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  1. I heard that the Lindens were moving up from a limit of 9.5 seconds on sound files to 30 seconds. But I can't seem to find an official notice of this. Did they? Meanwhile when I was trying to upload some poetry and a tune (wav files) in recent weeks, I got an error file that says the files cannot be longer than 30 seconds in length -- as if that is indeed their new maximum size. Since the file in question was exactly 30 seconds, I couldn't figure out why this didn't work, when it was in the proper format. So I tried 29 seconds -- that didn't work, either. So it's still on 9.5 is it? I have gone through many hours struggling with Audacity that work, and I will tell you the steps I have learned to take in part from Whirly and in part from trial and error, in case you know anything different: 1. Change the file from m4 to wav files using online converters (if from a YouTube video, for example). 2. Make sure you set your project in Audacity to 44100 Hz or SL can't accept it. 3. Go to the top left of the screen on the file and push the arrow down to "Split Stereo to Mono" 4. Delete the second copy of the file. 5. Select the whole file and go to "Effect" and select "Amplify" -- I do this because many files I have uploaded, especially of people reading poetry or literature, are just too low volume, even pushed to "1" on the player script. I select in the range 11-13 because beyond that, it gets so loud it is distorted. You can then go back on the player script and adjust down from "1" to ".9" or something but I was informed that loudness or too-softness has to be fixed in Audacity before the upload. This is not ideal. Maybe someone has some more refined suggestions. 6. Now you can go in several directions: a. the arduous (and I find painful and error-ridden) of hand-cutting the files into 9 or 9.5 segments using "Edit" and "Clip Boundaries" and "Split". At least in doing this, you can get rid of noise if you took something from a noisy RL room or something, and do other things. It's pretty hard for me, however. b. the also error-prone method of using "File" and "Import" and "Labels". Here you need to first make a notepad file with the time stamps listed in it then import that file and that will make the job chop up automatically according to the time stamps you set. You have to check and double check that the list you make doesn't have any math errors in it that mess up the whole project -- so it's 9.5, 18, 27.5 etc. in a table form (and for some reason online I found examples of this showing the tables doubled up, i.e. in two rows on the notepad file). If you have made an error, you get a message that Audacity can't read some of the labels; it will still work but when you try to listen to it, it will stop and skip at some file, then return to the first file, causing you to have to re-do everything and pay the upload fees again. It amazes me how you can make mistakes on this again and again even using a calculator because you get weary typing. c. a much, much easier way I just stumbled on (I am a slow learner) where you go to "Tools" and "Select Regular Intervals" which makes the "labels" or cut-up files for you automatically, obviously with no math errors. The one pitfall here for dummies, as I can tell you from experience, is that you have to roughly figure out how many labels you will need, then listen to then, and possibly have to go back and re-do it, and then make sure that whatever last file you have isn't 'the rest' of the file, i.e. more than 30 seconds, but only 9.5 seconds. SL won't upload files chopped up with no sound on them, or, as noted, files that are too long. On some scripts, if it is under 9.5, you would have to note that it is, say, "4" or it messes up again in terms of skipping and starting over. This is a pretty beastly business -- and costly, with those $10 uploads. You have to really want to do the thing, like add poetry being read aloud to a scene or something. You can also just put a URL linker into a prim and it will take someone who clicks online to a YouTube or a literary page. Of course, that isn't as "immersive", but ask yourself: how many people are going to click on a prim in SL to listen to Wallace Stevens reading "Idea of Order at Key West" or the Ultimate Spinach's "Mindflowers," a song lost in time for sure. Answer, as I can tell you from making these builds: not many. Do not expect to make back your upload cost in tips or sales. One issue is that if there is a media stream already running a sim, it drowns out other things making sounds like this. You have to make sure your parcel doesn't have media, and/or if does, instruct the visitor to turn off the option "steaming media' in preferences. How many will do that? Again, I have answers for you from running these sites for years: not many LOL. I mean, if you have a burning desire to listen to Otava Yo (which I do) while sitting on your SL sim, why can't you just...go to YouTube and turn it on and listen to it on your headphones. You can then even leave your sim and fly around the ocean and continue to listen to this tune stolen from Caucasians by Russians who can't dance (although the video is pretty cool). Why sit for HOURS chopping it up, even if to 30 seconds if the Lindens have that now, listening to it inevitably skip or short out due to lag or whatever, when you can...just go to YouTube. Soon you will wonder: why sit in SL when I can sit in my RL living room with my RL friends lol? Of course, there's the issue of copyright, too. It's one thing to upload these files to make a reference inworld, which is no different than a link on a web page, really. It's another to make up a box of it and sell it, unless it is in the public domain. The reality is that the cost of uploads are high, the work painstaking and poor quality, so I think few people bother with this. And really, the era of listening to a discrete song as some kind of discrete entity