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Found 18 results

  1. I sometimes see really good deals on World Map showing Land for Sale... but I don't have extra room in my current tier to buy them myself, so I thought I'd share them here. Hopes that's okay! here's the SLurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlas/179/237/40 This is nice deep lake created by the Ganymede Dam... so pssst Mer ...come check this out!
  2. I decided to take the plunge - and try out being a Premium member. So after upgrading, I excitedly selected my New Linden Home. But the location/map/teleport link I have been given By Linden Homes to get to it, literally drops me in the ocean/underwater? That wasn't quite the 'plunge' I was hoping for when I upgraded!! And definiteley not a very warm welcome for myself as a new homeowner (or for my friends/visitors to it!). I have raised a ticket, as the live chat was closed (even though I accessed it well within the promote opening times on the Linden support page. which provided an additional frustration, and let down as a new premium member). But while waiting for the ticket reposne, anyone know why my offical map location provided for my new Linden Home drops me in water near to my home - but not at actually at or in my home?
  3. A bug that has caused some problems for me lately is that a specific sim I am trying to enter while flying or driving does not render as being there at all in the main viewer. The sim will show on the mini-map and main map as being active, although I see no people/dots inside it if there are any. Mouse-over the sim in mini-map and the name of sim is missing, while 'double-click to teleport to...' is still there. On trying to cross into (or teleport into) the sim, I am disconnected from any vehicle I was controlling, left stuck on a border and have to re-log to escape. When I come back the sim is usually always then appearing fine, though I may be re-logged to my previous start sim. My vehicle is usually still going without me or crashed/returned. This issue seems to occur randomly, but so far has effected mostly airport sims, namely Santa Catalina, although others have played up the same way. Attached a screenshot of the usual appearance of said problem. Is there anything I can check in the preferences or debug options to try prevent this? Thanks!
  4. yes i know i sound like a newbie!! but is a way to extend the range of my radar and the range of my mini map? and if yes how? i am using firestorm
  5. Recently, I've noticed that I can no longer "Show on Map" for many of my landmarks. (Either my own or received from others). Before I go places, I often like to show it on the map to see how many people are there. But I can't anymore. Some landmarks still let me, but most don't - even ones that used to. Also, I can't bring up About Landmark for them. The Landmark window will just say "Loading ...". Am I the only one having this new problem?
  6. It's fantastic that the world map now functions! But sadly, it seems that the very useful service provided by "http://www.subnova.com/secondlife/api/map.php?sim=" which provides a texture UUID for the target regionname is broken. Does anyone know of an alternate way to get this content? Or have any info regarding whether the subnova people will restore this service? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Sudane........................
  7. As someone who complained regularly and often in any venue I could about this, I do want to express my gratitude to the Lindens who diligently kept working on this project because it is vital to the virtual world. No, it isn't perfect, and some zoom levels can be slow in loading. But they do all work now -- in recent weeks it was only some zoom levels that work but now they all do. And there are always people for whom it doesn't work and who have quibbles. But the main outlines of it work -- it shows the tiles. You can see where to point-to-point teleport. You go there. The builds are updated. So you don't teleport into buildings that aren't showing on the map that hasn't updated -- it's now updated I see at least from the last month from builds I know that went in. So I can pick out a field and teleport into that field; I can pick out water I know has no ban lines and teleport exactly into this. I can see land for sale clearly. You don't teleport to completely different sims than the one you clicked on, that was particularly annoying. Let's hope it stays.
  8. I received an in-world notice from a driving group that just said 'the maps are fixed!!!' .. So I went to have a look, and, I can actually see the map! So it's fixed, finally?
  9. When I open the World Map, I can see the land forms and details when I am zoomed all the way in. But if I try to zoom out using the slider on the lower left corner of the map, the land forms disappear and are replaced by a large empty blue space with names of sims on it. How can I zoom out as far the slider will let me?
