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  1. Full 30K prim sim for rent with reduced price of only $14,500 per week, which is exactly like getting free prims ! Deal expires on monday so act fast! I will be closing this thread monday evening eastern time and raising the price back up. To Take advantage of the price discount from this advert simply teleport to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadowbrooke/254/253/21 Buy the land , then pay the rental box ! For a mere $14,500 you get a 30,000 prim full sim to customize as you want! What else do you get? Change sim rating, General, moderate or adult the choice is yours ! Customer support: * We will help you upload any terrian file you need * Quck turn around time for any questions or calls for assitance You also get full estate rights. You can have us add anyone you wish as an estate manager. Questions: Q: Why are you offering a full sim at below cost? Arent you taking a loss? A: Yes we are taking a loss, but we would rather take a small loss of about $20 USD a month and keep rights to the sim. Both owners are back in school and starting a business. One owner (( me )) has current health issues as well, so we do not have the time to fully enjoy the sim nor will we for 2+, years. So you get to rent a sim at below the cost we pay Linden Labs, and we get to keep ownership of the sim in the long run. Everyone wins! Q: Can you help us terraform the sim? A: Yes we will help you terraform the sim ONE time after rental if you require some help getting the land to look like the vision you are looking for. Q: God I hate grass texture, I love beach texture can you change it? A: We can upload any type of terrian texture you want ! Your not stuck with grassland texture. There are many options available to get the sim to look the exact way you want it! Q: Do you hear voices? A: Doesn't everyone hear voices? * looks around paranoid in every direction * Q: Can we operate a night club or have 24 zillion breedables and 87 prim babies on sim? A: Sure you can ! Q: How did you get so smexy? A: Cover guy or maybe it's Maybelline! Question for you now: Why are you still reading this and not heading over to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadowbrooke/254/253/21 and rent the 30K full prim , full rights sim before some wanker or wannabe steals it from under you nose? Why Pay more for a sim when you can rent from the cool kids™?
  2. I am on the latest Firestorm viewer, on a Windows 10 PC. My PC is within the specs for running SL. What happens is, after about 2 hours online, it will freeze, then crash. Has anyone else experienced this, what can I do, to resolve it
  3. It's not an issue of national law, but one of the user of Second Life adhering to LL's ToS, specifically the one Fritigern shared: I don't see how any national law would somehow supersede it - it'd have to be a law regarding the ownership of screenshots/video from video games. Some publishers have tried to DMCA YouTubers for showing gameplay of their games (especially when it was a negative review), but that's relatively easy to overturn with the whole 'fair use' thing. Likewise, some publishers have declared that any creations within the game are the property of the publisher (*cough*Blizzard*cough*) - which also kind of is true of Second Life (i.e. if you upload something to the grid, LL reserve the right to use it themselves - but in practice I don't know if this has ever occurred, as it would be against their interest of having people uploading their creations), see: https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions (1.1-1.6).
  4. EnCore Mayne

    Mesh Upload

    i upload a mesh with a physics layer, the form tells me it's .5 for land impact. when i change the Feature shape to Prim from Convex Hull, the land impact goes to 10! is there someway to know what the physics change will do before i invest in uploading?
  5. It did for me too, but I still freeze and crash after about 2 hours on Firestorm . My computer is within the specs needed for SL
  6. I was getting constant TP crashes for a few months.... every 4 to 5 teleports I took I would crash. The past week or more it has been working fine. Now you went and broke it again, and worse than the first time around! Whatever you did, go back a week! Now I am crashing every second or third teleport I take. And any changes to worn items, from huds, etc reverts back and I have to change them all again.This is so frustrating! Any hints on how to stop it from happening? Other than stay in one place the entire time of course....
