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  1. It's not surprising that the edit option is grayed out. The script is almost certainly no mod. There are usually other ways to reset, though. When I write a script for something that is meant to be attached, like a HUD, I generally script in a short piece that forces the script to reset when it's attached. If you haven't already tried, take your AO back into inventory and then wear it again. If your scripter was like me, that should reset it. You might also try removing the configuration notecard (that is, copy it back to your inventory, delete it from the AO, and then drag the copy back into it). That action may also reset the script, depending on how it's written.
  2. working on a prim mirror script, almost there, but I kinda failed to find out the correct Symmertic rotation equations of the sculptures >.> and nope please don't tell me to buy a mirror tool from marcket place, I can't, because what I need is the open-source script that allow me to work in other grids.... would someone PLEEEEASE tell me how to make it wrork? if you are a scripter and you already know it, but don't want to let the kitty out of the bag, can you at least please tell me where to find the mathematic equation that would make it work, so that I can figure it out myself? lots of thanks in advance~ :3
  3. I'm lazy. I have a bellybutton ring I made and what I wanted was a thing that I could use to apply poses to my avatar for photos without needing to rez a pose stand or go to my inventory. So what I did was make a tummybutton ring and put opencollar scripts into it, plonk, like that, because opencollar has this awesome thing where you can apply poses to your av through menu and chat commands, and if you take out the creepy SnM poses and put in model poses, it's pretty cool, and it's got some (admittedly rather clunky) couple anims too, if you want to kiss or hug someone. But the thing is, that's not idea because I don't use an RLV-enabled viewer, which means the thing is sub-optimal in terms of my client's framerate (and, I suspect, general lag too, although I don't know that for sure), and because there are piles of scripts in it that I have no intention of ever using (leash, for instance, or owner, or any of the rlv stuff that I can't use anyways because I am using 2.6, or the thing that asks the OpenCollar servers for updates). Question then is, to what extent is it possible to strip scripts out of an opencollar attachment? I mean, can I just delete the ones that I don't want (leash, update, the RLV ones) and leave the ones I do want (anims, menu) or are they all interconnected? Will deleting scripts without editing the remaining ones break the thing? What can go? What can't? Or is there an easier option for the non-proficient scripter?
  4. Thanks PeeWee and Ishtara. If I were a scripter, which I'm not, I would take that information and put it in a gadget that would give me the measurement just by focusing and clicking on a distant point, just like I can do with a RL rangefinder
  5. It depends on the AO you're using -- the actual type, as opposed to the animations, that is. Some have this facility built-in (primarily for the benefit of furniture makers) and others have fully modifiable scripts so it's easy enough for a scripter add the appropriate commands for you. What sort of AO is it, and are the scripts modifiable?
  6. Kascha Matova wrote: But just so I know, since I can check script count with Ascent now, what is "an excessive amount of scripts", to where I should start feeling like the black hole of every sim I enter? "There's really no reason to have more than 5mb of memory (really 2)" This is a suggestion from NeoBokrug Elytis. I trust 100% Neobokrug on this topic: he's a very skilled scripter and at the same time he's very proactive about servers performances (he owns and manages The Wastelands Estate - google his nickname for more details about him).
