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  1. try here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/41303
  2. too lazy for that but thanks. I remember finding some jobs like that a couple of years ago, but I guess that those days might be over
  3. Hello all, I fell with the covid and now I got some time in my hands. I am looking for model jobs projects/ single photo shots, in exchange of clothes, shoes, items, makeup, hair, whatever. I want to do this mostly for fun and because I just made my avatar have a full mesh makeover and I am honestly a bit obssesed with it; so I am not going to be picky with the item payment I have both legacy and maitreya bodies, my head is lelutka and my shape is my own. Pictures of my avatar below with and without makeup, I got plenty of makeup for phoshots. If you are interested IM me at cristin
  4. maybe if you use mesh eyes from another creator like IKON. You can move the eyes, they are good
  5. There is the classic avatar that linden provides, the goal is to hide this avatar with alphas (these make body parts invisible) and replace those body parts with mesh (made by independant creators). If you go to your using folder in inventory and take everything off, that is the classic avatar. Now, you need to build the avatar with pieces. Maitreya is the standard for the body because there are so many clothes for it, but it is mostly made for a skinny shape. For more curvacious shapes you need a slink hourglass or a belleza freya. There are bodies made that are more pluss side t
  6. So, blender updated and in v2.78 the menus showed in this tutorial do not exist anymore: Does anyone now how rigging is donde in the new blender?
  7. thank you both, what I did was to remake the back cushion, it seems like the poly count on it was too high for sl to manage, it is strange since I subdivided it the same amount of times as I did with the last one, I even managed to get the li count from 7 to 4
  8. Hello, I am pretty new to buildng and when doing a sofa, the texture of the back part have like small holes that show up with camera movement, I tried adding a face on the back of the cushion that covers the wood but problem persist, any idea, please? here is a gif that shows the problem´╗┐ https://i.gyazo.com/926fe564794300fd7f05e83ca67e65fd.gif
  9. Hello, I am Crista and I am looking for a roleplay partner, or partners. My first language is spanish so those who want to rp with me have to tolerate mistakes in my writting, unless you speak spanish too, that would be perfect. Also must be friendly OOC, I mean at least say hi lol I prefer if my partners don't care about visuals, because I have limited items, all of them female items and also no house in sl. If you care about visuals then you have to accept for my character to always be female. I like all kind of genres and have few limits, I enjoy good plots and being creative. I also like
  10. Darn, your post sounds kinda sad, man, uhm what is your age.. also do you have any experience roleplaying?
  11. thank you very much I will go and look at them then see if I like any of them to start rping, I would love to rp with you if I end roleplaying in one of the places you do
  12. Ok, my character will be of a lower caste since that is the kind of clothes I managed to get with my money also, Im interested in cities with a status like Sais or Thentis (but I can't go to them because of the rule of no alters in them), I was is Ar before (before it died) and I know one used veils there. I also don't want to go to tharna
  13. First for the gorean: Hi, Im a FW seeking for a gor RP (In my alter called Moon Bloom since I continue to be a kajira is this one), doesn't need to be BTB, I have been rping as a kajira for two years and got bored of always doing the same. what Im searching is the following -No need to use Veils if possible (If the SIM is active and comunnity friendly I don't mind this) -Active and friendly -Free if possible (example, no need to rent stuff with lindens) -The size of the sim doesnt matter For the fantasy RP: -Magical forest themed -Fairies, mages, witches, wizards -Doesn't need to be metered
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