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  1. It looks like regions Penitent Beach, Sweetmarsh, Passwall and Rothacker are ready for this week to release. Maybe some houseboats still to release. One house in Sweetmarsh had a security fence around it for days, probably a mole gathering home. Now the security fence is gone. Good luck on the land page everybody.
  2. I saw the Belli home one time recently in the drop down box. Maybe that can be the option Patch can do with abandons they would only show up in the drop down box. It would help people at all hours to find abandons better.
  3. I just tried one minute and got the blocked page. 1:10 works on my pc at home. My work pc is not internet connected. I can only use my phone there. I challenge the patience idea waiting hours for an abandoned. I will only try the Patch releases.
  4. Cape Lively and boathouses released yesterday morning. There are good home chances in region Sweetmarsh for me. See ya Monday morning!
  5. I think it's lunch time now for Patch's team. Until 3:30 pm SLT, they could release more today.
  6. A few homes and house boats, timed out, nada got
  7. Belleterra and Sweetmarsh are regions next to each other. Rabbit run and Bandit regions next door.
  8. My wireless connection could be slow, I didn't see that house I am using 1:14 refresh
  9. Today, next week, anything is possible yet this process affects people I know are trying too. A lot of failures on the land page even with this new process. This doesn't feel like a fight anymore. It is still low availabilty the true issue. We can't demand a location but nice feeling it's possible to get. When that moment is over it is a challenge to take just any home given.
  10. I feel you there. I had a dream location for a long time as the region was constructed in Bandit. I didn't get that one truly disappointed me. Sweetmarsh has some nice locations, more water views.
  11. I strolled around last night, homes in Bellaterra available, maybe some Sweetmarsh region today.
  12. I just saw Belli in the drop down box, mobile chrome browser, failure.
  13. I was part of a SL Business for the first 6 years inworld with two friends. We had pretty good success. I heard the shoulds and woulds from customers. I had boasts from two store visitors they could do it better. They were wrong. I am not challenging Patch and Moles team creativity, just their collection and change of delivery. If patience is required they can tell all of SL on the land page. I think giving Belli a theme page is the fix. They can say unvailable there. We all want to see the Belli theme page as a regular offer, not a fight to see it.
  14. I hang out on Belli everyday. It's fun to be around the Continent, sailing and flying. I just want our fight on the land page to end. I think what Patch said, streamline the process, means Belli will get theme page like the old homes. If no homes are available it will show it. We should see the Belli theme page all the time. That will calm people down. It's a phantom page now and a fight to see it more often.
  15. Really, when I say week days, I did not say weekends for them to work. They already accomplished 700 homes in the past, how long did it take them , it was new building land and structure to the team. They are all talented, experienced and it goes much faster obviously as you can see them building regions now. I don't know how they released 700 in the past, it was accomplished. I just mentioned a more fair way dispersing their releases over 7 week days. Monday through Friday, then the next Monday and Tuesday.
  16. Don't we want 100 releases during a week day? Four times a day, 25 homes, houseboats, camping upcoming combination. Let's go back to when they can release 700. This time release 100 a day, for 7 week days. That will give more people time to get what we are paying for. It should'nt be this fight with tech and connections limited releases a day. This August, Patch and Moles, please take that month to make 700. In September, 7 week days release. If some locations are abandoned they can be released any time.
  17. I saw 6 homes, failures with poor wireless for my phone. If the home in Bandit I want is taken, I won't know until tonight. I may stop searching for now. A few others here had connection problems too. Happy days Bandit home owners! I enjoy the sailing and flying around Belli, the Community group is good conversation. This home get process still is disappointing for many. I hope my friends got one today. If they didn't...
  18. I think this might be a house boat day. If people are releasing some home locations okay, I don't see a region ready to go. Bandit is not ready yet.
  19. Smokey looks like it's all home users now. Next up is Bandit homes with its red lettering still there. I did see houseboats, 2 on the land page today.
  20. Walking around Rabbit Run and Smokey last night, the homes had no lettering, they were ready to go.
  21. There are some questionable uses of fences that restrict the property to only have one opening. It's not just the older locations, I see it in upcoming homes about to be released. A garage and car is a nice addition that can't be used. Good luck to all on the land page in weeks and months ahead.
  22. Hi Kira 😆 Yes I am but my business partners and I retired from those. I'm back in crazy chase again. I gave up my home last night due unchangeable picket fence.
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