  7. Hello Ai, I'm glad to hear you are so proud on what you have archived. You should be! You earn it, actually anybody who is creative in SL earns it, but not everybody gets it. It's admirable you were able to make a profitable business starting just in 2010. Thumbs up! My story has a long and a short version. The short version: I consider myself as a 'hobby that got out of hand merchant' And the long story: I came to SL because I was fascinated by the idea that the world was made by her residents, and very soon after my arrival I felt I wanted to attribute to this creative world. But then in 2007 I had no idea what I could make. I visited a lot of shops and I saw a lot of common and a lot of strange things and the more I saw the more I got the idea that everything was there already. But during my shop visits I saw a lot of places that did not present their products in the most profitable way, I saw ugly logo's, ulgy advertisements, ulgy productboxes and so on. I wanted to contribute to the beauty of SL and I saw a role for myself as graphic designer. I started camping to cover my texture uploads costs and within a few weeks had my own graphic design studio. I had made some friends in the meanwhile who had their own business in SL, and after I had made some examples I could show in my studio, I simply started asking them for design jobs. I asked low prices, I started with making advertisement boards for 200 L$. While I considered earning 20x my upload costs as a good deal, my clients told me I should ask more for my work. By that time I really had no idea what kind of income you can generate in SL when you have good Photoshop skills. I raised my prices to 500, same effect: clients gave me tips and said I asked too less money. I raised my prices again... and again, and again. One of the things I liked to do most was design logo's for SL businesses. You cannot design a logo for somebody out of the blue, you must know what the business is about, what the owner stands for, what kind of customer the brand must appeal to and so on. So apart from having a very close look at the products I also had an intensive talk with the brandowner before I started sketching. I have dear memories of that time, those talks were often a discovery challenge, both for me and the store owner. Some people had a very clear picture of their SL business, but most of them had not. And my questions to get the info out of my customers that I needed to start working on the logo made them think about their own businesses in another dimension then they were used to. They learned something from me, but on my turn I learned a lot from them as well. I learned a lot about doing business in SL, about the practical aspects, about the commercial aspects and maybe even more about the personel aspects. I learned for example that (not always, but in most cases) people's SL businesses are very close to their soul. SL businesses are businesses driven by passion. One day I walked into a mathematician in SL, he did scripting work in SL, he had made some things for his friends, just for fun and for the beauty of scripting. The showed me some things he had made, and they were wonderful, but so badly textured... I just felt these things deserved better textures. After we had talked a few times and seemed to like each other good, I suggested to start a business together, with products scripted by him and textured by me. He told me he had no brain for business at all and he was not sure about making a business in SL but he loved to cooperate to make a beautiful object together. We started with making a curtain together. I was very exited about making a business and to apply the knowledge I had gather through logo design for other SL businesses. I made textures for the curtains, I made a business plan, I designed a logo, I designed product boxes, I builded a shop next to my design studio, while my partner was working on the scripts. He turned out to be a perfectionist, something I recognize (I can spend time on one pixel being in the wrong place.) In the meanwhile I was still working as graphical designer for others and I did not plan to give up on that, because I loved what I was doing 'dress up businesses in a visual way'. My wish to make our own business was actually more driven by the urge to do this whole process of imagebuilding for our own brand, than by the wish to earn money. By that time I was well paid by my design customers, they were happy to pay me 5000 L$ for a design. I used to make two or three designs a week, while my tiercosts were no more then 500 a week, I considered myself in a very good wellbeing in SL. (Though I made enough money I never cashed out. I spend some on art, clothes, hairs, shoes, charity and to tip artists and the rest I saved on an alt with the idea I might need to buy a premium account later to have my own land. But the money kept coming, by doing what I best liked in SL I had gathered about half a million linden dollars by that time.) In stead of my business partner I was very convinced that we would find a market for our curtains. While I had visions selling hundreds of them, he had the idea we would be lucky if we might sell ten or maybe twenty. Before I started thinking about how to price the curtains, I had not orientated on other curtains in SL at all. I started visiting shops that sold curtains and I discovered a few things: there is not óne shop that is selling only curtains, and most of the curtains were low quality and none of the curtains moved so realistic as ours. At the moment you are very enthusiastic about the project you are working on, you might see all through colored glasses, but the more curtains I saw the more I became convinced our curtains were simply the best moving curtains in SL. After an intensive period of beta-testing (which was absolutely necessary before my partner dared to offer his newborn to the world), we could finally put the curtains in the store. We decided to sell them for a very reasonable price (200 L$). I invited some friends to visit and share my joy about this new