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About Me

  1. На других языках Преимущества премиум-членства Повышение статуса до премиум-аккаунта Linden-дома Вознаграждения в Linden-долларах Бонус за регистрацию Еженедельные вознаграждения в Linden-долларах (пособие) Пособия за старые аккаунты Виртуальные премиум-товары (подарки) Как получить виртуальный премиум-товар Разрешения на объект для виртуальных премиум-товаров
  2. Eli Linden

    Plano Premium

    Em outros idiomas Benefícios do plano premium Upgrade para um plano premium Residências Linden Recompensa dólar Linden Bônus de cadastramento Recompensas semanais em dólares Linden (remuneração) Remuneração de contas antigas Bens virtuais premium (brindes) Como conseguir bens virtuais premium Permissões de objeto para bens virtuais premium Como obter aj
  3. Eli Linden

    Abbonamento Premium

    In altre lingue Vantaggi dell'abbonamento Premium Passare a un account Premium Case Linden Premi in dollari Linden Bonus di iscrizione Ricompense settimanali in dollari Linden (stipendio) Stipendi per i vecchi account Beni virtuali Premium (omaggi) Ottenere i beni virtuali Premium Autorizzazioni degli oggetti per i beni virtuali Premium Ottenere assistenza
  4. Eli Linden

    Abonnement Premium

    Autres langues Avantages de l'abonnement Premium Mise à niveau et passage à un compte Premium Résidences Linden Récompenses en dollars Linden Bonus d'inscription Récompenses hebdomadaires en dollars Linden (prime) Primes pour les anciens comptes Biens virtuels Premium (cadeaux) Comment obtenir votre bien virtuel Premium Droits d'objets pour les biens virtuels Premium
  5. Eli Linden

    La cuenta Premium

    En otros idiomas Ventajas de una cuenta Premium Actualización a una cuenta Premium Hogares Linden Recompensas en dólares Linden Bonus al registrarte Pagas semanales en dólares Linden Pagas en cuentas antiguas Bienes virtuales Premium (regalos) Cómo obtener un bien virtual Premium Permisos de objetos en los bienes virtuales Premium Cómo obtener ayuda para u
  6. Eli Linden


    In anderen Sprachen Vorteile der Premium-Mitgliedschaft Upgraden auf ein Premium-Konto Linden Homes Linden-Dollar-Prämien Registrierungsbonus Wöchentliche Linden-Dollar-Gutschriften (Stipendium) Stipendien für alte Konten Virtuelle Premium-Waren (Geschenke) So erhalten Sie virtuelle Premium-Waren Objektberechtigungen für virtuelle Premium-Waren Hilfe zu
  7. Forgive me if this is a common question but I didn't see it asked recently. With the new upgrades coming to the SL Experiences function... Someone told me that Experiences can allow another to access a persons LL account to enable things like transfer of inventory, transfer of L's or access to personal data. This doesn't sound right but I don't see the documentation to prove otherwise. Input please?
  8. Hello, I wanted to say that i paid 7 times for being premium (1 quarter and 6 one month) and since passed 2 days (meaning for the one month, paid again for quarted today but still nothing), I don't know what to do anymore, I also sent a support ticket to second life staff, got closed by them, i also tried to call them, didn't answer and plus i sent an email to support@secondlife.com and no answer, can someone help me please?
  9. Hello, I wanted to upgrade my account to a Premium, when I connected my account PayPal in second life and going to upgrade it, PayPal asked me for a credit card while I have money in the count of PayPal, can somebody help me?
  10. Where can I find my birth date that I provided to create my account?
  11. I want to know everything that happens when you delete your Second Life account. When you delete your account, is it possible to create a new avatar, using the same name as the deleted account? Do avatar names become reusable once you delete the account with that certain name? Issue: Even though I am a newbie and joined a few days ago, I keep getting banned in places for no reason! I even got banned in places where you collect money! I thought it was normal and only available to all people whose accounts are a few days old until your account is too old. The I found out that people
  12. Hi guys, i paid for premium on sunday 22, i received the mail thanking me for buying premium and the amount is fully paid for with paypal. My account still says basic today. i've send ticket to LL but after 4 days still no answer back! Are they closed for the holiday? Any help is greatly appreciated. Renzo
  13. Hi I want access to an account I made about 3 years ago but i don't have access to it anymore. What can I do? I tried to open a ticket with SL but it says it's not available at my location. Help!
  14. Hello everyone who might be reading this! I'm concerned. Yesterday and the day before I had problems rezzing up to yesterday afternoon where I suddenly couldn't log in at different times. The loading bar kept freezing at "waiting for region handshake". (Gyazo screenshot) https://gyazo.com/799c95859d2384f7306f5abdf072bc80 And then I kept getting a popup; "We're having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your connection or the Second Life Grid." https://gyazo.com/6ba6af7ffacbcbafcb6d31982953c903 I just installed Firestorm (v. anew - be
  15. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, for short) is a regulation in European Union law that is designed to give its citizens and residents control over their personal data. Section 5 of Linden Lab's privacy policy: "Your Controls, Rights and Choices" defines how we handle your personal data and your right to access and control that personal data in accordance with GDPR. To exercise control over your personal data, you may: Modify selections on your account preferences pages. Follow unsubscribe instructions provided in communications we send to you. Submit a tick
  16. table { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; } th, td { text-align: left; padding: 8px; } tr:nth-child(even) {background-color: #f2f2f2;} Update: As of June 6, 2016, Turkish Second Life Residents are unable to use PayPal to process credit on their US dollar balances. It is, however, still possible for Turkish Residents to make purchases or to process credit using Skrill. For more information about PayPal's suspension of operations in Turkey, please visit PayPal's website (in Turkish). This article lists payment options available to Residents from the 50
  17. Rand Linden


