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  1. Another one.... Part peeve of a misbehaving computer server and part story. This was long ago (back in the mid 2000s) at the night club we used to own back in California. The music server would crash and burn after 2 hours and we would have silence until we fired up the back-up CD players. I took apart the server and check --- didn't find anything and let it reset. Even had a computer guy come out and couldn't figure it out. One night it happened and this one guy said he was a server tech for a certain company in San Francisco and asked if he could take a look. I showed him the rack where it was at and he checked it out. He then said "this box is similar to what we use to run 'regions' on." I didn't get what he meant, but he found the issue. There was a hidden fan and it was full of dust and stopped working. Upon using a can of air on it, it started spinning and from that point on the server hummed like a Humvee! I said thanks and offered to pay him, but he refused, but I gave him a couple of tickets to get drinks from the bar or food on the house. I asked what the 'Region" thing was, he said "I work for this cool virtual world and I'm one of the back-end IT that keeps the little fans running. Maybe you should check it out. It's called Second Life." Thanks to him how I got checked into the "Hotel SL!"
  2. And how exactly do you freeze them if I may ask? I did not think we could do that to other people's avatar's... Now that is actually a great idea (especially for the holiday ). So how exactly did you do that by chance (IE: get just a temporary upload file that turned you all grey)? Cause if I can do that, and just have some weird eyes showing (that glow maybe), it might just make for a interesting Halloween costume (at the very least). Hey Nick, I too think that is a very cool looking avatar. Sorta reminds me of a punk rock cyber Borg who looks like he can't be bothered with "resistance" lol. Very, very nice job! 👍🙂👍 Peace...
  3. The way I understand it, the master count is kept remotely on a server and the huds are clients. The client count is updated in memory when you detach it. Depending on lag, the hud may or may not consider a logout the same as a detach. If you crash or log out "uncleanly" while still wearing the hud, then when you log back in, it shows the last hud-saved amount and not your most current amount. The server knows the correct amount but hasnt had a chance to communicate this to your hud. To get your hud to display the correct amount you need to 1. detach and reattach so it isnt stale 2. get the server to talk to it by registering a new data entry...e.g., click a pumpkin that gives you candy (not one of the ones who tells you that you already got candy from this pumpkin) 3. If the parcel you are on doesnt allow you to run scripts, you need to leave the parcel to enable scripts to run. The safest way to assure your hud doesnt mess up is to detach it before you log off and then attach it when you first log back on.
  4. I lost a couple on a relog that didn't come back (I didn't crash, just logged out). It'd be wise to get a few if you're aiming for the first bear, just to be sure.
  5. I have to upload a different picture because the one I first uploaded was way too dark lighting. I guess they want it well lit or something.
  6. It is also worth noting that the only truly successful/monopoly-level Facebook project is Facebook itself. The Oculus VR thing fell rather flat compared to Vive and SteamVR. Whatsapp is relatively popular, but they have a relatively small share of the chat market given all the competitors. They didn't reach anything like a Facebook-level dominance in that market. Instagram I'm not really aware of statistics of. Anecdotally, I don't know anyone who uses it, but at the very least they also don't have anything like a monopoly in the image upload site category. Size alone isn't enough to push out all the competitors, as we can see by them having failed several times already. Facebook is primarily just Facebook. And SL has, like I said, certain draws that Facebok is afraid to embrace, so it's entirely unlikely that it'll even compete in the same market.
  7. PARALLEL UNIVERSE PRODUCTIONS is looking for a videographer Requirement - Must have a Good PC and be able to handle lag. Be professional with commitments Able to cover live shows and upload them to YouTube at the same time. Able to edit videos. If you do have what it takes, please email to blossomgia@gmail.com with the subject head "TVV3 - Videographer" or contact GiaBlossom Resident via notecard.
