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  1. hi all just wondering is there still a way to do the temporary image upload to test thinks on body placement before actually uploading the image??? i know used to be one but cant see it on fs viewer anymore? thanks Jace freedom
  2. Hello, everyone, i am looking for help because i would like to import a 3D car shape info SL but i really suck at it, when i import it, it's bigger than a house and it's around 600 prims heavy. lol I don't know how to make it lighter and smaller. Thank you
  3. EnCore Mayne

    Mesh Upload

    i upload a mesh with a physics layer, the form tells me it's .5 for land impact. when i change the Feature shape to Prim from Convex Hull, the land impact goes to 10! is there someway to know what the physics change will do before i invest in uploading?
  4. I got this when I clicked 'update' when uploading my latest product to MP ... An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #119.dc5c7a5c.1630404685.169c3b Also it refused to add items to the 'related items' tab from the generated list. Is it just me ?
  5. Hello, I have been putting items up on the marketplace and everytime I upload a picture I lose quality. Is there a way I can upload my pictures without losing quality? I upload in PNG format and the ratio I use is 700 x 512 pixels.
  6. Like this? but when I am in my 3d software it looks fine ? I use 3dsmax , any idea how can I fix?
  7. Hiyas efryone, sorry if this is super obvious or covered in some faq somewhere, but I can't figure it out. When I double click the pic in SL I want it to open in the aspect ratio it does on my computer, but it opens as 1x1. This is what I'm doing: Take a picture in SL. I see in my SL camera it says 1024x768. The format is PNG. It saves to disc - my computer. When I open the picture on my PC it is widescreen, for example the pixel dimensions are 1908x1008. Then I pay the $10LL to upload it to SL. Then I double-click on it in SL. It shows 'Preview aspect ratio' 1:1, and it shows 1024x1024. =( I don't see any options when I upload it to keep the original image aspect ratio? I know when i put the texture on an object how to resize it at that time, for example i would edit the object to make it, in this case, 1908x1008, and then put the texture on, and everything is fine. But for just double clicking and opening in SL... i have some actual SL pictures that other people have given me that do open in 2:1, so it must be possible. Like for profile pix, you don't want someone to have to resize them, they won't bother. Thank you for any help you can please provide. ~Bleue p.s. have a gr8 sl-day! <3
  8. I don't mesh but thought I should post this here in case people run into issues. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/1kjlxztk06v9
  9. Its since today that I cannot seem to be able to upload anything to SL , the uploader always says mesh error material of model is not a subset of subset ... or something liek that, but the fact is that it does without me even uploading lods, it does also with models I perfectly uploaded fine yesterday , and when I add lods well same results ... is it broken today?
  10. "In my last blog, I covered at length one of the changes I have put into the forthcoming Firestorm release. This post is a shorter summary of those changes and two other updates that I think will appeal to many mesh creators." Read more on the blog.
  11. Hey, I'm posting about this again because I still haven't managed to fix it even though I tried everything from the wiki pages. My firestorm runs fine but after a few teleports it ends up getting stuck at "Connecting new server" even though when I TP to a region I was previously at. I already allowed firestorm and all the folders/files on the firewall and all that but this keeps happening. Can someone help me?
  12. 5-6-2021 Thursday May 6th 10:00 am to 11:00 am SLT 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm SLT Crash Asylum Roller Derby Skate Rink Come check out the newest Roller Derby skate rink in SL The Crash Asylum Roller Derby Rink! This is a completely new Roller Derby project in SL We have no connection with any of the older SL: Roller Derby projects. The Crash Asylum is more then just a name most things in the rink can be knocked over. To get Roller Derby back up in running in SL we are holding a few Roller Derby meet up events, to help grow the Roller Derby community again. Come see the rink and get some derby practice in, meet other people interested in getting Roller Derby back in SL. The event is open to any one interested in Roller Derby, Skaters, Refs , Fans, DJs, Announcers. If your interested in Roller Derby in SL and can't make the event let us know, or if you have any other questions IM phaedra Exonar
  13. some reason the textures on the mesh appear in the preview but when try to upload it firestorm says textures are empty. also i noticed the prims are large for this, I'm not sure how lowering them would work.
