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About Me

  1. Jeremy Linden


    In altre lingue Panoramica Perché devo fornire dei dati di pagamento? Politiche aziendali sugli addebiti per Second Life Abbonamento Premium Tariffe uso terreno Tariffe per Regioni private Aste Affitto regioni Cambio dollari Linden Come visualizzare o modificare i dati di pagamento Aggiungere un nuovo metodo di pagamento
  2. Jeremy Linden


    他の言語 概要 支払情報を提供する理由 Second Life の支払に関するポリシー プレミアム会員 土地使用料 プライベートリージョンの利用料 オークション リージョンのレンタル リンデンドルの両替 支払情報の表示または変更方法 新しい支払方法の追加 支払方法と支払タイプの関連付け 保存されている支払情報の変更 VAT および決算国の変更 受け入れ可能な通貨と支払方法 PayPal
  3. Rand Linden


    How to view and edit your profile Fill out your profile to show off your personality Keep it suitable for everyone Privacy settings let you choose who can see your information Receive notifications when someone posts or comments on your profile Some hyperlinks get automatically detected Profile icons in the PEOPLE window How do I grant permission to a friend to see when I'm online/see me on the map/edit my objects? Real Linden Lab e
  4. Rand Linden

    Premium membership

    Benefits of premium membership Upgrading to a premium account Linden Homes Linden dollar rewards Sign-up bonus Weekly Linden dollar rewards (stipend) Stipends for old accounts Premium virtual goods (gifts) How to get your premium virtual good Object permissions on premium virtual goods How to get help for premium virtual goods Frequently asked questions
  5. ⚠️ Cet article est en cours de traduction. Pour les informations les plus récentes, veuillez consulter la version anglaise de cet article de la base de connaissances. Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée. Noms d'utilisateur Différence de formats en fonction de la date d'inscription Connexion à l'aide du nom d'utilisateur Utilisation d'un client comprenant un champ Prénom et un champ Nom Utilisation d'un client comprenant
  6. Terms of Service The Terms of Service describe the terms on which Linden Lab offers you access to Second Life. See also: Terms of Service FAQ Terms of Service Arbitration FAQ Community Standards The Community Standards govern behavior in Second Life. Violations may result in suspension or, with repeated violations, expulsion from the Second Life Community. To report a violation of Terms of Service or Community Standards, file an abuse report. See Filing an abuse report.
  7. Jeremy Linden

    Saldo da conta

    Em outros idiomas Saldo em US$ Formas de usar o seu saldo em dólares americanos Pagar pelas despesas no Second Life Processamento de crédito (retirada) Transferências eletrônicas Enviando dinheiro para o Linden Lab Recebendo dinheiro do Linden Lab Saldo em dólar americano Todas as contas Second Life® têm tanto saldo em dólar Linden quando em dólar americano. Você pode ver os dois saldos no Resumo de dólares Linden na página da sua Co
  8. Jeremy Linden

    Pagamento de contas

    Em outros idiomas Visão geral Por que fornecer dados de pagamento? Políticas de cobrança do Second Life Plano Premium Taxas de uso de terrenos Taxas de regiões privadas Leilões Aluguel de regiões Câmbio do dólar Linden Como visualizar ou alterar seus dados de pagamento Adição de um novo método de pagamento
  9. Jeremy Linden

    Saldo de la cuenta

    En otros idiomas Saldo en dólares USA Formas de usar su saldo en dólares USA Pagar gastos de Second Life Retirada de crédito (retirada) Transferencias bancarias Cómo enviar dinero a Linden Lab Cómo recibir dinero de Linden Lab Saldo en dólares USA Todas las cuentas de Second Life® tienen un saldo en dólares Linden y un saldo en dólares USA. Puedes ver los dos saldos en el Resumen de dólares Linden Linden en la página de tu cuenta en se
  10. Jeremy Linden


    En otros idiomas Descripción general ¿Por qué es conveniente que aportes tus datos de facturación? Normas de facturación de Second Life Cuenta Premium Cuotas por uso de terreno Cuota por Región privada Subastas Alquiler de regiones Cambio de dólares Linden Cómo ver o cambiar tu información de facturación Añadir una forma
  11. Jeremy Linden

    Solde de compte

    Autres langues Solde en dollars US Comment utiliser votre solde en dollars US Payer les frais de Second Life Encaissement de crédit (retrait) Virements bancaires Envoyer de l'argent à Linden Lab Recevoir de l'argent de Linden Lab Solde en dollars US Tous les comptes Second Life® ont un solde en Linden dollars et un solde en dollars US (USD). Vous pouvez voir les deux soldes dans le Récapitulatif en Linden dollars sur la page Votre comp
  12. Jeremy Linden


    Dans d'autres langues Vue d'ensemble Pourquoi fournir des informations de paiement ? Politique de facturation de Second Life Abonnement Premium Frais d'occupation de terrain Frais des régions privées Enchères Location d'une région Échange de Linden dollars Comment afficher et modifier vos informations de paiement Ajout d'
  13. Jeremy Linden


    In anderen Sprachen Übersicht Gründe für die Angabe von Rechnungsinformationen Second Life-Abrechnungsrichtlinien Premium-Mitgliedschaft Landnutzungsgebühren Gebühren für private Regionen Auktionen Regionsvermietung Kauf und Verkauf von Linden-Dollar Zahlungsinformationen anzeigen oder ändern Neue Zahlungsart hinzufügen
  14. Jeremy Linden


    In anderen Sprachen US-Dollar-Saldo Verwendung Ihres US-Dollar-Saldos Ausgaben für Second Life bezahlen Auszahlung durchführen (Abhebung) Überweisungen Geld an Linden Lab senden Geld von Linden Lab erhalten US-Dollar-Saldo Alle Second Life®-Konten enthalten sowohl einen Linden-Dollar-Saldo als auch einen US-Dollar-Saldo. Sie können beide Salden in der Linden-Dollar-Übersicht in Ihrem Kontobereich bei secondlife.com einsehen.
  15. Jeremy Linden

    Usernames and display names

    Usernames The format of your username depends on when you registered the account Logging in with your username Using a Viewer with separate first and last Name login fields Using a Viewer with a single name login field Showing or hiding others' usernames Changing usernames Fees and guidelines FAQs and troubleshooting Display names Allowed character
  16. Jeremy Linden


    Overview Why provide billing information? Second Life billing policies Premium membership Land use fees Private region fees Auctions Region rental Linden dollar exchange How to view or change your billing information Adding a new payment method Associating payment methods with payment types
  17. Jeremy Linden

    Accounts overview

    Account types Basic Premium Concierge Scripted agent status Inactive or canceled accounts Canceling an account Re-activating a canceled account In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano 日本語 Português Русский This art
  18. Jeremy Linden

    Password and account information

    What to do if you forget your password What to do if you forget your Second Life username Retrieve your name from your welcome email Retrieve your name from the Second Life website How to change your password How to change your email address What to do if your account is compromised What to do if you forget your password If you know your username but have forgotten your password, go to the password recovery page. Enter your username and click Send Ins
  19. Bea Linden

    Account balance

    US dollar balance Ways to use your US dollar balance Pay for Second Life expenses Process credit (withdrawal) Wire transfers Sending money to Linden Lab Receiving money from Linden Lab In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Pусский Türkçe
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