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  1. Physics are a separate model generally that can upload with the house. I tend to upload in 3 sections - 1. Floors as the physics we want "thick" to ensure you can Rez items on floors. 2. Areas that need what I call strong physics - so areas like walls, doorways - things an avatar will interact with and 3. Weak physics areas these can be things like ceilings, or intricate roofs where a simple physics or none physics is sufficient. Also @Charalyne Blackwood that's a good viewpoint as if you use a separate face for interior wall to exterior wall it helps people whom want to retexture so always good to have separate maps like you do. For the OP I would look at it as: 1. Use Planes/Splines etc to make your model and plan out floors, interior and exterior walls, roofs, ceilings, and things like windows/doors (as these can be repeated throughout). Remember to have normals facing outwards for things like external walls and inwards for interior walls (SL Camera needs to see the normal to render it in world). 2. UV Unwrap 3. Add Materials/Set Baking/Rendering and Bake Materails/add baked texture to the color channel for upload *depends on your software you model in - this is how we do it in C4D for upload so textures load with the model. Be efficient if you have 3 walls the same you can use one baked texture, if you have 10 windows the same, do it once and apply the material to all the other windows. Use small outputs for things that can be blurry e.g. glass can be 64 x 64, iron railings you can get away with 256 x 256. Limit 1024 textures to any large UV maps (If I have a large tiled floor I do use 1024 x 1024). You can also plan out things so you can use repeating / seamless for some areas. For bakes you can also run them through things like photoshop to increase a bit of clarity/definition for a "sharper" bake. 4. Join Meshes based on the sections (e.g. how I mentioned) or based on your own workflow. 5. Create Physics model so for things like Floors never just have a thin plane (nothing will rez on it) you need a thicker physics model (I just extrude one edge of my floor then delete the poly leaving a vertice so the physics work). 6. LOD Optimization for SL uploads and save to daes. 7. Upload in batches per your sections with the relevant Physics model and LODS. 8. Analyze the physics model on upload / set to prim in world for physics for things like the doorways so you can walk through. Don't press Optimize for the physics that are floors, or strong physics or it will close up your doorway holes etc. I Optimize my weak physics section on that upload only. 9. Link the model in world - then the usual e.g. scripting doors etc. I do a silly thing when I upload, but it works for me. With each mesh I upload I upload a cube with them in the same position. I then make that the primary in the link set and use the super quick Firestorm copy and paste on coordinates to align each mesh automatically to the cube. Then I delete the Cubes when I link everything together. There are a multiple of steps/what ifs/things in between these and also it can vary dependent on specific software you use. But as you start to move forward with the house; hopefully this will give you a bit of a skeleton workflow to look at to create the method that works best for you.
  2. I have recently created a FREE account on AWS Lambda. I would like to upload the SL Viewer into it so that I may be able to access SL via my iPad. Can someone tell me if this is possible? Thanks.
  3. Running 11.2.3 Big Sur -- Firestorm produces an Apple crash report always - on close. Submitted a Jira but got a snarky response from someone who was looking for Windows "sysinfo." Gave up, closed the Jira. Wondering if anyone else has this -- and found a fix? The good news is no kernel panics and seemingly no damage. But I have stepped back to the previous version. For anyone interested, included the first page of the crash report, see if it matches yours. Running on a 2020 Mini, with external Sonnet/Radeon video. Thanks all!!!
  4. I read his previous book... Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind...and enjoyed it. So, I'm tempted to get this new one though most of me believes we'll never make it to the future scenarios he paints as our society is headed for a crash I guess I could read it as a kind of science fiction, as a description of what could have been.
  5. A friend of mine died in a car crash. So, pictures containing vehicles ought to be banned. Another friend of mine drowned. All the beach pics must go. My grandfather died of old age, so obviously we can't have pictures of old people around. Oh, wait, the world doesn't revolve around me.
  6. I don't have any direct information related to what's going on with Firestorm so please accept my acknowledgment as just a passer by that's too busy to dive into this issue more deeply than I already have... but! My experience is that it now calculates, then re-calculates, the entire collada stream up to 3 times during the process of preparing to upload. Compound that with the inefficient way in which the dae data is parsed and you have a fun tea time. I was able to reduce this time somewhat using debug settings to prevent at least one of these calculations from entering into my work-flow. Unfortunately I'm unable to prevent the remaining one which, I believe, is designed to give the uninitiated a better understanding of what's happening, visually, which is useless to me since I rarely care about bipedal figures and is the only option, and rightly so, in the viewer preview. The last of the calculations is, of course, necessary in order to actually skin the mesh for upload, with necessary checks included. Again, I am hoping they have a plan, that has a sensible end result, for this since it just seems like a very bad move, an incomplete process or just lazy coding. I'm all ears if anyone wants to explain this to me. I can't say that this is restricted to Firestorm, however. I don't have time to dive into this but I suspect this is not an issue with Firestorm specifically.