  14. seems years ago we could upload wave files now it says it is a special version of a wave file l so how do i convert my regular wave file to one that will upload in sl
  15. at first it was just when i teleported to somewhere after logging in my character would freeze then sl would go gray then tell me I've been logged out. now it seems to crash even before teleporting somewhere else. It happens on both of my laptops. I even tried firestorm on one of my laptops and same thing happened. its weird because sl was working fine before this week. I updated sl on one of my laptops today but it still crashed not long after logging in. not sure how to report bugs, but several of my friends on sl have had similar issues as me.
  16. Just a heads up, folks, in case you're all wondering. 1. In-world, in some group, someone just reported that a well-knows seller of mesh heads had the brilliant idea to sell one of their mesh heads for 1 L$ on MP today. 2. In other news, I tried to get into MP and I got a warning message stating that MP was down due to heavy user load. Half an hour later, I got 504 Gateway Time-out. "I'm not saying that the one caused the other..." "But, yeah, the one definitely caused the other." So, in case you're wondering why the h*ll you can't get into MP right now: because it's d*mn easy to crash the Market(place) with stunts like these. [Update] Joy! MP is back!
  17. If anyone is having random crashes in SL i found a fix that helped me. Occasionally i would be doing something and SL would randomly shut off. Sometimes after 5 minutes of logging on sometimes more. Hope it helps if you having same issue http://yuriydulich.blogspot.com/2017/09/nvoglv64dll-crash-maya-2017-solution-to.html
  18. I'm wondering if any one can help me out, I hope this is the right place to ask. Apologies if not! Since yesterday I've been trying to upload an image, however I'm constantly met with (Unable to upload (Texture name) due to the following reasons: No error Please try again later) I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and I've been looking for a fix on the forums but can't seem to find one. I've tried uploading different images but I still receive the same error message, I've also moved locations. so I don't think it's my server.
  19. I'm wondering if any one can help me out, I hope this is the right place to ask. Apologies if not! Since yesterday I've been trying to upload an image, however I'm constantly met with (Unable to upload (Texture name) due to the following reasons: No error Please try again later) I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and I've been looking for a fix on the forums but can't seem to find one. I've tried uploading different images but I still receive the same error message, I've also moved locations. so I don't think it's my server.
  20. 0comete


    Bonjour, J'en ai assez d'être déconnectée de SL plusieurs fois par jour ! A chaque fois c'est lors d'un essai de téléportation. Le problème c'est que je souhaite garder sur l'épaule un petit kittycat, et à chaque crash il est fichu et je dois le faire remplacer. A votre avis est-ce un problème de viewer ? J'ai celui de SL. Merci d'avance si vous pouvez m'aider !
  21. Hello guys first of all I want to thank you all for being so helpful and supportive to me and to everyone that comes here asking for help. I am going to work with some friends and start making our own mesh clothes. At least try to make. One of us knows marvelous design program. From all the mesh bodies out there which ones can be added in to this program? Thanks for reading me. Stay safe.
  22. I DID derender all one hundred avatars and flew from the new area that I came over to see -- to the group gift sign (for documentation only) :D. It was an adventure like old time. I can't remember when I saw this many moving around avatars in a sim. Might have been a decade ago, but granted, I don't get out much. Anyway "I" was impressed.
