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About Me

  1. On the day Bellisseria first opened, I got a Traditional in Spector (after jumping through about a dozen homes with alts) and I got a Houseboat in Dockside (also after jumping through about a dozen with alts). Since that was the very first release day, I cannot be sure if I was the first owner of those or it they were abandoned. Given the location of the houseboat, I'm pretty sure I was the first owner of it. The Traditional was probably abandoned simply because most folks wanted either water or road access, whereas I was looking for isolation.
  2. Ahhh, I thought you were asking how to do it without any of the accounts paying anything more than their Premium membership fee. Since you already own the land, you could now have other accounts donate their tier to the land group. Afterwards, you can then remove your excess tier. You will have one more final tier payment of $13 - because tier is always billed in arrears for the previous month. If you want to purchase more land and do it without incurring any more tier charges, just ensure that the land group has enough tier donated before buying the extra land and then do the 'buy
  3. So, today, I put some land for sale to leave a sim that I had liked last year, but kinda went downhill. I love following what happens to sims, it's fascinating. Come along with me. So last year was it? I decided I hadn't done enough exploring in other continents, some I haven't hardly been in since they were born, so why don't I buy a few parcels here and there, see what happens. I particularly like the old macadam beach road in this one sim, so I bought the two roadside parcels for sale for $2/m, despite being roadside, after first researching the sim. The biggest problem it had was
  4. I have heard that some merchants requested it due to nefarious use of the the review system, possibly by competitors/alts.
  5. Nobody gets charged for tier. But, is it a good deal? Let's see! Seven Premium memberships cost $693 per year. Assuming you recover part of that by saving your stipend payments and cashing them out, the net is about 693 - 432 = $261 after processing fees. 8192 costs $35 per month, or $420 per year, plus one Premium membership at $99 per year (minus the stipend, about $62), for a total of $457 per year to own the land as an individual. Yep, creating a bunch of alts to group own your land looks like a good deal...IF nobody goes and spends their stipend money on shoes and hair
  6. In regards to the website, not the links from within a Second Life viewer, if you look closely you will see that when you login to the marketplace you are actually logging in to a different subdomain, not the marketplace subdomain (marketplace.secondlife.com). Clicking login, it redirects you to the id.secondlife.com subdomain where you login, and it returns you to the marketplace subdomain. If you click "remember me" it is saving that to id.secondlife.com. This process is handled differently on the main Second Life page, so when you login and check remember me it will automate that logi
  7. Well, this is a very old story, and a repeating one. The Lindens can examine your logs and see that you are innocent -- if you are. So somebody merely ARing you doesn't mean anything. I have had griefers whom I have AR'd for crashing sims turn around and then harass me by creating day-old alts with my company name, invading groups and posting racist garbage, and then had hundreds of people AR me, and not that day-old alt, imagine. But the Lindens get it, that day-old is gone soon enough, and I'm still here. While it's always possible that the Green Lantern people were mista
  8. People would post trash and make armies of alts to upvote themselves.
  9. I don't fully understand why people make Alts. I have invested a lot of time and effort into my AV, and it's my "brand". I'm an Escort, so my AV is my marketing tool, and I need people to recognize me. I can see some nasty reasons to do so, but beyond that I don't get it!!! Thoughts anyone???
  10. Hello I've started this thread out of frustration . I would like a thread for people looking for linden homes that don't have so many multiple accounts, meaning the frustration we go through trying to get a home in the competition of mega home owners that grab up a large portion of the homes when they are released leaving the scraps for us . I hope this topic is allowed as it's a real issue for many of us . We are not trying to shame anyone, but we are in a different group. People who can only afford premium for one avatar. I have premium and my husband has premium so we have two linden homes
  11. I caught a very lovely waterside Vic on Whither yesterday. Although I am quite addicted to house hopping and don't have any alts so this one will surely be released back into the pool soon
  12. So I have two characters I have been unable to figure out which email I used for them. I know their names but can't recover their passwords. any way to get help with that?
