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Found 3,005 results

  1. As a scripter, I run across glytches every day. I even create them, usually by accident. I think those particular ones are cute, though. They are comic relief, to make you let your guard down for a second. But I know nothing about how they got there. That's someone else's department. 🙄
  2. Hey! I want to make a HUD that communicates with a database (already got a hosting for that) with a few functions and website access. Message me in world or here with your prices. Thanks.
  3. Thanks! I'm not a scripter, so it became a total *vendetta* to make it work and I'm kind proud of myself!
  4. “Learn to script” is the answer you’re looking for. When it comes to content creation, the scripter is at the top of the totem pole. Builder classes such as 3D modeler, texture artist, sound designer and animator are all subordinate to the scripter. Without code, their creations are nothing; especially on the marketplace. Here are some comparisons between the builder and scripter: - Builders and artists are a dime a dozen. Scripters who can write very sophisticated code are rare by comparison and are in much higher demand and can therefore, charge higher premiums. - Scripting has a high learning curve and requires thinking algorithmically which most builders find difficult to grasp. Learning Photoshop is easy and can be done within a few weeks. Mastering a programming language takes considerably longer as you’re essentially learning a new language. A person who can code well but produces mediocre textures will still come out ahead of the talented artist who can’t code at all. - It is all too easy to have your work stolen in SL whether you’re a 3D modeler or musician due to the need for media to be transferred locally to the viewer and thus, can be accessed in a myriad of ways. Scripters enjoy more security as their code is stored server side. - When working in collaboration of others, builders assume all the risks as they must give their work full perm to the scripter in order for the scripts to be probably installed and tested. If the scripter decides to turn and run with the builder’s work, the builder is screwed. Scripters, on the other hand, never have to give their script openly to the builder as the scripts themselves are always set to no mod. - Scripters can implement backdoors into their code to ensure compliance with the terms of agreement during a collaboration. If a builder, for an example, decides to cut off the scripter from all future proceeds, the scripter can disable the functionality of the product being sold through the utilization of backdoor code. Builders have no equivalent recourse should a business partner go rogue. - Code can be repurposed for other things whereas builders must usually start from scratch when making original artwork. This is advantageous for the scripter on projects that are more conducive to OOP type of programming. Take the collaboration between a scripter and a builder on a motorbike project, for an example. As all motorbikes share the same properties, once a script has been completed, it can be reused for all subsequent motorbike products with a few variable adjustments. The builder, on the other hand, must usually start from scratch for any new motorbike project that goes beyond a simple re-paint. The workload for a builder remains constant whereas the amount of work required by a scripter levels off considerably with each new motorbike while making the same amount of profit. - Whenever LL makes alterations to LSL which can cause errors, the builder must get in touch with the scripter to update the code. If the scripter is nowhere to be found, the builder is screwed unless they have the source code (highly unlikely). The number of major brands that have ceased operations due to their scripter having left SL are legion. - The free resources available to the scripter looking for assets such as 3D models, textures, music, sound fx, etc. are incredibly vast. For the builder who needs something more sophisticated than an open door script, the opposite is true. This makes the scripter truly independent compared to the builder. - Thanks to machine learning architecture found in modern software, scripters can make up for shortcomings in other areas. The scripter may not be as talented as a dedicated artist, but they don’t have to be a Leonardo Da Vinci to produce work that is “good enough”. Third party Photoshop plugins, Substance Alchemist, Adobe Dimension/Fuse, DAZ 3D, and Quixel Suite now make it possible for anyone to create work of acceptable quality with just the presets offered. To code an ambitious project, you DO have to be the equivalent of a Leonardo Da Vinci. For the builder, there’s no software available to SL to help them write code beyond just the wiki; which is written for programmers anyway. - The system requirements to code in LSL are low for scripters. Whereas builders require a beefy system to run multiple Creative Cloud apps plus 3D software, a scripter can get by with just a sub-notebook that can load notepad.exe. Testing of scripts can be done with the lowest graphic settings on the Additi grid unless avatar customization HUDs are involved . While there are always exceptions, a good rule of thumb is if you want to make something that just looks nice, be a builder. If you actually want to make money, be a scripter.
  5. Looking for a scripter to make a click to animate hud, and click for a smoke particle. We're making vapes and I want those who purchase the item to be able to use their vapes with these huds. Once the hud has been clicked the vape will continue to animate the avatar and smoke will play until they are deactivated via the hud. Anyone who can help us with this projects we would love to work with on this.
  6. Yes, I agree. If you were a scripter, you could do just that. This particular script is a very simple, bare bones script that could be modified in lots of ways, including managing several doors. So, you have a choice. You could either figure out how to change it yourself -- not a terribly difficult job -- or you could hire a scripter to do it for you. Or, you could just go ahead and use two separate copies of this script, one in each door. Frankly, the small inefficiency of using two scripts is almost negligible, and that's by far the easiest option you have. If you were scripting an entire house full of doors, I'd think abut the modification.
