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  1. Not that I think they'd fix it, but if it is indeed a driver problem is there a way to report to HP? (since HP is who would do it not Intel itself for some reason, at least on my dad's laptop which was an HP Pavilion m7-1015dx Entertainment PC (Notebook.).
  2. Is there any way around the leg/lowerbody deform? my avatar has rather short legs but the legs that import with lowerbody are clearly far to long.
  3. Someone needs to tell LL to correct the Verification Failed page then cause this is what I get... you'll see why I thought going premium also meant I got Age verified Age Verification Failed The information that you provided did not match available public records. This can occur if your information has changed recently. If you moved or changed your name in the last 18 months, please try age verification again with your prior address or name. Please also try using a different identity document. Many countries use multiple identity documents, for example, a passport, driver's license, or national ID card. Please make sure that you've selected the proper country name. If you have tried several different identity documents and are still having difficulty, please help us identify the root cause by taking this survey. You may also verify your account by adding a payment method to your account. You can do so here. If you are unable to add a payment method to your account, you may also age verify your account via a support ticket. To do so, please visit the support portal and click Submit a Ticket. The Manual Age Verification ticket type is under Special Questions, and then Account issues. If you wish to expedite the process, please attach a scan of your government-issued ID using the 'Attach a file' link on the ticket submission page. As you can see the failure page suggests that you can get Verified (Age verified you'd think because of the page) by adding a payment method. Which from what I've gathered from the posts here is not the case.
  4. I'm curious how long it takes them to verifiy then. I've previously put money on Xstreet SL from a bank-account linked Paypal account, which I believe said was a verified account, (twice infact only to remove it later) And I never got verified. I've also recently went premium which is supposed to be auto-verified. Though I did this through the side bar and not the link inside the Verification page when Aristotle's Integrity decides you don't exist. My final resort if the Premium doesn't work will be the manual. which leads me to some more questions: Can I use a Bank statement instead of a utility bill? As I'm currently still living with the parental units and don't have to pay utilities. I have a lapsed learner's permit that is also a photo ID... can I use that or do I need to use my birth certificate? If I can use the bank statement should I block out my bank account number or am I to leave it in tact. Any help would be appreciated, I understand that you guys do not work for Linden Labs and can only answer to the best of your ability. Do you know if I can use the Premium Live Support chat to ask these questions or do you think they'd tell me that wasn't what the live chat stuff was meant for.
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