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  1. Right. Those are old windlight settings, which if you want them can be imported into your viewer, either SL or Firestorm at least. At that point they become sharable EEP (environment/skies) assets in your "Settings" folder. I have dropped the 3 Abracadabra ones on you inworld. You can then find them under World/Environments/My Environments. They also seem to show up in the Firestorm Quick Preferences "Sky" list. I actually grabbed the whole "windlights" folder from my pre-EEP viewer, so if you still have that lying around you can upload as many as you like - no upload charge. I did it under World/Environments/Bulk Import, but I seem to remember seeing the same option elsewhere in the UI. But if you did not happen to save your copy, as Sarah mentioned you can get the whole set that Firestorm had already uploaded as EEPs: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Firestorm-Default-Sky-Windlights-for-EEP/20088838 You may note, however, that many of the more popular ones are already available in the EEP viewer library.
  2. I don't really do the social network thing on Flickr.. It's always been just a place for me to upload images.. If I ever link them, it's usually to here somewhere.. I'm in groups ,but just SL groups like store owners and things like that.. When I joined Flickr, that's pretty much what it was was just a place to upload to.. I don't remember all the follower stuff and things like that back then.. If it was there I sure didn't notice it.. I just make sure now that if there is even the slightest iffy thing in my images, I make sure it's rated Moderate.
  3. Sins 2 days i cant upload linden is there something wrong?? Im trying to upload linden to secondlife trough my skrill but it doesnt work.
  4. I guess the first question would be how much data do you want to store. If you want to store all sim statistics into a list every 10 seconds then you either have to remove the oldest ones from your list when you run out of memory (better then script crash) or store them somewhere else. Again depends on the amount of data. If you can fill up a script with data in 1 day you can either add something like 100 scripts to your object as storage or you will have to store it in a remove database.
  5. Didn't want to make a new thread, so I'll post a question related to the beta grid here if that's okay. I'm having an issue where I can't upload mesh models because the "accept IP terms" link on the aditi mesh upload status page doesn't seem to do anything (aside from refresh the page). This is the webpage the viewer redirects me to accept the terms: https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/ip/index.php?lang=en-US I am able to upload mesh on the normal grid. Should I file a ticket? Or am I missing something? Thank-you!
  6. It's wise never to log into last location after a crash especially when naked. My best advice is to have a moderate or adult region in your favorites so you can log into there. I use Tromp region. It's moderate and no where near anything. Once logged in, then teleport back.to where you were. Sometimes, what you think is a crash might be a region crash so if you try to log back in there, you get sent to a safe hub, naked or not. ETA. LL knows safe hubs are log in places if a region isn't available. A lot of people show up naked. As long as you fly up out of landing zone, any reports will more.than likely be useless.
  7. If anyone is having random crashes in SL i found a fix that helped me. Occasionally i would be doing something and SL would randomly shut off. Sometimes after 5 minutes of logging on sometimes more. Hope it helps if you having same issue http://yuriydulich.blogspot.com/2017/09/nvoglv64dll-crash-maya-2017-solution-to.html
  8. I'm wondering if any one can help me out, I hope this is the right place to ask. Apologies if not! Since yesterday I've been trying to upload an image, however I'm constantly met with (Unable to upload (Texture name) due to the following reasons: No error Please try again later) I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and I've been looking for a fix on the forums but can't seem to find one. I've tried uploading different images but I still receive the same error message, I've also moved locations. so I don't think it's my server.
  9. I'm wondering if any one can help me out, I hope this is the right place to ask. Apologies if not! Since yesterday I've been trying to upload an image, however I'm constantly met with (Unable to upload (Texture name) due to the following reasons: No error Please try again later) I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and I've been looking for a fix on the forums but can't seem to find one. I've tried uploading different images but I still receive the same error message, I've also moved locations. so I don't think it's my server.