  7. Hi I'm in need of Scripter who is willing to make a script for free. It's nothing big and sadly I dont have any money, but I really need this script made for my project i'm working on. I made these tattoo Layers for Belleza Freya with my own UV maps and not taken from the devkit that I have because I honestly dont know how ppl are able to make textures that wrap around the legs and arms perfectly. I really want to make a hud that ppl can easily put in a note card with texture uuid without needing to go into the script especially for those who have no scripting knowledge. I'm not one to do this, but i'm begging for someone to do this for me.
  8. Also some (not all) places, try to be lucrative, without giving much as reward. and those who do not need to keep something to do. Truly I agree with the idea of "the owner way or no way" as there is needed some ground rules. Of course if the owner places too many, people will not go. but the same will happen with sims that. Do not allow to rez anything but do not have enough furniture to play with. Or they allow to rez but just 5 minutes (and have not enough rezed). or you have to do a lot of things (like creating an acount on a site) or be too limited on your choices. Personally i do not go anywhere where you need a special hud even if its free to get. First becaue i am a scripter and as such i know what can be done with them. so i tend to not trust anyone into wearing things. sl is rather secure even so. but I will not risk it. Second, if you are using something they can move you, or just do a lot of stuff (including forcing animations). the last issue is when limit races or situations. so it truly limits what you want to do. I play as one character and each sim for me is a new planet (or universe). or even region of other planet. so if i cannot be myself there for any restriction, will just not be there or be ooc only to see around. and as that I think that a lot of people do the same or similar enough so this kinds of sims end up not having enough people.
  9. If you want to hire a scripter, the place to post is the InWorld Employment forum.
  10. Hello! Can anyone write dance hud script with 4-5 buttons? - invite - next dance - previous dance - stop For reward of course! Please, leave a message! Thank you!
  11. Hey, I'm in need of an experienced scripter for a project I'm working on for my store Tredente. The script will be based on timing different events with a bento smoking animation I have created. Please contact me inworld @ tr3ypapi Resident if you are interested in working with me. Thanks in advance
  12. Looking for someone to create a script to do some various sim-actions via SmartBots API. IM me in-world please. ♥
  13. This is certainly true. We tell kids that they can be anything that they set their minds to, but that's baloney (and any kid can see through that). Some people have a talent for words, some can draw, some have a mind for numbers, and some are way more coordinated physically than the rest of us. Just because you're not the best at something, though, doesn't mean you're totally out of the game. I have always felt that I have a knack for math. It's one of the things that drew me into a career in the sciences and helps me be -- speaking humbly -- a pretty good scripter in SL. Still, I have known a few people who are really good at math and can run circles around me, and I have known a few truly impressive scripters (like Void Singer, who held my hand as I tiptoed into LSL years ago). It's very humbling. If I had let that discourage me from doing the best that I can, though, I would have missed out on a lot of fun research and wouldn't being having nearly as much fun in SL. The point is that we not only have different talents but we all have our own limits, and what we end up being able to do depends on how much we decide to exercise the talents we have.
  14. For a lot of basic operations, just stroll through the LSL wiki's FUNCTIONS pages, looking at examples. Many of those are also listed among others on the EXAMPLES site. You can also look in the wiki's Library for more complex sample scripts. Most of the examples that you find in those places were written by competent scripters who have a feel for good practice, The same cannot be said for a lot of other scripts that you find in freebie libraries in world or on the web. As you have noticed, most specialized scripts for the sorts of operations that you might really want to copy modify are no-mod, for good reason. They were written for very specific applications, they took some skilled scripter a lot of time to polish, and they were written for a price. If you have enough experience to write scripts of that complexity, you probably don't need more than an occasional basic example of some odd function to remind you of a detail here or there.
  15. Asynchronous tasks. You have to write them both assuming that you know nothing about the state of the other task that it hasn't explicitly told you. I'd lay odds that just about every beginning coder has written themselves at least one race condition before these rules got properly wired into their heads and got burned by it. We've a lot of gifted and creative folks in SL who are not professional coders, who did not come to LSL with the mental bruises to teach them why "this is always the way you do it, even if it looks like a simpler way will work." There's bound to be a lot of this out there on the grid, and it is the nature of race conditions that they are usually exposed as performance improves. That these LSL coders are in this position of having their scripts break under a performance improvement is not LL's fault, but nor would it be fair to say that it is entirely the coders fault either. This is their encounter with that painful lesson that almost all more experienced coders have had in their own history - it is part of the "experience" that causes a 'less experienced coder to become a more experienced one. It's like triggering an animation when somebody sits on the object "knowing" that animation perms are automatically granted by a seated avatar instead of requesting them and waiting for a run-time-permissions event. Exactly the same race condition. Ultimately, since the performance improvements which expose these race conditions are now critical, I don't see that LL will have any choice but to publicize this as widely as possible for a short time and then bite the bullet and roll the update, letting the chips fall where they may for scripts that subsequently reveal themselves to have been mis-coded. Sadly, this means that where an object's scripter is no longer around or no longer supporting the object, if it contains this kind of error in its scripts that object will likely be junk. We've been there before. It wasn't pretty then and it won't be pretty now, but for all the inactive scripters whose legacy objects fall into obsolescence there will be others who are active and will create objects to fill the void, coding them to avoid this pitfall.
