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  1. That is just excellent
  2. *nods.. Leaves me with much frustration still aye. Hard to believe 10 people have those rights to each the latest blockbusters.
  3. Probably already mentioned somewhere but honestly, i couldn't care less. I just want to get my frustration out right now! Why can people not flag an item for copyright related stuff anymore. I can understand there needs to be some control but in some cases it is just so blatant and obvious. Take the stuff from famous movies.. Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Aliens.. all the Tim Burton stuff// We all know it so why do we put up with it untill the original IP holder claims his rights? If LL has never seen a Harry Potter movie they must be from another planet. Get that stuff of our marketplace or don't pretend to embrace the creativity of user driven content. This is just too much. Again i will state i can understand some degree of tolerance but why would we do our best to come up with cool stuff when others are allowed to just look at the latest movies and copy all they see? I could easilly show you 100 links to items i know for a fact are stolen or replicated. We all can.. no doubt. I would opt for simply making copying that stuff less interesting by removing those branded keywords from search. Can anybody tell me they got a sound reason for using keywords like Harry Potter without stealing? Feedback anyone?
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