. We do NOT require you have sex/other adult items on your parcel, but we encourage it. We DO LIMIT you from rezzing any RACIST, BIASED, or ILLEGAL (i.e. ChildPorn) items anywhere on the SIM. While we are extremely inclusive for any race, species, perversion, religion, etc. and believe whatever ADULTS do in their personal space is THEIR business, you are still on OUR property on LINDEN LAB's physical server. As such, if we have a concern or requirement, your choices are to comply or go elsewhere. 8> I have concerns or questions, what do I do? Please send a NC to Syren or Nerogoth Nightfire, explaining plainly and with the necessary details so we may address your concerns or questions. Do realize we have REAL LIVES FIRST, so it may take us more than a day to answer you, though we try to respond the same day. Blessed Be, Syren Nightfire Nerogoth Nightfire
  24. Attractive flat green parcel in Ciarnau. Sim edge. Priced to sell. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ciarnau/30/146/67
  25. Fine Adult land priced to sell: $3.4L per sq meter. Size: 28,168 square meters 4x protected by Linden roads and public works. Flat, green. Region: Strute. Location Strute 153, 82, 36 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strute/153/82/36 Option to rent at $6292L/week No subdivision, offer is to sell whole.
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