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Found 45 results

  1. This thread is dedicated to showing off our homes on the new continent. Please no advertising. Please keep your sight seeing pics for the thread Patch started. This is just for showing off what you've done with your Linden Home and Garden. Here's my first entry. Of all the homes I looked at during the preview I told myself I'll never live in the Alderley. I just thought it was too small and I hated the layout. But I had a vision of what it could be and I couldn't be happier with it now. It's just surprising how much house this can be. So I'll start you off at my front door. The home now has a grand front hall with a view to the backyard. The waiting bench beckons you to the back of the house. On the left of the front door is the huge bathroom. The bath is so big the tub has it's own little alcove with a draped entry. I seriously could have a party inside my bathroom it's so large! Then out into the hall again and into the bedroom. My bedroom is so large that I even have room for a chaise. Moving back down the hall we come to the kitchen. The glazed french doors lead to the outdoor living space. And I'll show you what that's like in my next post as I've run out of room for more pics.
  2. I have been extremely lucky that after searching for a loooong time I finally found my ideal home, a real beachhouse with nothing between me and the coast and not even houseboats to block my view. I did not finish the inside yet but concentrated on the outside. So this thread seems the adequate one. The plot is beautiful from both sides and it is the first time I did not need a balcony to have a great view but I live INSIDE the view so I could give the Alderley a try: AximBeach01_022 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr AximBeach01_015 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr AximBeach01_026 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr AximBeach01_014 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr I will openly confess that I copied a lot from @Marianne Little the big tree and the boat are the highlights of my landscaping. They are both a bit costly but WELL worth their price! The "Twisted Tree" comes with a sort of little weeded hill at the bottom and can be changed to four seasons. As Marianne described you have to change the texture of that hill to match the sand to "... the 'Beach sand' texture we all have in our library" and as she explained further "Editing skill is needed, rotating the sand direction to match the default ground is important, also the scale." To make it easier for you (since you have to change that texture every time you change the season) it is: edit - select face - click the base - texture - select the Beach Sand from the Library - horizontal 3.0 - vertical 1.2 ... AFTER taking this picture I added rotation degree 10 ... makes it match better. The wrecked boat "Driftwood beach den" comes not only with tons of just awsome animations but also with a hud with which you can adapt the sandcolour (similar as it was long time ago with shoes and feet combinazions) ... you should use that and neglect the fact that the riffles are a lot smaller than those of the ground because if you CHANGE the texture like with the tree you would loose some plants and shadows that are on it. At least that's what I did! Needless to say that a "Waves and gulls ambiente sound" and some flying gulls are a must have on such a parcel! (but first turn your land page to "restrict sound to parcel")
  3. Hi all - I've searched in the Knowledge Base and haven't found anything relevant - hoping someone here may be able to shed some light before I create a support ticket. Starting yesterday, I have been unable to operate the windows and window shades in the back room of my Alderley house. No problem with any of the other windows or the doors. (It *is* possible for me to control all windows simultaneously via the Access panel.) I had previously created a whitelist of friends and an alt to give them full access to doors and windows, and had my alt test this. No problem with the back room's windows. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  4. [W&W] Alderley Porch - front - 6 prims Apple Fall Juniper Topiary LH - Traditional - Alderley Planter [DDD] Spring Poppies [DDD] Orchard Tree - Apples YKFK Caution Slow Kids Sign Z.O.E. Child's Tricycle Retextured the porch flooring, and added a step.
  5. As some of you might remember I recently moved into a parcel by the water's edge in Axim. It took me all this time (on and off) trying to get things to flow. I struggled initially because I couldn't decide which style to use or what to do with it. I've always preferred the smaller house styles and the Adams is my absolute favourite. It's also a nice change to the landscape that's otherwise choc-full of Winchesters. I don't have anything against that style I just didn't need all that space; I wasn't using it. I've used almost all the same furniture that I had in the last house, minus a few pieces. As of writing this I had 26 LI left and just used 20 of that for Halloween decorations. I wasn't going to decorate for Halloween as we don't really celebrate it here in Australia but my neighbour across the street has a nice set-up so it seemed like the thing to do. My Zooby Animesh baby Riley takes up 110 LI and I could save another 10 if I changed her clothing but I like the option of clothing styles that I hadn't been able to attach to her before now. If things get desperate I have that option. Anyway, on to the pics... ^ Front porch with the Halloween decorations. I built this porch as a nod to @Blush Bravin whose Porch Life for the Alderley I loved so much, and since I couldn't find anything like it for the Adams I built it myself. So this was a nod to her. 👍 It comes in at 44 LI but is high LOD meaning it shouldn't crumble even on the lowest graphics settings. ^ Living room. I did away with the usual cluster of wall frames I've always had and replaced that with a slideshow on the laptop. Doing so saved 6 LI and a slight reduction on lag from so many larger textures. In this doorway where the pic was taken is the baby gate I had in my old house as some might remember. Wasn't really worth taking a second picture just to showcase that. ^ Bedroom. All the doors pictured slide open and closed. I also built the additional walls and the glass inserts over the doors just to reduce the height and give things a more uniform feel throughout. ^ Second bedroom, or Riley's room. This side of the wall you don't see includes the change table, diaper stack and toy box. ^ Kitchen (part 1). Looking from the kitchen to the dining section that overlooks the back yard. I just love that view! (To be continued...)