  16. I am a programmer with 4 years experience in scripting with LSL. I enjoy building custom systems ground-up and will provide low lag solutions to my customer's specifications. I can write simple, minor fixes to existing scripts, tip jars, club systems, dialog menus, detections, HUDs and vendors to more advanced systems such as pose systems, RLV, vehicles, pathfinding, weaponry, SL experiences and HTTP for external coms to websites and databases. (Also experienced in HTML/CSS, php, SQL, Ruby, Rails, Python and Javascript ) Script adaptations and library resources if used will be fully cited. I work closely with my clients providing working demos of their products with full perm models (with user license) on completion and delivery. Note: Models will be mockups to present the functioning script, clients must finalise prim designs and builds themselves. Clients may also visit my workshop to see the progress made on their projects. Price is dependent on complexity of the project. A percentage of sales of scripts resold in your creations will be negotiated. Delivery may be a few hours to weeks also dependent on script complexity and work load. IM me inworld or visit The Script Yard for a consultation. If I'm offline IMs will go to email and will get back to you ASAP. (Forwarning: Adult rated profile) Copy/paste this link to the nearby chat window in your viewer, press enter then click on my name in chat to open my profile: secondlife:///app/agent/a9ba2797-81af-429d-9833-51127ad5593c/about Script Yard LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cotehill/15/179/55 Marketplace Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/149734
  17. If you are new to scripting, probably the best thing you can do for yourself is to spend a few hours with basic tutorials >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Tutorial . Scripting is not really about syntax. It's about logic. To begin in any new language, you need to first get a feel for the basic flow of logic in it -- in this case, LSL's system of using events and states to define blocks in which specific segments of your task will take place, and the way it distinguishes between local variables and global ones. Once you understand that, the rest is a matter of looking up the individual functions that you need to use to express the logic of your task. All of the LSL functions are in the wiki >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Functions . Once you have practiced for a while, you won't have to look up the more common functions any more. Even when you become a seasoned scripter, you'll still need to check the wiki for functions that you only use occasionally.
  18. i understand the logic, i just don;t know how to actually use the correct format(i don't know where or how "MyCounter" goes into my script) to make it work. i don't know how to make that snippet know what values to change...........if i see examples of how Mycounter actually looks like in a working script, i maybe could figure it out. i'm not a scripter, i just cobble things together as i need them.
  19. Hello Everyone. I have found some really awesome mesh for weapons that I plan on issuing to my guys for combat. However I don't know how to script and really needs this done right. If you are able to script in the VICE combat system I would love to speak with you. I do not intend on selling these only as a standard unit for my vice combat group. Hope to hear from you. General Temp Harrison RAEC Commander
  20. That's... not really accurate or even a good comparison. "Every game these days" does not use a naked body with fake clothing textures combined with some snap-on mesh parts. Most commonly they use either swappable partial body mesh (to bridge the gaps between fully modeled clothing, similar to our alpha cuts but using completely separate mesh instead), or no body at all and just all clothes fused together. The reason why this isn't a good comparison because there's too big of a difference between "every game" including SL, in asset-creation and usage. It's very hard to generalize, even as I tried. Trust me, I know. I'm a scripter and this feature is trivial to implement. There are a handful of bodies that even have the feature, like the Kemono by Utilizator. The problem is that, like I said, "the kind of mesh in use today" like Maitreya, Freya, etc. don't have this feature even though it would have been useful even pre-BOM. Almost all of the mainstream mesh bodies we have are terrible as far as features go. No-modify, no covers for extra bits, etc. I have little faith in the creators that own the market BOM is most relevant for, but that's no fault of LL.
  21. I am looking for a scripter for a long term project, please contact me at inworld for details; My avatar name is Mrsl Boa
  22. Hey my name is giaheart12312 and I am looking for a scripter to make a pregnancy hud for me and also a doctor and nurse and patient hud. For more information or questions feel free to inbox me at giaheart12312
  23. I'm not sure about Paradise, but this isn't a parking lot either. I've been here well over 12 years, like many others who have already commented, so I have seen the excitement of the "wild and wooly" days when we could all create stuff with native prims and I have seen the dramatic quality improvements (and the "gentrification") that came with the switch to user-created mesh. I am much more talented as a scripter than as a builder, so I weathered the shift by moving away from making clothing and odd prim items and toward making more complex scripts. I've watched all my longtime friends make their own choices about what's exciting today. Those who are not creators have been caught up in different ways to decorate or to customize their avatars or in new kinds of games and events. If we didn't still think that SL is a great place to be creative, socialize, explore, and whatever, we would have left ages ago. If we didn't think that SL's future is going to be at least as exciting for us, we'd leave now. This is Paradise in progress. Put simply, Paradise, like Hell, is what you make of the world around you. All in all, I see this as a world that will keep growing and where I can keep growing. It's not a bad place to have retired.
  24. hello, scripter needed to take over project and rework some scripts and create new ones for my projects. reply by notecard inworld for interview..
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