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Found 5,160 results

  1. Value is subjective and I'm pretty sure LL have decided with a reasonable degree of confidence that people are willing to pay that much for a sim. But yeah, what Pamela said, there might be some upcoming changes to sim prices with the upcoming move to the cloud for a certain type of sim or new type of sim. Plus, if you really think a full region should only cost that much, you can get it for $59-$60 a month with 59-60 annual premium alts that donate to group land (though you will have to pay $72 a year in advance for all of them). Or you can just find 58-59 other people who are willing to go annual premium and help with the land's tier / fee.
  2. Why should I pay for a demo?

    No. They can get money from elsewhere/alts. The only logical reason for that would be to curb copybotters but it's way more anti-consumer than an effective deterrent.
  3. How can I give up my LL House?

    All that radio button does these days is set the level at which you will be warned about tier increasing. I've done it time and time again with alts over the last many months. I'm pretty sure half my alts still have the button set at anywhere from 512 sqm to 8196 sqm. LL confirmed to me via chat that the current behavior is correct. If anyone encounters an issue in the future then either they did not properly keep track of their billing dates and tier used or they need to talk to billing support.
  4. Indulge Offers: As an Indulge Siren, you are now a member of the hottest family in Second Life. As such, you are now entitled to benefits and bonuses that are only offered here at Indulge. You Have two choices as an employee working at Indulge: A Full-Time Siren or a Part-Time Siren. A ☆Part-Time Siren☆ receives: →80% of her tips →Free access to our Escort/Lap Dance Suites! A ☆Full-Time Siren☆: →Works at Least 10 Hours a week to be eligible as full time! In return she receives all kinds of benefits such as: →90% of her tips! →$L10 an hour ! →Free Ad Board! →Free Access to our Lap Dance/Escort Suites! What You need to be part of Indulge : ☆Be prepared to Voice Verify! ☆Must be at least 30 days old (certain exceptions for proven alts) ☆Human Form Only! ☆Must be an adult avatar! ☆Be able to emote! ☆Must speak English! ☆Be female and 18+ RL (will randomly verify) →Here at Indulge we hire all females, CIS or Trans included.. If you identify as Female but are in transition please note we do ask for you to be clear on both your profile and Ratecard that you are indeed Trans. Since we do sell sexual intimate services we ask for you to be prepared to be transparent about this to work at Indulge. ☆A Mesh Body and Mesh Head are Mandatory to work here! ☆Be classy and Sexy with quality skin/ hair/ shape/ clothes/ shoes! ☆Once hired you must rent an advertising board: ☆Dancer L$150 / week ☆Escort L$300 / week ☆If Hired Be prepared to ad Indulge to Your Picks on your Profile. You Must be able to Hear and Use Voice! We are a voice club so be prepared to speak on voice at least 75% of the time you are on stage!. If you agree with the above rules and requirements please join our applicant group and proceed filling out the application below! Please rename it with your name and date and drop it into the application box. Keep in mind that incomplete apps will be ignored. We also only contact the applicants we are interested in hiring, but if you have not heard back from us in a few days please IM Owner Phedre Luckless in regards to the status. Paste this link into open chat and click to join the Indulge Applicant Group: secondlife:///app/group/fe1f9594-54bd-24f2-e070-367cc489496f/about 💋➤ Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge ➤💋 💋➤Now Hiring!➤💋 Please message Phedre Luckless or refer to the Online Application for more details! 💋➤ Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge Online Application➤💋 Please message Phedre Luckless or refer to the Online Application for more details! 💋➤Connect with us: 💋 💋 💋
  5. The hysterical grid is down thread

