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About Me

Found 3,035 results

  1. Looking to hire scripter for relatively easy script.....needs to be copy/transf so i can use for my building creations....will provide more script info upon your reply. I've been in SL for 12 years now.....Preference given to rl programmers.
  2. Hello! I need to mod script. Now it works by chat commands, I need to make it work by the menu. It shows objects attached to avatar. You can select a specific avatar located in the same sim. You can select your own avatar. I pay for the mod 1000 L$. Please post here if you are interested! Additional info: the script displays information about attachments in the form of a list in a local chat message.
  3. Hey tatoo... I can work for you... I have experience in coding in rl for three years and also working as a scripter in sl for 6 months.. i can showcase some projects if you would like to see.. my inworld contact - puneetg30
  4. Hey emeline... I can work for you... I have experience in coding in rl for three years and also working as a scripter in sl for 6 months.. i can showcase some projects if you would like to see.. my inworld contact - puneetg30
  5. We are looking for a scripter to hire or at the very least to consult with to see about creating a hud for us. Will provide more details privately if interested! Serious inquiries only, please.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Scripter who is able to do API scripting with the Nexus Roleplay Currency, or who can make a similar roleplay currency system! If you think you can do this please let me know. Thank you!CONTACTS: In World: Kuudo Resident Discord: Ku#0629
  7. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Scripter who is able to do API scripting with the Nexus Roleplay Currency, or who can make a similar roleplay currency system! If you think you can do this please let me know. Thank you! CONTACTS: In World: Kuudo Resident Discord: Ku#0629
  8. That's cool. In that case, my hope is that the scripter was lazy and picked a low positive integer. 😉 Start from -2K, to catch those who are both lazy and clever.
  9. That's cool. In that case, my hope is that the scripter was lazy and picked a low positive integer. 😉
  10. hiya I am seeking a scripter for a walker script that plays a full length song thanks
  11. That sounds like a lot of fun. Even though I am an advanced scripter, I think I will pop over and see what level I can reach before finding myself stumped ;-)
  12. I am searching for a builder/scripter to help launch a line of wiccan products, including tarot cards, ouija boards, candles and much more. I will pay for the store space and we can share the profits from all the sales. I would like the oujia board to be interactive, sort of like the table top games in world. We'll have decorative pieces and working pieces. During the year we will also host special events including psychic medium readings. Please message me if this interests you. I am more of a marketing, ideas, creative person. I don't have skills to use blender or script.
  13. Apologies for the title, but I am rather stumped and the title actually does cover the load. I am a scripter and a friend of mine wanted my help trying figure out why her friend keeps saying "i farted" at regular intervals when she is definitely not typing that herself. I arrived when she had strip[ped completely naked, no attachments, no system layers even, nada. Just a shape, skin, hair and eyes. I have scanned her for attachments but there was nothing there at all. I made her reset her avie to default (Avatar => Avatar Health => Reset Default Female Avatar (character test) ) which SHOULD take care of any attachments and HUDs that are stuck or glued on or whatever, but that didn't help. I even thought of an annoying script inserting itself into the LSL bridge of Firestorm, but the problem persisted even in another viewer which detaches the bridge by default. She has RLVa off (this was confirmed) and we are out of ideas. One more thing: when she says "I farted" it is definitely not an object pretending to be her. Not only are those this usually bad with display names, their chat also does not show up in a chat bubble (I have that enabled) So, does anyone have any idea at all what may be going on, and how to get rid of this? My friend's friend is starting to get really annoyed with the whole situation and is about ready to try anything.
