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  1. 1 fps wow you must have a really outdated computer im running everything on with shadows and ultra pumped everything to max and i get stable 50+ fps
  2. no sure what you mean but, bakeing what? ambient occlusion ? normal ? color? uv ? what? i assume u wanna bake AO - Ambient Occlusion in that case you can use blender, maya, 3ds max, cinema 4d, and many other programs, most 3d modeleing apps can bake textures, and those will work for sl as long as the uv map is the same as on the one u bake it on.
  3. EDIT: just as i said it got closed it was reopened haha , and yes VOTED! this thing is happening to me too and other people that sell alot. almost 25 to almost 50 percent of ALL orders are getting partially failed and they get the item and are charged but I DONT GET MY MONEY!.
  4. yea im getting the same **bleep**, almost 50% of all orders are partially failed.....
  5. good thing drongle is around explaining things 100x times over to new people
  6. i dont see why people say its so hard with mesh? i mean same with sculpts, mesh is basically sculpt but ALOT better thats it... and i have no idea what kinda shoes builders kit you bought but i find it just lame to buy "builders kits" cause you barely ever get it the way you want
  7. I agree, the marketplace website was FAST when xstreet was around, thats why it was so easy and quick to use and thats why it became popular. but marketplace man... like you say 5minutes to load a page, 20mins to relog. sometimes when im updating products the stuff in there takes 5munutes each to load like uploading pictures (ONE BY F** ONE), or add related items is suuuuuuper slow, etc... just editing ONE item will prob take u a minimum of 5minutes if your lucky! we need some serious overhauling on MP for speed!
  8. im no good rigger at all in fact im prob the worst one but to me it looks like you need to weight it stronger, dunno how else to explain but you have to make it allow to bend more "stronger weight"
  9. thats cool! im gonna have to check that out now! BTW, this is an old post. and the skateboard has new animations, new tricks and is still being constantly updated!
  10. dont expect LL to implement anyting "USEFUL" in theyr viewer. i mean just look at viewer 2.0 i stick with firestorm, OWNS the v2 viewer... and they dont even get payd! LL COMEON!
  11. lol doesnt look like LL even TEST it before they do stuff like this hehe they change it, and never look back at what they actually did this proves it once again ^^ "oh i see hmm" guess it took drongle 5minutes to test... LL got 5minutes to test also ?
  12. oh yes, i feel your pain and i have also learned now i keep everything backup up on my VPS, another external and on my computer hardisk lol all 3 disks or should i say work folders are in sync ^^
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