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  1. It would be nice to have a nice message waiting on me hehe but i suppose you are right maybe i need to hang out more places of interest cause the club scenes isnt the place to start it seems >.< I enjoy making friends hopefully i can just start there and see how things go Thanks for the nice words 🙂
  2. Thats not no fun i want someone i can actually talk to and spend time with i spent too much time with myself
  3. Yeah it was my mistake trying to correct my post i should have edited it instead.
  4. Ohh noo lol i noticed i just had for people to contact me here so i was trying to correct it but i did it the wrong way my bad >.<
  5. I'm watching one of my favorite gamers on Twitch Ashunera
  6. I used to go to arcades when i was a teen until had my first kid hehe and then she got into arcades but unfortunately they took all the arcades away from my area none in the movie theaters people have their own video consoles now that's when arcades here began to die..
  7. If you are interested i get online to check messages so you can drop me a message or note card there and i will get back to you ^^
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