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  1. annnnnnnd the assessments start again. Just relisted some items of lesser value to see if it continues. Will follow the protocol laid out by Patch and contact Kristin, personally, if I don't get the same result this go around. Sigh. Glad to see my new friends, as well as my very old, best ones, have been refunded. It's a good day and I'm heading to the hot sun. Peace out!
  2. Just attended the meeting with Kristin Linden. While she did not have a lot of information regarding future safeguards and/or tools (including 2FA), it was encouraging to hear her expressing her understanding of my frustration and to please reach out again if we find ourselves in the same situation. 2FA and MP toggles and so forth are handled by a different team and not in her wheel house. It does take a while to sort through all the assessments as this was a massive incident. I would be as patient as possible as I am now assured those who were wrongly assessed, will receive their monies back.
  3. @GrandDukeDylan Rothmoor - Yes, that is pretty much spot on how copybotting works. They get it, they use a program to copy it exactly as it is, then they have an endless supply and can sell very low. It's an age-old scam. This is simply round Three for those of us who have been around for YEARS. That said, @Dessi Tyran - Copy Botting is not something you can FLAG for. You have no proof. You only have a suspicion. Raising this suspicion to LL through submission of a ticket is one possibility, to have them look into that individual; but who's to stop people from false accusations just to 'get r
  4. /me dies...... i got the same message as mmmlisi. I will be curious if others get their monies back. Keep us posted everyone!
  5. and I just got a response to my ticket filed about lost items with a 'sorry, there is nothing more we can do as stated in our policies.' so....I am very happy for you Marquis...not sure yours will be the majority's outcome. Lame
  6. Although you may have bought your own item back, there's no way to create new copies of an item with the real creator's name. There's nothing in what you described that would let us conclude that anything was copied. ^ actually, it is. If you 'copy bot' a box, the contents AND the original box will be EXACTLY the same as the botted item. So, if the contents of the box are from the creator (even though the box is was sold in is from whomever boxed it) the items that are copied WILL show the original creator also. I'm pretty sure about this. There was lots of discussion about it when bottin
  7. @StephanieBell I hope they have sim limits open. There should be a lot of people going. I do, however, not have much faith in the outcome, sadly.
  8. another 10k last night \o/ Carry on Party Peeps. The confidence in LL is growing by the hour. Thank you, Jagix, for addressing the issue of someone attempting to find some sort of resolution when clearly LL is not. We should be thankful, at least, that someone from LL is actually interested in reading about our plight. I have been here for 15 years. I have given a TON of money to the Lab in that time, $27,000 USD for land alone. It might just be time for me to go. I am one person and likely won't be missed on the financial statement; however, multiply me times 100 and we just might. I du
  9. Regardless of how or why, selling a new gacha item that was 75L a pull for 30L the day after it comes out DOES, in fact, destroy a market. I'm not suggesting you do that, just stating that others do; and they do it often. I know you, Chic; and I know you are an honest seller as are most. That's not in question. We could discuss pricing strategies all day, but I believe the purpose of all of this is to try to find a way to alleviate the fraud issue. I still like the idea of letting a seller toggle whether or not they want items to be sold as gifts. As for his [Ox's] comment not being stat
  10. @Chic Aeon I dont think he is implying that cheap means stolen. Although I don't necessarily understand your selling practices, it is absolutely your prerogative to price things as you wish (of course). I believe he is referencing those with endless supply AND/OR those who sell full sets at a ridiculously low amount. DESTROYS the market (as I am sure you well know).
  11. @OxfordLennox likely not paranoid. I have questioned many for the very same reason. Hit me up in world if you're so inclined. I'll give you the names of the big items I've lost in the last few days. See if they miraculously show up for sale from another and they have mulitples (if not endless) supply.
  12. Well crap, @OxfordLennox, looks like that idea went nowhere three years ago. That's awesome. Clearly LL still doesn't care even after giving them 10%. Lame. My days here, after 15 years, might just be done.
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