that you like and learn and play over and over is past, no? At least, I find that with my kids. Most young people have "playlists" these days and streams from some device or another that...streams. They think in terms of "my wake-up energy playlist" of 10 songs, not "this one song I like". You can play a song again by clicking on it on YouTube or Spotify -- but since you have access to zillions of songs, why not listen to another one? I don't think people listen to a song as a separate thing the way they used to. So, you say, there is media on a prim! Put the YouTube into media on a prim or a YouTube player. Answer: these players often don't work because of issues between SL and YouTube of the type that are between Twitter and Flickr which caused the Lindens to stop offering this option of posting to social media from SL. Media on a prim is ok, but clunky. It has a way of jerking your view to itself. Also, you can't keep it running. Even if you have autoplay turned off on your own YouTube account on your computer, in SL, it will autoplay. You can't get it to play and stop or just play on a loop. No, the URLs people have devised to make things loop just don't work (any more). So in that sense, if you task is to create an ambiance on a build for an expo (as I'm doing for RFL Home & Garden now or as I have done at the SL birthdays in the past), and you put up video on a good YouTube player (there are some conscientious makers who keep up with the frustrations) or "media on a prim," chances are it will stop playing or some other completely different song will be on when you come back hours later. So in that sense a prim box with the audio files in them chopped up, that play with a loop script or on/off script is just that much better. How many visitors will care? Answer: not many.
  2. some reason the textures on the mesh appear in the preview but when try to upload it firestorm says textures are empty. also i noticed the prims are large for this, I'm not sure how lowering them would work.
  3. I was exaggerating. They did want me to upload pictures of my ID though.
  4. Ah, I see. Yes, makes sense. Test local, then pay L$10 to upload only when one has textures that look right.
  5. Pardon the likely noobishness of this question, but I'm very new and building and scripting, so there's lots I don't know. I was playing around with applying textures to objects a few hours ago, from image files on my home computer, using "add" and "apply now", but I discovered that when I logged out of SL then back in, the textures had all disappeared. So I tried "add", selected the added texture by single-left-clicking (which lights-up the "download" button), clicked "Download" (for L$10 per image), then clicked "OK". But the result was the same: the textures disappeared on me exiting-then-reentering SL. So I applied the textures that previously got added to my inventory by the "Download" button by clicking the "Inventory" radio button instead of "Local" on the apply-texture box, selected the textures from my inventory, clicked "OK", exited SL, re-entered, and now the textures stayed put. So, are textures from "Local" just temporary? Are they stored in client-side "texture caches" rather than on server-side? Only images that I pay to upload can be permanent and be seen by others? If so, when even have a "Local" radio button on the apply-texture box? What's the use of textures that are temporary vaporware? I can't see a use for that, and I found it very confusing
  6. Lots of guessing going on... good guesses, but guesses. Club? Likely contributing to the crash but we can't know without your computer specs and driver versions. Use the viewer's Help->About... to collect the info we need. Post it with any tech question to get better guesses. Depending on your graphics card or lack of it, it may be a combination of the club overloading the graphics system and a buggy driver. The driver you can update. In SL that should be a regular thing. You can reduce your graphics load by tweaking your settings. Most of the "Improve SL Performance" tutorials you can find online will help. There will be several you can find with "Best SL Graphics Settings". You can use those to tweak your viewer for SL on your computer. These graphics and other performance settings vary widely from computer to computer. So, you EXPERIMENT. Use the graphics PRESETS in your viewer to save the settings you have now. Then start playing. This is a game of balancing what you like and what works well. You'll find settings in your viewer that with your computer hardware have either no effect on performance or no effect on what you see. If you can't see a difference, tweak that setting for best performance. If you see a pronounced visual difference then balance what you see and like with performance. If a setting makes a visual difference but no performance difference then go for gorgeous. Remember. You can set a PRESET for any one of your experiments and save it. I have settings for shopping, very basic performance oriented, and photography, max visual quality and distance. You could tweak one for clubbing. Your Computer? It could have been a combination of network and your computer glitching. If this is the case, going back to the club and testing won't crash you. If going back does crash you then the problem is likely more like I describe above. Was it SL? This happens too. SL can glitch and confuse the viewer. This can happen to just one person or everyone there. Restart and try again. Region and network issues are transient. By the time you can relog they are gone. If your computer crashes, by the time you restart and relog the problem is gone. So don't take these things too seriously until they are repetitive. Don't tear your computer apart or start clearing cache until you know for sure what'sup. The Firestorm AO and Fav Wearables are inventory things.That info is in the #Firestorm folder. So, you 'should' only need to clear the inventory cache.
