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  1. That image would be based on how I set the LODs...that won't do you any good.

    I have modelled 2 of the 4 LODs, high and medium (or 1 and 2), LOD1 having beams, plates and rivets, LOD2 having beams and plates (and a single triangle for the rivet texture ID). LOD 3 and LOD 4 I didn't model, but I limited their polygon count to the minimum. So at 100 meters they would go more or less invisible, that seemed reasonable to me for an indoor item.


    Hmm, The skipping LOD is my mistake, I only uploaded LOD1 and set the rest to minimum. This however doesn't erase my question about the LOD popping to a lower level at only 25 meters instead of over 100.

    I can squeeze in the LOD2 (which I did build) and upload it. Then it looks more or less as it did before. But then it's 22 prims all of a sudden. Now this doesn't seem very fair. By sculpting I could make a model almost as nice...

    So let's pull out the numbers....

    My old mesh: LOD1 4000 faces, LOD2/3/4 4 faces.

    My new mesh: LOD1 4000 faces, LOD2 400 faces, LOD3/4 4 faces. This is roughly the same as 4 sculpted prims. My model was 8 prim equivalent before and I understand that..at 24 meters it's fair to make it cost some more to reduce visual lag. Plus it textures a whole lot better than a sculpt and it rezzes faster. But 22 prims? 22? i think LL needs to recalculate this whole mess, properly.

  2. Looks like LL has made some terrible changes this latest release and I'd like to hear from others before writing a JIRA

    Second Life 3.1.0 (243176) Oct 16 2011 12:16:07 (Second Life Release)


    A 24 meter long truss pops to the THIRD Level of Detail at 25-30 meters. It also seems to skip the second LOD for some reason. On an older viewer (Second Life 2.8.4 (0) Aug  6 2011 09:54:37 (RestrainedLove viewer v2.07.03.02 ( it also skips LOD2 now, but it pops to the third LOD at something like 100 meters, like it did before. I'm not sure if the LOD2 was skipped before, the difference between 1 and 2 are a bunch of rivets so it's possible I didn't notice the second one missing.


    Object detail and RenderVolumeLODFactor haven't changed.

  3. I have a different yet similair problem with an object so I thought I'd post it here instead of making a new thread...


    There's an object I can't delete. It belongs to my business partner (who also can't delete it).

    I have full permissions on her items.

    I have full estate rights.

    The scripts in the object don't seem to be running.

    I can't delete or return the object.

    Making the object temporary doesn't help.

    Wearing the object isn't possible.

    Simulator is an island so I can't push it onto a next sim.

    Any ideas?


    EDIT...turns out she can wear it like suggested before...sorry for the spam, thanks for the solution :)

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