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  1. Keep in mind, if you do end up messing up uv shells and such, all is not lost. Take your lower LOD and place it in the same space as your higher LOD and use the Mesh>Transfer Attributes tool. Here are the settings I use: Vertex position: off Vertex normal: off UV Sets: All COlor Sets: off Sample Space: World Mirroring: Off Flip UVs: Off Search method: closest to point Using this method will "line up" your lower LOD's UV map with the Higher LOD's UV map, so you'll get less texture shift when the LOD switch happens. But again, you're still removing UV's so an exact line up isn't possible.
  2. Will switching to FULL BRIGHT affect only the diffuse texture? Will it affect diffuse and specular? Will it somehow affect normal maps too? THanks Brookston
  3. The switch happens at different distances depending on 2 things. The first is how large the mesh is. A very large mesh wont switch until your camera is very far away from it, sometimes the switch distance is larger than your draw distance and so won't ever switch at all. (Note: I believe this is the reasoning behind larger versions of the same mesh having a higher prim cost.) The other is the debug setting renderVolumeLOD. The higher it's set to, the farther from the mesh you get before it switches LOD. I believe the default is 1.2, somewhere around 2 or 3 makes SL look a lot better in my opinion. People much smarter than me tell me that this is a ridiculously low value for renderVolumeLOD to be set to by default, that most graphics cards can handle higher, and it should be more aggressively tied to graphics settings, but this helps make lag seem better for the people accessing SL on inferior machines.
  4. Was there a meeting on the 14th? If so it has not yet been posted. Would really appreciate it if they were posted here or on the wiki.
  5. Sorry, it's regular, not mesh prims, and it seems that only some are effected. In the picture, the prim lower left is large but visible, the other two are invisible. The texture turns visible again if I move them or resize them, but after a second they turn invisible again, and you can only tell they are there by editing them so the outline is visible or flying into them you bump off.
  6. In the latest project viewer whenever I stretch a prim to a large size say ~50 meters or more, it turns invisible. Is this happening to anyone else? I can't seem to find a JIRA about it, and want to know if anyone else has seen this behaviour.
  7. ... not let what the trees hide the forest and the stars hide the moon... ...all can be happy but at themoment are ever limited and forced to see ever only a part and some times never see... ...Time to time and patience I just want to say, whatever translation program you use, I think it has the heart of a poet.
  8. @Lance Ummm... 13.75 Mbit/s isn't 13750 kb/s it is 14080 Kilobit/second Just saying. Hmmm... looking at preferences it seems to suggest the measure is in kilobits, are we sure it isn't kilobytes?
  9. I would really like to be able to use just one viewer but as of now, there seems to be some sort of glitch in 2.2 that makes using it near impossible due to a stuttering issue on my system, but phoenix doesn't seem to support media on a prim. I'm wondering, are there any TPVs based on the 1.23 viewer that support media on a prim? Will there ever be? And what are the chances that mesh will never get third party support either?
  10. Thanks Luc, Tried it and there is no difference. I've updated video drivers. Tried turning up and down graphics settings. Nothing, still FPS is jumpy as heck. Then I turn on the Mesh viewer and it runs as smooth as glass. I'm really getting frustrated here. @Esbee HELP!!!!
  11. There's something very strange happening for me in viewer 2.2. I'm getting my FPS jumping up and down very severely. Ctrl-shft-1 is like watching a metronome. This wasn't happening in 2.1 and it still isn't happening in the mesh viewer. It has made viewer 2.2 almost unusable. Can't even walk around because of the constant stutter. I've messed around with all sorts of settings, I'd like to bug report this, but have a feeling my symptoms are too vague for a jira. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Brookston CPU: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (2400.04 MHz) Memory: 4095 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (Build 7600) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 280/PCI/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0011.9745 OpenGL Version: 3.2.0
  12. @Gordon The same thing happened to me. I cleared cache, and restarted in a different sim and it started downloading meshes again. Not sure if it was clearing cache, or moving that did it. I think some of the sims might just be overloaded at the moment. Hope that helps.
  13. HELP > REPORT BUG > 404 - Page Not Found Just thought you should know.
  14. Holy Aunt Jamimas! It isn't just meshes that can be stretched beyond 10 meters?! Is this going to be true for all prims when mesh gets added to the main grid??? Oh, and thanks to all the Lindens who must have worked really hard to get this out by your set day.
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