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About Me

  1. I applied a tattoo with materials on my Genus head and I can't get the materials off no matter what I do including resettign to default. Does anyone know how I can remove the materials?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm using the free Genus strong head, and I'm very happy with it! The only problem I have is my avatar never blinks, which looks a bit weird. I've tried clicking on the 'blinking' bit on the hud, but nothing happens. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my avi to blink? The fixed stare is becoming a bit unnerving...👀
  3. Hi all. I’m new to SL and have periodically been trying to get the hang of things. I saw that Genus recently came back and that they have a gift head, but I’m having trouble applying it. I’m trying to use it with a BOM skin, but when I put on the head and tried to add the HUD to enable its BOM feature, the universal HUD did not appear at all. I had no other HUDs on that could be blocking it, so I’m very confused as to why this is happening. I’ve been trying to get the hang of SL for a while now and am super exhausted, and for each new thing I seem to learn and understand, something new pops up
  4. Hello! I'm currently trying to apply a skin applier onto my Genus head but it wouldn't allow me to after I had added a hair base onto my head. I've even tried using the Genus skin appliers and nothing.. Any suggestions? https://imgur.com/a/vz0IKfP
  5. I'm new enough that I could be doing something completely wrong here, but wanted to ask: I've got a Genus baby head, and got a Dura haircut with a pretty sharp undercut on one side of the head, pretty much like Natalie Dorner had five years ago. It wasn't until after I'd demo'd it that I realised I wasn't seeing anything apart from scalp on the shaved side. No problem, I thought - that's just the hairbase, I'll slap that on (it came with the hair), and everything will be great. Only thing is that I've added the hairbase, and nothing's happened; it's being worn, but not showing. Do some heads n
  6. Bagnu

    Genus Heads.

    Any new news about what's happening with them???
  7. I dont know how this began but everytime i type into my local chat my head is trying to apply what ever i said to a texture and i have no idea how to make it stop. For example i say "Hey how are you" then in the local chat window it will say "GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face W001 - v1.7 - Mocap: Applying Texture to Hey how are you" PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME idk if its command thing but i tried and searched and googled but found no solution
  8. I have the vista hud which isn't bad at all, but it seems sort of limited in comparison to some of the catwa products I have. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. HELP!... No matter what I do, my GENUS head only shows as darked-out image. I was applying a new skin and it dropped out. Went to put on a saved outfit and still comes back with FACE completely dark...Tried everyting....
  10. I have not verified this personally, but a blog reports that Genus is back. ETA: It is true. The region is swamped.
  11. I am having trouble getting on eyebrows that I had custom made for me back on after getting a new skin from Pepe ! How do I get them back on? I have been it for 2 days and I am so frustrated. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  12. So I've been using Catwa for years now and really like the head but its starting to get old and the Genus head has a really nice shape, I got it when it was in beta or alpha, which ever the first version you could buy was, anyways, I dismissed it back then because I thought the eyes were buggy, and not the random eye movement bug that they fixed not along ago, I mean the eyeballs are sunken, the eyes don't touch the eyelids, apart from the sides, its very strange, and distracting, so I thought I'd wait to use the Genus head but, the urge to try something new has been hitting again so I'm tryin
  13. I have had mesh heads since SLINK first offered them back in 2015. Went to LOGO and have been with Lelutka since BENTO came about. Catwa has dominated the market with a myriad of choices and all sorts of support. GENUS came onto the market and support for it has been like an explosion. Skin Mascara, Eye Shadow, and lipstick all came out within a month (it seemed) with many options. I have heard "GENUS is the best" as a reason but this is less than insightful and certainly opinion. Further, it offers nothing to give me an understanding of my basic question ... Why does GENUS have
  14. Whatever happened to the Genus Project? Thing is, I have been told by a number of people that the Genus Mesh Head is the best thing for new avatars as there is a version for 1L$, but on searching I can't find a valid teleport link for the mainstore. Does anyone know if they are called something else now, or have they sadly gone out of business? Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a new mesh head? Thanking you in advance if you can come back with something
  15. Hello my name is Akira and I just got a Genus head. I am unaware of what theSkinnery body applier I should get if I don't know the head skin color? here or IM me. (new to this kind of Head)Thanks
  16. I managed to squeeze into the Genus store to pick up the free head - and it's great, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to convert the eyes to BOM. The BOM button seems to work only on the skin. Is there a way, or will I need to buy alternative mesh eyes?
  17. I have been an avid Catwa fan since I started SL 3 years ago, I like my avatars look, but am itching for a change. I am interested in the Genus Heads. I would love some advice/feedback on the Pros & Cons of this Head and is the $5500 worth switching. thank you ☺️ 🤗
  18. So, I think I know why this happens. It is that blasted Alpha sorting issue. But why is it visible only in advanced lightning? Will all who has on advanced lightning see this? I tried to find an alpha masking button on the Genus head, I could not find it. I tried BOM hairbase. And that looks sort of all right, but the whole decorative twisted hair is still missing. The hairbase only cover the skin, it does not fix the alpha issue. And I bought the hair because of this pretty front. I am trying to ask in group too.
  19. Hello Everyone. Im so excited to use my Genus Baby face head. I've demo it and loved how it looks. Now its time to put the actual purchased head on, and its attaching to my right hand!! Is there any way I can correct this??
  20. I wanna share with you my favorite applier of all time like ever when i got my genus head not too long ago. I'm always wanting this for my entire second life to make my avatar close to ariana. So here it is! My ariana grande inspired skin from tres beau and it looks fab with this make up but i hope they make a no make up version of it. I'm looking forward to see your favorite head applier for genus so please comment down below! By the way, here's a glimpse of my genus head. ❤️
  21. hi lovelies! I upgraded to the Legacy body recently and I’m using the Genus Classic head. I purchased a BOM friendly Genus skin and a Legacy skin from The Skinnery. The seam at the neck is really, really bad and there is a lingerie layer that comes with the Legacy hud that I cannot seem to take off. I would appreciate any advice from someone who knows these products better than I obviously do. Please help!
  22. I am new to Genus and am really enjoying it and its flexibility with creating your own unique look. However, most of my mesh hair that looked great on my Catwa head is just...odd on my new Genus head. I've tried everything I can think of. If the hair has a resizing option, it only seems to work some of the time. Unrigged hair seems to be odd too no matter what I do. Any ideas, or am I just in need of finding more hairs that fit the Genus head better? Attached is an example photo. It's pr!tty April. Thanks for any and all help.
  23. milania15


    Where am I able to get a genus head and does anyone the idea of how much it would cost?
  24. Can someone help me .. I have a genus classic face and out of nowhere the eyes were bulging out of my face. This has never happened before
  25. Hi there! So as the title suggests, I am searching for fantasy skins for the Catwa or Genus heads. I am working on a Half Orc female avatar, and I've so far been unable to find anything that really fits the look I am going for. Maybe y'all might have some thoughts!
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