  10. So as a 3ds max user changing to blender there are a few things happening and i have no clue as to why. First i tried to make the Physics model out of non-touching cubes as many have suggested already. That didn't work so i tried doing it with planes, neither did that work. I have a simple skybox i've meshed for someone that is split into 2 parts. Blender: Blender upload: Physic's objects seem to have swapped around? Regardless of correct naming. All transforms (rotaton/position/scale) have been applied. So having no issues in 3DS Max before i thought of trying to export from 3DS Max and as i thought, no issues: 3DS Max Upload: Correct physics. Sidenote: The skybox size was set to blender's units (6 meters tall) When imported into SL or 3DS Max i found out that it's double the size, so blender isn't a 1:1 ratio with SL? Edit: I only noticed just now that it says "Dimensions 12m" What is happening here? Sincerely
  11. It depends on how the new conditions are defined and what has gone on behind the scenes. For example going by OnlyFans updated Acceptable Use Policy, it most certainly doesn't apply to just Real Life pictures and movies. Acceptable Use Policy — OnlyFans Things to note from that updated policy that was changed due to the new mastercard etc. ToS: - Do not upload, post, display, or publish Content that shows, promotes, advertises or refers to “sexually explicit conduct”, which means: actual or simulated x,y,z (go read the policy to find out what they have banned). That means it would come down to what the legal definition of simulated is. Does that mean showing RL sexual activities whilst wearing hidden underwear or does that extend to highly realistic human/animal digital avatars (pixels) engaging in adult activities? I would bet my hat that if you did a porn machinima in SL using avatars and upload it to OnlyFans you would see your account banned instantly under the new Use Policy. If that is the case then Linden Lab certainly do have cause for concern and so does Second Life in that Adult content is the number one seller as Prokofy has stated. This also doesn't take into account that RL xrated pictures are available to purchase on marketplace (and can be uploaded by anyone) and also not to mention that LL have never banned animal sex or animal genitalia (to stop the afore mentioned) despite that being illegal in most countries. :EDIT: There is also no mechanism in place on the marketplace to stop children from accessing that adult content except a drop down box.
  12. Jeremy Linden

    Uploading assets

    Supported file types Images Sounds Animation Mesh Uploading images and sounds Cost Images Sounds Uploading in bulk Uploading animations Supported file types You can upload several different types of files for use in content creation. Images You can upload the following image file types: *.tga (Truevision Graphics Adapter) *.bmp (Bitmap) *.jpg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) *.jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) *.png (Portable Network Graphics) When uploaded, images are converted into a valid size. Valid scales are square powers of two. To prevent unintended distortion, keep this in mind when creating images. The maximum resolution for uploaded textures is 1024 pixels. If you upload an image that is a higher resolution than this, it will be scaled down to pass the upload requisites. Valid image sizes include the following values: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1024 Sounds Sounds must be in .WAV file in standard PCM format, 16-bit/44.1kHz/mono or stereo (converted to mono), and less than ten seconds in length. Thus, 9.99 seconds is fine, but 10.0 will fail to upload. Sounds cannot be saved as 8-bit, 22.05 kHz, or any other frequency. Sounds in other formats can be converted in most sound programs. An example of a free quality converter is r8brain. Compression formats such as MP3 are not supported. Animation You can uypload animations in .bvh (Poser 2 or newer) and .anim formats. Recommended settings are ten frames per second. For more information on uploading animations, see How to create animations. Mesh Mesh refers to 3D objects created in external modeling software such as Blender or Autodesk Maya. For more information about uploading mesh assets, see Uploading a mesh model. Uploading images and sounds Upload your own images (textures), sounds, and animations for use in content creation. Cost Uploading files to Second Life costs L$10 per file. The cost is deducted from your inworld balance, regardless of whether you upload the files one at a time or use bulk upload. The purpose of Bulk Upload is to expedite the upload process, not to save Linden dollars. Images You can upload TGA, PNG, BMP, or JPG files with at least 24-bit color, for quality and compatibility. Files at lower bit depths may fail to upload. PNG (24-bit) and TGA (32-bit) files allow the use of transparent effects (for example, in a stained glass window) via an alpha channel. Most modern image editors can convert between formats. To upload an image: Choose Build > Upload > Image (L$10). Choose an image file. Optionally choose a preview format. Optionally enter a text description. Click Upload (L$10). Tip: When uploading, textures are scaled to the nearest "powers of 2" aspect ratio due to how the system handles textures. If you find this results in unwanted stretching/squishing, you may prefer to use your image editor's built-in resampling to optimize proportions prior to upload. Supported image formats Second Life supports TGA (32-bit supports alpha channel), PNG (24-bit supports alpha channel), and BMP. When you upload an image, the Viewer internally converts it to JPG2000 for optimized future transmission. For best quality, try to avoid uploading JPGs; their already-compressed quality degrades further because of the double conversion. Texture sizes Textures should be as small as possible — texture size is highly context-sensitive so it takes experienced artistic judgment. For example, if you're texture-mapping a tiny pebble, its detail can be negligible compared to a giant tree in the same scene. For general use, 512x512 is a fair balance. The maximum resolution for an uploaded texture is 1024x1024 pixels; if you upload a bigger image, it is scaled down to 1024x1024 pixels. Even if you have a fast Internet connection and a top-end graphics card, your computer can only display a finite amount of texture data. Sounds Sound files must be: WAV files in standard PCM format. 