  7. I want to make a semi-transparent prim---think stained-glass window. It occurred to me that there are two ways to do it. One it to upload a semi-transparent texture, which I might have to do repeatedly to get just the appearance I want. the other is to upload an opaque texture and use the transparency adjustment in the prim editor to make it semi-transparent, which would be easier and quicker to get exactly right. Would there be any difference in the result from the two methods?
  8. Ah, "hard-coding". Yep, that's one of several ways to do that. (Another way is to have the user enter the info via text box, but the info goes "poof" every time the script is edited. Or one can use notecards. And maybe other ways I'm unaware of.) I like the notecard approach from the usage standpoint, though, in that it's easier to edit a notecard than a script (though the code to read notecards is really messy). And, I'm becoming wary of thinking of stuff I create (objects, scripts) as being "just for my own use", as I keep changing my mind and saying "y'know, this here xxxxx is kinda cool and I think others may like it, so I think I'll upload it to SL Marketplace and sell it for L$50". Then I have to make it more "user-friendly" instead of "hard-coded". So I've been thinking along the lines of "could a non-scripting SL resident easily use this?" lately even for stuff I'm currently making only for myself. I like your list-lookup approach, though: if(~llListFindList(whitelist,[llToLower(llKey2Name(UUID))])) That's quite a bit better than my clunky for-loop approach. And I realize now my untested code wouldn't have worked because the whitelist is going to be names but ava_key is going to be type "key", so I'd need to get the name from ava_key before comparing to the list.
  9. I've found the same with Rigged Mesh both in FS and SL Viewer so it must be a LL thing. The inner workings as to what LL changed could be anyones guess. I find it's only when changing the focus on the LOD level boxes so luckily we can upload for free on Beta so i just let it go at what ever is the default then take the extra 5 minutes or so when uploading to the Main Grid.
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I just fought with this. In my case, I had renamed all the objects and meshes in blender with LOD in the name, and after that, SL lost its mind and wouldn't upload them. i suspect there is some system of naming that lets you save your DAEs to have all LODs embedded in one file, but I have no idea what that naming system is. So for now, I just stripped out all mention of LOD in my object/mesh names in Blender, and manually load each LOD in the uploader.
  11. Your using 64bit Firestorm but your installing 32bit libraries that's fine if you want to use 32bit native voice. When you do that Tumbleweed will install the complete 32bit stack. but the Growl issue was a big find. And already posted it in jira. If FS enable growl that is a crash logger for them then it is linking against a 32bit library that is bad. During a build of Linux64 it looks for linux64 and common if no linux64 it will pull linux. Not good! Been there done that. This will cause the viewer to crash on startup. I do not enable growl on my builds of FS but I am sure they do. I am glad you all brought this up this helps FS
  12. seems years ago we could upload wave files now it says it is a special version of a wave file l so how do i convert my regular wave file to one that will upload in sl
  13. Jeremy Linden

    Uploading a mesh model

    Prerequisites Cost to upload GETTING STARTED: Uploading your first model Step 1: Choose a model to upload Step 2: Define visual levels of detail Uploading your own LOD files Step 3: Define the model's physics shape Step 4: Upload Options Step 5: Calculate weights & fee Step 6: Upload Bonus section: Rigging options Wearing a model with rigging In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Português Italiano 日本語 Note: This is a basic walkthrough of how to upload a model. For full details on the parameters available for uploading a model, see Model Upload UI reference. Update: Viewer version modified the mesh importer to (optionally) improve debug output, perform name-based LOD association, and handle models with many materials. For additional information on this update, see the official Second Life Viewer release notes. Prerequisites Before you can upload mesh objects, you must: Have payment information on file. You can add payment information by visiting the Billing Information section of your Second Life account page. Have accepted the IP terms on your account page. If you are planning to use the beta grid (Aditi), you must also accept the IP terms there, but do not need payment information on file. Have at least one compatible COLLADA (.dae) file on your computer. You can create your own by using most popular 3D software packages, or, if you have the appropriate rights, you can download models created by other 3D artists from online repositories. Try our sample content page for a free model if you're just getting started. You may check your mesh upload status at any time by visiting your account page on the Second Life website. Cost to upload There is a Linden dollar fee to upload a model; the fee depends on the model's complexity. GETTING STARTED: Uploading your first model If you're new to uploading mesh models to Second Life, here's a quick and easy set of instructions to get you started. Don't worry about the myriad of controls in the upload window for now; they're for Residents who want fine control over their model's appearance and physics. For a more detailed