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Found 4,817 results

  1. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    I tried that out today for a long while and I suspected it was NOT Omega compatible since the guy version was not. However. There is a full compliment of Bento animations in separate huds (and as separate poses if you want that instead) and the huds are quite nice making this a very good free body (IMHO). So my gal (dusty alt) will be sticking with it for awhile. It is a pretty avatar and you can make changes to the shape which effect the look. The issue is of course the SAME skin on everyone LOL, but since I wore my Lelutka default skin for a VERY long time, that apparently isn't that important to me. Here is a shot from an upcoming hunt blog post currently in the queue -- for comparison. It is great that we have SO MANY choices now for our alts and for new folks too! Hands change with hands hud. Face changes with the face hud. I think there is another hud I didn't try. The "eye lashes" etc buttons are non functional but all the alpha slots work fine. Feet are alpha on and off and you have to click them until you come up with what you want --- not like Maitreya :D.
  2. Yep basically I'm me for the most part. I do not omit much, Im pretty open, but my alts though, those do not get known much on the level I am on with my main, mostly because I tend to RP heavily with 2 of them.
  3. Big Store using alts for 5 star reviews

    From what I can see, if you search these suspected alts. They don't have a ''my.secondlife'' an existing profile. And the google search shows just items they have reviewed from said store. The legit profiles always have the profile at top of the results. I have found about 7 suspected alts so far. Is this report worthy? Or Second life just lets exploitative trashy 'creators' get away with it?
  4. Big Store using alts for 5 star reviews

    Hi, Isn't this against the TOS? And isn't this a bit unfair to merchants who do not cheat their way to getting their content noticed? I am noticing a lot of crap and exploitation on SL. Yes, I am quite noob to SL.
  5. Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    Are you talking about the guys that have female alts themselves, but are lesbians with other guys who are doing the same thing? That doesn’t make them gay either right?
  6. Would you go back to your first mesh body?

    I split mesh bodies out between a few alts so I go back to them every so often.
  7. Characters in RP - alts or outfits?

    I don't want to be "bothered" with RP questions when I log in my main. I keep roleplay alts from each other. For outfits, when following blogs like FabFree and Seraphimsl, I often find lots of free and promo things. It is not so easy for males. I admit that. The female market is so big. I do have male alts, and I discovered that Gabriel has transferable Gacha clothes, where I can send the Signature Gianni size to the alt with that body, Belleza Jake to another, Slink male to the third.... This has to be done with Gacha items since ordinary clothes in the store is no transfer. Buying Gacha clothes from the MP, is also an alternative. Getting armor and stuff from The Forge, Deadwool and a few others I don't remember. Again, it is not so many male Gachas either. But I think it is worth the money and time, to have separate alts. I need to log in and be "myself" or in "roleplay mode" and keep them apart. To my experience, many, many roleplayers I have interacted with simply can't see the difference, even if using a titler. They get confused because they look at the name and associate it with the other character they know, not understanding I am a totally different one.. This is probably also because I am a female and change clothes and hairstyles all the time... I just can't use the same clothes, hair and accessories all the time, so the character don't get a signature look. Males I interact with when things get adult, is also just not going to accept seeing "their" Marianne develop a story with others. Better to not advertise that "today I really don't want to play that character, but do something else. When you were gone in RL a few days, I had an interesting story starting and will follow up that. You and I have become a bit stale too... " PS: I hardly do any RP anymore. But keep my alts fresh and up to date as a hobby.
  8. Paying L$5000 for a Catwa this normal?

    Has anyone not mentioned the new Vista head? It comes with some REALLY nice skins. I won't give up my LeLutka head and my alts all have Catwa... But I must try to get a skin like the one shown there in the main ad. It's a YS&YS skin for sure.
  9. The hate on child avatars?

