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  1. 4 weeks in a row, 5 days each week Region releases. Incredible accomplishments they do!  Ever more Bellesseria Citizens! Thank you Patch Linden, Derrick and Whitney Linden Team. Moles magnificent!

    This week

    Bennetts Cove region Houseboats and Gentle Grove Homes region - Monday

    Whaleback Homes and Houseboats region - Tuesday

    Paislee Springs Homes and Camper region - Wednesday 

    Doodah and Whackamole Camper regions - Thursday

    Copper Kettle Camper region and Wiggle Homes with Campers region - Friday

    More to come next week! 


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  2. 4 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

    I can not be 100% sure, but is it not only 1 region with traditional homes that's named and ready? Hammond Park? No others?

    And also 2 or more regions with campers.

    I saw 3 other red letters on Homes regions in far away places. None of them have water views.

    Rabbit Run region is Homes and Campers

    Madison Creek is street of Homes

    Badger Mound and Lake Dacus Home regions I walked through. 

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  3. Early Monday,  Bennett's Cove Houseboats region released and hours later Gentle Grove Homes region.  Good Start to the week!   There is no normal anymore.  Patch Linden can have a moment of fun while inworld release a region last week.  Today more fun to have hours between releases.  

    I hope the well being of some refreshing isn't harmed by this.   I agree too much refreshing all day long  might be stressful. The frustration builds definitely.  


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  4. 12 minutes ago, Leora Jacobus said:

    There have been double releases but at the same time in one bunch not one after the other.

    I didn't even read here anymore for I was convinced this days release was OVER.

    Now I am done with it! All other regions can go to other people, :(


    Leora, again, bad time not getting a chance. This isn't the final pickle. One more Continent is likely for these Homes.  They are trying to make so it will be service to get one without refreshing.  Your dream home location is coming a future day ahead.

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  5. Three weeks in a row, 5 days a week Regions released. Patch Linden, Derrick and Whitney Linden Team. The Moles we cheer for!  Thank you all for creating everyday,  then releasing exceptional regions for us. 

    Pegleg  Houseboats region Monday

    Goodbury Homes region Tuesday..Pandora, Chloe and Marianne neighbors for a day will be memorable.

    Toad Hollow Campers and Homes region Wednesday

    Verdant Falls Homes Thursday

    Well Springs and Rocky Heights Homes Friday.  Patch Linden gave the people around in the street a double release! That will be memorable too. Thank you very much Patch!


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  6. 6 minutes ago, Trinity Aironaut said:

    Lol I once saw a drug house, LMAO I think that look was intentional.

    Does that Home still exist? I saw a video SL blogger took of it. It had boarded up windows and graffiti walls on the interior. Looked dirty inside, it was funny to see. I never knew what region that Home is in.

  7. Chloe Delores and Marianne Little neighbors?  That would be a street to visit!  For one month some incredible creativity they have could be showcase Homes.  Yet that Rocky Heights Home with sea view backyard will be released some near future day!  Tough decesion!  Other regions have great locations too. 

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