    Name a "modern large world MMO" that contains over 1000TB of user made content and tries to stream that onto old PC's via http... You can't because there isn't one. Stop making these tech illiterate gamer geek comments over and over. And it's NOT... something like SL tends towards a standard of flexibility in avatar rendering that is outside the game experience, in a GAME, you have a few dozen outfits everyone wears, which don't have to be worn OVER a body, they replace the body completely. SL is more like a live online multi-user version of hobbyist 3d rendering app, Poser, including the typical mesh density you find in use. Go and compare a maitreya or signature with poser figures and then with the game assets in oh, skyrim, and see which it is closer to. Cheesus H Toast on a chocolate crutch, will you give it a rest with this "bots and alts" nonsense, as if you had any clue how to tell them apart, or had any idea how many there are. We ALL know that you got upset when you visited Zindra, aged 5 weeks old, and IM'd couples in their skybox homes and they refused to talk to you. Remember, your famous post where you accused the ENTIRE population of Zindra of being "dummy avatars and npcs" because nobody wanted to reply to an annoying noob pestering them from 2 km away. Actually, the shift from disk based installs, distributed by high street retain, to online downloads has resulted in an overall DROP in games quality... Back when, earlir this century, you HAD to make sure the game more or less worked, because once you burned it to dvd, and sent th dvd's out to stores, they were out of your hands, and first impressions count, bad game bad reviews. NOW... You build in an auto-updater system to endlessly stream "emergency hotfix patches" day by day to peoples PC's via the internet, as each massive fubar in the 1.0 retail release shows up. LL have been pretty crappy at updating things, but they tend to be things 1 day old noobs wont even notice for the most part, in their stampede to escape from "ergh it r need a keybord an maus like a computa, not a playcubeone thumb-troller like wat modern gamez use". No, they do radically DIFFERENT things that look sort of similar to a tech illiterate gamer geek, who hasn't taken the time to do any damn research other than im'ing people in their homes from 2 km away and getting all hissy-fit when they muted him without replying.
  6. The hysterical grid is down thread

    Linden Labs top management is living in the past on service quality. 10-15 years ago, you could ship a buggy product in the virtual world/game/MMO space and get away with it. Not any more. Warner Bros. got hit by this in 2015, when they released "Batman - Arkham Knight". It was very laggy. Bad enough that, after a few days, Warner Brothers had to pull the game from sale and offer refunds to all customers. Their apology: "We want to apologize to those of you who are experiencing performance issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues very seriously and have therefore decided to suspend future game sales of the PC version while we work to address these issues to satisfy our quality standards." They were selling on PC through Valve's "Steam" system, and that allows customers to claim refunds for defective games. Enough users did that Warner had to remove the title from sale and go back to work on it. It was eventually re-released, when it worked right. Industry standards have risen, and Linden Labs has not kept up. It shows in new user retention. SL gets about 10,000 new signups a day, some of whom are not bots or alts. Yet the number of concurrent users continues to decrease. New World Notes had a new article last Monday, "Don't Be Optimistic Just Because the Loss of Private Sims in Second Life Has Slowed", with a brief critique of why SL looks so bad to a new user. (Usual excuses: SL is not a game / it can't work well because it allows user content / the world doesn't reside on the user's disk / etc. No. A modern large-world MMO has to do most of the things SL does. Current successful MMOs do those things better.)
  7. The hysterical grid is down thread

    Was it 2012 when half the grid vanished for most of an afternoon because somebody digging a ditch accidentally cut the hardline between the two main SLerver farms with a backhoe... WE mostly just sat where we were and talked about last nights TV and who was poseballing who amongst mutual aquaintance lists... Or that Saturday night "server event" that left several thousand people ghosted for a week, and unable to log on until LL restarted the grid. The ghosted folks just used alts, or if they didn't have one, made one for the week... I blame the iSpend Dumbfone UnSocial Media generation... Gotta have the latest Splat from Splatter about when your favorite web micro celebrity went to the toilet, LIVE and direct. Then you can be the FIRST to comment about it on Arsebook! Waiting more than a minute for something to come online means you might miss a famous bowel movement!
  8. Land auctions out of stock .

