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  1. Thank for posting this workflow - just what I need right now. I am by no means a zbrush/mesh newbie, but I still forget the workflow. There was nothing insulting in your post, and I wish people would stop being so overly sensitive all the time.
  2. Seems a lot of fraud is going on in SL then...because it is fraud if someone pays for their land in advance and then that land gets taken away in front of their very eyes without warning and due to no fault of their own. This means they loose the land AND the money they have paid, not to mention all their belonging and creations. Yes, I am referring to the 150 SIM case. It is scummy and it is fraud. 150 SIMS may mean little to some people owning thousands of them, but each SIM matters to the one person who has put hours of work and care into it. How fair is that? Such fraudulent conduct is pr
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