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  1. I suspect that Linden Labs is collapsing. If you have a business here I would attempt to get your money. but LInden won't let me get mine. I've got 1000 real dollars that they say I can only have at the rate of 9 dollars a month! I'm going to stop my business and log on once a month to try and get as much as I can but I doubt LInden Labs will be around for the 100 months it will take to get my money at that rate!
  2. I want to set up a profitable business that generates Real Life Dollars. But Linden Labs has informed me that I am not allowed to make more than 9 Dollars a month. Is that true? Why would anyone start a business in SL if they can only make 9 dollars a month? I've read about people making tens of thousands of real Life dollars. Are those days over? Can anyone tell me what I have to do in order to be allowed to make an viable income? I want to generate several hundred dollars a month. Thanks
  3. I'm running v2.7 on MAC OS 10.6.7 or MAC OS 10.5.8. I can not run any later versions of the viewer as they are apparently not compatable with MAC computers. (I have three MACs and the only version that will run on any of them is 2.7) A few days ago I stopped being able to access Profiles. When I try to bring up a profile I get "handshake failed" instead. I have set to accept cookies. Seeing profiles is sort of important. Anyone have a suggestion? Z
  4. Sorry if post this twice ( i posted in "technical" and now I see "viewer" and think maybe I should post here). There are two issues and I will post as separate questions. #1 I down loaded v2.8 a while back and it won't run on my MAC - I have three MACs - 2 new running OS 10.6.7 and one older running 10.5.8. All three are pretty good machines as far as RAM goes. I tried V3.0 when that came out but that won't run either. BUT v2.7 runs fine on all three MACS. SO- no Viewer after 2.7 will run on any of my MAC computers - but Version 2.7 runs fine on all of them. (until yesterday). This is obviously a bug as it is not just one machine - but three. Any suggestions? Thanks Z
  5. Hi I have three mac computers. Two are new and operating OS 10.6.7 and one is OS 10.5.8. I down loaded v 2.8 and none of my macs will run it - everything plays at 5fps. SL runs fine if I re-install 2.7. So I tired version 3. and it's the same. None of the MACs will run it. Can someone report this bug to Linden labs? I can't report the bugs because I am not a member of Atlassian. Thanks Z
  6. I too am on MAC - I have 3 macs - anything after Version 2.7 runs only at 5 fps. 2.7 runs fine. 2.8 - 3.0 wont run on any of my macs. 2 MACs are os 10.6 one is 10.5.8 and can not be upgraded (4 year old IMAC) I advise getting an holding onto a copy of 2.7 but can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks ZARA
  7. Hi Thinkerer - This is not totally related but maybe you can help me as well? I have two macs. one brand new the other 3years old. Viewer 2.7 works on both fine, anythng after that does not work at all. Unfortunately I upgraded on one and can't get 2.7 back. I can no longer use SL. I have tried to find a way to report this very serious bug, but apparently I am not a "member" eligible to repor bugs on the bug tracker. I also tried viewer 2.8 and above on a third (newer) mac - same results - it runs at 5 frames per minute at the exact same time that a mac running 2.7 runs fine. (so it's not lag) How can this info get to Linden labs? Do you know? IS there a fix? How can I get version 2.7 which does work? I hope you can help. Sorry if this is a pesky communication. Just don't know where to turn Thanks Zara
  8. In viewer 2.5 there is no way for me to get to any profiles including my own, except by launching a third party browser, going to the SL web site, logging on to SL there, then selecting a profile. WHy? What is the point of making profiles so difficult? That is just plain stupid. It was much easier, much faster and much more effective when you simply clicked on the persons profile IN sl and it came up. One simple step instead of five,slow steps. When are profiles going to be available in SL again?
  9. I can not bring up profiles in viewer 2.5. My proflie does not show up. just a blank page. It is a very bad bug. I can bring up a profile on the internet but it is incomplete and very very slow. Too slow to be of any practical use. is there a way to bring up profiles in world and bypass internet thing so that it is, lik eit was, at yor fingertips? I can still do it in Phoenix. I run a MAC OS 10.5.8 and have the very fastest business class internet. Thanks for any suggestions
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