16-bit with 44.1kHz sample rate. Mono format. Stereo format will be automatically converted to mono. Ten seconds or less in length. Formats that don't work include MP3s or WAVs in 8-bit, 22.05 kHz, or any other frequency. You can convert sounds into the proper format using an audio editor like the free Audacity, or a specialized app like r8brain for Windows. To upload a sound: Choose Build > Upload > Sound (L$10). Choose a valid .WAV file. Optionally enter a text description. Click Upload (L$10). This video shows you how it all works: Editing and uploading sounds from Torley on Vimeo. Uploading in bulk To upload more than one file at a time: Choose Upload > Bulk (L$10 per file). In the file browser dialog, select all the files you wish to upload. You can hold Shift ? or Ctrl while clicking to select multiple files. Using this method, you can upload files of different valid formats at the same time. You can also set default permissions for convenience when uploading. Uploading animations You can upload customized animations for use in gestures and scripted objects. This article covers the basic process of uploading an animation. For more information on creating, using, and uploading animations in Second Life, check out the Animation Guide article, and the Animation page on this Wiki. Note: Just like textures and sounds, animations cost L$10 each to upload. Procedure You can upload animations in Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) or raw .anim format. To upload: Choose Build > Upload > Animation (L$10). From the file browser, choose the animation file you wish to upload.' Choose your desired options in the upload preview window, then press Upload (L$10). This video shows you how the process works: Creating & uploading animations from Torley on Vimeo. Note that upload doe not work on windows if the decimal separator is set to comma(,) instead of period(.) in your locale settings. Upload Preview window The upload preview window presents multiple controls that can change the way your animation plays inworld. Click ? in the upper right of the window for a detailed explanation of all the settings.
  13. BudgetBox provides nice, furnished 50-Linden Sky Apartments. Rent only -- 50L/week for 50prims Great little places for when you need to Crash, Smash, or Dash to change your outfit., .http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leif/96/109/3227 Nanr Strong Sales and Rentals Showroom http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/205/10/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leif/96/115/3227
  14. Not much. Sorting my inventory and throwing things on and off, which works .. I did have a TP crash a few moments ago though.
  15. 0comete


    Bonjour, J'en ai assez d'être déconnectée de SL plusieurs fois par jour ! A chaque fois c'est lors d'un essai de téléportation. Le problème c'est que je souhaite garder sur l'épaule un petit kittycat, et à chaque crash il est fichu et je dois le faire remplacer. A votre avis est-ce un problème de viewer ? J'ai celui de SL. Merci d'avance si vous pouvez m'aider !
  16. Hello guys first of all I want to thank you all for being so helpful and supportive to me and to everyone that comes here asking for help. I am going to work with some friends and start making our own mesh clothes. At least try to make. One of us knows marvelous design program. From all the mesh bodies out there which ones can be added in to this program? Thanks for reading me. Stay safe.
  17. Here's the status of viewers on Linux, as I see it: LL viewer: Windows version will run under Wine 6.0, but the updater will report "Failed to execute script SLVersionChecker". The viewer will still run. The installer may crash but the installation succeeds anyway. LL refused to handle bug reports on this because Linux is not supported. Firestorm viewer: Firestorm for Linux runs fine on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This version does not include the ability to upload meshes, because that's Havok code. However, voice works, provided that Wine 6.0 is installed. There may be problems with DLL files being needed to get voice to work. (Firestorm doesn't know what Vivox's dependencies are, so the error messages are poor.) Firestorm for Windows mostly runs fine under Wine 6.0 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Random crashes on teleports. Region crossings work. This version can upload meshes. Firestorm support refuses to handle bug reports on this because Firestorm under Wine is not supported. (Any help on this would be appreciated. I don't have a Windows development tool set, so I can't build Firestorm with debug symbols and run it under a debugger. Someone who has all the MSVC tools could probably diagnose this quickly.) So it's still possible to run on LInux. Everything almost works. If anybody cared, this could work perfectly.
