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  1. I agree on this, i dont understand why they removed the last name...
  2. if im not wrong i THINK you need to visit a metaRL ATM inside of sl ? not sure but i think i tried one of these earn some lindens by doing certain stuff. and to get the money i had to visit this atm machine on a sim to get the money... hope that helps
  3. so what ur saying is you tried putting on clothes that was designed for second lifes default avatar onto a custom mesh avatar that you made or uploaded ? dude... if u even know what a UV Map is you would know you cant just do that... google it my friend
  4. Here is my day! note: Not all content is created by me...incase you wondered :) how was your day!?
  5. sketchup is indeed easy to use but also very limited and not a very good dae exporter. it can create some weird meshes and most of the time they require some more editing in other software programs. trust me you will understand if u tried it enough times ^^
  6. Ive never seen this one before, but when i enable show physic shapes i usually just get a black screen... some builds it works but most dont, for me anyways, running ATI card...
  7. umm did i get this right? your paying to work ? "looking for work paying 300L 150 up front"
  8. lol (no this is not a trollpost) look at the pic :P http://img830.imageshack.us/img830/5673/goodbyeprims.jpg
  9. Hey guys ive done some research and i found the forumula to calculate the release date of all LL dates. its pretty simple. for intance: a linden says "ready in about 2weeks time or more" here is the formula: 2*4+2=10weeks abouts is the actual read date obviously this is a joke but i found it funny anyways lol. but usually when ll says 2weeks its more likely to be atleast the double or more anyways thanks linden labs for even working on mesh, its going to be epic and a major improvement to second life i cant wait until release! ^^
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