    As a former sim owner of one of the most successful public sims pre-2015, we averaged around 40k a day in 'real traffic' everyday for over a half decade so here are my thoughts. See growing up in real life my parents were monsters with split personalities who fooled everyone in thinking they were great parents and all the issues i had came from someplace else..I remember the beatings daily from my father who was cruel and malice who really hated me & my sister..his idea of punishment was busting glass drink cups on the kitchen floor then making me do 500 jumping jacks in the pile of glass on the floor.. Even today I am unable to feel my back from all the punch's when he would pin me down and take both his fists pile driving into my backside( no bruises seen) until at some point I'd pass out.. even to this day sometimes I can still hear my sisters screams echo out of nowhere, her cries for him to stop trying to kill me, often I would remember looking up seeing her in terror crouching in the corner of room powerless against my attacker while she knew once he was done with me she was to be 'punished' By the time I discovered Second Life my real life was destroyed by not only others but by myself never letting myself live, the with self hatred ruining everything, I had severe brain damage and all the symptoms of severe autism, I hated the real world often thinking how things would be better if I was dead and gone. everything was wrong my body, my thoughts, my family, my the end it left me feeling like I must be an alien that no one could understood with everyone being better off without me, so much pain and so much darkness, in this world we stumble through. But you know something, if you really take advantage of all the things in second life it can help change your life, it helped me grow overcoming many things and turn my real life around.. I found in second life it was OK to be me, it was OK to dream, to understand what a real friend is, To understand how to be a real friend, It has helped me overcome so many things in real life I would have never been able to face alone. It is OK to leave my heart wide open, I learned it was OK to laugh, To dream, To care about others, To let go of the hate and resentment that tied me down all those years. So I can relate to child avatars and even myself had an alt now since closed who was a 5yr old anime girl with 9 tails that had the most adorable AO that always made her look even more happier, she lived on the mainland at a bus stop that was a retired safe hub even back then( back when it was really crowded with noobs) and she would cruise up and down the mainland roads in a large slick black Cadillac convertible often waving at everyone as she drove by them pretending she was a movie star..sometimes I would log another alt in to drive her around in a stretched limousine were we would cruise driving from one ground level hot spot to another everytime I would roll the red carpet, logging in alts dressed as paparazzi with cameras using repeated gestures to make it look like a movie star has showed kinda freaked some out it was fun back then . Later running my own sims... the rules were yes even if Sims were adult rated then child avatars were permitted, this is allowed allowed under LL Terms of Service as a child avatar can go anyplace it wants .. There's nothing objectionable nor illegal in having a child-like avatar in itself and we must assume innocence until proof of the contrary, in my old land they just were not allowed to use any equipment that had adult animations in not be naked ..not engage in adult activities .. I took a lot of crap from people trying to tell me how to run my sims, including them harassing child avatars in them under the false belief they are restricted from Adult for others they can ban you from the region or parcel they pay for for any reason they want, but I bucked the trend after dealing with so many mad islanders obsessed with traffic numbers they would troll sims they thought competed with them. Did I have child avatars troll the sims? yes... often they would voice being a complete jerk to others in the region getting banned by my alt..I ran a tight estate of eight regions knowing who was in a sim at any given time while knowing all chat at the landing areas, public areas of gathering, griefing went both ways but most often it was stupid avatars pretending to not see the child avatar pushing them was the most common abuse to harass them, often had the same issue while wearing my petite avatar people liked to walk on me thinking it was funny often going full stupid with a quick chat comment like ' oh, Sorry I didn't see you down their LOL' I understood back then why some people are child avatars, I've tried to have as much compassion as possible for them...but in the end parcel and region owners hold the cards..many people feel uncomfortable with them it breaks the fantasy they have.. second life is segregated in many places but those who pay the bills have the final say no matter what we think or feel. In real life children have terrified me, I've had to face the facts it was facing a part of my life were I know I'll never be be able to have my own children or a family.. I think being around some child avatars in Second Life helped me deal with that fear of the real ones, while also understanding many wearing those avatars might be fighting there own past of being deprived humanity as a child. Real Child or Avatar Child I could not imagine being mean to them.. but on the flip side some see child avatars as invading their imaginary world..often those people are doing or engaging in things they would never do in real life..a child avatar brings parental instincts out in many of those in that situation, conflicting the personality side they express here often that is sexual, most not having a way to deal with it they eject the child avatar labeling them as a troll from the land. Child Avatars are not alone often Furry Avatars are mistreated too..Often we have to not only face our own insecurities but those of others even in the digital world Child Avatars have safe places they just have to understand Adult Avatars do too.. Why be in places were people are uncomfortable with or your must follow every land owners rules or leave them...when people landed in my estate I made sure they knew my rules of all avatars are equal and would be treated that way, but other places had tougher rules often for reasons of importance to them so that should be respected. Second Life is not a game, I play a few hours a day but I see it as an extension of my real life... I'm a new person now, different much , healed in mind, body and in the spirit because of being here in many ways in this world... maybe some child avatars are trying to get there too.
  10. Characters in RP - alts or outfits?