  23. When it comes to photography and photo editing in general, depth of field and bokeh are frequently discussed topics - but I haven't really seen it being spoken of all that much within SL photography, and it's evident by watching people's photos that the range from not using it at all, to using it wrongly, to using it skillfully, produces a huge difference of quality in photos taken. Now I'm hardly a master of it, in fact I tend to be pretty lazy with it as I figure people seldom scrutinize my shots in full resolution anyway - but it's still something that I think that any aspiring photographer in SL should be aware of, and learn to use. There are a few different ways of approaching it. There is of course a DOF effect in the viewers that can be played around with using various sliders, but how well this functions varies greatly from viewer to viewer. For example, I've found that DOF in Firestorm works terribly with alphas, whereas Black Dragon Viewer does a much greater job of it - personally I can't be bothered to swap viewer when I want to do a shoot, I'm a Firestorm fanboy and only on very rare occasion use BDW when I need more than one feature from it (i.e. the poser to adjust poses made by others that don't fit my avatar - but then I make my own poses for the majority of my shots, so I seldom need it). But before we go into how it works in too much detail, I figure it might be prudent to talk about what the heck DOF and bokeh means. So: Depth of Field: is a matter of where the camera's focus is. A simple experiment you can do is to just hold up a finger a little bit in front of your face, and look at the finger - notice how things behind the finger get 'blurry'? Now hold your finger still, and look at something else behind it, and notice how your finger becomes blurry instead. This is often used in movies to shift focus within the same frame, for example when you have two people in different depths of the shot talking, focus can be shifted between the two to make you focus on one or the other, without moving the camera at all. Cameras however don't work like the human eye, and many cameras will simply capture whatever is in front of the lens in complete, crispy detail - which can look unnatural to look at, since we're used to only have crisp detail on things at the same depths of things we look at. Bokeh: is a term specific to applying blur in photography; it's the 'quality' of the blur. Say you've got three depths to your picture; your subject, the subject's immediate surroundings, and something further down in the backdrop. How blurry something is depends on how far away from the focus it is, so a hill in the distance should be more blurred than the payphone two meters behind your subject. Now, the ways we can apply a DOF effect to our photos in Second Life can basically be summed up as two main approaches: using the viewer tools to produce a depth of field, or creating a DOF effect in a photo editor (i.e. Gimp or, if you're a silly person, Photoshop). I'm not going to go into too much detail of the viewer tools as I frankly never liked using them much; I find it both easier and prettier to just edit the shot than to try getting the viewer tool to look realistic - but if you want to know more about it, there absolutely are tutorials and wikis with more information on them. My preferred method is simple, and since I personally prefer shooting with a backdrop rather than a 'scene', I only have to worry about one focus and one depth, most of the time. The procedure is as simple as creating a copy of your layer, apply a blur, create a layer mask on the blurred layer and use a brush to remove the blur from the areas you want in focus - I usually do a gradient where I only actually use a 100% opacity brush with black on the face of my subject, then I make it dark gray, set it to darken only, and work my way out from the face, going into brighter shades of gray the further away from the focal point I go. If you're in a more complicated scene though, with several layers of depth, this approach would get a bit tedious to work with. That's when we're going to use a depth map. Here's the snapshot tool in Firestorm set up to take a shot. And here, I've set the camera to instead capture the depth. The further away something is, the brighter it is. Now all I need to do is to use the depth map as my mask for my blur layer, and the intensity of the blur will vary depending on how far away things are. You can also just use your brush to fine tune things here, especially alphas may require some attention (hairs, mainly). First, let's see how the picture looks without any blur: And what happens if we just blur the whole thing? And finally, blurred by using the depth map as our layer mask for the blurred layer: With this mask, you can also adjust the darkness (darker = less blur, lighter = more blur), you can increase the contrast to increase the DOF factor, and use the paint brush to pick out specific areas (the subject here wasn't 100% black, which is fine, but I did want that one spot of focus which I put in Neph's face with a brush to make that the center of the focus). You can also change focus with a bit of trickery by 'rebuilding' the depth map, selecting by colour, and adjusting any part of it you want to be in focus (i.e. I could have made the light pole behind her be the central focus, and make her more blurred instead). So anyway. There it is. Mind, the resolution of these images are pretty low, as the forums only allow 4.88 MB of attachments and I didn't want to upload them on Flickr. The higher the resolution, the more it'll stand out (but I've also come to find that doing 6,144 x 4,608 shots just means no one's ever actually going to see them at 100% zoom, which means they'll be compressed for most people anyway).
  24. Hey all, I have been getting help creating my avatar for secondlife and i need to know how I can upload it into the game and play with it
  25. Hey all, I have been getting help creating my avatar for secondlife and i need to know how I can upload it into the game and play with it
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