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  1. Hi If anyone has this opensource chess board - could you please send me one - Thanks.
  2. "Yes, some may say it is our fault for having high expectations or for even wanting to pay for domination." Yes, your comments are expected.... and yet, even creators and builders can scam us, can't they?
  3. A recent experience has left me wondering, just how many of us, are taken for a ride by so-called Dommes/Doms. Yes, some may say it is our fault for having high expectations or for even wanting to pay for domination. However, the fact remains, that there are so many domination females and males in Second Life, that are excellent, and are deserving of their titles, for them to take the time to nurture those wanting to experience D/s lifestyles. And on the negative side, yes, those shameful females and males calling themselves Dommes/Doms. Expecting people to pay money to join their groups, and keep you waiting, Oh, yes, I paid 3k to join one so-called group, and part of it was a free 10 minute session, so, after being able to arrange an actual time today, which was convenient for my partner in his RL busy schedule, she asks us if we are ready, we had problems, getting our avatars fixed due to SL, and then tpd there, she imd saying she would cancel if she saw any xcite items, as we had already tpd there and sl being sl, was hard to get the xcite items off, also my voice was not enabled and I crashed on landing at her sim, when I came back, she said she was cancelling, as we were wasting her time, end of the free 10 mins and this was all in 3 mins of started time. She never gave a notecard saying what she expected us to have on our avatars or even advising against wearing xcite items, and having set up outfits with these on, was taken aback when told not to wear them or she will cancel at moment of tping to her. In disgust, my partner logged off and went back to work in his RL, I, meanwhile told her how much of a disgrace she was to domination, and how much she has lost in lindens that she could have made from us, due to her demanding lindens. that we pay for her time if we want to be with her. We have no problem paying for services in SL by the way, and this is not a personal attack against her in this forum, however, I hope it will raise awareness to those wishing to take services up for domination, as there are some wonderful groups out there, and timewasters like this female, to waste a week of our time, and for us to expect something from her and yet be very disappointed, is a shame indeed. I would not treat anyone the way she has done, and with second life and all its hiccups, patience and respect is needed no matter whether you say you are a Dominant, or are a sub. So, I am posting this, and if anyone can advise of any independent groups that can or do recommend honest and true Dominants, then advise me of the name of the group, otherwise, if there is none, I have created a group called SUBMIT TO MY AUTHORITY DOMME SCAMS. Join me if you want.
  4. I am presuming too much if I say, you read this forum subject before posting that?
  5. Wonders how many times we have to log on sl pages .... and oooo wow that did work.... Thank you very much.... A real shame this is not being publicised and only hidden on a page like this... Not everyone likes to sign in to soooo many SL site pages.... and wow thanks to seeing that Facebook and Twitter button , I decided to ban the links on my computer thanks to a nice search to ban it... Nice to see not everyone wants fb or twitter. So what is the dashboard for? Links to sooo many SL websites and why so many different sign ins?.....Why not have one access by signing on our accounts and just click the links? Why do we have to repeatedly sign in and sign in? Now I feel like a parrot repeating myself re this, but it is a big turn off for me.
  6. Thank you Cerise I am still feeling very much blonde and dumb.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm......... Now that there ACTION button is completely missing to me... I have tried a few friends profiles and it is just not showing..... Any other suggestions how to SEE THE ACTION BUTTON?
  7. Oh, I do enjoy being dumb and blonde..... especially on times like this.... I have read... and been to the username page... and I have tried a few friends ..... just one problem.... I think I am in urgent need of a PICTORIAL.... please show me where the ACTiON button is ... I am seeing very little on these friends profiles ... yes the pic can open up,,,, yes it does say partner info... yes it does say payment info on file ... erm ... oh yes those STUPID BUTTONS THAT LEAD TO FACE BOOK AND TWITTER which A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN............. Now where exactly is the ACTION BUTTON? Please? And yes, can we have this item on our dashboards so we can all know the problems with this subject?
  8. I would like to comment on the DASHBOARD DEALS....................... I happen to be a SL Resident, and spend a lot of lindens on marketplace and in world............. from buying clothes and items to entertain myself and others..... renting a sim, tipping dancers and djs, and hosts................ NOW........... I have an issue with these dashboard deals............ I read that the links or updates would be via FACEBOOK AND TWITTER............. !!!!!! ................. I DO NOT WANT TO USE FACEBOOK OR TWITTER AND I HAVE NEITHER USE FOR ANY OF THOSE SO CALLED SOCIAL WEBSITES........ I WANT TO USE SECONDLIFE AS MY SOCIAL NETWORKING CENTRE.......... SO DO NOT PREJUDICE ME BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT OR INTEND TO USE THEM................. AND I DEMAND TO AS A RESIDENT OF SECONDLIFE TO BE GIVEN FULL ACCESS TO THESE DASHBOARD DEALS AND THE DISCOUNTS.... AS ANY OTHER RESIDENT ON SL.... AND THOSE BEING OFFERED DISCOUNTS ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ARE BEING GIVEN SPECIAL TREATMENT...... WELL STOP THIS... AND OFFER ME A SL RESIDENT SPECIAL TREATMENT TOO.... OR IS THIS A CASE OF OH ... THOSE THAT JUST USE SL ARE JUST FOOLS.... LETS GIVE FB AND TWITTER USERS MORE .... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS TREATMENT OF NORMAL SECOND LIFE RESIDENTS........... GIVE US THE SAME RIGHTS. THE SAME TREATMENT AND DO NOT PREJUDICE US BECAUSE WE DONT WANT TO ADD TO THE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER NUMBERS AND PREFER OUR PRIVACY.................. No apologies for shouting, but I am sick of hearing about Facebook and Twitter users having extra stuff/news offered etc.... start dealing fairly with us INWORLD users NOW and also make sure that any information or news on dashboard deals are posted on our DASHBOARDS OF OUR SL ACCOUNTS so we can just click a link and go on MP to see these deals........... I AM HAPPY WITH USING MY SL ACCOUNT DASHBOARD.............. ok my rant is over and done with..... just dont treat us as suckers... and btw the links on the dashboard deals on the forums was not even updated.... so bad updating... however CONGRATULATIONS ON DISCONTINUING AN UNFAIR OFFER.
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