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  1. I flew from Crow's Nest to Japan then back, before heading south into the empty 9 water sims before finally parking at Siren's Isle. Flew to my skill up to 70% speed in a S&W modded Bell 212 with 4 blades, floats active. Avatar Complexity of 38,004, [14/14] running scripts, 800 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.059113 ms of CPU time consumed. Ran smooth as silk. What's even more impressive is I've been maintaining a framerate that matches my current monitor. (75fps at worst), only losing 10fps when shadows enabled.
  2. Let's get a admin on that before people start talking like they're in some sort of position of authority. Besides the Jira is unreliable in getting into contact with LL.
  3. Here's a few actual facts about sim crossings. 1: 4-corner crossings are bad. Unless you aim away from where the 4 corners meet if you're forced in that direction. 2: Sometimes it's what's built on the sims that get you. If the people building are using bigger than 512x512 textures, those take time to load even on a good machine and connection. 3: It's not really the size of the script in the attachment, it's the number. I usually fly with 3 one-script attachments (Parachute, PFD, Helmet) and I get the same crossing performace as flying practically nakie. 4: Don't cross with other vehicles
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