    One of the things I've noticed is that the practice of sniping is still very much alive and well on the auctions. Sometimes before that rare occasion before I bid on these auctions -- and only to "save the view" near my rentals or get prim land -- I IM some of the top land barons and tell them I'm going to bid on this land and ask them if they plan to bid themselves. And the better ones either say yes or no, but upon finding out you need it, they withdraw, because they don't need one more parcel that's been bid up on the auctions. But there are still those who crazily bid things up out of some macho posture on the land market or who knows, and after days of zero or little activity, a parcel that is not worth more than $2 and is now already at $5 seems like "no one else will bother" but just in case, you double your bid because of the sniping problem. And sure enough, literally in the last split second before you refresh the page, someone snipes and you see that last bid -- which failed this time, but another time, it doesn't fail. There's nothing to be done about this because if you had a rule that bids locked 15 seconds before the end, people would merely snipe then and not 1 second before. But there's another deterrent that the old auction system had which the Lindens dumped when they adapted this E-bay software. And that was the PUBLIC RECORD OF BIDS which I think should be restored. Then you can see the name of the avatar who does the sniping and who persistently bids up land. That helps you never to buy land from that person, ban them, boycott their products etc and helps them stop that bad behavior. Sure, they can put alts on this task, but sooner or later the alts are connected, and you had merely to go to the parcel and see them exchange the land between accounts. Now you have no idea who bid what and when. And that enables the same view to keep driving up prices through wild bid-ups and sniping.
  9. Broken Sims frustrate Pilots

    don't worry about this, i made 2 of my alts premium this week, the loss of your subscription is covered.
  10. Is there a limit on blocking?

    Yep.. pretty much anywhere you go it can happen and to be honest in clubs mostly. Mostly last place i worked they used mass amount of alts. So easier to block. Plus keeps track of names rather then searching through inv of notecards.. probably in the 4 yrs i worked there i blocked atleast 300 and then after another 200. People get weirdly obsessed and infatuated with you they can't handle that someone is capable of having fun and enjoying their sl sticking to 1 avatar lol. But yep. If you spend a lot of time exploring easier to block an derender.
  11. How to start a land business in second life?

    Only do it with your spare land tier. Because you are at mercy of SL policies. At the moment there is a boom due to the tier cost decrease and premium allowance increase. What you haven't seen before that is land going for as low as 0.5 per sqm. Basically if you want to do rentals, get alts and get then to donate tier to a mainland group. Profit is acceptable but doesn't beat a hit product on marketplace. If you have a staple hit item or two (there is a way that doesn't involve getting friends to buy it) rental profit doesn't really come close to MP success at all, plus MP has very little manual input required (unless your product is tricky to use or broken)
  12. Looking For Model Position

