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About Me

Found 231 results

  1. You have to have a premium account to change your name. So what happens if you change your name then your premium account lapses? Does your name revert back to the old name?
  2. I have been vacillating over changing my name. I don't like it that it shows up as Bagnu here in the forums. It's a random thing I picked, and never realized that it would be used for anything other than a login. I'm Pearl Sextoy. I keep asking myself if the cost of the name change is worth it. I have the $ to do it. Opinions anyone???
  3. Why am I still required to login with my old name after I changed it?
  4. Spankie Rivera

    name change

    I paid to change my name,,,its is still the same, what do I do now? Try again, pay again?
  5. If I have an avatar that recently changed their name and give them a scripted object that calls llKey2Name(llGetOwner()), it works correctly (it returns their new name). However if the same object sends an HTTP request, llGetHTTPHeader(ID, "x-secondlife-owner-name") returns their OLD name. Is this just a timing issue, are these two methods of getting a legacy name going to be in sync some time soon? I'm assuming that's the case... I don't know exactly when the avatar in question changed their name.
  6. Hey, Is it possible to 'gift' someone the name change? Cheers Rani
  7. What i'm wondering is if i NEED a last name if i go through the name changing process. If I untick "last name" what exactly happens? It doesn't just stick "resident" on the end or anything, right?
  8. I have only 52 days in second life, I have friends, work, the saved card, a store of my own, and things bought equivalent to about more or less 7,000. At the beginning I did not expect it to reach that much, enter to try and not speak to anyone, but I have realized that the name of my account could compromise my privacy in RL because I put the same name to my user on another website where I did not I would like the people I know in SL to relate to me. On the other website it is already impossible for me to back down and change my name and apparently here too without losing everything. Before it is later I could do another account and start from 0 but I would like to know if there is another solution. please I need help
  9. So, Planning to do the name change, I'm feeling nostalgic and want to be part of the old crowd. Does youre forum post history stay attached to your account or because of the change it just wipes your old name out and leaves them blank?
  10. Can anyone tell me if one can change the name of a group formed by yourself? I've searched everywhere and cannot find any information concerning this. Thank you
  11. deesue Parx

    alt name change

    Can I use my premium membership to pay to change my alts Resident last name? Or how long of a membership would my alt have to buy to qualify for the change?
  12. I created an account yesterday (4/23/20), but did not realize a "username" is really the name your character would be given. So, wanting to give my character a better name, I have been trying ever since to pay to change it. I do have a premiere account which is part of the initial set up, and then did the Tilia stuff on my account payment info page. I also associated a payment credit card and when that didn't work, tried associating my paypal account, which also didn't work. What seems to be happening, is the system is charging my card, and then immediately taking the charge back off the card. Then it gives me an error message. I can't buy lindens (can you not do that in the first few days?), I can't change my name (same thing, is there a time limit involved, or a restriction keeping me from doing it for a few days?), and if I hadn't made the darn thing a premiere account I would just delete it and start again but am told that will result in the money they charged me being lost and not refunded. It did let me get a house, oddly. But now I'm stuck and I put in a ticket but the system doesn't seem to think I did - any point in putting in another one? A friend of mine sent me some lindens (I paid her with a check), but I can't do that forever. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I wasn't sure where to put this question, so I put it in General. Sorry if it's in the wrong place. A friend wants to change her name and was wondering if, when she changes it, if it updated her name on her friends lists or if she would have to re-friend everyone. Also, I was looking in the knowledge base for her to see if that information was available already and I was wondering, is the information in the knowledge base up-to-date information? or have there been changes? Thank you
  14. So, I've heard on that live streaming that the name change would come with a small fee to prevent too many changes and all that. Maybe to cover upkeep cost on all those changes needed for it. But to change a line of text for the price of a full Triple A game... This makes me sad. SL has always been about community, and although I know I'm far from being a huge spender here, I had my fare share of moneys going to support designers and artists and even got premium to support Linden Labs itself (really, the only good perk is cutting the line to get into Uber, Acess, Cosmo, etc). It's not a token price. It's not something to mitigate costs. It's a cash grab, in my humble opinion, over a community that would probably have too much invested by this point. I may be wrong, but at least for me this is a turning point regarding my SL spendings. Maybe it's about respect. Maybe I'm just butthurt because right now eveyone inworld is making freebies to keep people at home and this comes at a bad timing. I dunno. What I do know is that this puts a hard stop on all my SL spendings. I'll still be a part of this community, and I even think I have another year or so of premium already paid upfront, so this is not a "oh, why I left SL post" nor any sort of babling like that. I'm just concerned that how I feel right now may be how many of us feel. A bit disrespected, that's all.
  15. Chenoa86

    Legacy name change

    How long is the legacy name changes going on for since this Virus hit i am short on cash and can't seen to waste the cash for the extra cost... but would still love to do it in the future!
  16. It seems reasonable that our forum names will automatically change over to our new in world names, but I wonder how long that change may take...?
  17. Why do premium members have to pay for name changes when we pay you all $99 a year? I feel as though basic members should be the ones paying $39.99 for the name changes and premium members get that option free for the first time due to the fact we already pay for OUR premium membership.
  18. i did have a name change issue but im not worried about it anymore
  19. I can only assume that because of the coronavirus pandemic, the long-promised ability to change your avatar's first and/or last name has again been postponed? Can anybody from Linden Lab give us some sort of official announcement on when we can expect that to be released to us? Thanks. And, if you haven't seen this yet...
  20. Hi i tryed to change my name and no matter what i did it said INVAliD CARAKTERS- and then my friend copy paste some and then it went in but it dont look good cuz i wasnt aware that it was gonna accept after many attempts.. its like some the caracters is in the end of the name Y i hope you can help me with it ? from Kareena Denmark
  21. By the end of February the ability of changing Legacy name was supposed to be released, anyone know when this will happen eventually?
  22. is a legacy name change possable
  23. Hey Linden Lab, I have a couple of suggestions for the upcoming last names. 1: Make the first name change free (first name, last name, or both), then charge for each and every change after that. This way, we can switch to a name we always wanted without hurting our pocket book, but of course, any future changes will cost. This would be more fair, I think. 2: Implement a check box on the Second Life signup page that will enable someone to enter in a first name and last name instead of a username during signup. This way, new users can either quickly sign up with a username, which technically has a last name of "Resident", or they can give their new avatar a first name and last name instead. What does everyone think of these suggestions?
  24. How do I change my Display Name. I saw somewhere this can be done in my Profile but the only name I see there is HughLazenby. Thanks in advance
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