  7. "In my last blog, I covered at length one of the changes I have put into the forthcoming Firestorm release. This post is a shorter summary of those changes and two other updates that I think will appeal to many mesh creators." Read more on the blog.
  8. Hover over the upload and Insert. I reached a limit so it won't Add as it did before.
  9. You can run 32-bit Firestorm on a 64-bit system, but I'd expect it to crash more, not less. "The GT730" isn't really a thing, it's one of those names Nvidia unhelpfully gave to several different video cards. Looking at the driver you're running (391.35) you either have one of the older, crappier cards or your video drivers have not been updated in 3 years (seems unlikely). On the bright side, unless there's a cat stuck in your PC, it's probably not overheating. A couple things I'd try I didn't see mentioned, first is go to https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us and get the latest drivers for the GT730. The worst thing that will happen is they won't install if you have the old version of the GT730. Best case, you get much newer drivers which may solve your problems. The second thing is run a hardware scan of your hard drive and memory. Dunno how old the drive on your PC is, but they do wear out and if it's as old as the CPU, it may be time to replace it. Especially if it's a mechanical drive. Every PC should have an SSD now.
  10. I wanted to talk about another model. This one was developed in Maya by another person shared with me for Second Life. It is an obj file. I imported it into Blender with no problems. It is a very small model - triangles = 54, faces = 27, edges = 58 and, vertices = 32. There is also an image (texture) that came with the model as well. I recented it in Blender and just did an export as a dae file. Here is the Blender file https://pasteall.org/blend/c6191221dda340e2a82ac00cdc303bf3 and the image file.The finished file looks great in Blender and even in Second Life. The final model - Upload fee - L$ 11, Land impact 0.500, Download 0.064 Physics 0.360 and Server 0.500. The only thing I was uphappy with was the Lowest LoD. Any suggestions of how to make this look better without too much of a negative impact?
  11. I'd like to be able to create tailor made mesh clothes in Blender for specific classic avatars, which means I don't want to use standard sizes. I understand that the way to do that is to have the avatar uploaded into Blender. I was told that the easiest way is by using avastar, but I can't buy avastar at the moment, and I'm willing to do it the hard way, if there is a way. So My question is, how do I upload a specific avatar into blender without using Avastar? If a friend who has Avastar is willing to help me with this, how do they export it so that they can send it to me in a format that I can use in Blender? I hope my questions make sense, because I've never used Avastar, and my friend is new to it too. Thank you in Advance.
  12. Sadly, the Jeremy Linden uploading a mesh model page has been wrong more or less since it was written as attested to by the comment from Drongle. Sadly despite many attempts to get LL to correct this, including submitting a fully annotated review as a google doc, highlighting each and every point about 2 years ago, nothing has been changed. It remains not only wrong but increasingly wrong as the entire look of the mesh uploader has changed a few times now. The primary error is in the description of the naming, which is so badly wrong as to cause most people who try to do the right thingto just give up and persist in using the old school "guess and hope" matching. This is garbage...utter nonsense. This is the actual truth The mesh uploader preferably uses strict naming rules for meshes within LOD files. A separate DAE file must be used for each set of LODs For a model composed of three High LOD meshes named MyTable, MyChair, My Vase. We might have a DAE file called MyTableChairSet.dae The Medium LOD file is ideally called MyTableChariSet_LOD2.dae. and if so it will automatically be detected when the High LOD file is selected for upload. It can be named anything you like, if you do not care about the auto detection. The mesh models within the Medium LOD DAE file should be named identically to the High LOD meshes but with a _LOD2 suffix. Thus MyTable_LOD2, MyChar_LOD2, MyVase_LOD2. The same applies for each LOD with _LOD1 for LOW and _LOD0 for Lowest. therefore file: MyTableChairSet_LOD1 : MyTable_LOD1, MyChar_LOD1, MyVase_LOD1 file: MyTableChairSet_LOD0 : MyTable_LOD0, MyChar_LOD0, MyVase_LOD0 This extends to the Physics where _PHYS can be used file: MyTableChairSet_PHYS : MyTable_PHYS, MyChar_PHYS, MyVase_PHYS To re-iterate, because of the confused nonsense perpetuated by out of date, misinformation in the "official documentation". The file name is entirely your choice, it is only in the last 18 months or so that we have auto detected the LOD suffix on the file names. The object naming is also "choice" BUT if you do not then the viewer quite literally tries to guess based on order. If you do use the correct naming convention (for the meshes) - Blender users in particular please note, the meshes NOT the objects have to have this name. so if you rename the Cube.001 object to be MyMonkeyHead, that is not enough, you need to change the underlying mesh name to be MyMonkeyHead. - the when the viewer process the LOD files it will find MyTable in the High LOD and search for MyTable_LOD2, MyTable_LOD1, MyTable_LOD0 and MyTable_PHYS in turn and correctly associate them 100% accurately, no guesssing. If you enable verbose logging in the new log tab, you will see streams of this info swirling past as it tries to find the right matches. The thing that trips most people up is the "deep rename" need when exporting from the 3d app. I definitely applies to Blender not so sure about other apps as I do not use those..