    The cost in terms of dressing and accessoring a roleplay character should be one of the factors but I don't see it as a major issue. With patience and search, it is possible to find sales and deals, of course it's never 100% precisely what we want but combined with creativity and quality it can look good and do it all the same. Right now, my main character -a bard mermaid- doesn't look like what I had in mind, however she does look good and I still like the way she's dressed. I believe there are pros and cons for each way. Personally I would have pain to divide my attention and availability between multiple alts while for my friends who have alts, it's the exact opposite. They can't imagine handling multiple roleplays on one same account.
  11. Characters in RP - alts or outfits?

    Hi Nyx. Yes, the cost of supporting multiple alts is a big factor for me. Unless it's a one-time throwaway appearance, I want to get good quality items for the character. Things that I can reuse. A nice suit for recurring Victorian RP is good, but do I need to spend much money on lava skin for a single appearance as a volcano god? I think not. Thanks for your response.
  12. how to get unmuted

    i have had several hundred people mute me or block me and i do own several alts that are all several years old but i dont waste time trying to get people to unmute me i just add them as a completely new friend they never know and never find out its just some people dont understand me so i have to pretend to be a new friend
  13. Would you go back to your first mesh body?

    I demoed several bodies before I made my choice and it is still my favorite body. I have tried several others on alts and have demoed many more that have come out since but my favorite is still my first. There is no going back because I never left it.
  14. Characters in RP - alts or outfits?

    I've only ever used one account when roleplaying, but I have though about logging in as my alt and using him more as a prop than a character. Creating a billion alts for every individual character seems like a huge pain in the butt. That being said, I've never character switched in the middle of play like this, and I'm not sure I would want to. If I needed an incidental NPC, I might just use a talker instead, or rez a cardboard cut out of someone of I really needed to.
  15. ABUSE OF THE GAME Treasure Quest

    They are either thieves or the power has gone to their heads...and I have reported them for unfair practices.....several alts have collected coins from them and cannot cash in....if you go to their sites you usually won't see anyone playing the game...I have even seen one of the owners collecting coins....if that is not unethical I do not know what is!!!!
  16. Did LL just give up on the mainland?

    The difference is whether or not the Linden who investigates is convinced that your alt is not there just to boost the traffic count. With one, I imagine that s/he will let it go, but with a dozen or so, and the owner may be found to be in breach of the rules. Of course, a Linden probably has no way of knowing that all the alts are actually the owner's alts, so I guess they'd be judged as traffic bots anyway. It's really up the the Linden to decide what they are and why they are there. That's assuming that the club is in search, of course.
  17. Characters in RP - alts or outfits?