    Modeling in SL is the dream job of many. You'll just stand there looking pretty, you've got an avatar that you're happy with and think look better than most others, you'll just be showered in clothes and accessories and have all the attention you could ever dream of... Unfortunately the reality is quite different. It's hard work, it's expensive for as long as you don't have sponsors - and to get sponsors you generally have to have an established blog, for which you need, well, well-modeled and well-shot pictures. In truth, most models are alts to the photographers or creators themselves. Why pay for someone else to do something for you, that requires you to explain and communicate to get them to do what you want rather than simply doing it yourself. Model schools are either RP or... Frankly a rip-off. There's no information there that you can't find on the forums or in photographers' blogs. Judging by your pictures, I'd focus on finding your optimal photo settings and then play around with zoom and perspective for framing your shots. Just play around with it, the pressure of going 'professional' is quite strenuous. Make a Flickr, have fun with it - look at other people's work for inspiration, make friends with people in the photography community and pick up tips and tricks along the way. If you enjoy doing that, congratulations on your new hobby - if you feel it isn't for you, you're better off doing something else in SL.
  13. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    I'm sure you could have found a way to beg for "Entitled Special Snowflake" handouts that I wouldn't have found offensive, but you didn't bother, so I guess that makes us even... It's a well known trick... Somebody makes some self-entitled demand on the forum, and instantly, two 1 post accounts appear sycophantically supporting the OP... Maybe they are NOT your alts... Employees perhaps, or close personal friends... Doesn't matter, sock-puppet posting is still sock-puppet posting. Traditionally, you get them to use different coloured fonts so they look less like sock-puppets, FYI. If you don't know this popular Madlands Entitlement Club tier swindle, I won't enlighten you. ... Meanwhile... "a sim like no other"... Visit the THEMED gacha store... Gacha Yardsale... Sounds suspiciously like some kind of... Well... "Business" to me... Just so you know... "Does not make a profit" is not the same as "Not for profit", and "Members of the public can come here, hopefully bringing money with them" is not the same as "In the public interest". Your idea stinks of "Madlands Entitlement" and isn't even remotely practical, who gets to decide what constitutes a "Not for profit public sim"? Every FAILED club owner and business tycoon wannabe in the Madlands would be claiming that the garden bench outside the store next to a tree, or their 12 year old prim build fugly tech disco lighting constituted " a not for profit public use" area and demanding their "free money off discount special snowflake bonus". Let's not and say we did...
  14. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    1. I am sure you can find a way to speak your mind without being offensive, rude and mock others way of thinking. 2. Just because other support my way of thinking it does not make them my alts. I know it can be hard to acknowledge others think different than you but it seems they do 3. What do you mean when you say: Army of Entitlement Club Alts scam?
  15. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    Let's summarise this thread shall we... OP: "Hi! I'm a member of the over subsidised Madlands entitlement Club, and since the donation boxes on my theme park plot don't begin to cover my tier, I was wondering if LL could CHANGE THE GRID, and give me even more Islander subsidised Madlander Tier Leecher Special Snowflake Bonus! And now for some supporting comments from 2 of my sock-puppet alts!" ... Sorry but, define "public use" if you simply mean members of the public are allowed on the sim and the sim is arbitarilly designated as "pretty" by somebody, then most of the damn grid would qualify. Now define "personal use" if you mean was made by people for their OWN reeasons rather than at the request of the public at large (never seen the public asked what they want people to build to any significant defgree) then most of the Grid wouldn't qualify forthis anyway. People open a parcel up to public access AFTER they built it for their own reasons, and thats how it should be. Attempting to claim that YOUR plot deserves special status is laughable. The basic price of private "Islands" region is $295 per month, maintenance fee, NOT 'tier'. The basic tier on a Madlands sim is $175 per month, but if you take advantage of group bonus and the Army of Entitlement Club Alts scam, you can drop that to under $60 a month. You don't think a $115 a month "discount" vs a "sim for personal use" is enough? Or even worse, a $225 discount vs an Islands sim... Talk about "Entitlement Club"... This idea? Let's not and say we did...
  16. Don't worry too much. If they were hiding up in the sky well away from the rp area and not replying to IMs at all, there's a good chance they were bots or afk alts logged on to make the sim look busy. They are not easily offended. In my experience, actual active role players are eager enough to recruit new players, they'll take the time to at least give you some hints where to go to get more info.
  17. Changing names

    Now I wish i would not have made alts using the the name I would have wanted to use on my main.
  18. Changing names

    Pamela is right. Ever since SL went from 2 names to 1 name users have been asking for the 2-name feature. It looks like we will get the 2-name feature back this year. Just when, we are not sure. I am betting we will see it go live at the SL 15 Birthday. But, I am NOT betting big money. We have no idea what the name-change-cost will be. It ranges US$20 to $50... but those numbers are speculation. Many of us have Alts, secondary avatars/accounts. They of course can have whatever name. The big problem or advantage, depending, is inventory is attached to an avatar.
  19. Land auctions out of stock .

    I went from owning no manland and never Premium to me and my army of alts Premium, buying, selling, and now auctions. Where is it going to end? Increasing free land to 1024 m was smart of LL.
  20. Mainland Beauty

    I think most of the really big ones are based all on premium tier now, either they rent unused tier from others or they run an armada of alts. But quite honestly I'm getting a bit tired of this "everybody who owns more than a small parcel on mainland are bastards" attitude. Take a look at the title of this thread: "Mainland Beauty". It does actually exist, it's not all Madlands. Linden Lab has no interest in such a context though. Well maybe a little bit. There are some old builds they haven't bothered to take down yet, they still show some lukewarm and slowly cooling interest in Bay City and for some miraculous reason, they do seem to hold their hand over Abbotts even after Blacktip passed away. But that's about it. Practically everything that can possibly be called "Mainland Beauty" and is made to be enjoyable not only for the owner but other SL'ers too, is made by passionate SL users who often have to fight desperately against the Lab to achieve what they want. Or preserved by passionate users. If it had been up to LL, sims like Boardman and Iris - maybe even Clementina - would have been just generic ugly Madlands by now. Some of those places are maintained by groups working together but most of the time it is a single person who have to shoulder it all. If you want to achieve something like that and only have a 1024, you're really up against the odds. You'll be lucky indeed if you can manage to maintain your vision for a prolonged time. Most big and medium sized mainland owners care about and believe in the concept of SL as a virtual world - something more and bigger than a bunch of small isolated pockets that might as well have been IMVU chat rooms. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with those enclosed pockets. There should be room for that in Second Life. But there should also be room for larger contextual areas - places that will entice newcomers to stay a little bit longer and maybe eventually buy their own little pocket, places for the people who want more than the claustrophobic little box they can pay tier for. Such places do exist but it's only because of the big landowners.
  21. Recently canceled my premium..