  14. 1. Your math seems off. A 3-piece set only needs one HUD, not 3. That's 4 scripts total, not 6. I'm a scripter, I know these things. (And incidentally I tried talking to the Undress Me creator about ways to improve things but I got stonewalled as is typical of all no-mod clothing creators.) 2. The number of inventory items per product doesn't matter. People should package their products with separate folders for each different body. It's extremely simple with Marketplace. If you're a shopaholic with 300K+ inventory items and it's causing you performance problems, that's a whole other problem. The only legit worry is the number of attachment slots, but since the current trend is to make literally all clothing no-modify, you're not going to be linking sets together to reduce them anyway. That means it must be the creator's choice, which is even worse.
  15. Hello, I am needing a very simple support terminal script that allows residents to create Zendesk support requests inworld. The script functions would revolve around: llDialog, llTextBox, llRegionSayTo, and llEmail. If you are willing to help with this, contact me inworld under daltonprock Resident.
  16. If you are looking for a ready-made script, your chances are slim. Because you have to piece longer songs together by gluing 10-second clips to each other, it's usually a custom job. You can hire a scripter to write something for you by posting in the InWorld Employment forum. This LSL Scripting forum is a gathering place for scripters to talk to each other, trading ideas and moaning about things that don't work.
  17. Yay! Thank you, Dargo. Had done all that - /me scrambles one step up the scripter's ladder Emma
  18. It all depends on what you're using the land for. If you're the only person using it, then I'd recommend one set of perms, but if you need either a group or the public at large to be able to do things, then you'd need a different set, depending on who you want to be able to do what. Just as my personal view, I would say, build for owner or landgroup only. That way you don't need to worry about auto-return, but your friends whom you've invited to your land group can use the place as their own. Object entry off, certainly. You don't want people to be able to slide objects into your land. I would leave scripts on. That's because any competent scripter can circumvent the restriction if you set the parcel to "no scripts", which is how vehicles and AOs keep running even when you're in a no-script parcel, so you don't really inconvenience griefers by leaving them on (but this shouldn't matter, assuming you've set your other perms correctly) but you will inconvenience a surprising number of people by turning them off. For example (since it's happened to my resident account several times), if you crash while you're on a parcel where you can't run scripts, and you forget and log back in to your previous location (the no-script parcel) it's going to mess up all your HUDs and scripted attachments, to the extent you'll probably find it simplest and quickest to leave the parcel and go somewhere you can run scripts, and relog there for a second time. But this, I re-iterate, is my personal view. It's certainly not an official recommendation of any sort.
  19. Not a scripter, but we have big daddy's on a smaller SHX board. Works fine.
  20. Looking to hire a fair priced scripter I'm in need of a song playing script that can hold multiple songs with a menu pop up to select what song to play. with menu options to loop and adjust volume and stop playing. contact me with a price quote tysm dravenrose ( 3rd Eye Perceptions Owner )
  21. Heya all! me and a friend are hoping to start a new milking system but lack the skills script wise, we are hoping to either hire or include as a partnership of the project so they would get 1/3rd of all profits, what ever suited the scripter best! The system at hand we hope to have these qualities; 1) to have a hucow HUD, system that shows milk levels rising 2) change in shape/mesh attachment to show milk collecting in urrmmm desired areas (trying to keep it pg here >.>) 3) to have a owner system that would connect with the hucow version to show stats and be able to claim ownership, also able to boost hucows 4) be able to script compatible furniture for milking and items to store milk. please contact sophy7777 Resident in world or reply here
  22. Hi, i'm looking for a scripter that can get my ferris wheel to spin and load cars properly. I would like for it to spin for 5 minutes then stop for 2 minutes to let people on & off, then start back up again. I have the base spinning fine with this script http://digigrids.free.fr/wiki/index.php?title=Ferris_Wheel but i'm getting an error when I try to get the cars in. So if anyone can get this script to work or one of their own that'd be great. ferris wheel pics https://gyazo.com/fd8912be5a6b9c846755881d3e810a44 https://gyazo.com/8651e3f3025f26ef2a43fdf7809ac84d https://gyazo.com/d9f422083c410e603791943d6bf804b4 Paying 4k for anyone that can do this job, ty ❤️
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