breakdown of the upload procedure, keep reading below. To upload a mesh model: Choose a .dae file stored on your computer by choosing Build > Upload > Model. If you don't have any models on your computer, you may download some from the sample content page. Preview your model's automatically generated levels of detail on the Level of Detail tab by clicking High, Medium, Low, and Lowest. Notice how the object's complexity is reduced at each level. Click the Physics tab and choose Lowest from the dropdown menu in Step 1: Level of Detail. Step 2 and Step 3 are not required. Click the Upload options tab and check the boxes for any additional features on your model, such as textures. Click Calculate weights & fee, then review the resource weights, land impact, and Linden dollar upload cost of your model. Click Upload to upload your model to Second Life. Tip: To avoid spending Linden dollars while experimenting with uploading models, you may wish to use the Second Life Beta Grid (Aditi). The Beta Grid allows you to test new features and experiment with potentially costly designs in a safe environment, using a copy of your Second Life account. Actions taken on the preview grid cannot affect your inventory or L$ balance on Second Life's main grid. Step 1: Choose a model to upload Second Life accepts COLLADA (.dae) models, which can be edited and created in many popular 3D modeling packages. If you do not currently have any COLLADA models on your computer, you may download some from the sample content page. To begin uploading a model: Choose Build > Upload > Model... Select the .dae file on your computer and click Open. In the Upload Model window, enter a suitable name for your model in the Model name field. If your model includes textures, check the Textures box underneath the Preview pane to make sure the textures are displayed properly. Step 2: Define visual levels of detail Levels of detail determine what your model looks like from various distances. As you get farther away from a model, it renders in less detail to boost visual performance. Second Life generates these lower detail models by default, but you may use this step to tweak each level or even upload your own lower detail models. You can preview your model at any level of detail by clicking High, Medium, Low, or Lowest. While previewing your model at each level of detail, you may change the parameters used for simplifying it from your original model if you chose Generate from one of the Source dropdown menus. For full details on Triangle Limit and Error Threshold, see Upload Model UI reference. Uploading your own LOD files You may upload your own simplified models by choosing Load from file from the Source dropdown menus. You may wish to create your own lower-detail models in order to preserve critical details that may be lost during the automatic simplification process. The mesh uploader uses very strict naming rules for these custom LOD files: File names ending with "_LOD2" must be used for Medium level of detail File names ending with "_LOD1" must be used for Low level of detail File names ending with "_LOD0" must be used for Lowest level of detail File names ending with "_PHYS" must be used for the model's physics shape Additionally, material names must match exactly between each level of detail. Some 3D modeling programs such as Blender automatically change material names to prevent duplication when multiple versions of a model are loaded into the same scene. Material names are sorted alphabetically upon importing a model from the 3D modeling program of your choice, and may not retain the order they had in the original model. If material order is important to your model, you must name them accordingly. For more detailed information on uploading mesh models with multiple materials, see Uploading a multi-face mesh on the Second Life Wiki. Note: If you need to upload an old model that does not conform to these LOD naming rules, you may enable the debug setting called ImporterLegacyMatching in the Second Life Viewer. Access the Debug Settings window by choosing Advanced > Debug Settings from the top menu bar. Step 3: Define the model's physics shape A model's physical shape, as interpreted by Second Life's physics engine for calculating collisions, can be different from its visual shape. For example, you may wish to simplify a very complex vehicle into a square physical box shape, which allows you to have a visually complex vehicle that requires comparatively little physics computation and does not overtax the region's ability to process moving physical objects. You may upload your own physics representation as a .dae file or you may use Second Life's analysis and simplification tools to generate a physics shape automatically. The quickest way to generate a physics model for your object is to choose Use Level of Detail and select a level of detail from the dropdown menu. This creates a physics model based on one of your model's visual levels of detail. Remember that lower physics costs are desirable, so choose the lowest level of detail that reasonably represents the shape of your model. You do not need to complete Step 2: Analyze or Step 3: Simplifiy unless your physics model is extremely complex or shows red lines in the preview window. For advanced information on usage of the physics analysis and simplification tools, see Upload Model UI reference. Step 4: Upload options Before you upload, make sure to include any necessary optional parameters on the Modifiers tab: Scale: Changes the base size of your model. Increasing the scale increases the resource cost. Include Textures: Includes any textures