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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Takahara/199/74/56 All joined and has abandoned land you might be able to ticket for if you wanted more.
  2. Hello all, Its been a long while on this project. For quite some time Malcolm has been running things from the background. I am today officially resigning from the lsl editor group and handing over control to Malcolm (https://sourceforge.net/users/mkudra) I just do not have time for much anymore as i am way to busy at work and with my kids. Ill still contribute here and there but he will now lead and hold the keys / rights to the product. Dimentox.
  3. It should be. Ill do some more testing and see why its not. In my shell it highlights. Make sure it does not have the hidden extension of file.lsl.txt Some times windows does that if you have hide known extensions etc.
  4. Not really anymore. Just kinda advising not coding. getting ready to do some coding so i figured id do the lsl studio editor for a change.
  5. It uses the file extension. CReate a blank file with the .lsl extension. The project template is not yet done.
  6. I just uploaded LslLanguage-express-test.vsix See if that works. If not ill throw it in the shell and let it stand alone.
  7. It should work with all versions. The plan is to release it as a stand alone inside the VS shell. So you wont need to buy anything. If it does not work with express let me know and ill check the compile.
  8. Hey all, This is a pre pre pre release / language spec test for visual studio. The team is moving away from a self made IDE and into using VS2k10 stand alone shell (free) As the base for the editor. This opens up a whole new world for us. This is a test of a from scratch EBNF Spec. (using Irony). Current Test features: Syntax highlighting (Most) Error Parsing/checking. https://sourceforge.net/projects/lsleditor/files/VS-Alpha/
  9. Is this for rigged Mesh? What are we keyframing? This for avatars etc? can we get a bit more details please?
  10. Heh i use LSL editor as i am the Group lead for developing it
  11. Kinda curious as Apez fell down and went boom, xstreetsxl closed down.. Where do you cash out your lindens? Is it instant?
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