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About Me

  1. This thread is dedicated to showing off our homes on the new continent. Please no advertising. Please keep your sight seeing pics for the thread Patch started. This is just for showing off what you've done with your Linden Home and Garden. Here's my first entry. Of all the homes I looked at during the preview I told myself I'll never live in the Alderley. I just thought it was too small and I hated the layout. But I had a vision of what it could be and I couldn't be happier with it now. It's just surprising how much house this can be. So I'll start you off at my front door. The
  2. Hahaha yes, after finding out I left. Can't have you as a neighbour. It is an alt and it is the white little alderley on waterside.
  3. I've got this Santa Louisa traditional going out in a sec...http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Santa Louisa/182/20/27 (Alderley corner by the river)
  4. Kitchen. 15 LI. This is an Alderley traditional, the smallest one. I use it as a beach house, with a boat outside ready to go in the water. the beach. I've given the house a small, but complete, kitchen. The appliances and counter are one unit, the Vespetta small spaces kitchen. That's 5 LI.
  5. Beach house. Traditional, "Alderley" I got this the day Bellessaria opened. 3 rooms, set up as kitchen, living room, and bedroom, with a wall added in the bedroom to make a bathroom. It's a modest beach house in a good location.
  6. Hi all - I've searched in the Knowledge Base and haven't found anything relevant - hoping someone here may be able to shed some light before I create a support ticket. Starting yesterday, I have been unable to operate the windows and window shades in the back room of my Alderley house. No problem with any of the other windows or the doors. (It *is* possible for me to control all windows simultaneously via the Access panel.) I had previously created a whitelist of friends and an alt to give them full access to doors and windows, and had my alt test this. No problem with the back room's windows.
  7. Ooh the continental looks good, I have a part decorated Alderley and I'm feeling tempted to change
  8. Victorians: + points: All have 4 rooms. Much better flow. The Doyle is an improved Adams. Bigger rooms, easier to place furniture . Some houses can have a bonus room on the landing, and still have room to walk upstairs. Even a small extra room downstairs. All the types have their own porches. I add on a bit bigger porch for an outdoor set of furniture. That does not need a lot of Li. Many more than half of the Victorian homes have a generous amount of flowers, so there is not a need to fill the garden. A Victorian with a good amount of flowers will look good with only a few flower patches
  9. I've always liked the smaller trads (now in an Adams - pictures in the 'Show off your home' thread; previously in an Alderley). Even though I've bought add-ons for both, I wound up not using them (the Alderley shutters excepted) and managed to create a 'complete' house with bedroom/study/bathroom, living room, and kitchen/dining room. I did get hooked by the Vic's color-change walls, so bought the Adams interior paint shell which has mostly worked out well, so I don't feel like I'm missing out. That said, my alt has a Vic Hardy which I've almost finished decorating, and to my surprise it doesn
  10. Thank you, Pru! A nit: the SLURL for #6, the Hyacinth sign, is actually a repeat of the #4 slurl. This will land you on the bridge in front of the sign, a great place to view it from: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyacinth/231/147/37 Also, let me thank you here for the effort put into the excellent video. The entire team involved deserves much praise! We (my partner and I) are not generally able to attend daytime events, our time inworld is late night SL time. But we did watch the video and visit the fairgrounds. We particularly enjoyed Abnor's slide show; in fact I
  11. I'd love a mod internal paint shell for the Overlook - have been thoroughly spoiled by the one I have in my Alderley trad.
  12. Well, that sucks. An alt got one of those jumbled houses in Alderley, I tried to reset the mailbox, but that resulted in only being directed to a web page (couldn't hold Touch for the 20 seconds). Everything ground to a halt. I logged out, logged back in 2 minutes later and now the house belongs to someone else Feh. Didn't see Quartz Mole's comment. Have just discovered that the system still thinks the parcel belongs to me, so I can't even try again for another. Update: Logged out and went back for a 3rd time - this time the parcel was again set to my name (and the other reside
  13. Last one for the night - a sandy trad in Well Springs. A quick walk to the water. It's the Spring Moss Alderley with the light roof in the center of the aerial photo. I'll release it at 7pm SL time, in 11 minutes. Still in maintenance at 7:37, and with that, goodnight!