  6. I think @Blush Bravin did? No wait that's for the Alderley. But you could always try to build something yourself? I know it sounds adventurous but it's the best way to guarantee you get what you want, and everyone has to start somewhere.
  7. ... I think I may have a problem. Four days and 30 builds later... At this point I think I am actually relieved I didn't get a camper as I'm almost sick of looking at them (from a building perspective). But then I see some of the photos here and I start thinking... "Hmm, maybe I could... But there's so many other models!" 😑 I'm still determined to better this in Blender as to be honest it's all pretty basic but I'm having a whale of a time with those corners as they aren't as perfectly circular as @Chic Aeon mentioned but more oval shaped? And baking textures? Pft! That's college level for this Kindergarten student. Beyond that I'm wary that since campers can apparently be flipped 180 degrees or something that it would mean we would need to bake shadows from 2 different directions? Has anyone successfully done that yet? Anyway the point of all this was to say a huge THANK YOU to Will who let me hijack his camper for the last few days while I worked on his initial request... before I went loco with it. Now if he changes styles I will absolutely kill him (and there goes my insanity plea I guess). 🤣 EDIT: and sorry again Chic, I can't answer your question as it doesn't really apply to me unless we're talking Traditional home scale. I know having a small kitchen (kitchenette?) in say the Winchester may be odd, but it might still work for the Addams or Alderley? I mean it's an option if you really wanted to remake it? Just thinking out loud is all.
  8. The Alderley porch from Blush is perfect for porch living. I almost took Alderley because of it.
  9. Getting ready for Fall in Belli. Rezzed out my favorite Linden home, the Alderley. Added my porch and bricked up that front gable wall. Added a lot of trees to my parcel. I haven't done much with the inside yet. But I did change the linens on my bed. And of course, I have put in my closet.
  10. It is not so many posts with them. A search show the ones where "Alderley" is mentioned. Even if many is only a reply or a comment, you find pics there too. https://community.secondlife.com/search/?&q=alderley&search_and_or=or
  11. I am not sure I am putting this in the right place but I keep getting these messages. Can someone tell me if this is ok or is something wrong? [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: running [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: strNotecardNameRequest is NotecardName~TRAD [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: strContentCreationPackNameRequest is ContentCreationPack~TRAD [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: v is <164.46940, 21.67310, 28.17486> [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: kParcelUUID is 9daae809-b60d-b4e9-0003-dab7f0b84609 [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: strGoogleSheetsControlBoxURLRequest is GoogleSheetsURL~ControlBoxes~Live [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: Set remote access PIN to -559026163 [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: asking for ContentCreationPack~TRAD [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: set strContentCreationPack to LH - Traditional Content Creation Pack [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: asking for NotecardName~TRAD [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: set strNotecardName to Your Linden Homes House -- Traditional (notecard) [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: about to check parcel centre [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: for parcelCenter~9daae809-b60d-b4e9-0003-dab7f0b84609, data is <168.00000, 20.00000, 27.53410> [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: parcel center is <168.00000, 20.00000, 27.53410> [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: checking parcel type for position <168.00000, 20.00000, 27.53410> [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: strNotecardNameRequest is NotecardName~TRADTRAD [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: strContentCreationPackNameRequest is ContentCreationPack~TRADTRAD [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: vec is <168.00000, 20.00000, 27.53410> [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: kParcelUUID is 9daae809-b60d-b4e9-0003-dab7f0b84609 [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: lBuildings is Adams, Alderley, Continental, Winchester, Your Linden Homes House -- Traditional (notecard), LH - Traditional Content Creation Pack [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: listening on iAllObjectsChannel, -8269610 [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: lContentCreationServers is LindenHomes1A, LindenHomes1B [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: sending New Linden Homes Content Creation Server~LindenHomes1A [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: response to New Linden Homes Content Creation