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About Me

  1. Please grant the following, both your attention and concern. I'm hopeful this report will be forwarded/circulated, to help bring more swift and effective actions in resolving the matter. ********** has been attacking residents with debilitating viruses and for no reason attacked my avatar, rendering it useless. I've had others tell me about resident ********** and how he infects their avi with directed viruses. It's my understanding that these attacks have been reported with no action taken. Please waste no time stopping **********. I have never had any contact with this resident, **
  2. I am requesting and asking if anybody can help me with this Avatars Abuse, Griefing and destory the structures on my full sim... Ever since I purchased this full SIM on February 2016 till now I am still trying to fix and to restructure my SIM, because of the Abuser keep coming, and for some reason, I don't know how they did it... they left an object on my sim and when I return my whole parel and structure were return to me... :-( I purchase so much money on security that I feel it is just useless, yesterday, it happened again... I am tire... trying to do a project and it never get a chance to
  3. I have a sim. This morning had an incident where dilation dropped to 0, FPS to 1-5. Any estate tools such as restart and viewing grips were/are unresponsive. The sim has remained like this for over an hour, eventually crashing my firestorm account but one text based account is still logged into it. I cannot TP into it or log onto it so I cannot restart,etc. It's just stuck in this frozen state. Before my firestorm crashed I did take these https://gyazo.com/c46a76f526d00a5a9a97cb7da7c5ba38 https://gyazo.com/348bcbfd4b620f4ac445b9274fcf0695 So it's been hours and I
  4. TLDR Friend gets cussed out because they saw a trap coming. Friend shares 1 or 2 lines from convo in which they are being cussed out. Evil Cussing person finds out and uses many alts to get around the block to continue to cuss them out and file many reports (All the same) on different accounts in an attempt to get them banned. Cussing out continues in their public store group (owned by the one getting attacked and Note they are using PM messages as well in which the reporter account did not recieve permission as its the same person on alts. A friend of mine is a Sim
  5. Hello I Rent a skybox from yesterday over 1000L of rent , the mail box that should invite me to the group then i can rez objects in the place is not working, i send a note card to the owner and explain the problem. He was online and not event send me a message or a gruop invitation nothing. i have breedables and they can not be without food so i will have to rent another skybox, i want that they give my money back, where i can denuce this or what should i do, the support event not answer me or nothing
  6. Occassionally, I have needed to send crash or bug reports and someone at LL has been kind enough to help me resolve the issue. However, sometimes it seems there is someone who uses the JIRA for questionable purposes and I wonder if there are griefers and trolls pretending to be technical support. Today I received an email purporting to be from JIRA about an issue I had with voice in world. This character stated "manorities are not welcome in SL" and named three minorities and reffered to them in derogatory fashion. He also said these minorities were unwelcome to SL because they "cause trouble"
  7. hello one player pushing me everytime when spooted me , he use push on me and im fly, i have him in block list , can you help me ?
  8. i have an issue with some people on sl, i dont want to talk about it here in case they see it, but the information is too many characters for the regular abuse report. can someone email/ IM me about it please?
  9. Hi all~~~~ I want to know what can I do even if I actually did an abuse report on second life because in my case in world the person who harassed me made an alter account with almost the same name or similar to mine and wrote in his or her profile defaming things pointing to my account so now my dude is if here is a way to report an account to be completely deleted ? I really feel annoyed and indignant about what that person has put in his or her profile pointing towards mine as a permanent form of harassing me too ... I accept suggestions please if someone can help with a tip, I will a
  10. Hello, Several years ago myself and another resident created a 3D representation of a fan art illustration found on google. He built one base part and I built the rest. Last month I decided to have another crack at a more detailed version in mesh with many alterations. The person I had worked with in the past contacted me and not too pleasantly threatened to DMCA me and have me banned if I did not split any income with him. He claims he has ownership of the work because he built one small part of it 5 years ago and that I have copybotted him etc, even though the new one was built in Ble
  11. Something weird happened today as I was alone on my sim. I was not near my computer one unknown person tped in and all of a sudden i could see my avatar moving around, I had detached just about anything i wore just a few days before to ease the lag. I wasnt wearing a collar or anything like that and rlv was not on. Also I didnt accept anything from anybody as i was not near the computer. How is that possible. I banned the avatar that tped in 8 months old didnt stay long nothing much on profile but i dont know if it was her doing it.My land is group owned and only group memebers can rezz and th
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