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  1. I finally broke down and got a mesh avatar (Maitreya Lara) and i LOVE it! One problem is that I am an idiot. I wear the clothes and then take them off and find myself the invisible woman. I used a folder system for stripping with all my outfits but I cannot seem to make it work with mesh and applicators. Can someone tell me how I shoudl set up these things so they it works seamlessly with escorts? Kind of embarrassing to go invisible in the middle of an activity. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Since I am a SL escort and have own several escort clubs I will respond on what I have seen. I escort because it is exciting to me and because I make some extra spending money. Both reasons are needed for me. I woul not do it unless I liked it and I would not do if I wasn't being paid. I make $95,000.00 in real life so I really dont HAVE to escort. However, the $1500.00 I have taken out every Decemeber for the last four years has come in handy at Christmas and I can afford to buy things in SL without putting them on my credit card. I do know that many of the girls who have worked for me have struggled in RL to make ends meet. The extra money they make escorting in SL helps them tremendously in making through the month. So I guess my answer is -- no, you wont get rich -- I mean do the math, there are not that many hours in a day! But if you are a single mom or a college student, you can earn as much as you would get paid in a minimum wage job (after taxes and child care) - especially if you are a good escort with steady regular clients. At the same time, if you dont enjoy it, it isnt worth doing. My husband use to complain about my SL time until I pointed out that his hobby (golf) costed us as much as my hobby paid. LOL
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