  18. I never crash and it's said I have less than optimal integrated graphics to run EEP and even with EEP I still never crash. I don't use a router for one thing. It's only me on one line for my computer which could be helping my situation or not but I never crash. I only time out if a region is being restarted which is usually where I live where that happens. I used to crash years and years ago with dial-up but when I got high speed cable for the first times years ago, I had occasional crashes plus had router then too. But, since joining almost four years ago, I never crash, and I've never had a router this time in SL. I'll relog if I have lag at a busy event, however.
  19. I DID derender all one hundred avatars and flew from the new area that I came over to see -- to the group gift sign (for documentation only) :D. It was an adventure like old time. I can't remember when I saw this many moving around avatars in a sim. Might have been a decade ago, but granted, I don't get out much. Anyway "I" was impressed.
  20. This is one of those posts where the technology is not understood well enough to compose the question. Here's my best shot: Since SL moved to the cloud, the browser will crash perhaps 5 times in an hour, including but not just on tp. It has been suggested that our aws connectivity may be weak. Otherwise, we are on a fast cable connection with few problems in the South East USA. Testing speed from https://cloudharmony.com/speedtest-for-aws we failed 3 tests (Lightsailap-northeast-2, Lightsailap-south-1, and Amazon EC2eu-central-1) I don't understand the tests. Does anyone have idea about what may be going on? Or, how to go about finding out more about our aws connectivity?
  21. I have a question that no one seems to be able to anser, so i turn to you when i make a mesh building, and i upload it as a physics model, i still cant get in the buildingthats a pic of how i upload it (i tried all kinds of settings) can you tell me what am i doing wrong ?
  22. @Dot Dakota Glad you got it working for you but that was NOT the correct way and most likely cost you some land impact points. You upload the PHYSICS model at the same time you upload your mesh house. You choose the PHYSICS model on the PHYSICS tab. You use analyze IF you are using cube physics and do not analyze for planes physics. Both house and physics model need to have location rotation and scale set as well as Origin to Geometry for best results. More info here: Interface is different but the idea and workflow is still valid "D.
  23. So here are the release notes to the latest patch. None of these things are important to me. I could easily go on another 17 years in SL with the moon remaining blue, the rainbow backwards and the stars infinitely distant. In fact, all of this is kind of poetic. In fact, I used to use "avatar feet shadows" as a catch-all term for the Lindens endlessly tinkering on arcane issues that weren't pertinent to the main functioning of SL, and now I'm going to switch this to "infinitely distant stars" because I think that sums it up best nowadays. None of these issues listed seem vital to me except possibly mesh uploading and crash fixes and it's not clear if these are the main crash problems these days. Nearly all of these issues have to do with the "look" of SL, the graphics, which a certain category of complainers on the forums flag as the chief target of their venom, and which earns their undying scorn over different "engines" and "this 'n that" that distinguish SL from Unity worlds. I flag this just to point out that this sort of patch and notes are actually the norm, it's what a lot of them are about, it's not just this one -- most of them are like this in recent years. Broken search is not what the patches are about. Group chat is not what the patches are about. I really do not care about EEP and ALM. Very rarely I might turn them on to make a picture or at the insistence of some art sim, but generally, they grind my SL to a halt so I keep them off. I don't need the sky to be pretty. Yes, that means it is strange when I log on and haven't turned on "midday" yet (see below) which is what I keep on pretty much all the time so I can see things, even on very arty sims that want to keep you in the dark. I don't think I'm that different than most players of SL, except for a small, vocal cohort of those who like making photographs, putting lots of effort to pre- and post-processing and posting them on Flickr. The amount of trouble that EEP and Windlight etc have caused the Lindens -- witnessed by their program notes for ages (go look at them) makes me wonder if it was all worth it. But they are driven by a notion of industry progress, industry peer pressure, and you on the forums who scorn them for the way their graphics look. After I install this new patch and log on, I see my outfit won't show, I'm a ghost, and only a quarter of my inventory has loaded, although I cleared cache. So it means now a half an hour of trying to fix all that and iron out the new patch for myself. Oh, but Prokofy, didn't you make a "clean