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  1. those are sensible suggestions, however it doesn't end up working that way. our sim is owned by someone with a busy RL life, most estate helpers are not online at the right time, ould not be depended upon to be there at the time we might need them 9everyone has an RL you know), the nature of the griefing is severe not simple (one of them has even crashed the sim once)...we need early warnings when we can get them and i will continue to support the use of the one tool (Avatar Online HUD) which has saved us time and annoyance, thanks.
  2. I am a founding member of a far Left wing political group which meets in SL once a week with other members from around the world. the purpose of our meetings is to study political theory and history. we are not RPers. we are a philosophical study group. however, because of the far Left nature of our group, we have often had trolls and griefers who attack us due to their opposite political views or simply out of ignorance and misapprehension of ours. our group has never attacked anyone, does not seek contact with anyone outside of our own circle and is here in SL for the legitimate reason that it is easy to meet internationally here. if i did not have the Conover Avatar Online HUD i would be defenseless when the usual griefers come by. as it is i can see when they are in the sim (if they use the same avatar more than once which often they do, dont ask me why) and we can take measures to avoid being harrassed. usually what we do is just leave, and notify the sim owner that such people are about. the sim owner can then decide what to do, delete any weird prims or scipts the trolls drop, or whatever. is this not a legitimate reason to have such a tool as the AOL HUD? must we be sitting ducks for any inconsiderate troll who gets his kicks from harrassing others? the HUD has saved us from awful inconvenience and wasting of time on many many occasions. it is a brilliant tool and we need it. everyone who comes to SL does not come with the best interests of others at heart. many many people come here to harrass and make others miserable. this is a fact. everyone should have an option of a way to protect from such people, so we can get on with our day.
  3. someone else i know is having the same problem . i think LL lost some people in the data base. they are not at all helpful. i tried to call LL to report it for my friend. they said go to Live Chat in Help...i dont find any Live Chat in Help, do you?
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