applied to the COLLADA model. The textures are automatically applied to the Second Life version of the model when it is uploaded. Include Skin weight: Includes any skin weight information in the COLLADA model. This option only applies to models that are meant to move and flex with your avatar when worn as avatar attachments. Include Joint positions: Includes joint position information from the COLLADA file. This option only applies to models that are meant to alter an avatar's joint positions when worn as an attachment. Pelvis Z Offset: Changes the vertical positioning of a rigged model. Step 5: Calculate weights & fee When you click Calculate weights & fee, Second Life calculates the download, physics and server weights of your model in order to determine its land impact and Linden dollar upload cost. The base Linden dollar cost to upload is L$10 plus L$10 for each texture applied to the model, and an additional cost based on the complexity of the model. For more information about weights and land impact, see Calculcating land impact. Step 6: Upload When you upload a model, it appears in the Objects folder in your inventory. As with all objects in Second Life, you can then drag it from your inventory to the ground, or you can wear it as an attachment. Bonus section: Rigging options Rigged models allow you to represent your avatar skeleton as a mesh that conforms to your joints and motions. This means that you can wear a rigged model that changes the length and orientation of your avatar's limbs and animates accordingly. If your COLLADA model contains joint position and skin weight information, you can preview how it will look with an avatar's default idle animation by checking the Skin weights box underneath the Preview pane. Wearing a model with rigging You may wear a rigged model by right-clicking it in your inventory and selecting Wear. You may often wish to pair a rigged model with an alpha mask to hide your avatar's normal shape.
  14. Thank you for your reply arabellajones Nothing was deleted from that location on D:\. Phew! I checked that last night actually - sorry I didn't mention that "New" logs were created at the default location (C:\) within the folders set up when I downloaded the official viewer, from the time of relogging AFTER the crash, The contents of the chat logs from before the crash confirmed this.
  15. To corporations like Flickr, Facebook, Google etc, we are not their customers. Their customers are the businesses who buy data and advertising from them. We are not their customers, we are their product, and the content we upload is their commodity. We are no more customers of Flickr than cattle are the customers of an abbatoir.
  16. Update: The furniture folder with categorized sub folders are lost forever, no way to get them back by LL, the LL terms (wikipage) are clear on that. I got support by LL, because if you crash in a region and lose stuff, there is a chance to get back stuff. I am not the only one who had to deal with this problem, I will come back to it later. Suggestions from LL support. They initiated a back-end inventory process to attempt a recovery. For the troubleshooting purpose you have to log into the SL viewer. Next step is to leave your Avatar in a mainland region like Lime or smith for 10 minutes while your inventor loads. This didn't work out because what happened to me was not a crash + inventory loss. the folders got lost while I organized my inventory. The following LL respond should be read twice: Unfortunately we do not possess the ability to restore any items, as we DO NOT MAINTAIN BACKUPS of ANY ACCOUNT INVENTORY. That's fact and can be found in the LL terms/wiki. 1. I can NOT backup my SL inventory to my local computer when I am NOT the creator. Of course I could make screenshots from my inventory of all what I bought over 14 years and put into in excel sheet. Which customer/resident is doing this? I'm not. 2. In regard to the redelivery terminals. They are a great idea if they would be maintained, I mentioned it. I figured out, often the purchases who are made inworld at mainstores are listed. Gachas ore if the products are on events available for a special price are not, even when you bought them there. This may be various by the creator. I don't blame them for that, I just mention it. If I say redelivery terminals inworld are a great help/customer support, I judge it as great customer SERVICE. Like we could read, creators might have a different understanding about that. I can speak only for my experiences in SL and RL. The argument if you lose some stuff in RL, you would not get it redelivered is not correct, therefore are insurances who could solve it in RL. On the other hand in my country there exist customer service called KULANZ and Guarantee. Kulanz means, if you bought a washing automat or a car and one peace gets lost or broken they will not tell you, your fault, trash it and buy new again! Especially not if you are a good customer who bought over years from this company. And that's what I meant with standard service. If there wouldn't exist redelivery terminals in SL, I would understand this argument, but they exist in most shops/mainstores in SL and in the end, it is just a question of how you keep them maintained or NOT. 3. Like I mentioned before, I'm not the only one who had exactly the same problem, read here Inventory loss I find it a bit odd that exactly the same happened to people and the big questionmark about circles above my head- could it be a bug maybe? Lastly, I could save over 1.000 items from delivery terminals, special thanks to those creators who redelivered it manually also.