project and most of them said: you have the best curtains I've ever seen in SL. (How proud were we?) The shop was there, and we did not have the idea the the product would sells right away, we were still thinking about an official opening with a party and a some dj's. But on day one the curtains started selling. Friends were my first customers, and they recommended to their friends. Within the first week sold 20 curtains, next week 40 and it kept growing, the first month that Dynamic Curtains existed we sold about 100 curtains. Within three months we sold about 300 curtains a month, and that seemed to be the limit. For quite a long time, about two years we sold that amount of curtains. (In those years lot of customers have IM'd one of us to say we have the best curtains in SL.) I considered it as a miracle that this product started selling just by being there. We didn't have promotional campagnes, we didn't advertise, we didn't invite press, we didn't have events, campers or magic chairs. We just set the curtains for sale in a shop and listed our products on slexchange an onrez and they started selling like hot buns. Me and my partner shared the profit 50/50. So we made roughly 30.000 a month each. By that time I started cashing out. Also a bit driven by my partner, who always told me: your money is safer on your rl bank then in SL. I thought he was right. After all it's a virtual world just driven on software, you never know what can happen. My first cashing out was with mixed feelings, knowing it was the smartest thing to do, I still felled a bit sorry I would never see my avatar hold the magical amount of 1 million linden dollars. But once the magic ban between sl money and rl money was broken I started to cash out on regular base. It's through Dynamic Curtains that I discovered the power of selling to the masses. Till then I only had done custom texture work for SL merchants. And though I enjoyed that kind of work very much, this results with the curtainshop made me think again about my future in SL. As a graphic designer you get only paid once for your job, by selling virtual goods you get smaller amount per customer, but you get customers over and over again. You can work on new products, while the ones keep selling. Besides the financial gain I enjoyed the contact with the customers. Not only because they keep telling how they lóóóóve your product, but also to help them solving possible problems. Because you are proud on your product, you want your customers to enjoy it, not to stick it back in their inventory because they experience problems. Beside of that it opens your eyes for needs that customers can have that you did not think of. You can use that knowledge to improve your product and future products. With my design studio I had been working with a fashion designer for a new logo design and some product templates. I was just in my period of doubt, when she asked me to restyle her whole brand. New productpics, new boxes, new shop design, the whole thing. I was very honored she trusted me so much that she put her whole brand imaging in my hands, and in a good mood I started studying some big designers in SL that my client had admiration for, to see how they were doing their imagebuilding. Some of those big designers made the most wonderful outfits, very well designed, very well textures, just top quality. But I also saw shops that were quite good with imagebuilding, but where the merchandise itself was not carefully Photoshopped. Now and then I was so idle to think I would do a better job on those clothes then this famous designer. While I was actually browsing these topnotch fashion brands to see how to distinguishes the brand of my client from her concurrents, I started to get eager to try fashion design myself. And that's how it happened that I returned with leaden feet to my customer to tell her that I was not going to take the job to restyle her brand. For a while I kept doing smaller jobs for clients I had worked with before, but I didn´t take design requests anymore from new businesses. I started my fashion brand Madame Haute Couture in the place that was once my design studio. That was in spring 2008, it was still a good time for starting up a fashion brand in SL. With Madame I had a very different experience then with my curtain shop. My designs started selling, but not with the same ease as our curtains. I learned that fashion needs promotion, promotion and promotion. In the beginning it was kind of interesting to find out about marketing techniques and to experiment with several of them. But be in the long run it turns out that you spend more time on promoting your items then on designing them. Though Madame has made me good money for about one and a half year, much more money then the curtains already did, all the work that was needed from promotion began to feel as a heavy load to me, it kept me too often away from what I actually like to do in SL: creating. I tried to work with a marketing manager. Two times I invested a great deal of time in working someone into the job, and both times it didn't turn out well. But every time I made a new design for my brand, I started to hate the promotional round that should follow more and more. And then one day when I was in a promotion dip I put myself for the mirror and asked: what do you really want? Is it more important to keep this money stream coming my way, or is it more important that I enjoy the things I do my spare time? I decided for the last. I have an RL job that I can live from, the SL money is some nice extra money, but I don't need it to survive. I'm in SL because of my passion for creating. That the results of this creating bring a nice amount of extra money in my rl pockets is very cool, but it's not the ultimate aim. One of my most important discoveries is that in SL I have the luxury to do business in a way that suits me. I can work with my own moral standards and under my own conditions. My decision was not only driven by my growing hate of the promotional work, but also by the fact that I found a new exiting field