  8. Energy transfer has been changed at least 3x since H1 days. The first time was to prevent near infinite transfer with llPushObject() which would allow orbiting someone to millions of meters in altitude instantly. This was done when H1 was updated to H4. The second was to prevent inf energy transfers from being received by LSO compiled scripted objects which would crash their scripts if hit by near inf spinning physical objects or near inf llPushObject() targeting an agent, LSO complied attachment or rezzed physical LSO compiled object. This was part of the "blitzing" combat/griefing tactics. The third was to weaken energy transfers with pushes and collisions in preparation of pathfinding. IIRC, a reduction of 90% was made. There was also an attempt to prevent the ground for becoming "viral" where inf energy transfer cause anything colliding with it to be stuck drifting along the ground to the east. This was never fully fixed and can still be achieved in some edge cases.
  9. That reminds me of the time I'd been out drinking with some friends and got on the night bus home, and promptly fell asleep. I came to at some point and just hopped off the bus, I recognised the name of the village (my family lived there until I was around 2), and I figured 'it can't be that far - Uppland (my home province) is only so big! (12,813 square kilometres ..)'. So I decided to start walking back along the road figuring I'd be home within an hour or so. Two hours later and I was nowhere near close to home. Mind, it was late autumn, there was frost on the fields, and it was far away enough from the city that it was pitch black. So, I decided to stop at the next bus stop and just sit down and wait for the morning bus as I was much too tired to keep walking. When I arrived at the next bus stop I found the bench had been kicked to bits, but there was a church just next to it so I figured I could go sit on something around that instead. Just as I made it past the cemetery gates, a deep, diabolical laughter echoed over the fields. I almost soiled myself. So I quickly scurried back out onto the parking lot, and ended up spending the next few hours trotting around it to keep warm, and every so often that laugh would echo over the fields. The morning bus finally arrived and I could get on it, find that it wasn't that far to get back home (if only I'd walked for another hour or so). So I stumble through the door around seven in the morning, my mum is up making her morning coffee and is surprised that I wasn't already at home. I just briefly tell her what happened and go to bed. When I woke up a few hours later my mother told me that she'd figured out what that laughter was - she actually knew some people in that village who reared fallow deer, just through the woods around the church, and their rutting call .. Well .. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f0/Fallow_Deer_(Dama_dama)_(W1CDR0001444_BD17).ogg
  10. This might need further work as I tried the url Molly typed above into the Pi400 Chromium web browser out of curiosity, and it played at once, but when I had earlier tried it in the Firefox browser on the Windows machine it came up with "content not available in the EU" report. Qie was able to play it, I wasn't able to play it all all in the first few regions, it was only in the last sandbox that it actually opened up and gave me the error popups. It's looking like it's not just the url but the region in which the request is being made, as well as the type of browser/requesting app. ETA Tested, ( the URL now plays in the Firefox browser without the location error I got earlier.) The following viewers played the url with no issues Catznip R12.3 Firestorm 64531 Singlarity Beta 8419 SecondLife Performance viewer 564530 But... The latest Linden viewer 564172 gave the crash. The details of the error box that I forgot to expand earlier are Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: SLPlugin.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 614c5aeb Fault Module Name: libvlc.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 002000a9 Exception Code: 40000015 Exception Offset: 000000000000b918 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: 91eb Additional Information 2: 91eb63789ceb1b042f28b3e946a956ff Additional Information 3: ad97 Additional Information 4: ad975bb7a47d10ab9caac2b5eba6e3c1 This does rather point the finger at something in the Linden code. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-231356
  11. Random Stranger: “For some reason, your avatar isn't rezzing. You're all grey.” Me: "Oh, no, I'm just using a temporary upload file so I can make skins." 99% of my interactions in a nutshell.