  7. Alpine Pass Full Homestead at Willowdale Estate Our new Alpine Pass landscaping is designed for larger homes or even a village. It uses the newest mega sim surround which really gives a feeling of being in the Mountains and it appears huge! There is a natural river that runs through the entire valley, a beautiful raised area, and a good sized swimming area with a cove beach. This is a 4 Season Homestead. Tenants can change the seasons themselves whenever they want using a special HUD we give you when you purchase from Willowdale Estate. Full homesteads at WILLOWDALE ESTATE EM Rights - you can restart your own sim, change the terrain texture and anything else that can be done from the Region/Estate window Landscaping - keep the landscaping or return it and do your own thing, we will upload your raw file if you have one Covenant & Restrictions - absolutely no restrictions or covenant of any kind - you can do whatever you want on your full homestead Style Changes - if you get bored with your homestead you can request a style change to any of our other styles - you don't have to move Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/61/192/23 We offer 9 different landscaping designs for our full homesteads: Alpine Pass New England Charm Forest Retreat Pebble Beach Mountain Lake Scottish Hebrides Beach Tropical Primal Tropical Castle Rock Tenants can have the landscaping on their homestead changed to any of the designs we offer. You can view our homestead landscaping designs on our website - https://www.willowdaleestates.com Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/61/192/23
  8. Sim name is Meadowbrooke You get full estate rights 29,999 prims available (1 prim reserved for rental meter - I can move meter to where you want it) Private sim, not attached to other regions Sold flat and empty – you can do whatever you want with landscaping You can change sim rating (General, Moderate or Adult) I can upload a terrain file if needed Renting for cost only – not interested in making a profit. The initial land cost is one week's tier - 15,750L. You may pay weekly or monthly. Contact Jasmine Heartsong for more information http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadowbrooke/160/133/21
  9. Update for this, which is STILL happening. I have noticed that it is when teleporting to a sim I have already been to since my last crash that it happens. I can visit 20 new sims one after the other and it seems fine, but as soon as I try and return to one I have been to already, BAM. Crash. Any ideas what might be causing this issue? Tired as hell of this bug now.
  10. I do have Malwarebytes and I already have my SL app listed on there. Does it still do this even after doing this? As far as happening on busy sims, for me it doesn't matter. I can be around 30 people or by myself and I will still TP crash if I am returning to a previous TP point.
  11. I got this when I clicked 'update' when uploading my latest product to MP ... An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #119.dc5c7a5c.1630404685.169c3b Also it refused to add items to the 'related items' tab from the generated list. Is it just me ?
  12. I always wondered why we are scrambling to create a "metaverse" when nearly every metaverse featured in every science fiction novel ever is a dystopian corporate nightmare that people use to escape from the fact that the planet is falling to pieces around them. Its almost never portrayed as a good thing. If we ever do get to that stage, oh my, humanity is irreparably, irredeemably screwed. If we are not already. But until we either have chips in our brains or at the very least, lightweight, discreet and affordable AR glasses, the metaverse will never be a thing in the "ready player one/snow crash/neuromancer, etc" mass parallel reality sense of the word. I think of all the current crop, NeosVR is probably closest to "the dream/nightmare" right now and its super impressive (or embarrassing, if your LL) to see what 1 person with passion can do. I have had a scootch around on desktop and its petty impressive even without a headset. Kicks the crud out of Sansar (not that that was hard).
  13. Running 11.2.3 Big Sur -- Firestorm produces an Apple crash report always - on close. Submitted a Jira but got a snarky response from someone who was looking for Windows "sysinfo." Gave up, closed the Jira. Wondering if anyone else has this -- and found a fix? The good news is no kernel panics and seemingly no damage. But I have stepped back to the previous version. For anyone interested, included the first page of the crash report, see if it matches yours. Running on a 2020 Mini, with external Sonnet/Radeon video. Thanks all!!!
  14. Cool! Thanks! I'm unfamiliar with that tool, though. Is that from Mac? Linux? Windows? I'm running Windows 10 on both my computers currently. Wait, let me google that. Ah, it's Gnu! Let's see if it's in my Cygwin. It is! Every time I run it, though, I get a different URL. Apparently WQXR is using multi-server distributed streaming, so a single numeric URL won't work for that stream. And I can see why: it's a world-class radio station (The Classical Music Voice Of New York, New York, USA) with people listening to it all over the world, tens of millions of people at once, so a single server would crash almost instantly (DDOS from Hell). But a single numeric IP:Port should work for servers that have a smaller user base just fine, which is most of the niche-market streams I'll be dropping in radios, so wget is a good tool to know for that. Thanks for the tip! 🙂
  15. Most of the TP crashes I experience, are when I try to TP out of a very busy region. That is, one with a lot of people in it. After a long wait for the TP to work, it stops, says TP failed, then I either have to log out, because further TP's wont work, or eventually, I get a crash/disconnect. Oh and I don't have Malwarebytes installed.
  16. Hello, I have been putting items up on the marketplace and everytime I upload a picture I lose quality. Is there a way I can upload my pictures without losing quality? I upload in PNG format and the ratio I use is 700 x 512 pixels.
  17. Like this? but when I am in my 3d software it looks fine ? I use 3dsmax , any idea how can I fix?
  18. I want to make a semi-transparent prim---think stained-glass window. It occurred to me that there are two ways to do it. One it to upload a semi-transparent texture, which I might have to do repeatedly to get just the appearance I want. the other is to upload an opaque texture and use the transparency adjustment in the prim editor to make it semi-transparent, which would be easier and quicker to get exactly right. Would there be any difference in the result from the two methods?