  13. My Photos are mostly in Ultra HD and such a Size like 15.000 x 9000, its not about the Upload, that works fine, as Example i uplloaded my newest Photoshoot before 10 Minutes and 20 Votes, but Flickr still shows only 14 Voted. The Website is lagging behind.
  14. I can't say I understand all this, but did read a bit from the posts ChinRey and Mr Amore made. Thanks! I'd just like to be able to upload, say, a quarter- region (or larger design) somewhere in one fell swoop that was fully constructed in Blender. A complex environment with various terrain heights, plants, waterfalls, streams...all together in a design, textured and assembled as it was created in Blender. I dislike creating parts of things in Blender, but enjoy creating the whole picture...like a painting.
  15. Hey, I'm posting about this again because I still haven't managed to fix it even though I tried everything from the wiki pages. My firestorm runs fine but after a few teleports it ends up getting stuck at "Connecting new server" even though when I TP to a region I was previously at. I already allowed firestorm and all the folders/files on the firewall and all that but this keeps happening. Can someone help me?
  16. Update for this, which is STILL happening. I have noticed that it is when teleporting to a sim I have already been to since my last crash that it happens. I can visit 20 new sims one after the other and it seems fine, but as soon as I try and return to one I have been to already, BAM. Crash. Any ideas what might be causing this issue? Tired as hell of this bug now.
  17. ** Edit : Sim rented ** Offer closed. Full 30K prim sim for rent with reduced price of only $14,500 per week, which is exactly like getting free prims ! Deal expires on monday so act fast! I will be closing this thread monday evening eastern time and raising the price back up. To Take advantage of the price discount from this advert simply teleport to: Buy the land , then pay the rental box ! For a mere $14,500 you get a 30,000 prim full sim to customize as you want! What else do you get? Change sim rating, General, moderate or adult the choice is yours ! Customer support: * We will help you upload any terrian file you need * Quck turn around time for any questions or calls for assitance You also get full estate rights. You can have us add anyone you wish as an estate manager. Questions: Q: Why are you offering a full sim at below cost? Arent you taking a loss? A: Yes we are taking a loss, but we would rather take a small loss of about $20 USD a month and keep rights to the sim. Both owners are back in school and starting a business. One owner (( me )) has current health issues as well, so we do not have the time to fully enjoy the sim nor will we for 2+, years. So you get to rent a sim at below the cost we pay Linden Labs, and we get to keep ownership of the sim in the long run. Everyone wins! Q: Can you help us terraform the sim? A: Yes we will help you terraform the sim ONE time after rental if you require some help getting the land to look like the vision you are looking for. Q: God I hate grass texture, I love beach texture can you change it? A: We can upload any type of terrian texture you want ! Your not stuck with grassland texture. There are many options available to get the sim to look the exact way you want it! Q: Do you hear voices? A: Doesn't everyone hear voices? * looks around paranoid in every direction * Q: Can we operate a night club or have 24 zillion breedables and 87 prim babies on sim? A: Sure you can ! Q: How did you get so smexy? A: Cover guy or maybe it's Maybelline! Question for you now: Why are you still reading this and not heading over to and rent the 30K full prim , full rights sim before some wanker or wannabe steals it from under you nose? Why Pay more for a sim when you can rent from the cool kids™?
  18. Wow this is very exciting...being able to upload an entire scene all at once.
  19. Hello, I hope I picked the right section... I have a problem: my avatar talks too much. I want to keep my (bento) lips/mouth/jaw in the default position (closed)... With the rest of me still mobile. I searched marketplace and Google several times, without finding something suitable.. Anyone here that might help me out with a bhv to upload or pose ? (or a marketplace link, i just don't want another hud...) Thank you very much, Maybelle
  20. I don't know if this is Blender doing it in the export, on the importer (Firestorm) doing it. I'm making a mermaid tail with lots of optional finny bits. If I export and upload the objects individually, they are fine. There are no problems with the split edges; I've checked very carefully in Blender when this happened. If I export and import all objects together in one go, the edge split edges get messed up, as if I haven't split them properly (smooth shading over an acute edge, or faces poking through the other side?). It's random though, and changes with different attempts, but it's always somewhere along my split edges in several of the parts. Any idea why? Edit to add: I'm asking in case there's something I'm doing wrong, somehow... the assumption I try to make when things like this happen.