  12. 2008 there was also a different problem after the crash that made it more difficult to get a home.. Before the crash people only needed things like 6 months of good credit.. They were practically pushing people into loans, doing about anything to make the loan happen, and buyers making promises to themselves that they couldn't keep.. 3 car loans and a house later.. Not to forget how easy it was for people to get credit cards that ended up with the users juggling from one to another to pay the minimum while they used them to borrow from peter to pay paul..I remember a zillion different credit cards for stores.. hehehe After the crash,one of the things you had to have was, you had to have squeaky clean credit for years before they would consider a loan.. I can't count how many people I knew that were doing debt consolidation or bankruptcy after the crash. Hit so hard that they were taking loans out each week on their paychecks doing check to cash just to get their check before payday, and then paying the guy interest on their own paycheck. So when you go in to give the guy your check, you have to bring the fee as well.. Then there are the places I called loan shark companies that will borrow people anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands.. then put them on weekly payments..miss a payment and they have you for a long time hit with crazy interest. Talk about a trap. People that were living high on the credit hog back then, were looking for jobs because they were scarce and places to rent because they couldn't buy one on credit anymore. Where right now it's more the opposite.. plenty of jobs , no place to rent. A few reasons prices are up today is because of reasons that sellers would increase the prices..Things like lower interest rates, Government subsidies, building material prices causing construction cost to go up, trends in buyers.. Where 2008 was the result of one of the largest greedy cluster F's ever that pretty much most from all levels had a part in the blame, from buyers to lenders to investment banks.. This is a different scenario today.. I remember people back then being so cocky with huge egos and saying things like, Cash is so last decade, omg you don't have a credit card! o0.. All while they didn't own a thing, but they had plenty of stuff on paper they were paying off, acting like they owned it all. Sooo much cringe.. In my area, the prices have been going up for the past few years because of so many coming from out of state.. As of two years ago, you can't find a place to rent other than an apartment around here.. We bought a second home in town few years ago as an investment for under 100k.. It's market value right now is over 160k and still going up.. This is in a small town, nothing fancy of a house either.. 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch, about as basic as it gets.. Since covid hit and people have been crammed up in their living spaces, there has been an increase from people just wanting to get out of overcrowded cities and overcrowded suburbs and apartments and into homes in much less cramped areas.. Honestly I think that trend has been going on a couple years before Covid, because our area lit up fast, but Covid helped boost it even more.. There is a good concoction of things going on in the current market that I don't think we'll see a bubble burst or anything like that, but probably will drop and level out. Interest rates are going to start to go back up when inflation hits us a bit harder.. We may start to see a drop kick in around then..Also someone is going to end up filling the jobs at some point that is causing so much demand in so many areas right now.. When that happens prices on many things may start to drop as well.. Things kick other things off and start the push in directions.. This is more natural market things happening right now, where 2008 was something that was going to come to a head and blow sooner or later and leave so many bodies laying around hurting, because it was pure scam. I think I remember hearing something like only like 40 people went to jail from that whole thing too..The sacrificial lambs probably.. When really,there should have been a culling of those crooks back then.. If there was ever anyone I wanted to see jump out of a window, it was those bastages getting away with it all..
  13. Greetings everyone, there's something that is really bothering me for some time now. I have an Avastar female rig in blender that is really driving me crazy. When I check the animation in Blender, everything looks fine, as i upload it in world something odd starts happening. The feet and the hands, that are configured as IK bones and are supposed to stay still during the entire animation, start following the rotation of the Tinker bone. Is this caused by any export option I might have mistakenly activated?
  14. Right, but it's really not the user's machine, either, nor the network connection. Texture downloads take longer the bigger the textures being downloaded, even for the fastest hardware on the fattest pipes. Yes, one big texture beats many little textures (especially after download, when rendering) but there's still a problem that many SL textures are way higher resolution than they'd be if designed by the Central Committee of SL Graphics Excellence, long may she wave. And in lieu of that Committee, the proposal is an economic incentive to only spend pixels where they matter. Would it work? Probably, but would it work well enough to justify all the development and drama? I'm dubious. But would it constrain creativity? Meh. Does Land Impact accounting constrain creativity? Sure does. And it's the nature of the medium now. If texture-upload economics were tweaked, it wouldn't affect the medium as much as the raised LI limits or last tier pricing change. But if it actually changed anything, I'd be interested to see how creative SL artists would take advantage of the proposed lower fees on very small textures. Wouldn't you?
