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  1. This touches on something that has confused me for a while - I've read in some posts to remove all extraneous vertices, and on other posts that, because of the per-vertex lighting used in non-ALM, you do need some of the extra vertices (and this is why, for instance, the SL cube has 9 faces per side instead of 1), otherwise you get some odd effects (which I can confirm do exist). They can't both be true!
  2. When i was searching for a good book on Blender (to take on holiday), Blender for Dummies was the only one that seemed to be recommended (with the caveat that noone really recommended learning Blender from a book, because they go out of date so quickly). I have to say I found it very useful, possibly more so than the manual, because it was so much easier to just flick through, scribble on and generally use for learning.
  3. I just wanted to say how informative I've found the information in this forum, but some of it is really really hidden. There have been times when I've just sat down and read my way through, say, Drongle's entire posting histories hunting for those nuggets of information. And when I eventually find it, usually the pictures are missing. If I were to ask for inworld help, I don't think any of the inworld groups are really set up to answer questions like "What exactly do you mean when you say specularity is the inverse of reflectivity?", or "Does it really matter if I normalise my normal maps to <127,127,255>, instead of <128,128,255>?" (Drongle said not, but since the pictures were all missing, I couldn't work out how to replicate his results). EDIT: Also, just to let you know, I'm a millennial. That complaint is beneath the dignity of anyone capable of posting on here. Very very few millennials are in SL.
  4. I did, but it didn't seem to make any difference. Could have been a PEBKAC error, of course.
  5. I think I would query use of a spec map at all, unless your dinosaur is made of metal. You can get quite far with just the shininess layer embedded in the normal map.
  6. I've played with it a bit, but couldn't get my preferred keyboard shortcuts to work. It seemed harder to edit the default ones than in 2.79. I'm very envious of the collections though.
  7. Thanks! That should save some time and squinting. A UV map preview will be especially useful.
  8. Ooops, I got the first and last page of the thread mixed up. Sorry about that, serves me right for trying to read the forum on my phone.
  9. @chinrey It is out there if you search (and I have, extensively), but you do have to piece it together, and I had the distinct advantage of knowing what I was looking for. The ones that were most helpful were aimed at making game assets. I've taught myself mesh making in the course of about three months, and I'm confident I could produce multiple variations on that third tree with ease. It wouldn't be the best tree SL has ever seen, but it would be low poly. It would also be an incredibly ugly tree, because a texture like that should be hand-drawn, and I can't draw for toffee - which is why I buy my trees from other people and stick to building non-organic forms.
  10. Ana Stubbs

    Full-Perm Policy

    I completely agree with ChinRey. The only thing I have on the Marketplace is a full perm sculptie candle that I textured, lit (lighting is I think a underappreciated fifth skill to add to your list, along with potentially soundscaping), and provided the animation for. The particle flame was a full perm script. There are a billion things I would improve about it if I built it now, and I'd probably additionally do my own build and script, but it sells quite well, and no-one has ever complained that I didn't personally place every vertex and every particle.
  11. I think I'd become so used to seeing the horizontal line of the sticky-out bit (technical vocab) between the bevels that it now looks odd for it not to be there. A bit like the way that the word "mesh" begins to lose all meaning when I read too much of this forum at once. Of course, it's not going to make much difference either way unless someone walks up and stares intently at it.
  12. I'm not entirely sure i'm happy with the result I got, but at least I understand the technique now
  13. Try searching for "gothic revival" - I found one example, though it is on an Adult sim.
  14. Yeah, that was my question. Sorry I wasn't clear - I figured there must be some significant use case, or the option wouldn't be so exposed, but couldn't see what it was.
  15. Right, but why would you ever want to throw your normals away? I'm kind of curious.
  16. Thank you! I've finally got it working. Perhaps I should have had more than a few weeks of meshing under my belt before trying it... Genuine question. Why WOULD you? I've never used it.
  17. Oooops. Smooth shading on both source and target, or just target? i tried both - now my bevel looks fine, and the rest of it looks like meeroo cack...
  18. This is what it looks like in Blender. And these are the faces I've deleted from the data transfer source object.
  19. That's a fair point. I just wanted some sort of indication of how it should actually look in world, compared to in Blender. I'm still trying to work out if I've mistaken success for failure due to expecting a more dramatic difference. Here's an example from what I'm currently working on. I can't see any difference between the flat shading and the fixed one. In the interests of transparency, this particular mesh wasn't triangulated before upload, but I see the same thing on ones that have been.
  20. Does anyone have any in-world pictures or examples I can compare my attempts with?
  21. The sim's already done the heavy lifting once they teleport in. If you kick them out, it's got it all to do again when they come back.
  22. I'm glad to see that it will be archived, I still refer back to posts in the scripting forum from time to time.
  23. It is already triangulated, and I've double checked all the possibilities suggested upthread. I'm starting to wonder if it's my expectations that are the problem instead!
  24. I just can't get this working. I remembered I'm using Avastar 1 to export. The collada exporter included with Blender causes crashes to desktop more often than it doesn't. Is that going to meddle with my normals?
  25. I think I must have taken idiot pills, because while I can get this to work very well within Blender, getting the custom normals to survive import into SL is more difficult. Is there anything obvious I'm likely to be overlooking?
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