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  1. I would like to comment once more on "Cyber Bullying" because I'm very sensitive on the issue to. My sister is a juvenile court judge in Georgia so I've heard some very sad stories and outtcomes. My gol here isn't to be allowed back in, or do what I want. And it's true. They can run their land however they want. Just like a restaurant owner can treat their customers however they want. But I'm well within my rights to post my reviews and experiences on yelp, or other online forums to warn others. Now back to the Cyber Bullying. I was wondering aloud because I can quickly see a scenarior like this getting out of hand (and have heard many stories of other friends who were MOST definitely bullied.) I would like to see a mechanism in place where people can speak out about mistreatment from others on all scales. You can leave reviews for clothes on Marketplace why not lands where the "public" are invited to come hang out and have a good time. Like in my situation it did escalate. I recently had major surgery on my right elbow so my typing isn't its best. It's going to be a long while before I can lift my hairbrush with that arm and I've got lots of PT ahead. Even though I had muted the owner... someone else had randomly messaged me and mocked my ability to type without making mistakes. So... making fun of my disability. It certainly is riding the edge of what "Cyber Bullying" can mean. I'm over it now. I just wanted to raise public awareness of this land owner and her cronies. And that's what I did. And... there needs to be a "Yelp" like system for places in SL. Just sayin...
  2. And this morning I've logged in and her friends have left me messages since I was asleep. I was just called a "sl*t". A "b*tch". Saying that my ass was hanging out and that I just wanted people to "f*ck" me. I I had to edit that a bit. So... this is what I was wearing for the entirety of last night, not just at her land. Obviously my ass is hanging out and I'm dressed entirely to provacatively. 
  3. I think everyone is missing the point. It's not about being allowed to take pics or not. And... I could argue all day about Burlesque actually means... But I realize it means different things to different people. What I am upset about is I asked a question for clarification from that particular sim before acting. And... on the left hand I was discussing with land employees who said they felt my request was completely okay... And on the right... The owner kicked me, banned me, and then called me filth and disgusting. In that order. I never at any time was nude, or even wanted to be... So why that keeps getting brought up I don't know. I object to being verbally abused for asking a qestion.
  4. I'm not sure I understand why posting chat logs is against TOS. I do understand the names though. I'll make the appropriate changes. And no sexualed anything ever took place. In fact... the "guardian" of the sim said my request was perfectly fine and I even said I would not do anything until I talked with the owner. I don't agree with verbal abuse, and think proof of verbal abuse shouldn't be against TOS but I'll follow the rules. At what point does SL take cyber bullying seriously? And is it really okay for the TOS to protect the bullier over the bullied by silencing on record information. Anyway... I know I just need to buck up and take it I suppose.
  5. I'm a long time SL resident. But new to photography. I've been looking for wonderful places to shoot pics at. I do like pinup and burlesque photography. Which... is NOT NUDE photography. At least not in my book. I've been a member of Gardens of Grace for a while and wanted to take pics there. I know it's G rated and sometimes people don't like you walking around in a swimsuit or underwear even though you are not nude. So... trying to be considerate I asked in the group. I made sure I mentioned I had no intention of being naked. I would post what I said but I can't because I was kicked by the SIM owner. But... before that... becaues I had asked as nicely as I knew how I had this coversation with one of the SIM employees who messaged me directly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've deleted the chat log to avoid TOS violations. But an employee of the sim had messaged me about my question. She was a very nice person and we have a very pleasant conversation. She said things like "As long as you are not nude I do not see the harm" I replied that I appreciated her kindness and I would still even wait to talk to the owner before I took any kind of pic as I did not want even the slight possibility to offend someone. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything was great and wonderful so far. No problems. But look at the time stap. Because JUST as Passion said Ari was a "lovely woman" I was immediately kicked, and Ari started calling me "disgusting" amongst other things. This is what Ari sent to me after she kicked me. Notice how I tried to apologize. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Again had to delete the chat log to avoid TOS violations. But... at the point the Gardens of Grace owner had kicked and banned me... and THEN messaged me calling me filth, and disgusting. The earlier person I had talked to that worked on the sim was shocked the owner treated me that way and offered her own home for my pics. I think she was embarassed by the owner's behavior. I felt very hurt and verbally abused. I've been on SL for five years now and this is the first time I've ever been kicked or banned from a place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ari even quoted part of my original discussion in the group where I had said "If there's a question I might offend someone I can make sure I stick to more normal things" things being clothes. Its like she went WAY out of her way to take me out of context and try her best to make sure I knew I was the worst piece of human filth she had ever seen. I'm not going to sink to her level and insult her, and I truly feel sorry for her loss. But if you enjoy this place do not try to interact with the staff. She clearly needs professional help with an emotional trauma of some sort. -Kira
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