    How to view and edit your profile Fill out your profile to show off your personality Keep it suitable for everyone Privacy settings let you choose who can see your information Receive notifications when someone posts or comments on your profile Some hyperlinks get automatically detected Profile icons in the PEOPLE window How do I grant permission to a friend to see when I'm online/see me on the map/edit my objects? Real Linden Lab e
  18. Terms of Service The Terms of Service describe the terms on which Linden Lab offers you access to Second Life. See also: Terms of Service FAQ Terms of Service Arbitration FAQ Community Standards The Community Standards govern behavior in Second Life. Violations may result in suspension or, with repeated violations, expulsion from the Second Life Community. To report a violation of Terms of Service or Community Standards, file an abuse report. See Filing an abuse report.
  19. What do you think there is an intermediate account modality, not Premium, which allows the purchase of land in Mainlands by anyone (previously qualified) and only that with nothing but benefits, such as 300 lindens a week, premium sandbox, absolutely no another benefit. Exclusive rights only to get right to buy 1024sqm land in Mailand. Would that be consistent? Note: I did not elaborate on the qualification for such an account. Thanks for the opinions.
  20. so i got premium and i stopped my subscription for next month. So it wouldn't take automatically my money. Now it keep saying i am not premium and i can't buy premium either till next month. But now i want to keep being premium since i enjoy sl. I made a ticket a week ago no reply. So i wanted to know is this on accident that they removed my premium while i paid for it. Or is this how they work eitherway i feel screwed. I hope someone can explain to me how to claim my premium i paid for. Thanks so much for reading please help me.
  21. so i got premium and i stopped my subscription for next month. So it wouldn't take automatically my money. Now it keep saying i am not premium and i can't buy premium either till next month. But now i want to keep being premium since i enjoy sl. I made a ticket a week ago no reply. So i wanted to know is this on accident that they removed my premium while i paid for it. Or is this how they work eitherway i feel screwed. I hope someone can explain to me how to claim my premium i paid for. Thanks so much for reading please help me.
  22. Vanessa577

    Premium Account

    i'm premium but i accidently downgraded for next month and now it says i am not premium anymore
  23. Jeremy Linden

    Second Life payment system FAQ

    I used to have a bunch of items in my cart, but they are gone now. What happened? I'm a shopper and I'm looking at my transaction history; my Marketplace payments used to go to Commerce Linden, but now they go to Currency Linden. Is that expected? I just used my credit card or PayPal to make a purchase on the Marketplace. Where do I see this in my transaction history? I noticed when I paid with my credit card/Paypal account, my payment information was stored. Why is this happening? My credit card was charged for $1 (U
  24. ZionX1999

    I can't log in

    For some reason my Second Life Viewer is refusing to load my account whenever I open it in Launchpad on my mac it had trouble loading the updates and news articles page and also I had a problem earlier where it said my homepoint was gone so I went to another location, crashed and then suddenly now since this afternoon I haven't been able to log in whenever I click a location to spawn at it goes to the loading bar page but the loading bar isn't loading it's stuck on Logging in constantly and now I'm worried I may have been hacked or something cause I tried Firestorm and Firestorm works fine but
  25. ⚠️ Bu bölümün çevirileri halen devam ediyor. En güncel bilgiler için lütfen Bilgi Tabanı'nındaki bu bölümün İngilizce versiyonunu inceleyin. Verdiğimiz rahatsızlıktan dolayı özür dileriz. Kullanıcı adları Kullanıcı adınızın formatı, hesabınızı ne zaman kaydettirdiğinize bağlıdır Kullanıcı adınızla oturum açmak Ayrı Ad ve Soyad oturum açma alanlarına sahip bir Görüntüleyici kullanmak Tek bir Ad oturum açma alanına sahip bir Görüntüleyici kull
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