  21. 5-6-2021 Thursday May 6th 10:00 am to 11:00 am SLT 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm SLT Crash Asylum Roller Derby Skate Rink Come check out the newest Roller Derby skate rink in SL The Crash Asylum Roller Derby Rink! This is a completely new Roller Derby project in SL We have no connection with any of the older SL: Roller Derby projects. The Crash Asylum is more then just a name most things in the rink can be knocked over. To get Roller Derby back up in running in SL we are holding a few Roller Derby meet up events, to help grow the Roller Derby community again. Come see the rink and get some derby practice in, meet other people interested in getting Roller Derby back in SL. The event is open to any one interested in Roller Derby, Skaters, Refs , Fans, DJs, Announcers. If your interested in Roller Derby in SL and can't make the event let us know, or if you have any other questions IM phaedra Exonar
  22. The story goes like this: I'm super newbie on this creation stuff. If you're not tolerant at all, please ignore this topic. So, I completed this Oema Resident tutorial I watched on Youtube about clothes for SL. All good and dandy for the first 30 minutes. Then she says something about using blender, UV Maps and rigging. Her following tutorials are somewhat confusing for she goes from working on a dress (Marvelous) to rigging a blouse (blender) I've never heard of the word rigging before, and as far as I've understood it has something to do with clothes and avatars movement (????) Apart from downloading blender, I kind of got the idea that I needed the avastar add-on, which only made everything more confusing. I know what UV Mapping is about for I have some experience with cc thanks to the Sims 2 To be fair honest, I don't care for creating skirts or dresses, if that's what this rigging concept is really about. I'm down to learning from a to z when it comes to something with a niche opportunity (glancing at my business diploma here 🤣). And by that I mean that there are more than enough creators supplying the basics of fashion market (clothes in general) Is this rigging process really necessary for all sorts of clothes? I could focus on some components in particular, not fashion as an overall Do you know any tutorial that goes as far as teaching how to create AND upload that content to SL? I was getting the hang of Marvelous when I realized I couldn't complete the work on the sole software, and this ultra nice girl from the videos didn't make a follow up on the dress. Don't even get me started on blender... it goes beyond my daily dose of new concepts ☺️
  23. I posted about twenty images to Flickr about an hour ago with no trouble, although it wasn't exactly fast. Flickr always seems busy. Each image was uploaded separately, and each is about 800KB. How big are your images, and did you upload all at once?
  24. If you would like others to check out the issue it would be best if you could put together an example file of 2 or 3 simple objects and upload it to, for example this Blender file sharing site : https://pasteall.org/blend/
  25. I heard that the Lindens were moving up from a limit of 9.5 seconds on sound files to 30 seconds. But I can't seem to find an official notice of this. Did they? Meanwhile when I was trying to upload some poetry and a tune (wav files) in recent weeks, I got an error file that says the files cannot be longer than 30 seconds in length -- as if that is indeed their new maximum size. Since the file in question was exactly 30 seconds, I couldn't figure out why this didn't work, when it was in the proper format. So I tried 29 seconds -- that didn't work, either. So it's still on 9.5 is it? I have gone through many hours struggling with Audacity that work, and I will tell you the steps I have learned to take in part from Whirly and in part from trial and error, in case you know anything different: 1. Change the file from m4 to wav files using online converters (if from a YouTube video, for example). 2. Make sure you set your project in Audacity to 44100 Hz or SL can't accept it. 3. Go to the top left of the screen on the file and push the arrow down to "Split Stereo to Mono" 4. Delete the second copy of the file. 5. Select the whole file and go to "Effect" and select "Amplify" -- I do this because many files I have uploaded, especially of people reading poetry or literature, are just too low volume, even pushed to "1" on the player script. I select in the range 11-13 because beyond that, it gets so loud it is distorted. You can then go back on the player script and adjust down from "1" to ".9" or something but I was informed that loudness or too-softness has to be fixed in Audacity before the upload. This is not ideal. Maybe someone has some more refined suggestions. 