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  1. Hey there everybody. I have a little bit big big big trouble with items containing a MLPV2 engine and the CISS script for chaining someone. So far, everything is OK, when I - the creator / last owner try to chain myself on. After giving it away or selling it, there are no chains. Everything else is ok, but the new owner gets no chains. I set the scripts on mono, rebuilt the whole CISS and MLPV stuff, but it wont work for the new owner. Anybody out there with the same problem or hopefully a solution? Manto
  2. Hello everybody, at the moment, i am trying to find out, why some of our RP sims are laggy and some are not that much. But there is some indicators, i cant explain to myself, even not with the Wiki, What i want to know, how do i interpret the Script Events Packets IN Packets OUT vor my sim? Is there any key performance indicator, as "it has to be lower than XXX pps" or "it mustnt be bigger than 50% of XXX" ? Anyone out there who can help me?
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