to explore: sculpties. Now and then I had bought sculpts for my fashion designs, but I often became frustrated about how hard they were to texture. To get more grip on this texturing of the sculpty I started to learn some basics texturing skills in Blender. And the more I did get a clue about what Blender is able to do , the more it started fascinating me. Being so completely into learning something new, made it quite easy for me to decide not to be the marketing slave of my own brand any longer. I stopped promoting my products and of course the results were dramaticly for my sales. I often feel that it's more luck then wisdom that I'm a successful merchant is SL. Like with this last step I made... it was not a matter of overseeing the market or knowing that the sculpty businesses would bring me better business opportunities then the fashion industry in which it would become harder and harder to survive. It's pure luck that Blender came on my path just in het right time. I combined this new skills that I was learning with somethings I was already very skilled in (Photoshop) and that was the start of my fourth company in SL. And this became my most successful brand so far. I enjoy this business in many aspects. Making good quality sculpties is still a challenge, texturing them nicely also, I'm still learning and developing my skills. I work together with another sculpt/texture artist and a scripter, except that it's nice to talk about each others work it's also comfortable that the business is not on your shoulders alone. But the best of all are our customers. The target group our brand aims for, builders and creators, is an excellent group of customers. They know how to search the market and find the things they need, they have a good developed eye for quality and they have money because most of them they are selling goods themselves. The money I make with my curtain store and my fashion brand has become less and less in the time being. Both are still profitable businesses, they still sell more then they cost in rent, but you must not think in large amounts. More in terms like: good enough to do some shopping in SL now and then. But I don't care so much for shopping anymore, I already have enough skins, hairs, shoes, and my own hand made clothes. I have most tools I need to have. So I don't spend much anymore in SL, even the small amounts often go into the RL direction now. I don't make enough money in SL to make a living in RL, I make about the half of it. I could stop working full time and quit half of my job. But I don't. To depend partly on SL for my basic income feels to uncertain for me. I know I'm in a luxury position. I could afford to stop doing the promotional work for my fashion brand and focus on what I really like, because I don't depend on my SL money for a living. I don't think I would have taken that step when this was not the case. I'm also not so hurt by changes that LL makes and that harm my sales. Ofcourse you can wind yourself up about the way LL treats its merchants, and it still hurts you in the wallet, but some less SL income doesn't mean I won't be able to cover my rl expenses. So regardless of whatever LL does, I feel I'm a free, independent, innovative and happy creator. Apart from the cash I also take those feelings with me to RL. So in the end SL gives me both a material and a non material form of wealth.
  8. I'm not much of a scripter. I'm trying to make a weapon that can smash open objects to get prizes. Im using a melee weapons script I found that takes control of movement keys. So you have to hold down mousse button then click forward key or left, right and back. My question is wether it's possible to allocate a different key, say the key 'Z' to activate/control weapon activation? I find it rather cumbersome to have to hold down the mouse button and use direction keys. has anyone developed something simpler?
  9. I've found this so far, not entirely helpful. Maybe the problem will go away with V2. Suspends the execution of the current thread until the time-out interval elapses . The sleep() function shall cause the calling thread to be suspended from execution until either the number of realtime seconds specified by the argument ... The function sleep gives a simple way to make the program wait for a short interval. If your program doesn't use signals (except to terminate), ... The problem is this : if the scripter calls the sleep function with a high value , let's say : sleep(1500000) then your program will hang for 1500 seconds or ... Jun 12, 2010 ... Re: Any way from stopping a recursive function from hanging up the application? This System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(100); The time interval for which execution is to be suspended, in milliseconds. A value of zero causes the thread to relinquish the remainder of its time slice to any other thread that is ready to run. If there are no other threads ready to run, the function returns immediately, and the thread continues execution. This function causes a thread to relinquish the remainder of its time slice and become unrunnable for an interval based on the value of dwMilliseconds. The system clock "ticks" at a constant rate. If dwMilliseconds is less than the resolution of the system clock, the thread may sleep for less than the specified length of time. If dwMilliseconds is greater than one tick but less than two, the wait can be anywhere between one and two ticks, and so on. To increase the accuracy of the sleep interval, call the timeGetDevCaps function to determine the supported minimum timer resolution and the timeBeginPeriod function to set the timer resolution to its minimum. Use caution when calling timeBeginPeriod, as frequent calls can significantly affect the system clock, system power usage, and the scheduler. If you call timeBeginPeriod, call it one time early in the application and be sure to call the timeEndPeriod function at the very end of the application. After the sleep interval has passed, the thread is ready to run. If you specify 0 milliseconds, the thread will