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  1. i recently dropped it down to 3 days old or older
  2. I don't know how many times I've said "we are all adults here,start acting like it "..guess thats not gonna be true anymore..
  3. love this feature.. the places i visited were empty.. may i suggest adding the ~O~ KARAOKE LOUNGE ..There is crowd of people there 24/7 singing live music ..the traffic runs 14k-20k daily . i am NOT looking to boost traffic and i dont sell anything,its just a fun place with live music every minute of the day all 24 hours .they will need to hear voice ,because most sing in voice , but many use the house stream also..if they can have voice and a mic they can even join in the fun.. if ya want to showcase this browser feature, i recommend the ~O~ LOUNGE .. it really is live music 24/7.. someone back me on this ... just ask anyone basically
  4. prime example of corporate greed... once again.... bottom line ..:the almighty dollar....
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