  17. Perhaps understanding rhetorical questions may be something that you might want to look into. If you have ever sailed a boat or driven a vehicle, you may know that controlling these vehicles, especially over sim crossings can be a challenge. All be it, that it has improved over the years. Nevertheless, most people in my experience are not trying to invade your privacy. More often than not, since these vehicles move quickly, texture loading, lag and such are the major reasons for anyone crossing property lines. Drivers, boaters and pilots are more focused on controlling there vehicles and quite frankly are not very interested in you and what you might or might not be doing. Hiding ban-lines only ensures that you unknowingly crash into them. Yes it is every individuals choice. It is also everyone's individual choice to be a nice empathetic person or something other than that. I thought I read the zero notify language somewhere, so I may stand corrected there. Nevertheless, it is pretty much a RICHARD move.
  18. I'm interested to know just how much an SSD is likely to have it's operating life shortened by being used for the cache: once you've visited all your normal spots, there's not going to be a lot of writing to the cache, mostly it's going to be reads? I admit my views are based on what is effectively black-box testing, and there is one area where I might just be wrong about the cache being used for reads: after some TP-crashes there is such a turmoil reloading the scene that I have a suspicion the crash resulted in the cache being marked as faulty and every texture is being fetched again. I'm currently switching my cache folders as well as some train-simulators to an SSD: both SL and the simulators do a lot of disk reads but comparatively little disk writes. I can do this getting quite small SSDs, perhaps 250G, so replacing them won't be too much of a hit, but if I am wrong about the majority of access being reads I would like to know. My understanding is that disk writes to an SSD are heavy in that they require an entire strip of adjacent cells to be written rather than one single component of them, and it is this strip-re-writing that ultimately causes the SSD failure?
  19. They tried that once already and decided they didn't want the general population of SL to move to Sansar. Don't blame the SL residents for the things the Lindens pull. Many of us wanted to be part of Sansar but LL made damn sure we couldn't be. I don't crash roadblocks. If I can't find an alternate route, I'll either change my destination or stay home. If I wanted to stay home I wouldn't be looking for some place else to go.
  20. No, I can't say I've noticed anything odd with my account.. But then again Flickr is just a place for me to upload to and not a social network I use.
  21. Not one I was aware of, since it's not in the official wiki and there isn't a more-accurate alternative AFAIK. Anyway, the joke's on you: I'm wrong. It's a fencepost error on my part. The Loop In/Loop Out frame panels in the Firestorm upload UI don't specify whole frames. They specify frame endpoints in time. "1" doesn't mean "all of frame 1", it means "the end of frame 1", which isn't exactly intuitive. Ex: You make a 3-frame animation and want to loop the last two forever. Once you add the reference frame SL expects so it doesn't eat your real first one, you've got a 4-frame animation with your loop on 3 and 4. So Loop In should be 3 and Loop Out is 4, right? Well...maybe. You'll get a transition from your frame 3 pose into your frame 4 pose but it will only last one frame's worth of realtime. "Loop In 3 / Loop Out 4" doesn't result in a loop where you're locked in pose 3 for one full tic, then locked in pose 4 for one full tic, which is what I was expecting. If it's more important to have 2 tics of delay (say, for timing reasons), you need to set Loop In to 2 -- and also align your endpoint keyframes differently to avoid snapback. Now, sure, in an animation with hundreds of frames, this stuff isn't noticeable, but it's been glitching my gestures and short anims for the longest time and I've just now figured out why.
  22. at first it was just when i teleported to somewhere after logging in my character would freeze then sl would go gray then tell me I've been logged out. now it seems to crash even before teleporting somewhere else. It happens on both of my laptops. I even tried firestorm on one of my laptops and same thing happened. its weird because sl was working fine before this week. I updated sl on one of my laptops today but it still crashed not long after logging in. not sure how to report bugs, but several of my friends on sl have had similar issues as me.
