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  1. Well I had it, and I did ignore the update for a while, so is there a I link I can get to it. I learned to not updated it lol
  2. I tried to download that one as well, but the same message comes up. Is it possible to go back to 2.5?
  3. Hi there, I just tried to download the newest viewer 2.6 as of April 13. As I tried installing it, it stopped towards the end, stating that there is a pop up thats says error "Error opening file for writing" I tried to click ignore, and it wouldnt be ignored, I tried retry, didn't work and with abort, it justs stops downloading. My Laptop is windows 7, i bought it last year, 64 bit, HP. If I can't get to download the Viewer 2.6, can I down load an earlier viewer 2 format? Viewer 2 is really the best and only one worth playing SL with. And it's easier for my trade in sl.
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