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About Me

Found 20 results

  1. Buyer can either keep the mesh objects or add their own. Come check it out! 🙂 Make it your home or consider it to be your vacation retreat with a picnic hamper and an overnight stay with a beach barbecue. It is both a thrill and a privilege. Spend your time in this cottage that follows a traditional style yet still provides some of the home comforts. 1024sqm - 351 prims - L$ 4900 Cocopalm
  2. Actually, the thing is that, i put my real age in SL and am already 18 since my 18 that i got on 22 sept and i thought that i will get access to all places but no, everything is same as before can u plz help me THANK U
  3. Protected Blake waterfront. Sail or fly safely to the Blake Sea and beyond. Unlimited use with full permissions including terraforming. Land can be 90% above water or 100% below water. Commercial use allowed, sub-leasing permitted if you wish. All of my tenants are long term renters, with a 100% satisfaction rating for years. I will work with you to personalize your experience. Photo below is an example setup of land with house, yard, landscaping, runway, hangars, fire pit, and 9 vehicles - only using a little over 1/3 of the available prims. visit here ----> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atai/38/63/22 contact Trista Banx for rental pricing and options or with any questions. IM is fine - I don't get capped, but note card is ok too if you prefer.
  4. I hope There's Upcoming High Speed Train by LDPW Moles in the Satori Region,Nautilus,Corsica that I wished very well with Electrified Rail constructed by LDPW Moles. runs from West to East in Satori and Corsica and the South to North in Nautilus. connecting point to point. the LDPW railcar speed is 160 km/h. and no need driver to control the train. like YavaScript Pods. and There's LDPW Road Accessible Ferry Port constructed near water. you can teleport the car from ferry to Ferry (ETS2 Ferry Style) like Teleportable Satori Tunnel. with Parking and LDPW Road Access are build in the Waterfront. Especially Jeogeot,Nautilus,Nautlius City,Corsica,Gaeta V and the Satori. These Things are used for the December-January SL Town Hall Meeting. very good idea by me. to Second Life Employees and Moles!.
  5. I'm getting a teleport fail, unable to find destination message every time I try to tp to my Linden home on Kogera. What's up? Temporarily unavailable? For two days? No longer exists? I think not! It shows up on the map. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kogera/
  6. Alan W. Real Estates was founded in 2016. Since then till now we've grown A LOT. In present we have 60+ Lands including parcels in regions where people can sail and have access to Blake Sea. We terraform, landscape and decorate our lands to make them unique and beautiful. We're not having perfect square parcels, unless they're 1/2 or 1/4 otherwise you'll see them in different shapes and sizes to make them possible and affordable for everyone's pocket! We're here for you 24/7, that means even when we're offline we do get your message and we will get back to you ASAP (unless SL decides to eat our messages - it happens sometimes unfortunately). Do you any wish you want to make it come true when comes choosing your dream land? Say no more! Tell us what you're looking for and we're gonna make it happen: be it a homestead; full sim or parcels, we ensure you we're going to make it happen! Contact: almm1000; amyalka; Visit our Office for more Info or keep on reading! - AVAILABLE FOR RENT - HullaBaloo - 3,647 Prims; 3,647 L$/Week - 7,712 Sqm HullaBaloo - 4,056 Prims; 4,056 L$/Week - 1/8 City of Concord - 1,743 Prims; 1,743 L$/Week - 5,440 Sqm City of Concord - 2,261 Prims; 2,261 L$/Week - 7,056 Sqm Heavenly Hills - 2,500 Prims; 2,500 L$/Week - 1/8 Heavenly Hills - 3,750 Prims; 3,750 L$/Week - 12,288 Sqm Sea Breaze - 2,500 Prims; 2,750 L$/Week - 1/8 Pamlico Atoll - 2,558 Prims; 2,500 L$/Week - 1/8 Diamonds Are Forever - 2,088 Prims; 2,088 L$/Week - 4,416 Sqm Diamonds Are Forever - 1,998 Prims; 1,998 L$/Week - 4,225 Sqm Bay - 2,500 Prims; 2,500 L$/Week - 1/8 Bay - 1,562 Prims; 1,562 L$/Week - 5,120 Sqm Insanity - 2,500 Prims; 2,750 L$/Week - 1/8 Yellow River - 2,500 Prims; 2,750 L$/Week - 1/8 Kangean - 10,000 Prims; 8,000 L$/Week - 1/2 Costa Iberia - 5,165 Prims; 5,000 L$/Week - 1/4 Sea Hurricane - 5,000 Prims; 4,500 L$/Week - 1/4 Contact: almm1000; amyalka;
  7. I rented a place. The place comes with a security orb. Somehow I messed it up and I cannot access the security orb menu. At first, it has a white band around it. When it was activated it had a green band. Now it has a red band around it and I cannot access its menu.