relinquish the remainder of its time slice but remain ready. Note that a ready thread is not guaranteed to run immediately. Consequently, the thread may not run until some time after the sleep interval elapses. For more information, see Scheduling Priorities. Be careful when using Sleep in the following scenarios: •Code that directly or indirectly creates windows (for example, DDE and COM CoInitialize). If a thread creates any windows, it must process messages. Message broadcasts are sent to all windows in the system. If you have a thread that uses Sleep with infinite delay, the system will deadlock. •Threads that are under concurrency control. For example, an I/O completion port or thread pool limits the number of associated threads that can run. If the maximum number of threads is already running, no additional associated thread can run until a running thread finishes. If a thread uses Sleep with an interval of zero to wait for one of the additional associated threads to accomplish some work, the process might deadlock. sleep() (lower-case 's') is a unix/linux function and has an argument in seconds, and is defined in unistd.h (I think). Sleep() (upper-case 'S') is a Micro$oft Window$ function, and has an argument in milliseconds, and is defined in windows.h. Both versions of sleep allow other processes to gain CPU time while the calling process is idle. In 16-bit MS-DOS this isn't necessary because the calling function is the ONLY processing running on the computer, hence no implementation of sleep. Turbo C has delay(), which is similar to sleep, but that is a complier-specific function and probably not implemented by any other 16-bit MS-DOS compiler. sleep() is one of the compiler specific functions, so it may not be available to you. For dos based compilers try #include <dos.h> As long as you use an ANSI compliant compiler, you can make your own timer function by adding time.h or ctime depending on C or C++ : The "DOS window" is not really a MS-DOS window at all -- its just another Win32 Window very similar to all other Win32 windows and shares the OS time exactly like all other windows -- regardless of what compiler you use. if you include windows.h in your program you can use Sleep(int milliseconds). Timing loops are of little use because (1) it depends on specific computer processor speed and (2) consums too much CPU time which is not very nice for other processes running on the same computer. all those 16-bit functions are not supported by any 32-bit compiler. Its a whole new way of programming. If you are attempting to port a 16-bit program to windows console, you will probably wind up rewring all the screen i/o stuff and direct hardware reads/writes. You can't use inp() and outp() functions because they are not available. you have to go through the win32 device drivers. Puts the script to sleep for sec seconds. The script will not do anything during this time. > Fast timers fail on non i386 systems > ------------------------------------ > > Key: SNOW-108 > URL: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SNOW-108 > Project: 6. Second Life Snowglobe - SNOW > Issue Type: Bug > Components: Source Code > Affects Versions: Snowglobe mysterious future > Environment: non i386 processors (with code compiled for that processor) > Reporter: ************ > Assignee: ************ > Fix For: Snowglobe 1.1 > > Attachments: BrokenFastTimer.png, fix_fast_timers_amd64_less_intrusive.patch, fixfasttimers.diff, SNOW-108_Better_Fast_Timers_on_Unixoids.patch > > > Fast timers do not us a universal method for getting accurate time > linux and mac should use gettimeofday() no matter what processor > Patch attached, fast timers work once again on amd64 (64 bit builds)
  10. * Most people love them, some hate them, can't please everyone. * They are popular. Over 50,000 rides by over 27,000 riders since January. * Over 5,000 free vehicles given away. About 100 have purchased the script license. * Use of the roads in this manner is available to EVERYONE and specifically permitted by the Lindens as are aircraft and boats to add RL realism. * Yes if you play on the freeway you need to be careful of traffic, not just mine. * Despite accusations, they doe NOT spam the public. They do offer free cars to PASSENGERS and allow tipping the driver. * The dead vehicles problem not only applies to my vehicles but all vehicles. The Lindens are considering a script addition that would remove vehicles trapped on no-script parcels. Timing??? * The number and distribution is strictly controlled. All vehicles are tracked. The goal is one every 10 minutes average but due to random travel sometimes you get more than one, sometimes none for over an hour. * Despite reports, the sim load is minimal. With Mono fixed even sim entry is no longer a problem. They use only one scanner every 5 seconds for pedestrian avoidance. * They do NOT spam menus unless you are a passenger * True the drivers are drunk but that's all I can hire. 18 months work in that script and at this stage most of the problems are limitations in the physics engine response time. * Originally there was no way to stop them going on SLRR, the railroads had the same parcel names as regular roads. That has now been corrected. I've debugged my TRANSFORMER script and gradually vehicles will be able to morph between road, railcars and boats as needed. * I'm a scripter not a builder. Most of the vehicles are freebies made by others. If you think they are crappy looking, make your own and run them on the roads or make good ones for me and I'll put them on the road for you. * Yes the tank will shoot you but it is a fake missile and does no damage. It ONLY shoots if you click on it, purely defensive. * The vehicles are nothing to do with any "Linden stress tests", I don't know where that came from. The Lindens do not support this project but do not restrict it while it stays within the TOS. They have placed restrictions on carrying advertising signs or spamming non passengers. * True the "scripting is not that great" but so far no one has done better, or even come close.