Server~LindenHomes1A was http://sim10358.agni.lindenlab.com:12046/cap/269cccc0-14ff-929a-1c36-e837c158b7f7 [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: adding http://sim10358.agni.lindenlab.com:12046/cap/269cccc0-14ff-929a-1c36-e837c158b7f7 to lContentCreationServerURLs [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: iMax is now -1 so asking for another server address [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: sending New Linden Homes Content Creation Server~LindenHomes1B [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: response to New Linden Homes Content Creation Server~LindenHomes1B was http://sim10106.agni.lindenlab.com:12046/cap/4f0b54ba-0c86-289f-5ae0-9612577267f9 [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: adding http://sim10106.agni.lindenlab.com:12046/cap/4f0b54ba-0c86-289f-5ae0-9612577267f9 to lContentCreationServerURLs [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: iMax is now 0, so finished with requests [10:39] LH - Traditional - HouseController 5.8: no uuid for kToucher, so finish
  12. I've rezzed out the Adams again. Since we've gotten the okay to use our parcels as display homes, I decided to furnish out the Adams for a few weeks. I am missing the light that streams inside in the Alderley though, so after the SL16B celebrations I will most likely go back to my favorite traditional, the Alderley. But here's what I've done with the Adams this time. This patio furniture and lemonade will probably be seen somewhere in my homes all through summer. I love how homey they make my home look. I had been missing my "bikeport" so I'm glad it's back. I may have to start using it with the Alderley too. Biking is so much fun in Bellisseria it's a must. This time I decided I didn't want the house's big room to feel so tight so I moved the living room into the entry area with the library. And now it's just the kitchen and dining on that side of the house. It makes the space feel so open. I do miss that morning sun coming in the kitchen window though. I'll show you what I did on the other side of the house in the next post.
  13. Excuse my poor photography 😂 I really need to learn how to use gyazo, but here is some pics of my Alderley , I love it.
  14. Removed the original flowers from the LH - Traditional - Alderley Planters, and added the [DDD] Spring Poppies. I also created some flower beds using a flat prim with a dirt texture added. The [DDD] Spring Poppies, the [DDD] Twinkling Bushes, and the [DDD] Tumbled Garden Edgers.
  15. I am "almost" there for Continental exterior walls. 4 LI, one mesh shell. Making an item is one thing, then the next and next and next... I made an Winchester walls shell too, have not checked it from all sides. I bet it must be some more uploads. And Alderley has cost me at least 10 full price uploads and a score of free beta uploads. I have to use the main grid so I can place it over the real house for the fine details, and the smallest houses is the worst. I am stuck in the texture change script, if a kind soul can help, I made a post under LSL scripts in the creator forums. 😰 The problem is that anyone can click the walls and change between 5 textures, and we can't have that, can we? I hate scripts. I don't understand them. They drive me nuts. The image under is not edited and has a LoD of 2. I think it holds up well from a distance.
  16. This is exactly what I'm doing, but to be fair I glean inspiration from everyone else. That usually means I'll buy their items, use it for a while, pull it apart if it's mod and add my own bits and pieces until I get frustrated enough to knuckle down and build it myself. Then get twice as frustrated that the end result doesn't look anywhere near as good as the bought purchases, so the cycle continues again. My personal recommendations: Blush, Fayded, Teegle, Bunny Creek, ChiC Buildings. One thing I will say is that the doorways themselves in the Linden Homes are HUGE. If they are empty (as with the Adams* style and have no doors) that's easy enough to modify with glass pane set into the frame itself to shorten the height some. But if there are doors included (as with the Alderley*) then you're stuck with what you've got. By that I mean personally from a building perspective I like uniformity where possible. As the LH doorways and doors are so tall, if I include a door that's short and more accommodating in terms of RL height then it will look out of balance and less uniform compared to the rest and exactly like an add-on or afterthought. That might be a reason why the doors are so large. Not excusing bad builds, and I'm by no means an expert, but just wondering if that's the case here. *Hope I have the house style names correct. Not in-world to check, just going from memory.
  17. Thanks, Juliet - I've just seen your comment! I'm happy with the location (and with being the only Alderley in the neighborhood ). My only regret is that my house doesn't have any of those lovely purple rhododendron bushes immediately out front as some local ones do. If only LL would sell them - they're nicer than anything similar I've found! Are you in Oldridge/Fangor?