  8. TimMeaculpa

    Security Orb Problem

    I rented a place. The place comes with a security orb. Somehow I messed it up and I cannot access the security orb menu. At first, it has a white band around it. When it was activated it had a green band. Now it has a red band around it and I cannot access its menu.
  9. Hi I want access to an account I made about 3 years ago but i don't have access to it anymore. What can I do? I tried to open a ticket with SL but it says it's not available at my location. Help!
  10. if anyone is looking for an affordable Blake Sea access parcel to call home, but the prices are just way too high all the time, now is your time:) I have a 6848 sqm. parcel for rent on protected ocean water 1 sim from the Blake. 9600/wk 2351 prims, 800L discount if you pay monthly, so that's only 9600 a month! That's 2k less than I pay for my own home parcel, and it's nowhere near the Blake! Go take a look, and message me with any questions at all. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tschotcke/31/198/22
  11. 54,256 sqm / 18,627 prims on Bestone for rent or possibly for sale. Rent is preferred, looking for long term tenant, but will sell if necessary. Great location for an airport with a harbor, or anything else you wish. Access to 8 fully protected water sims via the NW corner. Unlimited use, no restrictions, full land group permissions (other than owner role), low price for both rental and sale option. I originally bought it as abandoned land in auction, so I would sell it for a lot less than it's fair market value. Rent will be cheap too for the size, location, and prims at 48k L per month (that's calendar month, not 28 day periods / due on the 23rd or before). Location link below will land you on a platform to see the current build, which will be removed on or before July 23rd, depending on when you want to take over the land. 1st month payment or full sale price will be due at time of occupancy, or July 23rd at the latest. The view in the picture is looking SW. Visit the sim and explore ..... and I will not abandon the land if anyone thinks they can wait for that. I will give it away to one of a select few people for free before I abandon it. If you want it cheap, speak up in the next couple of weeks Contact Trista Banx with Instant Message in world, or Notecard if that's you're preference. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bestone/151/58/88
  12. 48h SPECIAL OFFER: 2880 sqm NICE PLOT!! East Coast Sansara, Region Bassenthwaite, Waterfront with Linden Water Access Bassenthwaite is located on the the East Coast of Sansara, the largest and oldest continent in SL. 2880 sqm - 988 prims - L$24,000 (L$8.3/m2): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bassenthwaite/54/236/24 Come and TAKE A LOOK! Price was L$28,800.
  13. 1536 sqm parcel, 527 prims on the beautiful Gaeta V continent. Parcel borders route 7 protected sailable waterfront, with sailable ocean access all the way to the Nautilus and the Blake Sea and beyond! route 7 rez zone nearby as well. If you like driving and sailing, route 7 becomes road and water at different points, making it a perfect vehicle lovers area! 2 small extra prim parcels, 256sqm and 64sqm, will be given with this purchase as long as they don't sell on their own for added prims! parcel is set for sale to anyone at 22000L, objects not included in sale. visit the parcel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunspiral/159/160/21 for questions contact Heath Pevensey
  14. Alan W. Real Estates has been established in 2016 and since then we've grown A LOT. In present we own over 70 Sims from parcels to Full Sims. We terraform, design and decorate the sims as you want or just the basic terraforming. We've rented parcels or 1/4 for parties, weddings and much more. We're NOT just another Real Estate, we try to build hopes and dreams of every single person who come through our doors. We offer Customer Service 24/7 and Assistance 1/1 to help you find out what you're looking for and how we can help you out. If our prices don't match with you necessities we can find a middle ground for both parties involved and make it happen. We're renting: parcels; 1/4; 1/2; Homesteads; Full Sims; Small Parcels; Big Parcels; Interested in what we have available? Keep scrolling or visit our office: Alan W. Real Estates Estate Managers: almm1000 (Owner); tzooki; amyalka; shelleyserenity - AVAILABLE FOR RENT - Rubys Roadhouse - SQM: 9,216; PRIMS: 2,812; RENT: 3,093 L$/W Sea Hurricane - SQM: 10,240; PRIMS: 