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  1. Yes, that is it Raz. Sorry for not putting up a pic, Ill remember to do that next time. That is exactly the thing Im wanting to get rid of. The most annoying part if it is that if your not paying attention you click on it and get that window and its even more annoying, LOL.
  2. Sorry ladies, its not the hints, its still there, and still annoying, lol.
  3. Its hard to explain, I'm looking to get rid of something that is getting annoying to me. I'm using Viewer 2 and when I move my cursor onto something, an item, myself, some one, I get this little bar that has a blue circle with a "i" in it and then the name of the thing the cursor is on. Its a bit of a distraction, especially if I'm playing a game like zyngo. Can some one tell me how to get rid of it, or if I can get rid of it?
  4. Thank you Cinn, your so far the best help I've gotten, LOL. I really appreciate your help.
  5. I have a Premium account home and have tried to make my login and teleport spot at my front door using the "About Land" function. But Im strill showing up on the south side of the building and my door is on the west side. Any one got any ideas for me?
  6. Thank you so much ladies. I really appreciate the help. I have just read your posts and will try them soon. Luckily I still have the original viewer and Phoenix, and they still have the full screen. I will also have to look up some of the other viewers you have been speaking about. Once again thank you so much ladies. (Funny how only the ladies know what's going on, LOL)
  7. Can some one please tell me how to run Viewer 2 in full screen mode. I cant seem to find the "run in window" button or anything. I have gotten to like running Second Life with out having my task bar up, LOL.
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