  11. This is a forum for discussing HOW to script. If you wish to employ a scripter you are better-off posting in the Commerce > Wanted forum http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/bd-p/Wanted or Commerce > Inworld Employment http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment
  12. Você vai descobrir que a maioria dos itens tem roteiro "não-mod" scripts se o criador tem escrito os roteiros si mesmo. Isso é para que as pessoas não podem ver no script, e copiar os seus segredos. Se você não é um scripter, provavelmente não há muito lá dentro que você seria capaz de mod de qualquer maneira. Há uma biblioteca de scripts de código aberto os scripts que são livres para qualquer um copiar e usar http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting-Library/bd-p/LSLScriptingLibrary se um criador usa um script de lá, então eles geralmente não fazem isso sem mod, porque não é seu próprio trabalho.
  13. Prokofy Neva wrote: The Lindens who are backing these because of some beloved stress testing or something need to weigh this alleged boon against the harassment and diminishment of Second Life for other people. If the Lindens need a stress test, they could script their own vehicles better and be willing to have them not go on certain sims. I don't think these vehicles are "Linden" backed. From what I can tell, the scripter is just placing these onto the roads on her own. She has a location that abuts up to a Linden road, and the vehicles are spawned from that location. She just puts them on the road. You or I *could* do the same thing. The Linden roads could, in theory, be swarmed with a steady stream of vehicles from multiple people So, although I don't think these auto-run-vehicles are "backed" by Lindens...I do think it will take some action from Lindens to alter the vehicle spawning.
  14. Marianne McCann wrote: Supposedly these things learn, Well, not really. I had kind of guessed how the scripting worked, and my building partner spoke with the scripter and confirmed what I had surmised. Basically the script checks to see who owns the land. So, parcels on the side of the road show as owned by non-Linden. The road shows as Linden-owned. Then the script calculates the Linden-owned space and divides that so the vehicle attempts to stay in the "middle-of-the-road-Linden-owned" part. Built into the script is a contingency place whereby if the vehicle cannot proceed, it will raise into the air, go to the side, etc to try and get back onto the road. It's not really "learning" per se...it's all scripted. Just like when the military tank vehicle shot me with the missile, it used a turret script to aim and shoot. (which on a public road seems quite a bit like griefing to me) This isn't an AI at work. It's just scripting with a few contingencies tossed in.
  15. Caer Balogh wrote: See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGiveInventoryList You can't give no-copy items in a list, you need to use LlGiveInventory. There is an example script on that page that does what you want. duly noted that no copy items can't be given with the llGiveInventoryList function/(thingy). yes, i'm an amateur scripter. can you tell? the example you point to in the wiki scatters the contents of the package throughout the inventory (landmarks in Landmarks folder, notecards in the Notecards folder, scripts in the Scripts folder and object in the Objects folder. i'd prefer restricting it to providing all the contents within one single folder. oh, and the script has to stay put and not be given out. this may prove to be a gargantuan task with my limited skills.
  16. @Scripter RESULT!!!...WTG @Void D-Link rings a bell, could be one of theirs that the other one that hates SL .
  17. I'm making a film tool, which basically have to do with camera tracking system and huds filter, also with a lil' bit of lighting systems. Hiring scripter who would have enough time to work on the project.
