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  1. Hello again... Old Newbie Meg here... I 'thought' I created a breast physics layer. It is present, the sliders are in the right place, but nothing is happening. *sad face* I am wearing a Maitreya mesh body... that is the only thing I can see would be messing with it. But I've read that Maitreya works ok with breast physics layer. So, what can I possibly be doing wrong? Thanks again friends... ~Meg
  2. You all have been super, SUPER helpful! I ended up with Maitreya mesh body and a LAQ BOM head. I am pretty happy with the head. I also, because, well... I'm a SL shopaholic it seems, got a CATWA head, but I'm not quite as happy with it. I'll play with it a bit. There is soooo much to learn and re-learn. I couldn't for the life of me remember how to edit! Look for more questions as I try to figure this all out again... Much love to you all! ~Meg
  3. I've been a resident in SL for many years; however, have recently returned to the world after about 5 years. Soooo much has changed. Ok, on to my most pressing questions (I have MANY!!) I'm looking at Bento heads, mesh bodies, Omega appliers, shapes, skins..... oh my! I'm off to watch a couple of Youtubes now, but I just want some clarification on this... Q: If I buy a bento head (looking at Catwa, LAQ) and mesh bodies (Belleza, Maitreya, others) can I use old school skins? Do I have to use a specific type of skin... Omega??? Also, where does BOM come into play. I looked at a LAQ head that was BOM, difference? If I get a Bento head, I heard I can change the shape....so if I use a body shape I like, does it affect the Bento head shape? Ok... opinions and help please! ~Meg
  4. Can't seem to find large, square-ish, green, flat 1/4+ region ADULT mainland. If you have it available, contact me in world. Thanks!! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: ~Meg Box
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