    I think that might be normal if you've been premium it's been a lot of years since i'd been premium for one quarterly cycle only had a Linden home in that time. account history just shows the one quarterly payment no other charges, since then i've always had the same under my land holdings (never been charged) but it shows the monthly cost as 4.80 because i'd have to pay VAT, where as the land manager shows 0 for sqm & cost. checked my alts that have never premium and they show peak sqm & cost as 0 for land holdings
  22. Sale at Signature

    Well they have to kit out those male alts somehow, and if they can do that and gift their male SL partners cheaply, then it's a smart move on Signature's end of things. And it's good publicity for their new, slimmer Geralt body, which - hopefully - will pick up even more clothing support after the sale. Side note: Every time a guy dips a toe into Catwa chat to ask for advice on which male mesh body he should buy, before I've even had a chance to finish typing "what kind of build do you want your new body to have?" so I can offer him options based on his own personal preferences, half a dozen women have all chimed in with "GIANNI!" It drives me sodding crazy, because once my question is out in chat, the guy usually comes back with something like "Slim and not too muscular." Not everyone wants to look like they visit the gym every day, and I wish that those women who think the Gym-Buff-Gianni look is the only look a guy should have would bloody well realise that. Yes, I have many feelings about this. Give a guy the options he needs, ladies; don't just tell him what you think he needs to look like.
  23. Why go mesh?

    Also keep in mind that the SKIN plays a HUGE part in the look of a mesh head (and for MOST --- not all) mesh heads you will definitely need to make changes to "look like you"; so be prepared for that step. I suggest getting the FREE (join free group and pay 1 linden) eBody body. It doesn't have all the features of the full eBody of course but it has alpha layers and there are many clothes (mostly Maitreya and for sure MOZ who seems to be the main designer for eBody classic). You can get the classic body (like Lara but healthier looking :D) or the Curvy body -- both are free. It is a good way to try things out. If you wan the MOST clothes available then you will want Lara, but if you are willing to shop a bit more you might find one of the other bodies will work better for you self-image. As a blogger I have Lara. My alt blogs for eBody. There are also some free bodies at altamura from time to time. Sometimes in hunts, sometimes for group. So watch for those. And try LOTS of demos. You won't look "just like you". That's not going to happen. But since it is almost impossible to get good, new, mesh clothing for system bodies it is getting much more difficult to shop for them. Hence I know a lot of folks who now have all or most of their alts with mesh bodies too :D. Go slowly. It is a big step. Many of us did it of course. That's why you see so many naked people standing around for their clothes to rez at venues. LOL eBody body, altamura (free at Christmas) head, WoW skin, Wasabi 50 linden hair :D. I had to buy her some good eyes, but she looks pretty snazzy I think. MOZ outfit which WILL work with eBody free (fits so good that you don't need alphas).
  24. Question on Basic Alternate Account

    What Lillith said is correct. I posted that I paid $10 for an alt back in early 2007, but I have ~70 alts. Only that one had to be paid for. That's because LL charged for them back then, but they stopped charging for them not long after that one was created.
  25. Do you talk to your friends?

    Most of my friends are builders so I do write to let them know the latest "gossip" or "drama" or anything else that might help then with event planning in the future. It should probably be noted that I only have EIGHT people that are friends on my list. I have 24 in all including my alts. Others are creators who want me on THEIR list so that they can pass me things easily and get in touch when needed. So I am certainly not typical --- and when have I EVER been "typical"?