    For me, roleplaying is not just a matter of wardrobe. I prefer to be able to handle everything on my one and main account rather than log on and off between multiple alts. But I've friends who do the other way, although most of them also have to face a choice, a dilemma of availability. As soon as one alt account starts to have and build a story, we usually have less time to invest on the other accounts and vice versa. While I don't face this problem directly. When I move to a different sim, my rp friends can see that I'm online and don't wonder what happened, why I don't log in anymore, where did I disappeared, etc... ( while most of the alt-rpers I know also tend to keep the different rps as seperate things and therefore they do not add their whole contactlist for each of their alts). Combined with a rp titler which allows me to pick a display name and to use /2 or /3 or /4 to type with this display name, I don't really have a problem that others can confuse my different characters. If your question was aimed just at the costumes, then I probably fail to answer but from my own experience, the difference between 1 main with multiple characters or multiple alts is more a difference of roleplay preferences.
  18. Did LL just give up on the mainland?

    So whats the difference between a bot that is not allowed on land that is searchable, and an alt you log in and just leave at your club and never do anything with? Or make that a dozen alts at most of the clubs I've seen with them.
  19. Paying L$5000 for a Catwa this normal?

    Yes, L$5,000 is normal for a Catwa head. I have bought at least four of them for various alts (male and female) and they are worth every penny in my opinion. I do hear that Lelutka is also very good too. The add-ons for Catwa heads (mesh eyes, animations, etc.) can get pretty pricey. But there are cheaper alternatives out there. Shop around and follow Strawberry Singh's blog and the Mesh Body Addicts blog for reviews. Demo, demo, demo! For example, you can join the Akeruka group for L$150 and then wait for them to announce L$1 gift Bento mesh heads, which they do every so often as a group member gift. I joined the Akeruka group earlier in the year (for L$150) and I got four different Bento mesh heads for only L$1 each over the past year (two male heads, two female heads). That works out to L$39 per fully-featured, fully-adjustable Bento mesh head. You can't beat that price!
  20. Characters in RP - alts or outfits?

    Greetings, everyone. I've been following things here for a while, but this is my first post. I enjoy RP, especially creating characters for supporting roles. Playing as these secondary characters fills out the cast, and adds depth. I see two ways of setting up multiple characters, and I'd like to kick off a discussion of them, to see if there are any advantages or disadvantages I'm overlooking. The first way is to do everything on the one account. That's the way I do it. For mesh, I've got both Aesthetic bodies - Enzo and Smith, along with lots of classic stuff. They share the same wardrobe, so keeping them on the same account was more cost effective. I suppose if I went for a different mesh body as the second one, it wouldn't have made a difference if I used an alt, as they couldn't share outfits anyway. I've also got a variety of monsters and creatures to use. Essentially, these various characters are different outfits, just like I have a nice suit and a casual t-shirt & jeans outfit. Since I'm trying to fill in as secondary characters, it has happened where I've had more than one role in an RP. Changing from one to the other was like a costume change during a play. If the doctor leaves and the mayor arrives, I have to step out of sight to do the transformation. It just takes a little planning. If I'm playing a monster and a victim, I can't have them interact. The victim has to wander off stage, and then horrible sounds ensue, before the monster emerges. Again, it just takes planning (or stage direction, if you prefer). The other way, which is done by a few people I know, is to have separate accounts for their characters. With an alt, the characters are fully independent. Is it possible for them to take on greater depth They could, in theory, interact with each other. (I think that would take greater dexterity than I can manage, but I've heard of people doing it). If I buy something nice for one, it isn't available for the other, so I would have to purchase it again if I really wanted it for both. On the other hand, it's easier to keep things separate, because to be honest, keeping my inventory organized can be a struggle. ("Dang, where did I put The Creature From The Black Lagoon avi? Oh, right. It's on IAmAMonster.Resident, and I'm looking at LeadingManMaterial.Resident. D'oh!") So, what do other people do? Are all of your characters kept on the one account, with everything in the same inventory? Or does every character get a life of its own? Or maybe something in between? I'm just looking for some interesting discussion about one of my favorite things. Thank you.
  21. What is "bloodlines"?