  19. I guess the first question would be how much data do you want to store. If you want to store all sim statistics into a list every 10 seconds then you either have to remove the oldest ones from your list when you run out of memory (better then script crash) or store them somewhere else. Again depends on the amount of data. If you can fill up a script with data in 1 day you can either add something like 100 scripts to your object as storage or you will have to store it in a remove database.
  20. Hiyas efryone, sorry if this is super obvious or covered in some faq somewhere, but I can't figure it out. When I double click the pic in SL I want it to open in the aspect ratio it does on my computer, but it opens as 1x1. This is what I'm doing: Take a picture in SL. I see in my SL camera it says 1024x768. The format is PNG. It saves to disc - my computer. When I open the picture on my PC it is widescreen, for example the pixel dimensions are 1908x1008. Then I pay the $10LL to upload it to SL. Then I double-click on it in SL. It shows 'Preview aspect ratio' 1:1, and it shows 1024x1024. =( I don't see any options when I upload it to keep the original image aspect ratio? I know when i put the texture on an object how to resize it at that time, for example i would edit the object to make it, in this case, 1908x1008, and then put the texture on, and everything is fine. But for just double clicking and opening in SL... i have some actual SL pictures that other people have given me that do open in 2:1, so it must be possible. Like for profile pix, you don't want someone to have to resize them, they won't bother. Thank you for any help you can please provide. ~Bleue p.s. have a gr8 sl-day! <3
  21. Standalone regions with either 20,000 prims or 30,000 prims. - full estate rights for you and up to 13 of your friends - no rules - no covenant - name changes can be arranged - private, not attached to other regions - sold flat and empty, can do whatever you want with landscaping - we can upload terrain file if needed Stop by our Land Store at Second Norway and have a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SECOND NORWAY/107/25/25
  22. The story goes like this: I'm super newbie on this creation stuff. If you're not tolerant at all, please ignore this topic. So, I completed this Oema Resident tutorial I watched on Youtube about clothes for SL. All good and dandy for the first 30 minutes. Then she says something about using blender, UV Maps and rigging. Her following tutorials are somewhat confusing for she goes from working on a dress (Marvelous) to rigging a blouse (blender) I've never heard of the word rigging before, and as far as I've understood it has something to do with clothes and avatars movement (????) Apart from downloading blender, I kind of got the idea that I needed the avastar add-on, which only made everything more confusing. I know what UV Mapping is about for I have some experience with cc thanks to the Sims 2 To be fair honest, I don't care for creating skirts or dresses, if that's what this rigging concept is really about. I'm down to learning from a to z when it comes to something with a niche opportunity (glancing at my business diploma here 🤣). And by that I mean that there are more than enough creators supplying the basics of fashion market (clothes in general) Is this rigging process really necessary for all sorts of clothes? I could focus on some components in particular, not fashion as an overall Do you know any tutorial that goes as far as teaching how to create AND upload that content to SL? I was getting the hang of Marvelous when I realized I couldn't complete the work on the sole software, and this ultra nice girl from the videos didn't make a follow up on the dress. Don't even get me started on blender... it goes beyond my daily dose of new concepts ☺️
  23. Did you know that 360 degree panoramic images created in Second Life can be uploaded and viewed on YouTube? All you need to do is open the image in a video editing app, extend its play for a minute or two, then export it as an MP4. Now download and use Spatial Media Metadata Injector to insert the relevant metadata into the video, so YouTube will recognise it as a 360 degree movie. Upload the video to YouTube, and you're done. Expect the video to take a while to be fully processed because once its ready it will be in 4K. The advantage of using YouTube to display 360 panoramas created in Second Life is that, unlike many online platforms its free, and the video is easy to embed on blogs or websites. Also, the panorama can be shown on this forum, whereas panoramas from elsewhere cannot. The downside is you can't add hotspots to the video as you can when uploading to other 360 panorama websites. If you'd like more info on 360 panoramas created in Second Life I've written a series of tutorials on my blog. There's also some tutorials on the SL-Inspiration YouTube channel, (excuse the shameless self promotion). Here's an example of a 360 degree panorama I uploaded to YouTube. Hit play then use your mouse to drag the image around. The video can be paused anytime, and the image still viewed in 360 degrees. If you're curious about what difference hotspots can make, here's the same image uploaded to Momento360.
  24. Your using 64bit Firestorm but your installing 32bit libraries that's fine if you want to use 32bit native voice. When you do that Tumbleweed will install the complete 32bit stack. but the Growl issue was a big find. And already posted it in jira. If FS enable growl that is a crash logger for them then it is linking against a 32bit library that is bad. During a build of Linux64 it looks for linux64 and common if no linux64 it will pull linux. Not good! Been there done that. This will cause the viewer to crash on startup. I do not enable growl on my builds of FS but I am sure they do. I am glad you all brought this up this helps FS
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