  18. Thank you Rolig! I had managed to do it by changing the alpha value to 1.0 - I was too scared to go removing lines from a script! Hehehe - your help might turn me into a scripter yet...
  19. The SpellFire HUD is a roleplay tool, a health meter that emulates hunger, weakness if you don't eat, etc... It also does exhaustion and injury, being used mostly in medieval sims that support a (fairly genteel) form of combat. But it is not only used by warriors ... servants, etc. - actually everyone, no matter what their role, can participate. SpellFire food must of course be bought by someone, although some of it can be rezzed inworld for anyone to use (including edible plants). There are also kits from which you can make your own Spellfire food, weapons etc. if you are a scripter. Lots of stores handle Spellfire goods ... a store called ... hmmm ... StoneKeep? StoneHold?? springs to mind. I know the DCS combat system also includes a health meter, but I don't think it requires food. Search around for "health meter"s, if Spellfire isn't your cup of tea (so to speak)!
  20. I have a product currently on the marketplace which has many different versions. As a necklace it has a male and female version, boxed separately, and a couples version, boxed together. In addition each one has a main stone which is a birth stone, and six accent stones making 76 different listings total. I worked with a scripter to create a brand new version, which brings the 76 listings, down to three. A male, a female, and a couples boxed set. The new necklaces are scripted with a texture change allowing for 31824 different texture combinations on each necklace sold, but only 3 listings. My question is this; If I phase out the old listings after posting the new ones with "limited quantity" and "discontinuation" marketing with links to the new products, does that in any way violate the Marketplace's TOS, or might be construed in any way as Marketplace spam? I ask mainly because this is only the first of this kind of update and I want to be sure I'm not violating any TOS or jeopardizing my business in the process. Update Note: The new listings share only the title of the collection and are not actual replacements for the individual versions as the individual versions are named to reflect their birthstone. Example: Old (Necklace, May Diamond Couples) New (Necklace, Birthstones for Couples).
  21. I would suggest learn how to script or solicit a scripter to do it for you. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Portal
  22. Honestly.... if you are planning on having a 1/4 or half sim.... Just do it yourself. The amount of income from such a small piece of land is next to nothing. There is no way you will make enough money to support a staff. People own multiple sims and take care of all the building and management by themselves. You don't need to be a builder or scripter to do it. Just buy what you need, pre made off the Marketplace and rezz it. Take it slow and learn as you go. And... Have fun with it. That's the most important part. Good luck.
  23. You might do better asking this in the animation forum ... http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/forums/animation All I know about animation is what I've picked up from my business partner (she's the animator and I'm the scripter), but for a short avatar I think you would need to reduce the negative vertical offset. My reasoning is that the animation is a set of instructions to the user's computer to draw your avatar at various offsets from the default position where the sim thinks it is. So when you're sitting on the ground it needs to draw your hips (? I think those are the reference point used) lower than the default standing position, but, for a shorter avatar, it doesn't need to move them as far down as it does for a taller one, cos your hips are nearer the ground to start with. I may have got this back to front, and would welcome correction if I have.
  24. Chev Zane wrote: I am still interested in knowing if there is a menu option or device allowing me to see who has accessed the bed menu without using any of the restrictions you mentioned. You could modify the scripts in the bed to notify you (or maintain a list) of everyone that uses the menu, but the bed will definitely need to be modify, you'll need to know a bit about scripting or hire a scripter to do it. From what little I know about scripting, I do not think there is any way for an object to know that another object is being used. Another option - before you leave home or log out, use the menu options to put the bed back to Owner or Group mode. It is easy enough to change it to Anyone when you are entertaining and then revert it back again when you are done entertaining.
  25. Oh my, 50 bucks for something she intends to make money on by selling tons of them, that might take an hour to whip out by the scripter, yeah, way out of line. What would you suggest would be fair, SL wages, say - $L30 an hour? The suggestions are good, check the library and write one. Then, when you are totally frustrated and things do not work well, see how you feel about that 50 bucks. :-) Sorry, don't really mean to take it out on you, just tired of people thinking scripting is something to be taken for granted and not paid for. Just because anyone is allowed to script, it doesn't mean anyone can, or should. When scripting limits come into play, I will be really interested to see how much stuff gets broken.
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