3,120; RENT: 3,437 L$/W Sea Hurricane - SQM: 1/8; PRIMS: 2,500; RENT: 3,750 L$/W Guinevere Island - SQM: 1/4; PRIMS: 5,000; RENT: 4,500 L$/W Guinevere Island - SQM: 1/4; PRIMS: 5,000; RENT: 4,500 L$/W Diamonds Are Forever - SQM: 7,856; PRIMS: 3,715; RENT: 3,700 L$/W Diamonds Are Forever - SQM: 2,736; PRIMS: 1,293; RENT: 1,293 L$/W HullaBaloo - SQM: 7,712; PRIMS: 3,647; RENT: 3,467 L$/W Sea Escape - SQM: 12,928; PRIMS: 3,945; RENT: 4,500 L$/W Barbuda Bay - SQM: 1/2; PRIMS: 1,524; RENT: 2,200 L$/W City of Concord - SQM: 3,536; PRIMS: 1,133; RENT: 1,133 L$/W City of Concord - SQM: 10,368; PRIMS: 3,322; RENT: 3,322 L$/W RideOn - SQM: 1,808; PRIMS: 551; RENT: 551 L$/W RideOn - SQM: 2,048; PRIMS: 625; RENT: 625 L$/W Slapdoogle - SQM: 6,608; PRIMS: 2,267; RENT: 3,000 L$/W Port Blair - SQM: 1/4; PRIMS: 5,000; RENT: 4,500 L$/W Shenzhen - SQM: 1/4; PRIMS: 5,000; RENT: 4,500 L$/W Golden Place - SQM: 1/2; PRIMS: 2,500; RENT: 3,600 L$/W Bay - SQM: 1/8; PRIMS: 2,500; RENT: 2,500 L$/W Bay - SQM: 1/4; PRIMS: 5,000; RENT: 4,500 L$/W Nightfire Boardwalk - SQM: HOMESTEAD; PRIMS: 5,000; RENT: 7,200 L$/W ======================================
  15. I own some mainland on the water. Since when, is Maintenance Group land, owned by Gov. Linden, Abandoned ages ago, CHANGED to NO OBJECT ENTRY? How are boats supposed to get to open waters? I used to be able to sail through that parcel.. it's recently been changed?!
  16. AmberRoseKettle

    Land Access

    I just bought a region but I can't seem to figure out how to give access to my business partners. I've tried setting it to group, adding them to the allowed list and relogging, but they can't get on and we need to start building. Any ideas on how to do this.
  17. 1800 a week (slightly negotiable) for 4512 sqm with 1548 prims available to use. Nice quiet area of the grid with full protected ocean access to all the main protected oceans including the Blake Sea and beyond. This property was rented for about 2 years before the last tenant left for personal reasons. It's a nice place to call home or start a business with unrestricted travel benefits. No restrictions on use of land. Tenant(s) will have near full land ownership abilities. Contact Trista Banx inworld with any questions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grelod/39/235/24
  18. Hello! I have this teleport script by Eightball Magic. It's no config teleport. You place two teleports and go. So. Its possible to set limited destination access for group / owner only. How to set it for two avatars only (me and my friend). I guess its somekind UUID access limit. Thank's for any help! This line gives limitation for owner only. I think to replace it for specific avatar UUID somehow... : else if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, 0), "!") == 0 && id != llGetOwner()) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only the owner are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '!'"); llUnSit(id); Or do i loose something else?.. Here's the script itself: integer CHANNEL = -10001; float INTERVAL = 10.0; vector OFFSET = <0.0,0.0,1.2>; integer number = 1; list descriptions = []; list positions = []; list timestamps = []; // Function present menu items in more logical ordering. list orderButtons(list buttons) { return(llList2List(buttons, -3, -1) + llList2List(buttons, -6, -4) + llList2List(buttons, -9, -7) + llList2List(buttons, -12, -10)); } default { state_entry() { // Announce teleporter and setup timer to maintain teleporter list. key owner = llGetOwner(); string description = llGetObjectDesc(); if (description == "<Location name>") { description = (string)number; } vector position = llGetPos(); llRegionSay(CHANNEL, "teleporter\t" + (string)owner + "\t" + description + "\t" + (string)position); llSetTimerEvent(INTERVAL); // Setup listener to receive teleporter announcements and user dialog. llListen(CHANNEL, "", "", ""); // Configure sit text and target. llSetSitText("Teleport"); llSitTarget(OFFSET, ZERO_ROTATION); } changed(integer change) { // Check if someone sits on the teleporter. if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key id = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if (id) { if (llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ANIMATION) >= 1) { llRequestPermissions(id, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } if (llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_SOUND) >= 1) { llPlaySound(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, 0), 1.0); } integer count = llGetListLength(descriptions); if (count >= 2) { list buttons = orderButtons(llListSort(descriptions, 1, TRUE)); llDialog(id, "Select destination:", buttons, CHANNEL); } else if (count == 1) { vector position = llGetPos(); llSleep(0.5); if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, 0), "*") == 0 && !llSameGroup(id)) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only group members are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '*'"); llUnSit(id); } else if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, 0), "!") == 0 && id != llGetOwner()) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only the owner are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '!'"); llUnSit(id); } else { llSetRegionPos(llList2Vector(positions, 0)); llUnSit(id); llSetRegionPos(position); } } else { llSleep(0.5); llUnSit(id); } } } // Reset the script if the teleporter has changed owner or been moved across a sim border. if (change & (CHANGED_OWNER|CHANGED_REGION)) { llResetScript(); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (id == llAvatarOnSitTarget()) { // Teleport avatar to destination. integer index = llListFindList(descriptions, [message]); vector position = llGetPos(); if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, index), "*") == 0 && !llSameGroup(id)) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only group members are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '*'"); llUnSit(id); } else if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, index), "!") == 0 && id != llGetOwner()) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only the owner is allowed to teleport to locations marked with '!'"); llUnSit(id); } else { llSetRegionPos(llList2Vector(positions, index)); llUnSit(id); llSetRegionPos(position); } } else { // Parse the received message. list tokens = llParseString2List(message, ["\t"], []); string check = llList2String(tokens, 0); key owner = (key)llList2String(tokens, 1); string description = llList2String(tokens, 2); vector position = (vector)llList2String(tokens, 3); integer timestamp = llGetUnixTime(); // Remove old data from the lists and add current data. if (check == "teleporter" && owner == llGetOwner()) { integer index = llListFindList(descriptions, [description]); if (~index) { descriptions = llDeleteSubList(descriptions, index, index); positions = llDeleteSubList(positions, index, index); timestamps = llDeleteSubList(timestamps, index, index); } descriptions += description; positions += position; timestamps += timestamp; } // Renumber this teleporter if another has same number. if ((string)number == description) { number++; if (number > 12) { number = 1; } } } } on_rez(integer n) { // Reset the script when the teleporter is rezzed. llResetScript(); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { // Play animation when permission has been granted. if (perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { llStartAnimation(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION,0)); } } timer() { // Announce the teleporter. key owner = llGetOwner(); string description = llGetObjectDesc(); if (description == "<Location name>") { description = (string)number; } vector position = llGetPos(); integer timestamp = llGetUnixTime(); llRegionSay(CHANNEL, "teleporter\t" + (string)owner + "\t" + description + "\t" + (string)position); // Delete oldest teleporter from list if it is too old. if (llGetListLength(timestamps) && timestamp-llList2Integer(timestamps, 0) > INTERVAL+1.0) { descriptions = llDeleteSubList(descriptions, 0, 0); positions = llDeleteSubList(positions, 0, 0); timestamps = llDeleteSubList(timestamps, 0, 0); } } }
  19. Protected oceanfront property for rent. Sail or fly anywhere on the connected continents 2240 sqm 1200 / week, 768 prims. Group provides ownership abilities. Extras options include a free parking space in the parking area just to the west, use of the pool just to the north, and a private runway for taking off and landing.... none of which will count against your prim use or cost anything extra. No ban lines near by, quiet area, neighbors to the east or west are never there. (I've never seen them in 2 years) All prims rezzed are for example. You can place what ever you want, just no ban lines is all I ask. Security orb is fine. The light blue in the picture shows the property boarders beyond the example dock. Contact Trista Banx in world about any questions or details http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Starship/36/27/21
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