6. Now you can go in several directions: a. the arduous (and I find painful and error-ridden) of hand-cutting the files into 9 or 9.5 segments using "Edit" and "Clip Boundaries" and "Split". At least in doing this, you can get rid of noise if you took something from a noisy RL room or something, and do other things. It's pretty hard for me, however. b. the also error-prone method of using "File" and "Import" and "Labels". Here you need to first make a notepad file with the time stamps listed in it then import that file and that will make the job chop up automatically according to the time stamps you set. You have to check and double check that the list you make doesn't have any math errors in it that mess up the whole project -- so it's 9.5, 18, 27.5 etc. in a table form (and for some reason online I found examples of this showing the tables doubled up, i.e. in two rows on the notepad file). If you have made an error, you get a message that Audacity can't read some of the labels; it will still work but when you try to listen to it, it will stop and skip at some file, then return to the first file, causing you to have to re-do everything and pay the upload fees again. It amazes me how you can make mistakes on this again and again even using a calculator because you get weary typing. c. a much, much easier way I just stumbled on (I am a slow learner) where you go to "Tools" and "Select Regular Intervals" which makes the "labels" or cut-up files for you automatically, obviously with no math errors. The one pitfall here for dummies, as I can tell you from experience, is that you have to roughly figure out how many labels you will need, then listen to then, and possibly have to go back and re-do it, and then make sure that whatever last file you have isn't 'the rest' of the file, i.e. more than 30 seconds, but only 9.5 seconds. SL won't upload files chopped up with no sound on them, or, as noted, files that are too long. On some scripts, if it is under 9.5, you would have to note that it is, say, "4" or it messes up again in terms of skipping and starting over. This is a pretty beastly business -- and costly, with those $10 uploads. You have to really want to do the thing, like add poetry being read aloud to a scene or something. You can also just put a URL linker into a prim and it will take someone who clicks online to a YouTube or a literary page. Of course, that isn't as "immersive", but ask yourself: how many people are going to click on a prim in SL to listen to Wallace Stevens reading "Idea of Order at Key West" or the Ultimate Spinach's "Mindflowers," a song lost in time for sure. Answer, as I can tell you from making these builds: not many. Do not expect to make back your upload cost in tips or sales. One issue is that if there is a media stream already running a sim, it drowns out other things making sounds like this. You have to make sure your parcel doesn't have media, and/or if does, instruct the visitor to turn off the option "steaming media' in preferences. How many will do that? Again, I have answers for you from running these sites for years: not many LOL. I mean, if you have a burning desire to listen to Otava Yo (which I do) while sitting on your SL sim, why can't you just...go to YouTube and turn it on and listen to it on your headphones. You can then even leave your sim and fly around the ocean and continue to listen to this tune stolen from Caucasians by Russians who can't dance (although the video is pretty cool). Why sit for HOURS chopping it up, even if to 30 seconds if the Lindens have that now, listening to it inevitably skip or short out due to lag or whatever, when you can...just go to YouTube. Soon you will wonder: why sit in SL when I can sit in my RL living room with my RL friends lol? Of course, there's the issue of copyright, too. It's one thing to upload these files to make a reference inworld, which is no different than a link on a web page, really. It's another to make up a box of it and sell it, unless it is in the public domain. The reality is that the cost of uploads are high, the work painstaking and poor quality, so I think few people bother with this. And really, the era of listening to a discrete song as some kind of discrete entity that you like and learn and play over and over is past, no? At least, I find that with my kids. Most young people have "playlists" these days and streams from some device or another that...streams. They think in terms of "my wake-up energy playlist" of 10 songs, not "this one song I like". You can play a song again by clicking on it on YouTube or Spotify -- but since you have access to zillions of songs, why not listen to another one? I don't think people listen to a song as a separate thing the way they used to. So, you say, there is media on a prim! Put the YouTube into media on a prim or a YouTube player. Answer: these players often don't work because of issues between SL and YouTube of the type that are between Twitter and Flickr which caused the Lindens to stop offering this option of posting to social media from SL. Media on a prim is ok, but clunky. It has a way of jerking your view to itself. Also, you can't keep it running. Even if you have autoplay turned off on your own YouTube account on your computer, in SL, it will autoplay. You can't get it to play and stop or just play on a loop. No, the URLs people have devised to make things loop just don't work (any more). So in that sense, if you task is to create an ambiance on a build for an expo (as I'm doing for RFL Home & Garden now or as I have done at the SL birthdays in the past), and you put up video on a good YouTube player (there are some conscientious makers who keep up with the frustrations) or "media on a prim," chances are it will stop playing or some other completely different song will be on when you come back hours later. So in that sense a prim box with the audio files in them chopped up, that play with a loop script or on/off script is just that much better. How many visitors will care? Answer: not many.
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