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About Me

  1. I need two logos made rather soon and someone who can make like a hud brochure/menu. If this sounds like something you can do, contact me in world. BrielleEmilia Melodious
  2. You and everybody else. The biggest challenge is always to figure out which reference frame to use. If it were easy, everyone would be a scripter.
  3. Sorry if I was confusing: Any rain, thunder, and lightning would be up to the scripter to emulate from whatever non-EEP effects they've invented. Rather, EEP's LSL API lets scripts dynamically control skies (lighting, etc) for each avatar independently. Thus a script can make clouds move in and the sky darken, then maybe later clear up with the sun or moon coming out, etc., in any sequence for any agent on the parcel. It's up to the script how the sequences are synchronized, so each visitor to a parcel might see their own effects starting from their arrival, or their interaction with objects o
  4. I bought a couple of items from this particular store a few weeks ago, and two of them had defective HUDs (textures not set up properly in the script). I sent in no less than five IM's/notecards/support tickets (cause they even built a website to process these) within a span of 2 weeks, with all the details including screenshots. Most of the time their "store manager", if they can even be called that, was online. I never received a single response, not even an acknowledgement that "they're looking into it". This makes me wonder: Why do you bother hiring these "customer service reps"/"sto
  5. In need of a scripter for a grid-wide game design. Please message me in world and provide projects you have worked on that may help in my decision to choose you to work with.
  6. This is a very vague post. Are you looking for a scripter to help you build your furniture? I suggest creating a new thread, with Looking for scripter for furniture. Then more details inside your post. People need these details before they go out of their way to message you in-world.
  7. Rachel wasn't describing a script. She was telling you about a LSL function that you have to put in the script that you write for that specific purpose. If you are not a scripter, you can post in the InWorld Employment forum to attract a scripter who will be willing to write a custom script for a price.
  8. You could write a script like that easily enough, but it's even easier to just attach the item from your own inventory, without a HUD. This forum is not the place to look for a script or to ask someone to write it for you, though. Post in the InWorld Employment forum to look for a scripter who would be willing to write a custom script for a price. I suspect that you will not find a ready-made script like this just sitting around out there, but you could post in the Wanted forum to ask.
  9. The best idea is to post in the Wanted forum to attract a scripter to write something for you. I suggest writing out what you have in mind on a notecard, with enough detail so that the scripter can give you a fair estimate of the cost. It shouldn't take much work.
  10. I'm not a scripter, thanks. But you won the positive number 26,001. Unforgettable! 🙂
  11. Hey there, First of all my apologies if i'm not in the right place and sorry for my poor English. I have about 7 years in SL and i am looking for a scripter that knows how to work with interactions... let me explain better giving you an example: Do you know "Its Not Mine" system? Where two residents needs to wear its own object and those two objects communicates between them. One resident have the trigger and the other shows up the object that it is previously attached and gradually shows more if the first resident triggers again. - If you don't know what i'm talking about,
  12. Looking for a scripter to make a random texture chooser with some other functions ofc. Please contact me inworld. Thank you Marissa Boissay
  13. You don't have to act so defensive. I am not trying to deny that scripts can cause lag for both the viewer, network, and the sim, depending on what they do or how many of them exist. I've been a scripter for almost a decade, I'd be insane to try making a claim like that. What I am saying is that scripts are not as bad as you seem to think they are. The way you're wording your posts is pretty aggressive about your opinion -- unnecessarily so. You didn't say it, but I wasn't sure if you were trying to imply as if we couldn't use 1024 textures at all or something else. I'm glad that's cle
  14. I have this old script I used to make a simple cam position for riding a horse. I am experimenting using it for custom angle when shooting myself in video, particuly riding a motorcle. the MC has camera option and can be changed just is a real pain. {by that i mean no explaination on what the controls what axis are what etc) Im not a scripter at all though i figure how to tweak it some. I want to be able to set it in a fixed place when i am driving a MC and filming even though would also use it for walking and moving I have another thing called HUD Cam v2.2 that can switch cam positions - b
  15. I am looking to price out and possibly hire a scripter for custom work. Script Overview: Trigger a random sound via chat command from a selection of sounds that reside in the object or UUID's. example: type /56 test a random sound is then played, from a list of UUID's or actual sound clips inside the object, whichever is more efficient. - Each sound has a specified rarity of playing, and also give a chance that it will play no sound at all - If a sound is or isn't played, text will be sent to local chat via llSay - Script must play nicely with the so
  16. This is not how any of this works, animation wise. What happens here is a set of animations that use a different set of joints positions is taking control of a head that uses its own positions, pulling and pushing those joints to the animation positions. Reset skeleton and animations works only on the client that calls this function, but anyone else will still see your avatar head distorted as you saw it before. Revoking permissions doesn't do any good, because the moment you stand up from an object that triggers animations automatically revokes permissions (as well as sitting on one automatic
  17. hi Mayze, everything you have said is possible to do with a script. if you are not a scripter and don't have time to learn how to do this then suggest that you post in Wanted or Employment sub-forum on here. You will get a scripter or two who will contact you about making it for you, and how much they might want for making it
  18. a flight detector is a good place to start with this. Might also want to see if the detector device you have can also detect speed/jump boosters as well. If not the scripter you bought it from would probably be able to add this in as well
  19. I think blocking is going to work but if it doesn't, check your worn items. If he still manages to find you immediately after logging in, then make sure to stop wearing anything that he may have given you, including gizmos, HUDs, attachments, the lot. It is not unheard of that someone hides a script in a wearable attachment which then lets the other person know you are online. Do not stop there, make sure to not have anything rezzed out that he made or given you until you are absolutely certain that they are clean and free from spy scripts. I am a scripter myself and I know how simpl
  20. Hello, First, let me tell you I'm not a scripter but I can edit simple scripts for my needs. I bought a script on the Marketplace and couldn't edit it, quite honestly, it was beyond my comprehension of scripts. So I contacted the maker and he sent me a "Simple" script to use with instruction to just copy the note card or website part of the script to suit my needs.. well Ive done that and it's still not working.. I keep getting a syntax error.. Ive gone over it several times and still it's not working. The idea of the script is an info board.. when clicked, it will give a drop down
  21. Hi, Iam looking for a HUD scripter, how can helping me out to build up a HUD System for RPG, pls contact me. Iam a 3D Artist in real world and hope I will find a programer on this way. Greets
  22. Hi all, I'm still just learning to script so please forgive me if this is obvious. It's difficult to search, because usually people abbreviate to "IM" which is too short and too common a sequence to search effectively. Is there a way that a script can detect when the avatar wearing the scripted object sends an IM to a group or to another avatar? Note - I don't want the script to actually *read* it or store it or interfere with it. Just say "hey, one was sent" and then trigger unrelated things. I know from the existence of RLV that you can *prevent* sending an IM, or al
  23. I need to make this script published in following post repeat ( loop ) the song. Reward 500 Ls. Now it plays full song and stops.
  24. Hi everyone, We are looking for experienced Avatar Creator, scripter, 3D models builder and/or mixture(preferable) for a private region education project with the following requirements: Requirement 1. 3D Modeler Experience 3D Modeler with animation Wanted for Private Region Project following requirements: Reliable with a positive attitude and able to meet agreed deadline. Able to use 3D in-world building tools. Able to build mesh, animesh and animation. Able to texture 3D model build. Minimum 2 years of 3D modeling experience in SL environment Those with abil
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