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  1. OMG! it was the [KRR] Xalph Skin mod for M3 Venus/Kuroo/Kemono skin mod! Thank Ariel Vuissent for the find~ you are a lifesaver or in this case a skin saver lol I do usually save them in a folder together but it seems this one was still in my received folder, thats why I didnt find it I cant believe I didnt think to search the market place at all {it is a male av~ I didnt even to think to put that}
  2. Sorry if this inst the right place to post this I have a Venus/kemono femboy av and I use a pale skin for him, but I tried to change it and I forgot what the skin applier I had on before was called {I have short term memory problems} I have a back up of the head and body, but in case this happens again I want to know what skin im using, only problem is, I have tons of skins, i went though them and none of them matched the first skin {the pale one i used, same as in the picture} So I'm wondering, Is there a way to see the name of the skin applier/texture or the maker of the skin? {Also if anyone recognizes this skin, its for the Venus head and the kemono body, please post the name, or maker}
  3. really? ok i will but yeah thats him hes the guy that was acting like one, sorry im still learing the forum and the rules are just a pile of mush in my head so i hope this first lil mess ups wll be over loooked but i just reportd the guy and this guy with the whole story thanks everyone
  4. thank you I did report him Im just really worryed i havent heard from my husband in a week and this is the only way to talk to him so i have to be on 24/7 or i might miss him i just need reassured about this i think and hopefully a linden or someone wil see this and watch out for him too
  5. Sorry if im doing anything wrong this is my first time posting here and im a lil worried about wuts going on and trying to stop a bad panic attack from it the beeped words was F**K off n***a sorry his tage was his parters name and then "N***a" after it so thats why i called him it
  6. ok so heres the deal a guy read my profile and on it i say im 7'4 { whitch i am, due to a sickness that made my bones not stop growing} and since im also japanese he called me a lier, and he was wearing a tag that had "N***a" on it so i told him F**k off "N***a" and blocked him and left the shop i was at a min later i get an IM from a guy named R********dand he was made 20 mins ago this was the IM i got from him 12:41] Incoming message from R********d Resident [12:42] Yousei: yes? [12:42] R********d: A report has been filed against you for using the terms; "F**K" you and "N***a". We will be issuing a 7 day suspension and possible termination of your account once investigated. Sorry for the inconvience [12:42] R********d: Have a good day. [12:42] R********d: Read the Terms of Service. [12:42] R********d: You've violated them. [12:43] Yousei: oh so him calling him self **bleep** is ok [12:43] R********d: Issue a ticket on the website; Secondlife.com if problems occur or questions. [12:43] Yousei: and calling me a lier is ok too [12:43] R********d: Adult profile. - Please reread the Terms of Service. [12:43] R********d: In Section - it states you are not to insult others or make them feel uncomfortable. [12:44] Yousei: he did me first [12:44] R********d: We were sent the chat log. [12:44] R********d: Nothing he said was insulting toward you. [12:44] Yousei: im am 7 4 in rl due to a sickness [12:44] Yousei: and he said im lying [12:44] R********d: We are not aware of your sickness. No one in the world is aware of your sickness. [12:44] R********d: You have a profile to tell people about yourself. [12:44] Yousei: he has in his tag "N***a" [12:44] Yousei: so thats wut i said [12:45] R********d: Once your account is suspended and or Terminated, please send a ticket to Linden Lab. Have a good day. [12:45] Yousei: and i did put it in my profile i put im 7'4 [12:45] Yousei: i would like to know you affirmation with LL please He logged off after that and i am still logged into second life and nothing seems to be wrong see i dont cause truble, im on sl 24/7 waiting for my husband, the only way i can see him is though second life because he lives far far far away and i rarely rarely leave my land {i just happened to be buying a pair of eyes this time} I know when i report i take at least 5-10 mins, but this was like right after i tped so like it had to be with in a min and the guy that said i was being "suspended" didnt have Linden in there name at all or any info down so im not sure if it was a guy try to scare me or wut does anyone now? is there a linden i could talk to about this?
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