  23. Xed Saunders

    3dsmax help

    hi, i got a commercial body developer kit and i was trying to build some clothes for it, despite my best efforts i never succeded to upload any of those in world without deformation. out of ideas i tried to export the body mesh itself,which is supposed to be weighted properly and results are the same, i post a picture from gyazo, hope it is readable. https://gyazo.com/9ee05e529568d00e6512cc8aae7e258b indeed the body in 3dsmax works properly, proportions are correct and bones moves flawlessy. there are no warnings or errors in the sl importer window and if i proceed with the importation the mesh is rigged properly but appear deformed as in the preview. my setup and workflow 3dsmax 2016 model is facing x axis and measures are meters, up axis is z-up the body kit was originally for maya dae, but it does not open in 3dsmax, so i opened it in autodesk fbx converter and converted dae to fbx, then it load i have applied a reset xform on the model and moved it under the skin modifier in the stack the rigged mesh is saved as fbx 2013 then converted to dae using the fbx converter 2013.2 cannot post the mesh model because its not mine and not freely available, but if needed i can upload a cloth built with the kit if useful, this is the list of the bones used by the rigging taken from the resulting .dae file <Name_array id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxController-Joints-array" count="65"> mElbowRight R_LOWER_ARM R_HAND mWristRight mHandRing1Right mHandPinky1Right mHandThumb2Right mHandThumb3Right mHandThumb1Right mHandPinky2Right mHandPinky3Right mHandRing2Right mHandRing3Right mHandMiddle1Right mHandMiddle2Right mHandMiddle3Right mHandIndex2Right mHandIndex3Right mHandIndex1Right mShoulderRight R_UPPER_ARM BELLY mTorso CHEST mChest mCollarRight RIGHT_PEC mKneeRight R_LOWER_LEG R_FOOT mAnkleRight NECK PELVIS mNeck L_UPPER_ARM mPelvis mHipRight R_UPPER_LEG L_UPPER_LEG mHipLeft mElbowLeft L_LOWER_ARM mWristLeft mHandThumb1Left mHandRing1Left mHandPinky1Left mHandThumb2Left mHandThumb3Left mHandPinky2Left mHandPinky3Left mHandRing2Left mHandRing3Left mHandMiddle1Left mHandMiddle2Left mHandMiddle3Left mHandIndex2Left mHandIndex3Left mHandIndex1Left mShoulderLeft mCollarLeft LEFT_PEC mKneeLeft L_LOWER_LEG last but not least, model is editable mesh, i've read that it need to be a editable poly on exportation, so i tried this too, exporting the skindata, removing the skin modifier ,converting to editable poly, building a new rig then importing the weights, and it look exactly the same in sl as when it was editable mesh, so this is not a solution. any idea? thanks
  24. Long known viewer bug. So what? You can create your own percentage calculator if you need it, or make the calculation on the fly at upload time.
  25. He can not get asian looks. The only free or cheap heads I have seen, is strictly caucasian. As with everything, what you pay for, is what you get. Free and cheap heads and bodies are limited in what you find for them. Creators know that those who get a 1 L body, will not pay for apparel, so it is not worth the time creating for it. It is after all, a price to upload mesh and textures to SL, just to have no sales because free body owners will not spend money. It is better to use their time on customers that will pay for their work. Unless you are really lucky and happen to join SL when a big brand has a gift out. This has happened several times, but it is impossible to predict if it happens again. Such heads as we got from Catwa and Lelutka were 100% functional and can use all the features including skins, tattoos, piercings made by other creators for that brand. The 1500 L sale on Jake Belleza body is a good offer, if he want some variation and good quality in his wardrobe. If he wants just a few outfits, it is good enough to use the 1 L Legacy Meshbody @Mercedes Avonposted about. It is some 1 L heads. https://ryanschultz.com/2021/05/25/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies-three-l1-bento-bakes-on-mesh-male-heads-from-calum/ The blog over has several posts for freebie shopping. Most of the freebies in SL is for the female market, but it is enough freebies for a male wardrobe. https://ryanschultz.com/2019/11/24/clip-and-save-ryans-all-in-one-guide-to-freebies-in-second-life/ That blogpost also tell you where to find the free Altamura bodies.
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