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About Me

  1. Hello! Can someone help me? I don't know how to remove an eye applier(Tres Beau Tashi Eye Applier) from my Genus Eyes (I use Classic Face 001), other appliers do not override it either
  2. The inner side of the mouth is black and that looks bad. I tried every option in the setting universal hud 1.3, but nothing helped. Does anybody have the same issue and perhaps a solution?
  3. After seeing so many lovely pictures of the Genus heads, I got one myself too, well, on my alt that desperately needed a bento upgrade. I have an issue though I hope others with their head in combination with their skin applier might have experience with. I got one of their skins, May I believe it was called (not at home now) and in their store they mention that for the body applier you need to get the Skinnery applier. So thats what I did. Got a champagne color skin at Genus, and the champagne colored body applier at the Skinnery. My problem now is that they are different in tone. T
  4. hi... I need help with coloring my genus brows using the genus brow hud. I cannot figure it out. Right now i have brows on but they are white and i can't seem to change the color at all. I'm using the genus strong face free head.
  5. So I bought a couple of hairbases for my Genus head. For some reason when I click on it nothing shows, I tried messing with the layers in the Genus HUD but it still wont show. The hairbase has the tattoo icon so I even tried messing with the tattoo layer but still nothing else shows.
  6. No matter how much times i click on the teeth option in the genus hud, my avi is still teethless, am i doing something wrong?
  7. I have been trying to get a BOM hairbase to work on my genus head for quite some time. I made sure that the BOM layers were on and I know it works because my skin is also BOM. I can't seem to get my hairbase to work I put it on but it doesn't show up. I have been combing through multiple forums trying to see if any had an idea but nothing seems to be working.
  8. I got a Genus head recently but the eyes are too sunken and edit my own mesh eyes doesn't work. Someone knows how to fix it? I really don't like the look and if is something that can't be managed i'll buy another head. The first pic i tried to fit the mesh eyes but they escape The second is when I frozen my eyes.. with no movement
  9. I am using a BoM skin for my Genus head. I notice the skin color in the Genus HUD will still display though, giving my skin a tint. For example if I set that to green my face becomes green. Should I just be setting the skin color here to white or am I missing something?
  10. In the latest Genus update the heads (both "Classic" and "Baby Face") were updated to version 1.5, and their eyes were updated to version 1.2. The issue with the eyes movement was fixed. So far so good. But then another thing appeared. These version 1.2 eyes have very strong dynamic shine on them. And the amount of shininess is not adjustable in any way, cannot even turn it off. (Only way to do it is to turn ALM off in the viewer, but who wants to do that because of the eyes only.) So, now there is one more thing for the developers to fix. Add shininess amount control for the eyes. (An
  11. It's self explanatory in the title but I will add more. I have taken off all the alphas and enabled BoM in the hud but still nothing, please help. Tried talking to the group chat and messaging the owner but to no avail.
  12. What are some good places to get a good bang for your buck hairbase for genus heads?
  13. Does anyone recognize this skin for Genus? Thanks in advance :)
  14. Hi! I'm new to SL and I'm looking for a white-ish, caucasian, maybe northern skin without eyebrows for lelutka evo or genus (it's free). Anyone knows some good stores? The majority of skins I found are with brows. My goal is to have white hair and white brows as I'm not really a fan of white hair and bushy brown or blonde brows. Additional question: is there perhaps a website where people add their look and name every single item they are wearing? Thank you.
  15. Heya I recently got the gift Genus Strong face head from the store. Its amazing and I love it, but there is an issue with the animations when I dance.. They stop and the face scrunches up.. I have to open the animations hud constantly and click stop, then I stop dancing, the face goes back to normal and I start to dance again, this happens every 30 seconds or so and is so annoying.. how do I stop it from doing this? any help greatly appreciated as I want to carry on wearing the head, but its getting difficult..
  16. Hi all ive been trying to find the Genus mesh head shop in world but doest show in search etc anyone got the LM please? thanks amethyst
  17. Hi, so I have a Genus BOM head and I have it configured correctly on my BOM body. I bought some additional lips for it from the Genus store. But when I unpack the lips all that is there is a "script" file. What am I supposed to do with that to get the lip color choices to show up? Thanks.
  18. I just bought LUXREBEL "IM THE BOSS" eyeshadow navy [GENUS] and I now have a black TEAR? run, going down my cheek. no clue how to remove it. you have any suggestions?
  19. I applied a tattoo with materials on my Genus head and I can't get the materials off no matter what I do including resettign to default. Does anyone know how I can remove the materials?
  20. Hello! I'm currently trying to apply a skin applier onto my Genus head but it wouldn't allow me to after I had added a hair base onto my head. I've even tried using the Genus skin appliers and nothing.. Any suggestions? https://imgur.com/a/vz0IKfP
  21. I'm new enough that I could be doing something completely wrong here, but wanted to ask: I've got a Genus baby head, and got a Dura haircut with a pretty sharp undercut on one side of the head, pretty much like Natalie Dorner had five years ago. It wasn't until after I'd demo'd it that I realised I wasn't seeing anything apart from scalp on the shaved side. No problem, I thought - that's just the hairbase, I'll slap that on (it came with the hair), and everything will be great. Only thing is that I've added the hairbase, and nothing's happened; it's being worn, but not showing. Do some heads n
  22. Hi everyone, I'm using the free Genus strong head, and I'm very happy with it! The only problem I have is my avatar never blinks, which looks a bit weird. I've tried clicking on the 'blinking' bit on the hud, but nothing happens. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my avi to blink? The fixed stare is becoming a bit unnerving...👀
  23. Hi all. I’m new to SL and have periodically been trying to get the hang of things. I saw that Genus recently came back and that they have a gift head, but I’m having trouble applying it. I’m trying to use it with a BOM skin, but when I put on the head and tried to add the HUD to enable its BOM feature, the universal HUD did not appear at all. I had no other HUDs on that could be blocking it, so I’m very confused as to why this is happening. I’ve been trying to get the hang of SL for a while now and am super exhausted, and for each new thing I seem to learn and understand, something new pops up
  24. I dont know how this began but everytime i type into my local chat my head is trying to apply what ever i said to a texture and i have no idea how to make it stop. For example i say "Hey how are you" then in the local chat window it will say "GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face W001 - v1.7 - Mocap: Applying Texture to Hey how are you" PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME idk if its command thing but i tried and searched and googled but found no solution
  25. Bagnu

    Genus Heads.

    Any new news about what's happening with them???
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