  18. In my quest to find ways to reduce prims .. I discovered a gold mine. I forgot to mesh out the planter in front. This planter was 6 land impact. After meshing I got it down to .5 and after linking it with the flowers it netted out at zero. So that was 6 prims found basically. I also decided that I wanted my backyard to have that beachy feeling I had when I was using the Alderley. So I removed the pergola patio and bbq and got back more prims. With that I started gardening. This is now the view out my backdoor. I added beach grass, a couple trees, and some tall pampas grass along with my two favorite beach gacha items, the tubes and towel line. I moved the seating area on the upper deck to the opposite side and now the view to the sea is nicely framed with the trees.
  19. Being fickle as I am, I decided I'd try playing with the continental but that was a quick trip into futility. I've seen a lot of really nicely decorated versions of this house but it just seems too visually cut off from outside, so I quickly went back to the Alderley. I have decided my favorite house of them all is the Alderley, which really surprised me cause I didn't like it at all when I walked through it at the preview region. So, I find myself once again decorating a Alderley. I'm keeping my koi pond. I love these koi from Jian and have had a pond of some sort for most of my time in SL. I've been wanting to add the architecture of a carport to my home. So I set about adapting my pergola patio into one. But after it was finished I realized I don't own a car and really don't have any desire to own a car in SL. But I do have bikes - lots of bikes. So I made it smaller and love the result I get with a bikeport! I tore out the old landscape and installed something new. The view to the water from my back terrace is lovely. I've changed up the inside as well. I'll show you in my next post.
  20. Must it have a rez box? No. Must it be scripted to change textures? No (so the dialog/blue box question is irrelevant). As a consumer I prefer things to be mod so I can edit to my liking. But being mod opens up the possibility for someone to abuse it (for example, tint their walls bright red and full bright), though what someone does with your creation is beyond your control. If it were me and I were not taking the script route I would create multiple copies with different textures as @PrudenceAnton suggested (with an anchor prim and instructions). Bearing in mind the covenant: *Residents may decorate the interior of their house to their liking. The exterior should always remain in theme out of consideration for your neighbors. Which is why I reiterate if you as creator have control over the textures and colour you can stop others from breaking the covenant and any potential blow-back in your direction when someone does (not that I see any but I always try and plan for the worst case scenario when dealing with other people as they are the unknown variable). Then later should feedback warrant it you could provide different texture packs in this same fashion as an added bonus as needed; for example siding with Christmas lights or stencils "painted on", Halloween bats and pumpkin stencils, etc etc. It has great potential for future (and easy) development if nothing else? And I agree with @Chic Aeon; I don't see the need for more scripts and lag when the same thing can be accomplished without. Amazing work as always (and I hope you'll be working on the Alderley at some point in the future too! Fingers crossed) *makes grabby hands and just throws my pay check at you* 🤣
  21. Same. Or something closer to the water at least. I'm always several houses away; the first one was across the road and on the other side of that neighbour's house, and right now while I can still see the water it's actually in the region next door. Not what I want, so the wait continues. One day, eventually, even if it's an abandon or sheer dumb luck! (stranger things have happened) Nice job! It stands apart in the best possible way because it is different. And I 100% agree. The Adams and Alderley are deceivingly roomy (depending what you put in) but then how much room do one or two avatars need anyway? From what I've seen it sounds like you've created quite the haven there. Is it on the Parade of Homes at all? That looks great! Does anyone have some idea if this was laggy? (Laggy in terms of FPS taking a massive hit during the performance) I'd love to go to one of these shows but I'm afraid I'll crash or just continually black-screen (I can derender people if complexity is too high) but my connection isn't the best. At least the pics are the next best thing. Thanks for sharing!
  22. Well I like it, waterview too. So first I did, since it was already my beloved Alderley, is pull the porch add-on out my closet. There a 1 piece fence and 1 tree Linden stuff infront the entree of my porch... Dilemmaaaaaasss, the struggle is real. It might will have to go later. I will mention here if I do.
  23. Ok so, this time I will be releasing ... a location I love so much, but Alderley is my favorite house and the house is just to close to the fence (when add the porch). So I tried to learn to love another house, but I can't. So in 8 minutes from now, I will be releasing a beauty.
  24. I wasn't originally going to post pics of mine since I'm using a modest edit/recreation of another's build and didn't want to get blasted for plagiarism or copying (but she since stated that she doesn't mind. I hope this still stands true). I am using the Alderley and while I do enjoy the smaller style homes, I primarily chose it because most others around me (or that I've seen) aren't using it. So these are my pics: (My house is in the middle of the picture up on the hill)
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