    No, it's not just me. in: Demography Bloodlines Vampire System (costs) HOW EXPENSIVE IS PLAYING BLOODLINES Many players spend huge amounts of money for this. Some feed entire armies of alts. Others, buy you a HUD and will even pay you in extra. The third group, will try only to steal your soul, then never talk about you. Well, there are residents that joined this at their own will and with their own money, but they are not always linked to top players. You can see small families (groups of up to 100 players) that form clans. They are close friends and sometimes neighbors. These small clans are never going to the top. They stay put, they just enjoy their own roleplay. The following lists show the costs you spend to get ranked, suppose that you pay all your minions need (their HUD, their fluids and costs for their own minions). Calculation is made only for Bloodlines roleplay, not for War. Complete gear Edit HUD (all 3): 3x599 = 1797 L$ AMULET: 7999 L$ SPIKE / CLAW: 2x499 = 998 L$ VIALS: 2x99 = 198 L$ COFFIN / SARCOPHAGUS 2x599 = 1198 L$ SCANNER: 499 L$ BOUNDS: 2x999 = 1998 L$ SIPHONS: 3x399 = 1197 L$ BADGE: 199 L$ INSIGNIA: 499 L4 SOUL TROPHY: 299 L$ WORMWOOD: 249 L$ NIGHTSHADE: 249 L$ VALERIAN: 249 L$ HEMLOCK: 249 L$ ELECTRUM: 999 L$ VALERIAN: 49 L$ WOLFSBANE: 249 L$ HAUNT + bar pack: 999 L$ TOTAL: 12 174 L$ (without amulet), 20 173 L$ (with amulet) Transformed: 49.69 $ (without amulet), 82.33 $ (with amulet) Those who don't pay for amulet will pay more for body fluids, in time. So, before quoting me and making it something personal which I did not at all while you've no problem to claim it's from me... please check the informations on Bloodlines.
  22. I'm not 100% sure on the stipulations (when it comes to SL and allowing users to create alts) and as such never created an alt, but I did get a friend to use my laptop to log in with their abandoned 10-year-old account with an inventory that's pretty much empty, and the same issue occurs.
  23. Daddy Dom looking for baby girl and femboy

    The ability to change your identity would remove all barriers people might still have to misbehave. Some people see anonymity as a green light to loose any morale. So what if you mess up, do horrible things, ruin your reputation. You can just change your identity and no one knows who you are or what you have done. Alts are already a way to do this, but that strips you of all you possessions and it is also visible that you are an alt due to account age. That is a big limitation and make people somewhat more responsible in the way they act on their avie. I am afraid if people can really just change ID whenever it suits them it will be for the worse.
  24. It's basically a universal identity, not necessarily an avatar. This is just like Gravatar, except it was for forums and posts. It was gaining popularity years ago, but then it became a nuisance and fell off. People do not want a single identity all the time. They want alts because of privacy. Opensim already has this universal avatar idea. You keep the same avatar, identity, and sometimes the same inventory (restricted across some opensim servers). The article is basically calling for an opensource avatar, which has already been attempted but never caught on.
  25. How to be a Model in a SL Magazine?

    I am with Skell on this so far as the Flickr thing (where you can actually BUY those views if you so desire BTW) and some of the blogger group rules. I won't play either. I am "still" in a few top name fashion groups but I am also "grandfathered" meaning that "of course the rules don't apply to me" LOL. Others, I just left. Still others I never reapplied as I didn't feel I was blogging their products enough, but I am still on the lists and still blogging occasionally. I still post more or less daily with multiple posts per day this time of year. And to the OP, there ARE I think still some fashion magazines that hold model contests where you send in a photo (often themed) and hope to be chosen for the article. Doing research on that would be helpful for sure. Also there ARE plenty of magazines that actually do USE models (not alts) as I have been in them and I also did photography for a couple magazines. Just saying. There is certainly a difference between fashion MAGAZINES and blogs, but quality photography is a first step. Practice Practice Practice.