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  1. My Disk Usage is constantly at 100% in Second Life with the latest Firestorm release and latest official viewer. I had FS tamed and behaving until I rebooted, after that all it would do is freeze.The support team is.. um.. less than helpful. I'm on Win 8.1 with an Nvidia 650 card, Webroot as my A/V, 12GB of ram. What steps can I take to remedy this? FS 4.6.9 works smooth as butter, not understanding what's causing the sharp increase in 'system' and 'Windows Audio' usage - already know Webroot needs to whitelist the viewer and what it's issue is but the other two don't make any sense. EDIT: My HD is not full. I'm talking about "Disk" in task manager
  2. It's easy to spot someone using a mesh body - just look for the avatar rezzing with her feet on her head, her torso off to the right, and her breasts on one hand. But seriously, I really hate mesh bodies because they're a pain to dress. The Kemono in particular. As much as I love mine, her clothing options are extremely limited. I'm also no fan of everyone having the same type of body and face. I'd also suggest Pink Fuel, I used their skins for a bit when I had a small chested avatar.
  3. Linden Labs is proud to announce a new change to your Second Life experience that has been highly demanded for years. We have implimented several new starter avatars and upgrades for existing accounts. We understand how important appearance is to our residents and nothing screams "individuality" more than looking like everyone else. Starting April 1st, you'll find three new starter avatars in your library folder that will also be available as starters - the IPR, created by a famous blogger and sculpted in mesh to have the perfect thigh gap and giants hips. With the IPR, you can look like a fashionista right from the start! For guys, we have the Meathead, based on the most popular look for male avatars grid-wide. Small, head, black hair and a tanned skin bulging with muscles and tattoos. Lastly, we're bringing back Ruth but we've updated her for 2015 with larger breasts and a butt with it's own wiggle physics! Now you'll be glad to be 'Ruthed". We hope you'll enjoy these new additions to the Second Life experience.
  4. How not to make friends (female version) -Be openly asexual. No guy will talk to you for more than 5 minutes. -Be openly asexual on a furry avatar. No one will talk to you beyond finding that out. -Be open about not wanting cybersex. Pretty much scares off most people from wanting to know much about me *facepalm*
  5. Without details, no one can properly answer this but likely... 1. You joined a group that had a join fee without realizing. 2. You joined a group that has a liability fee for being a member. 3. You clicked on an item that takes money from your account, probably a marketplace freebie that had 'for sale' set.
  6. Hey now, it took me a good two years before I was wholly acclimated to Second Life and understood everything and I was on every day. SL has a very steep learning curve, especially when you enter expecting it to be like a video game and quickly find your inventory isn't auto sorted, the system doesn't hold your hand, and there's more effort than a few button clicks involved. It's a whole lot of freedom and information for a newbie to digest, at 8 months in I didn't even know you could make your own AOs or how scripts worked. It takes a whole lotta patience to teach a new player, Caledon Oxbridge has many excellent classes and staff on hand to answer what may seem like silly questions to us oldbies and politely guide the inexperienced in understanding how SL works one step at a time.
  7. He was male. But seriously, I suspected the 'roleplay' he said he was involved in was more than that when he had zero time for me during my first week in SL because "Kacey had to be with her fiance". Him refusing to acknowledge me when we both stood in the same room or introduce me to his "roleplay partner" as even just a friend let alone the real life fiance I actually was just put the nail in the coffin. Finding out after he was catfishing in SL made me feel so bad for the innocent dude in the middle but hey, we both dodged a bullet because we both dumped him!
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