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  1. My problem with this came in an email I got earlier today that somewhat rattled my cage and put the "doubt" of the rumors being true to rest, in face I fear their truth now. In an email I got from Sansar grid today it seems alot like your catering to them and stabbing the Second Life community to make up for the "perks" Sansar grid is getting. Your giving them freedom to purchase and gift Sansar dollars WITHOUT additional charges so basically they are buying money free and you charge us to buy Lindens? And I Quote "No more transaction fees. Starting today, you can gift and tip Sansar Dollars without any additional charges. ". You hike our premiums up from 72.00 to 99.00 to give Sansar free Sansar dollar purchases (there are a couple of other new perks but I dont know what they are, Sansar wasnt my cup of tea)? This isn't fair!! Why should this grid have to make up the differences for them?? We shouldn't. The rumors have been flying since Sansar became a living thing on the web that it was to be a replacement for Second Life which with the new prices and implements it would seem the rumors are somewhat true. If you create a new world then they should be responsible for their grid and we shouldnt be forced to have higher pricing on our grid to make up their differences. Sansar should be subject to fees, membership as well as changes like what this grid faces verses us paying to cover the slack for that grid. Its just wrong, period. Shakes head in disgust. I'm a premium member have been for some time and I disagree with the former implements on the groups as they are lucrative for businesses and customers alike but my problem is jacking the price up from 72.00 to 99.00 and the above mentioned email I got, it all make sense now.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I'll gladly check mine out!
  3. How can you sell items on the Marketplace that are No copy/No Mod yet they are transfer? I've tried to put some of my extra Gacha items up and it gives me an error telling me it has to do with permissions. I've purchased Gacha Items from Marketplace before many times so I kkow it can be done...Just not sure how. Any imput is extremely helpful! Thank you in advance, VioletCrush Bravin
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