  15. I agree completely .. the cost to upload as it stands is simply there to act as a tiny brake. I would still like to see these sinks removed as part of the premium package. They're not as some believe, a source of income for LL. L$ is a token they create and destroy on the fly, it's not money.
  16. Even with that, I still don't think we should impede creativity. By basically penalizing them and making them spend more money to even upload a texture. I mean if it were handled like a mesh upload, the costs of uploading textures would be exponentially more.
  17. 2008 and after saw a housing price crash that made them much more affordable. Question is whether the current price increases is a speculative bubble or a longer term trend. If long term trend then wages are going to need to increase to make housing affordable to new home buyers because at todays rates, those young families looking to get their own home are not going to be able to.
  18. If the fate of SL art truly depends on whether a texture upload costs a nickel or a quarter, it's doomed and best to put it out of its misery already. (Also, IMHO, SL art would be vastly improved if it weren't so focused on 2D textures anyway. Sure, there are accomplished SL image artists, but in general the genre so underappreciates the medium.) That said, I have no idea if the proposal would have the desired effect. Certainly there are plenty of occasions where a 1024x1024 image is simply needed, and certainly there are many more where it's a complete waste of download bandwidth (whatever it does to rendering, which seems much less a problem than everybody fusses about: un-downloaded textures render fast enough, but it's not very satisfying). Someone mentioned the beta grid being inaccessible for a long time, which was indeed annoying, but for the purposes of testing textures there's almost always an option of using local textures without any upload cost—nor delay: after it's incorporated in a practiced workflow, it's both faster and more convenient to use local session textures. I found this confusing. All SL textures are converted on upload to power-of-two resolutions, so a 1024x683 image will be stored at 1024x1024. I'm not sure now if the original aspect ratio is stored with the texture when the uploader performs the conversion; that might make this worth doing even though I'm skeptical that uploader scaling is as good as the several options offered by Gimp.
  19. When Uploading its fine but when i go to actually edit the mesh I cant change ( copy , transfer...) ticks off and on....... and if i do its just insta select off and Cant set for sale.... and rez on the floor........im the full owner made this mesh myself just cant.... edit it...
  20. Charging different rates for texture uploads isn't about making a profit, it's about changing the behavior of creators. Where does the average SL resident learn about the importance of using the right texture? It's buried on the internet and will never be seen unless sought out. I don't think a price change should be necessary though. Just a little pop-up message every single time you upload that either explains the need for good texturing or links to a website.
  21. The complaint is that that's the only way to scale. You can't even use the scaling factor widget in the upload panel (allegedly) -- you have to re-export a different DAE file.
  22. Indeed there is! And indeed they would go out of business or raise prices which are very modest as it is, to enable "SL scale" of prices compared to RL. You can't just look at the final product of a painting and its upload from, say, a RL work. There are many works that involve 3D scenes, sculptures, mixed media, etc. that have all kinds of uploads on the way to creating them.
  23. interesting, i tested by removing the llStopAnimation all together and no more errors and also seems to go through each animation for each sitter, get off, crash and a new sitter, all works. So no idea what llStopAnimation is for then It's a new pose stand i have for my store that lets people sit and it puts an outfit on for them and lets them go through poses to see how they look in that outfit. So there are multiple stands in the store. who needs to grab a demo anymore lol. Finaly past this point and on to the next annoying bit thanks everyone for the help and advice. appreciated
  24. I would, but I'd have to raise my prices. I already sell for dirt cheap compared to the time I spend creating all original one-off works, but if it did cost 64L more I'd simply mark up by at least that to cover the added upload.
  25. Yup. And as an aside, the textures I upload for my artworks are 1024x683 (as all my work is done is a 3:2 format for SL). I spend a lot of time on my original works getting the textures right, I don't want them pixelated.
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