install"? Of course I did. First, I rescued the chat history folder and re-named it. Unlike any other product I own, SL has the strange feature of wiping out content that is on my own hard drive when it has a new update. Release Notes Love Me Render #5 A collection of graphics and rendering fixes, a little like a weather report, including but not limited to: Mesh uploader Specular reflection brightness Crashes fixes Alpha masked attachments Camera distance to avatar in neighbor region Blue moon Backwards rainbows Sunglow and moonglow will now stay put Moon and moonlight mismatches Drippy clouds on the horizon Dim clouds Specular reflections from the heavenly bodies A weird AMD bug where nametags appear on the wrong side of things, but only with ALM turned on. Infinitely distant stars, relatively speaking. Dark skies, not so dark anymore. ALM is awesome, graphics presets should remember them, now they do. Third Party Viewers replaced dynamic_cast with a static_cast for performance. We followed suit. New Water Reflection modes for increased performance. Previously, Preferences > Graphics > Advanced Settings > Water Reflections, had a minimal setting but was missing a “none” setting to turn off reflections. This update implements no reflections with two settings: Water is opaque Water is transparent The full list from fastest, lowest quality to slowest, best quality is: None (opaque) None (transparent) Minimal (clouds only) Terrain and Trees All static objects All avatars and objects Everything Known Issues This build has a fix for BUG-230789 “[MAINT-E] Alpha failures with Release (64bit).” The fix involves rolling back a previous commit to fix BUG-227673 issues with bakes-on-mesh and alpha modes, so that issue will need to be addressed in a future release. Resolved Issues BUG-230789 [MAINT-E] Alpha failures with Release (64bit) SL-15096 Sky regression in LMR #5 SL-14994 BugSplat Crash: SecondLifeViewer!LLUUID::operator==(966) SL-14990 BugSplat Crash: ig75icd64+0x2971ad BUG-230331 Presets don't restore Advanced Lighting Model BUG-230088 Undefined behavior in class2 windlight cloud fragment shader. BUG-230087 Sun gamma is incorrect and results in washed out or too dark textures BUG-230047 Clouds are unusually dim in EEP BUG-230049 Stars render around center of sim instead of center of camera. BUG-230032 Name tags, floating text and object selection outlines shows in front of objects and avatars with Advanced Lighting Model turned on with an AMD GPU. SL-14529 Replace dynamic_cast in animesh SL-14275 Water Reflection new modes BUG-229436 [EEP] Specular reflection too bright when the camera is outside the light radius BUG-229013 [EEP] Moonset inconsistent BUG-229122 [EEP] Glow should be directly behind the sun or moon when it is near the horizon. BUG-229102 [EEP] Rainbow colours are reversed BUG-228952 Mesh Debug Normals display incorrectly. Normal Maps on scaled objects appear to use incorrect mesh normals for shading calcs. BUG-228914 [EEP] Deferred Soften Shader fails to link when Atmospheric Shaders are disabled. This causes Debug viewer builds to crash. BUG-228781 [EEP] Specular color interpreted wrong (too bright) from point lights. BUG-228581 [EEP] Specular map reflections are way too weak. BUG-229689 [EEP] cloud texture is rendered backwards SL-12740 [EEP] The EEP moon has a hardcoded blue light that is not present in Windlight-based viewers BUG-227041 Camera distance to avatar in neighbouring region incorrect BUG-226620 [EEP] Specular reflections from the sun/moon are broken at low gloss values SL-9931 [EEP] Clouds are dripping as they hit the horizon
  24. Did you know that 360 degree panoramic images created in Second Life can be uploaded and viewed on YouTube? All you need to do is open the image in a video editing app, extend its play for a minute or two, then export it as an MP4. Now download and use Spatial Media Metadata Injector to insert the relevant metadata into the video, so YouTube will recognise it as a 360 degree movie. Upload the video to YouTube, and you're done. Expect the video to take a while to be fully processed because once its ready it will be in 4K. The advantage of using YouTube to display 360 panoramas created in Second Life is that, unlike many online platforms its free, and the video is easy to embed on blogs or websites. Also, the panorama can be shown on this forum, whereas panoramas from elsewhere cannot. The downside is you can't add hotspots to the video as you can when uploading to other 360 panorama websites. If you'd like more info on 360 panoramas created in Second Life I've written a series of tutorials on my blog. There's also some tutorials on the SL-Inspiration YouTube channel, (excuse the shameless self promotion). Here's an example of a 360 degree panorama I uploaded to YouTube. Hit play then use your mouse to drag the image around. The video can be paused anytime, and the image still viewed in 360 degrees. If you're curious about what difference hotspots can make, here's the same image uploaded to Momento360.
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