  13. Hi all ! Question to other merchants. Can someone buy TO many [different] demos? For example, i got 2 customers, one bought a total of 57 demos of all different items and 1 full product in the last year and another 42 different demos and never ever a full item.. Maybe its me , but it gives me a weird feeling...Is this me being paranoid or not ? So question is , how do other merchantssee this/ think about it?! And no my demos arent broken in anyway so people cant just use them, they got an auto destroy script and a rigged and linked demo box in/on them i tested on differents alts
  14. What happened is that the Lindens ideologically conceived of this as an end users' game, like Animal Crossing in a way, where little woodland creatures would trade parcels to each other, perhaps adding a few little acorns for tea into the bargain. Instead, what happened is that because handling land is often poorly understand; it is a learned skill and punishes you brutally if you mess up (by tiering you up or causing the loss of your land); because people are just kind of scared of all that, they don't want to learn anything hard, they just abandon it. After all tier, a recurring expens
  15. So how is business? The forums are really not such a good place to discuss this as there is too much free-floating hatred of "land barons" or enterprise in general (even by people who claim to be capitalists), and just too much willingness to sneer and snipe and pretend you are up and the other person is down and not tell the truth of the situation. And of course anything I say will draw the usual Flying Monkeys. Let's ignore all that for now. A Crisis or a Seasonal Downturn? My own anecdotal view of the land sales and rentals business, which is what I know best, is that it is headin
  16. Yeah... one of the reasons male alts don't get much time from me - I like Bishonen looking men, not the body builder look...
  17. I still like my Gianni body and I'll be very disappointed if creators start dropping it; though with Signature's recent price-hike I'm not surprised that it's losing popularity fast. One of my alts has Jake, which is less muscular and does slim down pretty well, much better than Gianni does. Another alt has the Ex-Machina Davide body which is much slimmer and really lovely, it just has next-to-zero in the way of clothing support. On the other hand, Skell is right; male bodies are much more forgiving of fit and it's perfectly possible to wear a lot of clothing made for other bodies. My Dav
  18. It's a no win situation for LL , if they promote high traffic areas then they also promote the use of alts and bots . In my 3 years of SL there has never been any guide map worth looking at i just click the links in peoples profiles though you can expect to be left in free fall because the place ceased to exist years ago 9 times out of 10 . People are lazy about updating alts only used for malicious manipulation .
  19. I've bought quarterly on sale before for alts. It was typically some amount that worked out to just a small tad over two single months - and only for Quarterly. I haven't seen that discount in quite a while, not since before the price increase. I did purchase renewals in advance for myself and alts during that promo right before the price increase and then again a second time, though I don't remember the reason for that second promo. The first promo let you pay ahead a year at the old price before the new price took effect. The second promo was a 10% discount - I think that was the am
  20. No, I saw it go when it went. I got one on an alt and it was "stuck" said Linden Home though I named it Hello and tried to leave it, it would be back on my alt, again. It was all so fast and confusing, I just gave up and left. Finally got out of the house-it was not a keeper. So I got no houses there. I IM'd a Linden, but I am not gonna worry about it. Hopefully they straighten it out for everyone. A friend told me the houses keep poofing. I am down to two alts and one I burned chances on this morning trying to transfer a house, so I knew my chances were not good anyway.
  21. I've been on the same account since 2010, and the same corresponding Flickr account. I've been thinking about starting an alt that doesn't have any associations with Blaise. But the one-two punch of not having my expansive inventory and having to set up a whole new mesh head/body situation (after slowly accruing cabinets of heads and closets of headless bodies) and a small capsule wardrobe is just EXHAUSTING. For those of you who have alts, what is the bare minimum of outfits/makeups/jewelry you've been able to start with? What are the crucial accessory pieces? I will challenge myself to
  22. One of my alts has a folder like that now for a dozen years. Can't delete or rename. A support ticket MIGHT get it fixed but I am guessing you may have to live with it.
  23. Have you ever dated someone who tried to hide the fact that they have alts? If so, how did you find out they had an alt or more than one alt?
  24. That's very true; but I wonder whether, say, opening multiple private windows in Firefox would allow you to log in multiple alts simultaneously, all running auto-refresh? Of course, you still have to click through to claim the home, which slows the process down. But if you miss that window and get the 'no longer available' page, you can keep refreshing that page and sooner or later the claim will go through on another house of the same type. (I could test this hypothesis using my non-premium alts, but I really can't be bothered.)
  25. I was thinking about this topic while I was washing the dishes just now, because: I have no life. And I realized I misspoke in my original answer. That led me to a search for the definition of persona (me not being a psychologist and all), and this bit (paraphrased): Persona is your public mask. It is who you present yourself to be, and you may have several, such as your work persona and your family persona. Persona can also be a written character aspect. Your personality, characteristics and other things make up your "true" self. I said my SL (inc. forum) persona = RL and that is m
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