  10. Greetings, I don't know if I am the only one with this bug. Each time I use the SL map from Firestorm and zoom out it disappears completely so you only see water. I can remember it didn't happen to me let's say, one year ago. So it must be a bug from recent versions of the viewers (or maybe misconfiguration). I'd like to know if it also happens to anyone and also if someone has any advice on how I could fix it. Thanks.
  11. Viewers are starting to show apparently current map tiles, though zooming is erratic and some regions are showing name, but no map-tile data. A large block of region names is now visible for the last block needed to connect Bellissera to Satori, and proper names such as "Fiddlesticks" rather than placeholders such as "SSPE1110". I am assuming the map tiles are unlikely to show before the basic landscape is set, and the short gaps echo what was done with the Stilt regions Cool VL Viewer seems OK for zooming Firestorm is still erratic. I am wondering if there is some cache-like element in the system, and I use Firestorm often enough that I am still using older data.
  12. I am a spy and informant by RP Sessions and I am to locate friends and friends of friends across sims, but how can I do that if their location is off?
  13. Aloha all. I enjoy exploring SL by opening map (Control-M) and clicking on distant places to teleport to them. This is a great way to discover hidden gems, and to find regions that don't pay extra to be included in search results. Unfortunately map has had some problems recently, takes a long time to load even in my good computer, and at the best of times shows only a relatively small portion of the SL world. Does a clickable map exist somewhere on SL's website? Something like the map function in-world, but showing ALL regions? Because SL is building new regions all the time I wouldn't expect such a page to be up-to-date all the time. But it sure would be a fun tool for exploration, like spinning a globe and picking a spot!
  14. I thought there was already a discussion on this but I can't find it after searching many times. If you can lead me to that other discussion please do. Have there been any updates to explain why the World Map has not been updated for what seems to be many months now if not half a year? I am using the default SL browser and noticed 2 automatic updates in the past few months in which I hoped the problem would be fixed but still no sign of that. I assume I am not the only person still experiencing this problem but if I am please let me know! Thank you.
  15. Hi. I'm not a scripter. Just trying to edit and combine some codes from open sources. Basically what I'm trying to achieve is when the object is touched, a dialog will appear and when certain option / answer is clicked the Map Destination opens. I did not get any error message when I saved the script but the "llMapDestination" command is seemingly being ignored in the "if" clause. When I tried it with "llSay", it worked just fine. My scripting skills is very basic and limited to editing only so I definitely must be missing something. * This one worked * integer gListener; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llListenRemove(gListener); key user = llDetectedKey(0); gListener = llListen(-99, "", user, ""); llDialog(user, "\nDo you want to use the World Map?", ["Yes", "No" ] , -99); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg) { if (msg == "Yes") { llSay(0, "It worked!"); } llSetTimerEvent(0.1); } timer() { llListenRemove(gListener); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } } ----------------------------------------------------- * This one didn't work, no error but world map doesn't open * integer gListener; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llListenRemove(gListener); key user = llDetectedKey(0); gListener = llListen(-99, "", user, ""); llDialog(user, "\nDo you want to use the World Map?", ["Yes", "No" ] , -99); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg) { if (msg == "Yes") { llMapDestination("Perlanera", <248.0, 146.0, 3694.0>, ZERO_VECTOR); } llSetTimerEvent(0.1); } timer() { llListenRemove(gListener); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } }
  16. This is not a problem for me, because when I use the world map to pick a region to visit, I've learned to look for a road or some place public before TPing. But it's probably an irritant for the poor landowner who gets a stream of unwitting tourists -- like I used to be -- who accept whatever the map suggests as a landing spot. Is this a non-issue for everyone but the landowner? Is there anyone who wants to know this is happening? If so, who?
  17. Bump. This is STILL not functional and we are being starved of information regarding progress (if any). We need SOME news and progress to be made on this. This weekend saw the highest numbers online for years. Give the newbies and returnees something to stay for...PLEASE!
  18. Bumpetty bump. You know it makes sense!
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