  14. I've rezzed out the Adams again. Since we've gotten the okay to use our parcels as display homes, I decided to furnish out the Adams for a few weeks. I am missing the light that streams inside in the Alderley though, so after the SL16B celebrations I will most likely go back to my favorite traditional, the Alderley. But here's what I've done with the Adams this time. This patio furniture and lemonade will probably be seen somewhere in my homes all through summer. I love how homey they make my home look. I had been missing my "bikeport" so I'm glad it's back. I may have to
  15. Thank you, Nika! Yes, I'm glad you did this. I couldn't WAIT to get home today and announce. I meant to do it last night but DROPPED in bed with all of 6 hours left until I had to get up and face the 8 degree morning air. UGH So, I put refrigerator magnets in the kitchen of the Alderley. They are also visitor list makers and free to copy (help yourselves)! They tell me that we had a pretty good day today at least down in the very back of the 2 regions with about 50 visitors. That's not too bad. I posted an announcement thread and I have to admit I'll be sad to see this one trickle
  16. Got it !! Nice location in Winters Elm on a river with nice view. I'll release it in 10 minutes It's the red Alderley http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winters Elm/61/95/27
  17. This is an ingenious use of space! I never thought of putting the fireplace between the two doors in the Alderley and I really love your bedroom! Also you have double front steps (and it looks like some more behind the plot!).
  18. Yesterday I went to an event to get a dress, bought the dress but also a new bedroom, sofa and later a kitchen, so I changed my entire home, this is how is going: Now I have an Alderley, with a nice porch! Living room Kitchen and dining, this is actually my first complete fancy kitchen. My new bedroom Pose stand / dressing room they are too many pictures of my bathroom because making it work in such a small space took me a lot of time, everything I used are gifts or cost L$10 or less. I still have 9
  19. For anyone still reading this thread - I've picked up and am about to release a really pretty parcel in Esplin. On the river, with a large rocky area to its side which leads to a pond with small waterfall. (I'm really hoping to catch one of 3 plots in Innside - which I think is the most spectacular region I've seen; it'll be like living in a national park!) It's the amber Alderley, where the road bends. Will abandon it at 8:00PM SL time.
  20. [W&W] Alderley Porch - front - 6 prims Apple Fall Juniper Topiary LH - Traditional - Alderley Planter [DDD] Spring Poppies [DDD] Orchard Tree - Apples YKFK Caution Slow Kids Sign Z.O.E. Child's Tricycle Retextured the porch flooring, and added a step.
  21. I've been bouncing around with my one account, and it's been an enjoyable / frustrating / intriguing experience. The thing that tells me I will probably move is that I sometimes get the itch to go back to a Meadowbrook house. I'm not going to now (unless I fall between the house hunting cracks) but the urge is because I'd still like a modern style home with larger windows, this time with a better view out and all the advantages that Belli has to offer. However, if I get that chance and then move back to the Alderley then I'll know I can settle properly!
  22. Being fickle as I am, I decided I'd try playing with the continental but that was a quick trip into futility. I've seen a lot of really nicely decorated versions of this house but it just seems too visually cut off from outside, so I quickly went back to the Alderley. I have decided my favorite house of them all is the Alderley, which really surprised me cause I didn't like it at all when I walked through it at the preview region. So, I find myself once again decorating a Alderley. I'm keeping my koi pond. I love these koi from Jian and have had a pond of some sort for most of my time in
  23. I usually went for Winchester or Continental (with the wraparound porch) but since I saw what @iBrat did with her's I decided to try an Alderley on my Axim beachfront parcel. I like it a lot more than the Adams (which I gave a try aswell). Somehow when you come from outside and step into the one big room that feels like entering a livingroom whereas if you step into the Adams it feels like a hallway with rooms to both sides - at least for me it does. So the middle part of the Adams feels somehow akward.
  24. The Alderley porch from Blush is perfect for porch living. I almost took Alderley because of it.
  25. Anybody still here? I *know* that this sandy Victorian parcel (pink Alderley) will be someone's ideal home! I can hang onto it for a while until someone expresses an interest and then will release it when you're refreshing finger's ready.
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