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  1. I've been reporting machines as been gambling machines not a skills machines several times and up to date no action been taken or answer been replied, so its look like someone from inside Linden Lab been cover those machines for this reason no investigation been taken or any action been taken ... So is this a fair way to deal with serious matters? Or what ? Well for the last 3 month and up to date nothing happened and I have the prove as those machines not legal at all not even 1% as skills but did you ever ask about the prove, I dare you come and try those machines and tell me where is the skills on it ? But if the owner of those machines have some friends from linden lab there where is the serious matter ... Someone cover him from inside the program :) all what I'm asking as be fair to everyone and listen to all complains ... Not some goes to the recycling bin as where other complains taken serious because of the person :) I'm Really sorry i think i came into wrong section ... i thought this page belong to the abuse section ... again i'm really sorry God bless sorry for disturbing you with this matter i was looking into my e-mail to see if there is an answer and i found at the end of the e-mail link been sent from indra the abuse section i pressed on it and direct me into here sorry again
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